"The Love Angel"


Radiating from:

"Luckiest Guy in Hawaii", Matthew Gray

In Real Life:
Co-host of Love Life Radio, ScreenWriter, Counselor, Teacher, Healer

I'd Rather Be:
DANCING! Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Hula
Negotiating a huge film deal

I Play:
The Harp

Favorite Advice:
Love Truth Above All Other Loves

Stuff I Did:
Award-Winning Film & TV Director,
Former East-Coast Women's Boxing Champion

Things I Teach:
Acting for Film & Television, Three Hours to Emotional Mastery
Developing Your Intuition

Favorite Dream:
The Re-Emergence of the Feminine Mystery

To Inspire Freedom, Balance, Clarity, Joy, Love & Transformation

Favorite Past-Time:
Exploring Parallel Universes

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:
A Love Goddess

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