What is an Angelic Reading?

It is a tool for navigating through life's twists & turns.  You ask one question at a time, and are given a "key" to a psychic doorway - a pathway which, if followed, will bring you clarity, focus, personal power, joy and peace of mind.

How does an AngelicReading work?

Angelic Readings use your day of birth and ask you to pick from a seriesof colors or gems, a sequence of numbers and a direction (north, south,east or west). 
Angelic Readings are not like any other system such as astrology or Tarot cards.

What Kind of Questions Can I ask?

Any question! But the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.  Sometimes a reading will answer with a more underlying answer than thequestion that was posed.  Many people use Angelc Readings to gain insightand direction at the cross roads of life.  Questions regarding clarity on issues, removing obstacles, or how to move forward in life areparticularly suited.

Who is Angelina?
Angelina is a relationship counselor and co-host (with Matthew Gray)of LOVE LIFE RADIO in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She has written two books, "Loving Solutions," and the soon to be published, "Love in CyberSpace."   She is a gifted reader and advisor who has helped thousands of people gettheir lives on track.

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