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From: Matthew Gray {aka "Luckiest Guy in Hawaii"} <>
(Creator of this Web site - aka Luckiest Guy in Hawaii)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002 ! Wow, what can I say? It's another new year and we're thankful for the opportunities that present themselves to us. I want to thank you for visiting our on-line home here at This little Web site has been "our baby" for about 7 years now! It's such a blessing to be able to bring the world to so many people every single day of the year.

What do we stand for? Well, how about improving the quality of life for one and all? That's a nice goal, isn't it? Our Web traffic still is quite impressive; between 15 & 20 Million Hits Per Month. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support.

Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out thousands of great potential friends right here on our site.

Warm Aloha from the Paradise of Hawaii...
Matthew Gray
Honolulu - January 1, 2002

From: mohadad <>
Date: 1. Jan 2002 2:05
it was apleasure to visit such a lovely website

From: savanna <>
Date: 1. Jan 2002 15:20
hi shaggy i got hotshot ur cd for my mom fof christmas she loves it so you should be happy ok man g2g0 0k laterz kool my dude ? ps rite back to me wen u get this kool beans or wat?

From: uwie <>
Date: 2. Jan 2002 1:01
I want to try and know about this site.

From: depak <>
Date: 2. Jan 2002 6:59
hi like it your love life .com so i am your sing your friend ajay

From: Nicole <>
Date: 2. Jan 2002 16:21
Hello, My name is Nicole i really liked your website it made me feel better.

Thank You Nicole

From: Laura Lowe <Icepacman@5>
Date: 3. Jan 2002 10:42
If there is anyone out there who wants a girl full of power you better e-mail me know i love boys with blue eyes and blonde hair so come on what are you waitinhg for giv me a snog

From: prabhakar jha <>
Date: 4. Jan 2002 5:30
i want cool friends to chat freely.

From: Julie Salazar <>
Date: 4. Jan 2002 21:04
I believe in love at first sight!

From: rathasundar <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 2:20
i m very keen in being apart off this program ...

From: Jaques <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 2:30

From: Jo On <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 3:06
Thanks for your tips about cybersex. We can control what sort of people we want to chat with. Sometimes, it depends on mood; like if I am feeling erotic, I do not mind chatting really erotically or even downright dirty. Sometimes, it is just clean talk I want. Like you said, the introduction is important. Who am I chatting to. Is he a downright clean person or someone who do not mind a bit of cybersex or someone who is downright dirty? Sometimes, we can test a person; is he or she as clean as he or she shows himself or herself to be? Or can a person who talks dirty talks clean things as well? I am into cybersex but I know my place is in reality. Please reply to if you want to. Thanks.

From: dhirajagrawal <dhiraj_love18>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 3:42
hi, love is madness.

From: fiero <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 5:28
i can most definately say i know exactly how u feel

From: fiero <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 5:51
ya know i know how u feel. i met someone to and we both r married, he is separated and i well i haven't had a marrriage in long time. i met in in dec. and we first just started talking and we became friends and then we started to open up to each other. He lives in another country and i in the us, but we fell in love after time and we plan to meet in a couple of months, he is coming to states to meet me. i have his picture, and im sedning mine. we talk all the time on im and send emails back and forth, we also call each other on our cell phones, i know it sounds wierd, and im the first to admitt that cyber love and phone sex was sick, but u see there were walls built around me and he slowly broke them down,he was very patient with me, anyone else, would have called it quits. i will be always grateful for his tenderness and his will to be so caring and understanding. one night he kept one and i told him to stop and i got mad and signed off with out even saying goodbye. i could not get him out of my thoughts.i tried to get him out of my heart, but something was there and i woke up and smelled the coffe brewing. i then realized i was deeply in love with this guy, even though im married and i have to be very careful, i cant imagine a day with there.i in turn wrote and poured out my heart to him and the words and feeling just came pouring out, i couldn't stop was happening. we both tell each other every chance we get how much we love each other. so good luck to you and your cyber love

From: Julie Salazar <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 12:24
I want true love with only one man!

From: neha <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 19:08
this is a wonderfull site

From: Asif <>
Date: 5. Jan 2002 23:24
Like to chat with nice girls

From: brian zwane <>
Date: 6. Jan 2002 20:19
i really love this website .i appreciate it as it is concerned about something everyone needs.

From: Steffi <>
Date: 7. Jan 2002 0:07
Hello, I'am a girl from germany.... A very nice site. Congratulations!

From: Kathryn Raistrick <>
Date: 7. Jan 2002 5:34
i think that yuo should have more open chat lines

From: john <>
Date: 7. Jan 2002 16:41
looking for a decent and good female

From: lilyen <lilyen_burgess69>
Date: 7. Jan 2002 18:16
hey, i just came out to say hi, and to see how everyone is so if you'd like get back to me

From: usman <>
Date: 8. Jan 2002 1:09
hello to every one, as i am new so please tell me how can i make friends

From: BARNA <>
Date: 8. Jan 2002 8:16
beautiful world

From: Diana <Hollaaaaaaa>
Date: 8. Jan 2002 9:15
hey i like you web, keep it up!!! heheheheh

Date: 9. Jan 2002 3:14
well im very suprised and at the same time impressed by what i've seen in this site,it's totaly out of this world,it's outrager's.all i tell you is that you are doing a great job and u are in deed helping alot of people...

much luv & respect one vision one aim one destiny

regards sister zuky!!!

From: kelly <>
Date: 9. Jan 2002 4:10

From: kimberly threatt <>
Date: 9. Jan 2002 11:41
im looking for a guy someone who is nice and is not a player

From: kimberly <>
Date: 9. Jan 2002 12:01
im looking for a hot guy

From: Razel Weiss <(don't have one yet)>
Date: 9. Jan 2002 21:49 -- I like happy love stories . . . not sad ones.

From: Sarah <>
Date: 10. Jan 2002 0:28
Erm,haven't looked at the site yet but I'm sure it is amazing!

From: rose <>
Date: 10. Jan 2002 6:000
i really like you sight

From: maria <>
Date: 10. Jan 2002 9:42
Hello,i just wanted to tell everyone What's up? I might get married!Wish me luck!!!!!!!Happy New Year to everyone! Bye CHICALATINA

From: Mark Gonzales <>
Date: 10. Jan 2002 18:08
The best evr web site i had ever been. Keep up the good work dude..!!!!!

From: titu <t24life2000>
Date: 11. Jan 2002 8:50
All is ok ,and i would not mind if i get a reply from you . thanks,titu.

From: claire <>
Date: 12. Jan 2002 2:09
hi i am claire if you want to chat i am more than happy too

From: Strawberry <>
Date: 12. Jan 2002 18:55
Hello people in Hawaii. This is strawberry from the Pacific!

From: Mr Khalid Mehmood <>
Date: 12. Jan 2002 23:27
hello, i am man and want a gril frind for love and long term reltions

From: rehan <>
Date: 12. Jan 2002 23:29
i want firends if any one intereast chat to me and om me and mail me ok thanks

From: Anonymous
Date: 13. Jan 2002 0:27
hello hawaii from ne.

Date: 13. Jan 2002 0:34


From: Bronson <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 8:40
Your website is good, its nice to see a place where Hawaii peeps can communicate

From: lialayeyahey <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 10:56
yoyoyo what up im lookin for a HARD core LOVER

From: Josh Fernandiz <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 11:12
This site is really cool!

From: amethyst <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 18:06
nice!! :>

From: hager <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 23:000

From: Jason Pascua <>
Date: 13. Jan 2002 23:07
HI I LIKE POKE!............

From: Jovelyn Pacas <>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 2:45
hi im jovelyn honest,loving,loyal,understanding,sense of humor, and caring

From: leilani tipi <>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 7:33
just wanna say supp to my cuzzo in hawaii and her sister !!!!! hey cuzzo it's me line in oaktown california!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit me up at my email

From: jamyx <>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 15:09
the chance always come once ,when it come to u try to catch it and dont lose it :)

From: Ella Davidson <205 butler rd>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 15:35
hey lilbowwow call me today on the 15, now 425-0630 Ella your,friend

From: vinay <>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 23:01

From: zafar <zafarshah>
Date: 14. Jan 2002 23:11

From: imran <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 4:18
do good have good:)

From: Elena <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 5:54
Hello everybody!!!

From: java1650 <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 15:37
waz up?

From: Earl <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 17:40

From: bhoyz <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 19:32

From: pamela <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 21:40
nice site

From: UCHE <>
Date: 15. Jan 2002 23:25
Sing me in as a member.

From: Ms.olivia Masalakata <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 3:08
Thank 4 helping the world to have an oppotunity to LOVE Letters to their mates.

From: dr.ali <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 7:35
nothing untill now

From: Meron <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 10:54
if any body know antoine riley tell him that i love him Meron

From: ~*~*~*~*~*~mahinala'i~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Date: 16. Jan 2002 13:49

From: liz
Date: 16. Jan 2002 16:02

From: JAson Pacua <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 16:07

From: warlord dellota <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 17:23
HI Hawaii!!!!!!ur website is cool!!!!

From: mark <>
Date: 16. Jan 2002 18:12
nice site!

From: ghulamqadir <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 1:03
iam seeking a girl how 22 years old please mail to me

From: salman <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 1:33
hello, very good site

Date: 17. Jan 2002 1:40

From: ahmad363 <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 2:31

From: sunil <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 3:13

From: -*sykowahine*- <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 3:40
well.....havent signed in like 3 years so i just kame in to do that.....havent seen you in the rooms a while. hope to see you back in soon ALOHA o9h yeah....look my hp

From: Angel of love
Date: 17. Jan 2002 13:50
HI sweety are you logged on?

From: hashmi <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 14:35
love to make friends,

From: rowell espinola <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 16:40
well, I just want to know my lovelife. I suggest youll be more effecient in doing so

From: neshell <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 17:41
wow!!!! dis is great!!!

From: Rishipal Rana <>
Date: 17. Jan 2002 19:10
This is a perfect site for a love seeker and one might be able to catch their love life suggestions here.

From: linda <lindasmemo>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 0:08

From: Hasan <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 1:14
i m a boy who is seeking for a there any girl for me?

From: Ufuo <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 2:46
What a wonderful experience!

From: felfli nadir <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 8:27
long live rock 'n 'roll

From: Lover <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 11:51
Love is Life.... as much as u can !

From: bhoyz <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 19:33

From: Sachin Arora <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 22:38
Want a true love?

Contact me & experience yourself.

From: kiki <>
Date: 18. Jan 2002 22:44
I am just wanting to try something new!

From: Ella Davidson <205 butler rd>
Date: 19. Jan 2002 11:06
hey bowwow whatsup you are my boyfriend love, Ella

From: marcus stennes
Date: 19. Jan 2002 12:24

From: Nanea <YurSweetEruption>
Date: 19. Jan 2002 14:51
Aloha from Kona.... finally another local website....

From: kumar_gopal <>
Date: 19. Jan 2002 19:57
hi lovely life .this is very nice channel for any i login sweet visit

From: Ada <>
Date: 19. Jan 2002 23:02
nothing keep up a good work and more success!!!!

From: Lars Lundqvist <>
Date: 20. Jan 2002 11:31
Hello from Sweden! I just had a lovely anonymous loveletter. Thanks very much whoever You are!!! I would like to know who You are!!!!!!!!

From: neshel <>
Date: 20. Jan 2002 17:20
so great!!! so fun!!

From: shortie23 <>
Date: 20. Jan 2002 21:53

From: REYA <>
Date: 20. Jan 2002 23:41

From: jonathan van wyk <>
Date: 21. Jan 2002 21:10
i would like to be a member of the chat universe. can you please tell me how to

From: bev kendle <>
Date: 22. Jan 2002 5:16
i found it rewarding in my mariage

From: Herbert kumordzie <>
Date: 22. Jan 2002 6:03

From: Baretta <>
Date: 22. Jan 2002 11:34
Hello people !!!!just wanna drop a few lines in this chatting room. well, life is alright here on Maui. hows everyone in the chatroom...

From: Helena <>
Date: 22. Jan 2002 11:38
hello and talofa......

From: TJ <>
Date: 23. Jan 2002 4:51
just i wanna to know more love life

From: a.senah <>
Date: 23. Jan 2002 5:16
i want know girls from the world.

From: a.senah <>
Date: 23. Jan 2002 5:24
please send the letters and photos from girls and e-mails adrress on

From: Gavin Raquel <>
Date: 23. Jan 2002 10:20

From: lei <lei_n_chai637>
Date: 23. Jan 2002 14:33
yo wassup peeps!

From: sankar <skb_bangla@yahoo.con>
Date: 24. Jan 2002 19:000
Happy new year.

From: Kellyanne <>
Date: 25. Jan 2002 3:55
hi just want said this is great

From: tariq <>
Date: 25. Jan 2002 5:57
i love this place so much

From: StingMich <>
Date: 25. Jan 2002 13:35
My heart feels light like a feather after reading and seeing one of the cards sent to me...WHO SENT IT!!!WOW!!

From: Gloria <>
Date: 26. Jan 2002 4:59
Hi there!

From: frank <>
Date: 26. Jan 2002 13:01

From: Micci <>
Date: 26. Jan 2002 13:04
Hello, Im new on here. okay that was a great way of sayin' hi. well yeah i'm from cali and i aint doin' a damn thing juss chillen and my uncle's crib on a saturday afternoon...alright i'm finnah get ready for church... one love to all out there...peace.

From: kourtney 'maxwell'thomas <>
Date: 26. Jan 2002 16:15
hi nice to be in here

From: muffadal kothari <>
Date: 26. Jan 2002 20:47

From: tyrone <>
Date: 27. Jan 2002 7:43
Hi there hope all is fine

From: joel <>
Date: 27. Jan 2002 9:54
i would like a date

From: Andrew Baker <>
Date: 27. Jan 2002 11:04
Im in the uk and i LOVE CLAIRE TURVILLE

From: kathryn ann <>
Date: 27. Jan 2002 19:22
it's nice!

From: akbar <dfpgjo;>
Date: 28. Jan 2002 4:07
i love qasims mum, shes a fat pook

From: leilani <>
Date: 28. Jan 2002 14:29
how do i get to chat because i like how you did your site

From: angelina <>
Date: 28. Jan 2002 15:54
hey am i alloed to chat

From: dasuk <>
Date: 28. Jan 2002 18:56
no idia about it let me know more.

From: Butch F <>
Date: 28. Jan 2002 22:56
This is now one of my favirote spots to visit when I'm online...thanks for creating it!

From: GhOsT <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 0:04
This was my first time here and the visit was great... I'll be back to chat with you lovley people... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gh֧T

From: abhin <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 5:20

From: Cassi and Ashley <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 9:01
we were very inlove and didn't want anyone to know we were lezbians so we kept it all a secret. Finally after hearing the show we decided to be ourselves and let out kinky world show. I love the way she shakes that thing. Shorty knows she got so much booty. Thank you for bringing out the true real fun me.

From: mamas girl <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 9:04
my name is erica. i have always had both male and female parts. i remained a virgin for 25 years of my life. but finally i decided to let all of me out. i am someone special thanks to this show i know that now. i know people love my parts. i am very unique and can handle any position. i make up new things to do and i can be an animal. raaaaaa my name should be campbells cause i am mmmmmm mmmmmm good.

From: Katrina Skea <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 9:44
I just look forward to doing this but I am only 14

From: gemma curry <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 10:51
im 5 foot 3 i have long dark blond hair, looking for a kind , sexy young male around the age of 18 . he has to know how to treat a woman.

From: Lukenya Hardaway < >
Date: 29. Jan 2002 16:43
i want to know how do you make your love life better if you have never been in love before and that person love you but you just need some time to yourself.

From: manish <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 19:10
i love this site and want to be a member

From: saveen <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 21:04
i love you and can't live without you

From: Tlali Lengala <>
Date: 29. Jan 2002 22:44
You guys are greate!!Wishing you all the best is Tlali.

From: Andrew <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 1:15
hey what in the world is going on

From: vinit kumar <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 1:46
welcome to all which want to talk.

From: arkam <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 3:53
love is beautiful things

From: Asis <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 5:17
Wanna chat with new frens

From: Mustafa Abu-Ali <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 6:01
i like the way you gesigned your web. i like to be free and happy. i like sharing my happiness with every one.

From: Bill Lovell <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 6:32
just arrived

From: adelaja n, noah <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 8:35
dear menbers i want you to give me my life patner, thanks that what i can say now . adelaja,

From: rachel <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 9:59
i like this web site

From: Hal <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 14:28
First timer.

From: hawaiian_guy <>
Date: 30. Jan 2002 16:09
i think its a good chat website because u can meet people that live in your district

From: Jr <dok2x>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 0:38
thank you. love you so much.

From: shagur <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 1:16
I am interested know about your process. what is it? and how possible that is. please send me your process. and don't mind

Date: 31. Jan 2002 2:47

From: elizabeth <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 3:30
well i will really want to know how you people move about every thing and i want to be a member of lovelife. bye and thanks.

From: raj <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 3:34

Date: 31. Jan 2002 4:26

From: heide <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 13:59
I loved your cards tey are beautiful.Thank you for all the hard work

From: Rabishu Xul <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 16:44

From: chris
Date: 31. Jan 2002 22:27
wassup b

From: shoaib <>
Date: 31. Jan 2002 23:39
my name is shoaib ahmed i live in pakistan i am male i like this site

From: kozmatec <>
Date: 1. Feb 2002 4:24
I'm in my early 30's and married. I bought your product hoping it would stimulate my wife a little. Well it did that and more. In the last week I've been invited to meet a 29 year old at her cottage, had a 31 year old woman tell me I looked delicious, and two other women together just flirting around with me. Well I've declined all offers except my wife, but it definitely is nice to feel attractive again.


From: Dirk Jan <>
Date: 1. Feb 2002 4:28
Hai Angelina and Matthew you have a" great site Greetings from Dirk the Netherlands

From: Chante <>
Date: 1. Feb 2002 11:000
this is a nice site , Im now in Alaska so its nice to chat with Locals from time to time .Any body like email me ...goings..we go talk la dat .. Take Care and Aloha No! i gotta go

From: harry <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 3:37
wow, u've done a great job man. keep it up man!!!!!!!!!

From: Keily <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 7:54
Well Andrew Im that girl you would wantso e-mail or call me at 281-471-5062in Texas

From: Red <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 10:58
i am on the lifelinks on the phone too my box number is 3334 sure would like to hear from you.

From: shyam <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 15:01
interesting website

From: sandra <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 15:38
how many kids you have?

From: heartripper11 <>
Date: 2. Feb 2002 23:47
notjing special but it feels good

From: Prakhar <>
Date: 3. Feb 2002 7:40
i hope i will get any girlpartner .

From: SIMON <spikester132>
Date: 3. Feb 2002 10:24
wuz up yall nice web site later

From: Quennie <>
Date: 3. Feb 2002 18:17
woman seek man for frienship!!

From: Becki <>
Date: 4. Feb 2002 0:05
this is the best place i ahve been to i reamend it to any one

Date: 4. Feb 2002 7:15
This is one of excitement and loving site.

From: colleen <>
Date: 4. Feb 2002 8:59
Hello....I'm here to investigate.

From: jania <jania>
Date: 4. Feb 2002 14:07
to write a loving letter to my friend

From: Warren B. Butler,Jr. <>
Date: 4. Feb 2002 14:50
Give me some ways to tell my girlfriend how much I want to be there for her. but she lets what I say go in one ear and out of the other. So will you please help me out.

From: craig rodrigues <>
Date: 4. Feb 2002 23:51
im a hilo man

From: kwiatuszek <>
Date: 5. Feb 2002 4:19

From: mukesh kumar punshi <>
Date: 5. Feb 2002 4:55
this is my first time on web

From: taya
Date: 5. Feb 2002 6:01
looking 4 advice in love

From: adelaja noah <>
Date: 5. Feb 2002 8:08
I am happy to know lovelife website.

From: asim <>
Date: 5. Feb 2002 23:03
Hello Friends

From: jayzel <jayzelvelasco@yahoo,com>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 0:12
nothing. your quite good

From: DOUKAN <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 0:54

From: karl taylor <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 1:01
tell me how do i sign in to chat

From: sarah rogers <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 2:20
hey peeps, ive bn single for a year and its good but not gr8, if you have hold on to it 4eva! x x x

From: brandi <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 3:41
i love this website!! MAJOR.

From: Vanessa Aguilar <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 5:59
I heard your show on Power 105.9. I had to give it up to you. They're are alot of people who do need help in the sex world.....We girls Don't want no minute man or an unexperienced tongue...

From: sohail <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 7:17
i want cool friend

From: Ringkel Lani <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 10:53
yokwe nan aolep ri-hawaii jen aolep armej in tucson

From: aydiko <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 11:24
love is the binding element of life Feb 6,2002.

From: Stephan <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 11:32
hey i hope this year will be prosperous and safe for everyone

From: Deborah McKnight <>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 19:29
I am new to your website, heard you on the Tom Likis show and were intereted in information on the G-spot. You were refering people to this website. I'll keep looking and see if I can find something.

From: Mike <Hansen>
Date: 6. Feb 2002 23:08
Here to be here

Date: 7. Feb 2002 6:13

From: ali <>
Date: 7. Feb 2002 7:43
this sis great site forlovers

From: SundanceKid <>
Date: 7. Feb 2002 15:17
Where are the chicks

From: surya <>
Date: 7. Feb 2002 16:25
love is the only thing which binds the people

From: vamsi <>
Date: 7. Feb 2002 23:14
This is a good site

From: Amuhelang Nare < or>
Date: 8. Feb 2002 8:16
Hie I am a new member in the program but I am satisfied with it so far and I am looking forward to come there for my honney moon in two years time. thank you.

Amuhe lang

Date: 8. Feb 2002 9:17

From: hawiilov <>
Date: 8. Feb 2002 17:31
WaSSuBi EvRyBdY??NoT MuCh HeA,JuSt ThOuGhT I'D DrOp By To SeE WaTs CrIzAcKiNg!AiGhT DeN , I Be IzOuT!

From: joanna marie hojas <>
Date: 8. Feb 2002 18:09
i would like to know more about lovelife.

From: Devina <>
Date: 8. Feb 2002 20:48
My friend william doest know i love him and he doesnt know i care for him from the bottom of my eart i wish he was my because all them other girls are not like me their not riht for him

From: Sene 2k2 <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 2:21
too early!

From: sene2k2 <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 2:28
still too early!

From: diana <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 7:25
i am very excited bout the chatroom

From: melvin kennett <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 10:13
This is a great place. Will be back again.

From: bhoyz <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 17:40

From: sachin <>
Date: 9. Feb 2002 20:29

From: Cassandra <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 1:02
I just thought up a website and here you two came. Even though I'm not from Hawaii! :)

From: tashi <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 5:13
hi everybody i m new

From: Nick <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 13:39
looking for the right person

From: kay <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 14:36
hi, my name is kay and i am currently living with my boyfriend of 8 months andthings are not going so well we argue constantly, However there are times when we can be best friends but it is not long befroe the arguments starts again even if we promise never to do it again

From: Carolyn <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 14:47
I'm from New. Brunswick. and would like to make knew friends.

From: Carolyn <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 14:59
I'm from N.B. and want to make new friends.

From: joanna magalong <magalong_joe@!>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 17:02
to find a byfriend & future husband.

From: linda <>
Date: 10. Feb 2002 18:12
would like to someone for romance or just friend.

From: hot cocoa <none>
Date: 11. Feb 2002 6:22
i would like to be apart of your chat

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 11. Feb 2002 7:000
Heard you on the radio this morning.

From: barry <>
Date: 11. Feb 2002 7:58
love u

From: kunlen bas moses <kcoolzone2000>
Date: 11. Feb 2002 10:05
knowing u is loveu,thing best thing that has happen to mi is to know u and know that u love mi

From: len marzo <>
Date: 11. Feb 2002 16:40
i just want to be friend to anyone! i'm from philippines and that i love to have friends in there.... being here in this site is a great privelege,it's the best opportunity to those you are seeking for love thru cyberspace........

From: Lionel <>
Date: 12. Feb 2002 2:04


Press Release:


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From: umer <>
Date: 12. Feb 2002 3:10
kya haal hai aap ka umer bye bye

From: adellaja noah <>
Date: 12. Feb 2002 5:25
i love a very nice and kind woman.

From: Shirland Clarke <>
Date: 12. Feb 2002 11:46
Wow! Great site! Would you believe, I just stumbled on it!!

From: Amjad <>
Date: 12. Feb 2002 20:08
I am interested to join in this web

From: rahul <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 0:59
Hi .I love this site very much. I love to make friendship with cool people like me.

From: Ross Hunter <FCUK@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 6:25

From: emmy <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 9:29
i am look for a firend ok

From: R <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 9:47

From: Alexander Ual <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 14:49
Its nice to be one of the guest in this lovelife website.

From: Joker!! <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 17:22
If you guys don't believe in the devil then why in your guys bible(which I only got to look at for about a minute so that's why I could be mislead) does it have rituals talking about having Lucifer and the power of hell being conjured up?I'm sorry if I misread it or read it out of context.

From: Playground <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 17:25
Again, this is all for the evocation of imagery, emotion, etc. The Satanic Bible often mentions words and terms such as "symbolic", "archetype," and "by proxy." Ritual is largely psychological... a working psychodrama serving to "exorcise" draining and useless emotions or weighty thoughts. There is a great deal of context concerning The Satanic Bible, but the concept of metaphor can easily be grasped by most people.

nw L

From: john ashley jerez <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 21:29
I smell sex and candy here in this site and Hangin' round downtown by myself here And I had too much caffeine to become crazy i like this site because of what i am now and i'm happy for that hehehe.....

thank's guys keep up the good work

From: titu <>
Date: 13. Feb 2002 23:08
i love you

Date: 14. Feb 2002 5:29

From: khaled <>
Date: 14. Feb 2002 7:32
i am khaled from lebanon ilive in big house with my family , my age is 15 and iam looking for girlfriend ,from jordan or lebanon

From: nazila <>
Date: 14. Feb 2002 10:48
hello I am iranian girle

From: Gibby <Gibby @ >
Date: 14. Feb 2002 19:07
Hello from OZ Thank you for having great cards

From: nicole <>
Date: 14. Feb 2002 23:12
i like what i hear

From: raju penmetsa <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 1:17
view list

From: rameshm <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 2:47
ilove you roja

From: joshua <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 10:24
what's up?

From: JܧGL16 <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 10:26
errrrrmmmm i'm confused.... wat da hell is dis all about?????? hehehhhhe j/k.well i'm here guyz scribbling in ur gbook cuz my bf said so.hmmmm... i like da color!!!! yah it's kewl. whooopppzzzz got 2 go now. ciao!!!!

From: lexsex <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 11:13
Where all the sexy Wowwe Mowieez?

From: leilani <leilani32004>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 14:45
not at the moment

From: matterran <>
Date: 15. Feb 2002 22:37
hi to all wanderful people on hawaii chat universe site big up and nuff love from the me to you all .

From: dailylove
Date: 16. Feb 2002 2:29
it is the first time and i know little

From: lyn
Date: 16. Feb 2002 6:02
i don't think that cyber love will grow or last for that matter. Probably it has never happen to me. I don't know-too confused...

From: lam tuan tai <6811>
Date: 16. Feb 2002 6:22
Yesterday is valentinday and we give flower to girl friend.

From: Tammy <>
Date: 16. Feb 2002 12:20
hi there

From: nalani tikingi <tikingi>
Date: 16. Feb 2002 21:04
Nice to see the other Angelina.

From: jesse jones <>
Date: 16. Feb 2002 23:000
good web site

From: lovedeep dhillon <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 4:22
i love 2 chat with young teen girls

From: Marcus Knowles <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 4:28
Never been on here but looking foward to

From: ali imran <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 6:43
no coments

From: mohamed <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 10:02
All I know that love is crezy and I want someone who will share my hart

From: Ken Cahill <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 10:12
wow want to go to hawaii

From: neten <>
Date: 17. Feb 2002 20:49
to chat

From: rabi khan <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 2:37
i want to friendship to any one thnx

From: yousaf <yousafzi65>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 2:59
i want to chat and friendship word wide

From: maurice <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 5:56
hallo.this is the greatest website so keep this precious thing U are doing.bye 4 now.

From: donna <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 8:32
if you guest who are me i gonna giave you big kiss

From: manilyn <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 8:46

From: manilyn <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 9:34

From: Tove <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 9:34
I would like to know more about this site

From: shasha <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 14:54
Hi! I am from Egypt,iam 22years old &I Looking for a good girl.

From: gamed <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 15:23
loking for a good girl ,iam from egypt and i am waiting..... kantaly komba emayo maneno""..

From: wasim <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 20:26
hi to all the beautiful people of earth

From: saleem <>
Date: 18. Feb 2002 21:10

From: neten <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 0:09

From: Mildred Latupan <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 0:26
Just want to find a friend.

From: Angi Willoughby <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 1:08
Frantically trying to disover who sent me the 'secret admirer card'

From: ntabakazi theo sindi <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 2:21
hi i love your love life website. At the moment i'm looking for friends that i could communicate to.i'm 20 years and interested in musicand sport

From: lori martin <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 2:58
I'm trying to look up a message sent to me and can't find it.

From: ali <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 6:50
ifeel like joining the group

From: Nielly Esparza <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 15:23
I wanna be part of this cause it sounds romantic and I WANNA HAVE A LOVE LIFE!!!

From: snooky alolino <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 20:11
bakit ba ang mga babae ay palaging sasaktan sa mga paasahin sa wala

From: doughgirl <sweetheart>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 20:56
just wanna chat with cool, interesting and new people, never can have to many friends.

From: mohamed edaw <>
Date: 19. Feb 2002 20:58
very wonderful and enjoyable site for lovers i hope you keep up

From: meltmycoconuts <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 2:11
Hi everyone! Looking forward to meeting new people in hawaii to chat with! Bye for now. Love always

From: chasey <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 3:15
itsd a nice websiteive ever surfed!!!!!!whew!!!!!!!!

From: TAVIO <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 9:02
you are the best

From: the real Koto still alive <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 10:25
HI my Friends i am the real Koto still alive ( pass the word on ) thanks !!! if you want .... i add your address Web site in the links of Koto's Friends / Fans site

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From: jasmin <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 15:05

From: shawn kanahele <kauai_***>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 15:14
hi are you doing .... I am doing good

From: sapna <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 19:09
i want to know more about lovelife.comand i also would like to chat through this website.

From: claire <>
Date: 20. Feb 2002 20:05
Its Fun to be inlove!!!!

From: Chris <>
Date: 21. Feb 2002 2:43
I love you baby

From: murtaza <>
Date: 21. Feb 2002 3:05

From: nia <>
Date: 21. Feb 2002 5:16
love is life

From: ashley dubose <>
Date: 21. Feb 2002 7:03
htis is my first time here at this website

From: jamie dough
Date: 21. Feb 2002 13:05
this is my first time and tell me more about this web

From: rahul <>
Date: 21. Feb 2002 23:05
love is a sweet poison and i want to take it.

From: Amelyn <>
Date: 22. Feb 2002 0:44
i love it!

From: Zara G <>
Date: 22. Feb 2002 12:14
I just want to tel my darling Hussein Y. that I love him so very much! Your 4 ever, Sara

From: Zara G <>
Date: 22. Feb 2002 12:15
I just want to tell my darling Hussein Y. that I love him so very much! Yours 4 ever, Sara.

From: mohamed <>
Date: 22. Feb 2002 15:08
that is the first time i visit this bage & i think iwill visit it more

From: jim <>
Date: 22. Feb 2002 19:09
I will see.

From: Keaith Willis <>
Date: 23. Feb 2002 6:08

From: Keaith Willis <>
Date: 23. Feb 2002 6:09

From: Keaith Willis <>
Date: 23. Feb 2002 6:10
This is a wonderful site

From: Monique <money@ winfirst .com>
Date: 23. Feb 2002 8:12
wat to all ya folks who out there representing lil romeo

From: Rhonda <Sayna>
Date: 23. Feb 2002 11:24
I love your website because there is alot of great stuff to look at

From: ram <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 0:17
very very nice

From: rosaryxavier <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 1:26
i love you

From: stranger_gopal <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 4:30
i am very happy then i sign in lovelife i am sign in your giest best email me given then i tell my friend.

From: gautam <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 14:46
love is the pchychological relation

From: gautam <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 14:47
love is not a person, it is not an ego, so if u want to meet your love you have to be something simmiler to it a non-person a non-ego

From: vishal <>
Date: 24. Feb 2002 20:53
just love

From: Rosalie <>
Date: 25. Feb 2002 2:35
hello people i want to search my life partner for marriage who is reponsible, sharing, loving, understand and etc.

From: Jessica <>
Date: 25. Feb 2002 3:01
read and tell

From: renee ross <renabe89>
Date: 25. Feb 2002 10:15
this is good, but i would like to open my mail anyone????????????

From: april lenihan <>
Date: 25. Feb 2002 10:52
tell the world that april lenihan loves richard davies forever and that jenny loves louis forever

From: Bud <>
Date: 25. Feb 2002 23:08
Just wanting to sign guestbook. I am new and curious.

From: MacDonald <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 3:08
Hey Guys!I am in South Africa>its my first on your site and believe me ..I am already enjoying your site.Now I am gonna visit you everyday.Chaw

From: erik ??? <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 3:40
hi secret admirer,

thanks for the lovely letter, but does it has to be secretly ? anyway, take care of yourself !!

From: Missy Lim <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 17:07
hi may i request to be your friend!

From: leelee <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 19:21
hope to meet and make some new and interesting connections in this chat.

From: viral <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 20:04
nice site

From: sheharyar butt <>
Date: 26. Feb 2002 20:07
Love is always lovely

From: tony mbichila <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 0:46
very nice

From: nichole <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 8:42
I love you

From: Tessie <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 11:02
I am new at this site.

From: tony kuzmanich <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 13:27
I am a widower senior citzen 79 years of age....

From: SwEeT SeXy AnGeL <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 15:01
Just wanting to say hello to all of you here in the Islands.

From: Junah Marie Bilocura <jhomz04 @>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 20:33
nice web page!

From: raymond zeze <>
Date: 27. Feb 2002 23:23
I'd like to be on baord and helping out at the rural areas,ofcaorse thats where I'm from.I wohever there is a way i can join you valantary ofcaorse please let me know.I'm currently a student at the Cape Technikon,2nd year-Sport Management and 20-year-old.

From: Izzat Mohamed <>
Date: 28. Feb 2002 0:24
This website/articles has trully given me a broader way at looking at life and looking at other peoples problems _ it answers mine at the same time.

From: muralimohan <>
Date: 28. Feb 2002 1:55
hi i'am murali handsome guy looking for beautiful girl who can make me and keep happy,

From: Roderick Macugay
Date: 28. Feb 2002 10:47
wassup to all the ladies in the house

From: Sonam yangden <>
Date: 28. Feb 2002 20:53
Hi, i am sonam yangden and it was such a pleasure to visit this site and as well i am so interested in guys with cute dimple if you have then do mail me and catch me at any time.

From: khurram shazad <>
Date: 28. Feb 2002 22:44
hi, love is madness. i think all love belive in love .i hope i am right. love is life .i miss always love ssssss you are me alway .i love word/\

From: Rachna <>
Date: 28. Feb 2002 23:26
This chat room is really cool and quite fast as well.

From: tanmay ojha <>
Date: 1. Mar 2002 3:24
i am a warmsole and searching for a beautiful young girl.hence register me.

From: mandy68 <cool_vivek>

From: Melissa
Date: 1. Mar 2002 14:24
I am a lady that work 2 job a day.I been single for 3 mou.I look for a guy how nice and work.

From: Bradlee Urich <>
Date: 1. Mar 2002 15:52
I keep on hearing friends of mine talk about how they met their love one online, and I am interested in trying this thing.

From: tna <>
Date: 1. Mar 2002 18:16
hey whass up!!!

From: missu <>
Date: 1. Mar 2002 19:18
This is a sweet site. I like it, I like it a lot.

From: Mandy <>
Date: 2. Mar 2002 6:000
This is a really awesome site and the background and the graphics are so cool and I think you guys did a really good job on everthing! Keep up the good work!

From: Ammar <>
Date: 2. Mar 2002 10:21
want be on top..

From: mike w. <>
Date: 2. Mar 2002 15:40
just want to say hi....

From: carla joanna
Date: 2. Mar 2002 16:14
carla mcghee lvs garry oprey joanna wade lvs craig bradley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx y.c.l o.a.m 2002

From: pradeep <lover_pradeep>
Date: 2. Mar 2002 19:27
i want one lover

From: ashiqmustafa <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 3:000
i love to have an loving friend

From: ashiq mustafa <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 3:44
i want to spend my life with my lover friend a female

From: chrissey <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 8:27

From: hc <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 13:59
Just looking

From: Shaye laya <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 14:57
hey everyone. this chatroom is kickin'. Peace

From: Violet Moshi <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 17:39
I would like to be a good member in your website, not only that also getting a friend through this website.

From: angel ediza <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 18:18
all i can say is that keep doing which makes your listeners happy good luck...........

From: lashegurl <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 21:10
hi guys,,,,juz wanna say hello to all of yah...this is my first time to come here....and am hoping to have fun,,,,,:)

From: Nagma <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 23:28
When One person love other so third or anyone should not get interfear in love cast relegion nothing comes in middle love is only love nothing else...............Love Never dies

From: Kat <>
Date: 3. Mar 2002 23:58
Good content!

From: Kosher Williams <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 1:23
I have been chatting here for such a long time. I have no complaints

From: Veeru Garg <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 3:01
I think that life is very short.We should try to make it bed of roses.i want to make everyone in this world be my friend. Veeru

From: abdellah <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 8:18
i'm male i have 22 years old my birthday is 26-04-1980....

From: axher_xiddiqui <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 12:56
Hi There, It May Be Your Heart

From: john <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 18:21
waa in laga dadaalaa jaceylka we must take of the love. any farther information sent to my e-mail

From: Bayarmaa <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 18:48
join to this

From: joyce <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 20:10
something in my life can change may life

From: princess <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 20:58
hi i'm having a problem with my man.i don't want to have sex so to him it's like i don't love him,whres i know that ilove him.what can i do because i don't like sex and i'm 19 yrs. chao

From: Kosher <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 23:21
I would love for the person/peoples in charge of making this chat house come to life long ago....i was in maui, when i was about 12 when i started chatting here. Now i am 18...I love you .. Los Angeles, CA Kosher

From: Faith <>
Date: 4. Mar 2002 23:40
I'm looking for an honest lover.

From: jessika <>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 8:22
i think this was a good story... it kinda sucks that you and him feel so strongly for each other and cant be together because of your famliy now...well i hope everything works out...

From: tom <>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 13:42
check this out !!! log on now !!!

From: mami <mami11sep>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 15:58
ilke chat with agirls

From: nirvana <>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 18:29
hi people, you doin a great job

From: sean albert firmeza <>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 19:29

From: Fernando Guerra <>
Date: 5. Mar 2002 20:42
the beguining is great.

From: nana adjei <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 4:23
i really love the good programmes you exellent people are doing there so i say keep it up and biggups

From: Calvin Johnson <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 4:54
What is this sight about and how can you find love on this site.

From: Wonder girl <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 5:19

From: js King <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 5:57
I wish to become one of your guests.

From: Mikolai <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 19:50
hey there whats up?!?

From: ^cUt3_JeFoY <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 22:44

From: saran <>
Date: 6. Mar 2002 23:01
hello! how are you?

From: nwangchuk <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 1:47
love is a sweet thing to have in life.

From: arshad <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 2:21

From: Sue <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 3:45
I found your web site looking for cards i think it is pretty cool.

From: Sheku Koroma <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 4:29
Thank you, I luv your site very much! it make me know people.

From: cinthia <santana>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 15:38
this web is just what i am lookin for thanks for having it

From: angelina <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 17:42
If this is a true story I am really friked out cause the only guy I loved Is named Matthew. And the only reason we broke up cause I moved to the other side of the country. *sigh*

From: naveed ul haq <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 17:47
your site is a unique touch and very different from others

From: arul <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 17:51
neat.. my crush is in manila, and I am in the US.. am dying to meet her...

From: Dependra <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 19:36
Life is short.Play Hard.

From: Chantel <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 19:49
Hey People how are you doing? I hope that everything is good

From: malika <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 22:16
bonjour amour; tu ma bcp manquer cheri ou es tu passer? je t'attends tous les jours sur hotmail? bisou cheri?

From: Celeste <>
Date: 7. Mar 2002 22:49
Just simply amazing!

From: bella ayta <>
Date: 8. Mar 2002 16:28
i hope that you could share your knowledge and express my feelings to have friend like on your site

From: bella ayta <>
Date: 8. Mar 2002 16:49
hi hawaii chat univers ihope you help me on how to chat and i know you are very curious to know me

From: zeewan <>
Date: 8. Mar 2002 20:36

From: Robert Chan <>
Date: 8. Mar 2002 23:58
First time and to learn more about the this website.

From: hitesh <hotice_7>
Date: 9. Mar 2002 3:16
Today i am looking for Asian girls

From: Melissa <>
Date: 9. Mar 2002 9:09
Please visit my webpage to read my entire love story. It's a story how two people conqured true love. Both of us followed our hopes and dreams and never game up on what we wanted out of life. I've taken a lot of time to make this site most enjoyable, I hope you enjoy my touching story. And please dont forget to sign my book, I want to know all my friends. Warm Hugs Friends

From: kathleen <>
Date: 9. Mar 2002 15:09
Its good

From: garett taketa <>
Date: 9. Mar 2002 19:56
its pretty koo

From: marryme69 <deanoair@MSN.COM>
Date: 9. Mar 2002 20:39

From: vivek <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 1:24

From: sudeesh <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 2:17

From: denash <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 2:55
i need a girl to take care of it

From: spencer <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 7:22

From: sane sili
Date: 10. Mar 2002 10:20
Hey I'm priviledged to be here and I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone interesting, hey I'm from New Zealand, and damn, I'm enjoying my time here.

From: sili23 <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 13:41
hey it's really awesome to be here!!!

From: eric paghubasan <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 19:29
can u find me a girl that can relate on me plsssssss.

From: Latoye <>
Date: 10. Mar 2002 22:26
dis site is kicking and the bom.

From: kosher <>
Date: 11. Mar 2002 2:01
i love you ilove you!

From: sandy
Date: 11. Mar 2002 3:57
just looking around

From: vinodkumar <>
Date: 11. Mar 2002 6:55
i visit 1st time

From: Everesta Dhakal <>
Date: 11. Mar 2002 7:14
I want to know about this website.

From: Kida <>
Date: 11. Mar 2002 7:58
I heard about this place through a friend who is totally hooked on hearing from this web site!

From: Caroline Syrie <>
Date: 11. Mar 2002 8:47
Just hope to find someone I could talk to and maybe get to be good friends.

Date: 11. Mar 2002 23:32

From: sridhar <>
Date: 12. Mar 2002 3:30 i am sweet guy.But any fem not uproach me . there any one them.

From: RAJ <>
Date: 12. Mar 2002 6:03

From: kimberly <>
Date: 12. Mar 2002 17:05
it so beautiful

From: jone <>
Date: 12. Mar 2002 17:36
i need a girl who love me---(age-18 to 21).

From: amanda allen <>
Date: 13. Mar 2002 3:46
i am in love

From: wongel < 2074>
Date: 14. Mar 2002 0:25
hellow I am Wongel from Ethiopia.21 years old and Female I like friendship and Music any more and I am honest If you want friendship with me please write to me on the above address. Thank You

From: niceguy <>
Date: 14. Mar 2002 0:26
wonderful site.

From: Wongel <P.O.Box 2074>
Date: 14. Mar 2002 0:28
Hellow I am wongel from Ethiopia I want to have a friend I am 21d years old and Female I like Music and Reading any more If you want to contact with me please write on the above address. Thank you

From: Ermias Mebrahtu < 18704>
Date: 14. Mar 2002 0:38
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Date: 18. Mar 2002 7:20
This page is sorta cool. I think you should add more like kissing and sex and stuff though. That stuff has alot to do with a relationship

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Date: 18. Mar 2002 12:51
We would like to know why boys are so complicating

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Date: 19. Mar 2002 14:44
My first visit on Hawaii. But only via internet. But i am sure, some day i will see it for real. Sorry for my worse english, but did my best.

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From: Lizwelethu Ndlovu <>
Date: 20. Mar 2002 1:45
l am a Zimbabwean currently at university doing agric-economics.l believe that true love exist in this world and that it takes patience and exposure that is guided for one to strike the gold.By the way l am a twenty two year old guy who would like to associate with females of around my age who share the same ideology l have about love.

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Date: 22. Mar 2002 17:46
My daughter thought she heard on your radio show that a Dr. Drew was talking about a new drug/pill for people that have a ringing in their ears. She did not hear the name of the drug/medication, is there such a drug?

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Hanale'i Moon (Lyrics by Larry W. Jones 3-26-2002)

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Condomhall is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping the student community protect their health and well-being. If this interests you, please visit our site located at:

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Date: 3. Apr 2002 13:17
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Date: 3. Apr 2002 21:000
Great website! I am working on a wellness directory/healthy yellow pages that will be coming out in July. How do I register my directory with your website? Thanks Lori 394-5434

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Date: 3. Apr 2002 23:22
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Date: 4. Apr 2002 3:28
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Date: 4. Apr 2002 3:48
The greatest thing in life is love, and when the person u love understands u ; while the worse is when he/she doesnt !! best wishes to every one :)

From: Ginger Fennell <>
Date: 4. Apr 2002 7:52
Interested to chat with people from Hawaii or onced live there or has Hawaii at heart....

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Date: 5. Apr 2002 11:05
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Date: 9. Apr 2002 22:27
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Date: 15. Apr 2002 7:09
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Date: 15. Apr 2002 11:54
it is ok to chat with everybody on this net!!

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Date: 15. Apr 2002 17:17
new signer wanna see how it is

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Date: 15. Apr 2002 18:26
Any one looking for their soul mate like me if so then email me ok gurls ?

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Date: 16. Apr 2002 1:20
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Date: 17. Apr 2002 11:25
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From: X-TiNe <>
Date: 17. Apr 2002 12:25
I sent an anonymous letter to someone I feel is worth giving this piece to. Some may be against it...and others may think its romantic, but he's my math teacher. I'm not talking about a solid lawsuit goin on here because he's not that older than I am. I'm 20 and he's 28, so really that's only eight years, and he looks pretty young, not that I would have any problem if it were the other way because I've seen the days when he wasn't quite looking favorable, and I'll admit...there were times I showed up to class not looking so glamorous myself, but he smiles at me, and there's a twinkle in his eyes like they're talking to me. On the other hand..there's someone who FEEL is my soulmate. That person happens to be my ex-boyfriend. He was there for me after my car accident and I wish I could have stayed with him. The time we spend together now is what i treasure the most and I feel its a gift. I gave him some of our old furniture because he moved into an apartment and we hang out from time to time. Though it seems like i'm buggin the heck outta him, he always says to give him a call just, whenever. i was doing some research, how he's a capicorn and i'm a picses and those two signs are a strudy match, both water signs, our fights don't last long, and we can help each other out. See i think my math teacher is jes a lil crush type thing..but with this "destined" guy, i REALLY feel like ((it was meant to be)) its like one of those things "you just know", i do know that if he doesn't feel the same way, i shouldn't take it badly...after all we are spending a great amount of time together, i just wish it would never end, he's currently in a relationship with a girl whose name is the same as mine but SPELLED differently. at times it hurts, but the times i spend with him make up for it, because just to have him for a friend, and know that he cares makes me feel complete.

From: hawaiian boy <>
Date: 17. Apr 2002 12:49
do anyone want to chat

From: firas <>
Date: 17. Apr 2002 15:57
I want true love with one beautiful woman !!!!!

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Date: 17. Apr 2002 19:57
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Date: 17. Apr 2002 21:43
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From: Sheena
Date: 18. Apr 2002 3:42
Hi lovelife users!! what ya up to

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Date: 18. Apr 2002 5:32
I'm just starting to see the site and so far i love it.

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Date: 18. Apr 2002 5:52
i am separated black male 41 y.o. who loves the lord looking to meet a black woman btwn. 35 y.o. size16to22 for friendship p.s. must love the lord

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Date: 18. Apr 2002 6:44
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Date: 18. Apr 2002 9:58
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Date: 18. Apr 2002 17:33
Wow! u did a great job, tis is really awsome. I Don't like it but i really love it, hehehehe.... ya'll know what I'm talkin about. Feel free to write me, I would pretty much appreciate it. Thank Ya'll and God bless.

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Date: 19. Apr 2002 7:30
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Date: 19. Apr 2002 8:22
Hey everyone!

From: Kat <>
Date: 19. Apr 2002 8:30
Looking for a handsom, charming, sweet, and sexy guy! Perferably blue eyes. E-mal me

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Date: 19. Apr 2002 21:46
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Date: 20. Apr 2002 5:13
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Date: 21. Apr 2002 4:58
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Date: 21. Apr 2002 22:23
i am indian and try to find somone who can share feeling of each other

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Date: 22. Apr 2002 0:18
i want to join the lovelife community because i want to know about lovelife

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Date: 22. Apr 2002 1:51

From: kayjos <>
Date: 22. Apr 2002 3:36
i needed a partner

From: Naledi <>
Date: 22. Apr 2002 8:24

Date: 22. Apr 2002 13:19

From: linna <>
Date: 22. Apr 2002 17:26
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Date: 23. Apr 2002 8:29
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Date: 23. Apr 2002 16:24
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Date: 23. Apr 2002 19:20
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Date: 23. Apr 2002 23:41
i am new here see what goes on

From: Andrew <>
Date: 24. Apr 2002 2:55
I want friends to chat with

From: kaimuras <>
Date: 24. Apr 2002 3:16
looking for a girl

From: Sekitale Fredrick <>
Date: 24. Apr 2002 4:05
I like the Radio very much.

From: Trish <>
Date: 24. Apr 2002 20:43
Just browsing, I'm new at this so don't quite know what to do next

Date: 25. Apr 2002 5:57

From: Alexandra Marie <topwoman2001>
Date: 25. Apr 2002 15:14
I dont know what to say yet at this time because its my first time.

From: Hitesh Mishra <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 5:14
i want cool friends to chat freely.

From: <,,>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 9:07

From: shin_1021 <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 9:21
wassssssss up

From: Tanya <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 9:27
This site is the best chat room I've ever been to. It's great to just chat about all sorts of things and just take a break from the 'real world'.

From: Mr.Marijuana John Jones <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 9:52
Great place met lots of girls here

From: carole <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 10:02
we would love to enter your site and learn more

From: Maria <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 15:15
How do I chat to someone?

From: island_boi32 <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 16:42
hey. how do i chat

From: dr rana shahid <>
Date: 26. Apr 2002 22:29
dear rashda rasheed i love forget me butt i rtemamber are my idial.i love you.

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Date: 27. Apr 2002 2:35
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From: gran
Date: 27. Apr 2002 3:04
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From: ruby ann tampil <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 4:04
i am interested to join...

From: pearlsheny <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 7:01
hi there this i am a new here.,.,,,,.,my comments is very nice would i be the one there?./..

From: Deano <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 7:34
Hi from Wales.

From: miakhellmohammad <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 16:52
Ishould be permenant customer

From: bruce21 <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 17:19
don't have anything to write in the guest book, because I have not chatted with anyone just yet.

From: saiful islam <>
Date: 27. Apr 2002 22:000
I love bepasa. because she is good girls.she beautiful,

From: raj <>
Date: 28. Apr 2002 2:02
i am very hot and strong by every angle lol

From: Mykeipoo <>
Date: 28. Apr 2002 6:53
true love is impossible if you do not love yourself

From: imtiyaz <>
Date: 28. Apr 2002 8:42
love is life let us enjoy

From: faiz-ur-rehman <>
Date: 28. Apr 2002 20:23
i like the love life .

From: jass <>
Date: 29. Apr 2002 0:22
love is life

From: Nathan <>
Date: 29. Apr 2002 3:52

From: Shivani <>
Date: 29. Apr 2002 7:24
Namaste! Kewl ha!

From: Jean <>
Date: 29. Apr 2002 20:14
nice place with dynamic people. Thanks.

From: Anniekie <>
Date: 29. Apr 2002 23:31
I love every youth of Suoth Africa

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Date: 30. Apr 2002 19:10
Hi, My name is changiz and 26 Year's old I'm Engee computer . I want Girl Firends If u Like My Email *************************************** Email: super_manreal AT Yahoo *************************************** My Favorites: Traveling, Sport(football),sex,Walking, Taking,and etc... :) see u baby

From: dema <>
Date: 1. May 2002 0:17
how can we chat in hawaii chat

From: aziz <>
Date: 1. May 2002 1:10
I woold see you my sun 2000000 oiz with you

From: eli bundoc <>
Date: 1. May 2002 2:12
loking for a friend on the internet.

From: robert mckenzie <>
Date: 1. May 2002 7:25
i wood like to see your love letters

From: Russell Oldaker <>
Date: 1. May 2002 10:41
looking for single female between the ages of twenty and thirty

From: mary ann padolina <abaymae8>
Date: 1. May 2002 15:35
i love this site

From: Francis <>
Date: 1. May 2002 15:52
hello everyone, how are you doing today? There's soo much to say, so little room to put it all in under. I am a white, medium build, franco-american, brown hair, hazel eye's, I am very lovable, - there's soo much I can say that I don't know what would make you want to chat with me? I like, I do everything, through sports, to indoor activeties. If your wondering if you should talk to me, I'll leave that descision up to you, bye


From: trabzonspor <>
Date: 1. May 2002 21:02
i am from turkey

From: kevinprice <>
Date: 2. May 2002 0:17
i wanna get married on the net today!

i just need a bride

can u help?

From: mpho mothapo <>
Date: 2. May 2002 1:19

From: pearljoy <>
Date: 2. May 2002 2:37
good.,.,.will u allow me to new here?

From: john <>
Date: 2. May 2002 3:22
good web site

From: shazina <>
Date: 2. May 2002 5:38

From: kawehi <>
Date: 2. May 2002 14:14
right on this site rocks!!!!!!!

From: Rachel <>
Date: 2. May 2002 15:09
Hello Everybody, I dont know what to say yet because this is my first time,so if there any interested with me to chat or whatever pls just e-mail me or you can contact me once we communicate already.

From: tahiramin <>
Date: 2. May 2002 23:26
i am from pakistan....and seeking a mach girl

From: caz <>
Date: 3. May 2002 0:54
first time in here

From: Mahapela Mohale <>
Date: 3. May 2002 2:35
Very impressed abount the site and would to receive more information on my e-mail(e.g how to join)

From: john nigel mayomi <>
Date: 3. May 2002 15:11
i want to be a member of love life , am a nigeria , who is looking for true love.

From: danielle <>
Date: 3. May 2002 16:29
good job

From: Mary Anne <>
Date: 3. May 2002 18:23
What A Beautiful Site!!! I Will Come Back And Visit It Often!! Thanks!!

From: mark bailey <>
Date: 3. May 2002 19:19
iam a 40yr. old single male looking for romance.

From: vasanth kumar <>
Date: 4. May 2002 23:55
It is very nice beaing here and i just cant tell how excited i am

From: marwa <>
Date: 5. May 2002 0:51
tell me every thing about u

From: kamran <>
Date: 5. May 2002 5:33
love is not life but its a part of life

From: tam <>
Date: 5. May 2002 7:27

From: angel cabig <>
Date: 5. May 2002 14:33
ok....... nice.

From: lubabalo <>
Date: 6. May 2002 0:48
Hey this is nice to know this site and care about ather people

From: Jaydeep <jaydeep_forever@yahoo.coin>
Date: 6. May 2002 2:39


From: Julius Shongwe <119400>
Date: 6. May 2002 3:23
I appreciate what you are doing guys. I would enourage you to keep it up.

Thank you

Julius Shongwe

From: John Antonio <>
Date: 6. May 2002 3:35
The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return

From: frazer <>
Date: 6. May 2002 3:44
hi guys how r u im 25 of graduate caliber wana chat with some one a very super exited man having power imagination some wana solve there problem contact

From: Austin <>
Date: 6. May 2002 11:38
I am a Nigerian. Too much of good thing is wonderful!This is a new dawn in Hawaii. Thank ya for a job well done. I need an intelligent girl for a sincere relationship. First come first serve! Expecting to hear from ya soon.

From: 2Cute(F) <>
Date: 6. May 2002 12:06
Life is short, have fun while you live it!!

From: arungowda <>
Date: 6. May 2002 21:44

From: johny <>
Date: 6. May 2002 22:43

From: vuyiseka
Date: 6. May 2002 23:05
you have to show us some examples on how to write a letter

From: therese <>
Date: 6. May 2002 23:14
what a fabulous site do u have!i guess i'm often to visit this.

From: khalid <>
Date: 7. May 2002 11:26
hello how are u doing

From: brittney wells <>
Date: 7. May 2002 13:41

From: robert archambault <>
Date: 7. May 2002 14:15
lets make love to the good hearted women of the world.

From: hurel head <>
Date: 7. May 2002 18:26
like too have fun.

From: venu <>
Date: 8. May 2002 0:31
I have many feelings on this site,but not possible to put in the words

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Date: 8. May 2002 2:55

From: Cool pash. <>
Date: 8. May 2002 3:28
what a cool website!!. May all who want a friend write to the address above.

From: eddy kimara <>
Date: 8. May 2002 6:16
hii my anme is eddy

Date: 8. May 2002 16:49

From: sunny <>
Date: 8. May 2002 21:26
i am 24m delhi ,5.11,fair complection,quite handsome too.

From: bilal abubakar <>
Date: 8. May 2002 22:32
i need to know more about love and roma- nsin that is why iwhant be a member

From: dorji <system>
Date: 8. May 2002 23:05
life is but a walking shadow. everyone enjoy to the fullest

From: jeremy <jez_190@hotmail>
Date: 9. May 2002 0:59
hot sexy ready for the girls

From: LeeLee <>
Date: 9. May 2002 6:29
hey i need help on my relationship so if you can help me please help me

From: MeLz or as you all know me -*sykowahine*- <>
Date: 9. May 2002 10:55
hello matt....havent been here in a while and i just wanted to let you know that this is still my favorite place to chat KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.... to all those who chat with me ill be seeing you and those who dont try it. i am a really nice person. dont judge me based on what my handle says. see for yourself what kind of person i really am. .............ALOHAzzz.............

From: candy <>
Date: 10. May 2002 2:39
great site.

From: meee65 <>
Date: 10. May 2002 3:57
i like decent honest man. not a playboy.

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Date: 10. May 2002 18:58
your site is very nice, Now I am finding Good lover for me so who is redy to love with me please mail me

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Date: 10. May 2002 19:12
Hello i am Paresh i am 22 Year old Any Girls Chat with me on yahoo Plz Mail me i am Comeputer engg Bye Paresh

From: Amiy <>
Date: 10. May 2002 23:17
wanna be fren?

From: tosan eyeoyibo <>
Date: 11. May 2002 2:30
wao!!this site is killing me,im in love

From: mukesh sharma <>
Date: 11. May 2002 3:04
love is commbination of joy and sorrow

From: sami <>
Date: 12. May 2002 5:29

From: dare <>
Date: 12. May 2002 8:06
i will just like to know about your cards. just cards.

From: mohan_pep <>
Date: 12. May 2002 18:11
Would like to see and make frie nds

From: mohan_pep <mercury>
Date: 12. May 2002 21:35
would like to make friends

From: shikhar prajapati <>
Date: 13. May 2002 6:42
nice site

From: yazid.baba <>
Date: 13. May 2002 7:37
je suis homme le plus heureux de mondejeune d'origine algerien ag de 28anje travail dans un lycee comme enseignant j'aime les voyages la plage la musique et le sport et mes sentiments les plus distingees j'attends de tes nouvelles bey votre sincere yazid

From: Candice <>
Date: 13. May 2002 9:55
i love this great site!

From: Robert <>
Date: 13. May 2002 13:02
I'am looking to find out more about this site;

From: athar <>
Date: 13. May 2002 14:07
hi its my first time visiting this web site lets see how it goes

From: William R, Rogers <>
Date: 13. May 2002 19:19

From: mreza <>
Date: 13. May 2002 20:32
look good girle and age 20-25 man mikham ba dkedokhtar 20to25 doost besham and

From: ahmad issa <>
Date: 14. May 2002 0:48
contact with urs

From: irfan ali <>
Date: 14. May 2002 15:14
hi i am irfan ali 27/m/pakistan.i want merrige with american/canadin or u.k girl.

From: Liliana Urrabazo <>
Date: 14. May 2002 20:44
you have so cool stuff

From: galooluk <said,>
Date: 15. May 2002 0:39
ka sheekee wixii ku soo marey

From: melissa botha <>
Date: 15. May 2002 2:50
love this show

From: sajid <>
Date: 15. May 2002 4:53
love is life

From: pete stanton <>
Date: 15. May 2002 5:12
hello to all im new to all this.

From: chandrasekharg <>
Date: 15. May 2002 5:49
i want to chat with you.waiting for your call soon.

From: Bradlee Urich <>
Date: 16. May 2002 2:09
I think this letter is very touching, but who sent it? Or is this some promo.

From: biko <>
Date: 16. May 2002 2:39
The web is so attractive,Keep it up

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Date: 16. May 2002 4:30

Date: 16. May 2002 5:09
I think you are great

From: Patricia Tusitala <write_meeh>
Date: 16. May 2002 6:38
Thanks for invite me in your lovelifa chatroom.I like to enjoy and have fun with your company.

From: Ringkel Lani <>
Date: 16. May 2002 12:12
yokwe kon kom aolep armij in hawaii.

From: ken <>
Date: 17. May 2002 2:05
I am from Kenya, East Africa, I got to your site thro' google.

I was fascinated by the truth that i found in your site. keep up the good woork

From: swarn <>
Date: 17. May 2002 2:55
u r my sunshine

From: keely preston <>
Date: 17. May 2002 5:07
I think there should be some people, like woman or man you can e-mail, on this site, you can be friends with, or have a relation with.

From: Sreedharkesa <>
Date: 17. May 2002 10:04

From: mudit <>
Date: 17. May 2002 19:06
i want some1 to be experienced

From: sanjay <>
Date: 17. May 2002 21:40

From: sanjay <>
Date: 17. May 2002 21:41
hi like it your love life .com so i am your sing your friend sanjay

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Date: 18. May 2002 6:20
hi all ! this is very very good webdite that's mean love is love and life is love and i like love and life your sayed

From: Devendra Bataju <>
Date: 18. May 2002 6:56
Hi, it's me devendra. I want to be the member of lovelif. thanks

From: vijaykumar <>
Date: 18. May 2002 20:04
hello am indian guy waiting 4r indian tradtional girls mail me at

From: Samantha <>
Date: 19. May 2002 13:39
what is this whole web site about?

From: brazen dev shrestha <>
Date: 19. May 2002 17:23
i am from Nepal.

From: krishnakant <>
Date: 19. May 2002 22:54
love is my life and my life is my love.

From: ntuthuko mhlongo <>
Date: 19. May 2002 23:01
I would like to learn something new from this webpage.

Date: 19. May 2002 23:50
sign me up

From: Zoe Livingston <xeena_245>
Date: 20. May 2002 1:47

Date: 20. May 2002 8:48

From: gregory <>
Date: 20. May 2002 9:54
i would like to meet some one

From: Felisha
Date: 20. May 2002 14:02
I have a lover that had moved away.

Date: 20. May 2002 14:20

From: Vaiola Misiafa <>
Date: 20. May 2002 14:50

From: ChandraB.K. <>
Date: 20. May 2002 16:26
L-lake of sorrow O-ocean of tear V-vally of death E-end of life

From: bernice marie torres <>
Date: 20. May 2002 22:23
i want to thank ur website because it is so beautiful

From: sarah <>
Date: 21. May 2002 3:47
its very wonderful

From: Shalonda <193JamesStreet>
Date: 21. May 2002 4:03
Hi My Name is Shalonda and whats yours

From: thirpathi <>
Date: 21. May 2002 5:07
hi how r u i trust same with u

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Date: 21. May 2002 5:51
this is a great and nice webste hope that u will made more and god bless you. visit to my website.

From: Joey <>
Date: 21. May 2002 9:22
I love this website

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Date: 21. May 2002 22:000
i want one life partner

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Date: 22. May 2002 2:09
this is a graet and wonderful site

From: Shalonda <193JamesPlace>
Date: 22. May 2002 3:38
Hi my name is Shalonda I'm 5-6 140 thick in waste brown skin dark brown eyes I have a boyfriend so what about you.

From: arash <>
Date: 22. May 2002 5:23
i am looking for iranian girl in u.s.a

From: LiCece03 <>
Date: 22. May 2002 15:46
hi to everybody in salem oregon .I WANT To thank to our heavily father for our wonderful life in this place in salem.For all of my families and all of my friends or my relatives all of you welcome to my email and please everytimes to wel come to call me ..........

From: subu <>
Date: 22. May 2002 19:17
i liked this site and i think a person who is waiting for a dream person may be this site help us to meet one day i am waiting for my dream mate too meet one day where she is when she willl come i dont no and the same thinking might be her .thanks subu

From: totun <>
Date: 22. May 2002 21:16
hi i wont to en good frend

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Date: 22. May 2002 23:49
i love u

From: nadfn <adfnadn>
Date: 23. May 2002 2:51

From: kiran n contractor <>
Date: 24. May 2002 2:39

From: raul <>
Date: 24. May 2002 11:33

From: Larry W. Jones <>
Date: 24. May 2002 14:16
My Aloha Moon (Lyrics by Larry W. Jones 05/17/2002) Come shine, my Aloha moon - On the shores of Waikiki. Here is where I'll wait - For her love patiently. Shore bird go and fly - Through this paradise. Bring Leilani here to me - To the sands of Waikiki. Bring Leilani here to me - To the sands of Waikiki. (instrumental) Shine soft, Honolulu moon - beams of love upon the sea. Here is where I'll wait - For her love endlessly. Come shine, my Aloha moon - On this star filled night in June. Bring Leilani here to me - Kuhio beach at Waikiki. Bring Leilani here to me - Kuhio beach at Waikiki. (instrumental) Come shine, my Aloha moon - On these words of love so true. Tell everyone you meet - And Duke Kahanamoku too. Here is where I'll wait - For her love endlessly. Bring Leilani here to me - Kuhio beach at Waikiki. Bring Leilani here to me - Kuhio beach at Waikiki. (instrumental) Come shine, my Aloha moon - on the shores of Waikiki. Here is where I'll wait - For her love patiently. Shore bird go and fly - Through this paradise. Sweet Leilani's here with me - On the sands of Waikiki. Sweet Leilani's here with me - On the sands of Waikiki. Shine on, my Aloha moooon.

From: Larry W. Jones <>
Date: 24. May 2002 14:16
Under Hanalei Moon (Lyrics by Larry W. Jones 3-26-2002) Like the gentle winds that blow there - is my love for you. Hand in hand we strolled the sands - my love's still true. Hanalei bay is calling - me back to you. Beams of love are under - Hanalei Moon. (chorus) Hanalei Moon - I'll come back to you. Hanalei Moon - You'll be there too. Gentle winds are calling - me back to you. Beams of love are under - Hanalei Moon. (instrumental) On the isle they call Kauai - a flower for your hair. Gentle winds and mem' ries - waiting for me there. Hanalei bay is calling - me back to you. Beams of love are under - Hanalei Moon. (chorus) Hanalei Moon - I'll come back to you. Hanalei Moon - You'll be there too. Gentle winds are calling - me back to you. Beams of love are under - Hanalei Moon. Beams of love are under - Hanalei Mooon.

From: hemanthkumardingari <>
Date: 24. May 2002 17:53
i like to join in this site

Date: 24. May 2002 22:19

From: Bob Christoffano <>
Date: 25. May 2002 5:15
We thoroughly enjoyed your site. It is both informative and imaginative. We are very interested in healht and nutrition and my wife and I look forward to retuning soon. Thanks for all of your good work!

From: nada
Date: 25. May 2002 6:49
i just love you guys .keep on doing the best you can

From: khadka_kaji <>
Date: 25. May 2002 23:31
Every things is possible in Love

From: Barry Boughner <>
Date: 26. May 2002 2:51
I've been looking for love in all the wrong places but now I've found you .

From: CHRMOND Junior <>
Date: 26. May 2002 7:12
I would like 2 have many friends on the air,so I'am HIATIAN I think it's a good perfomence 4 the world 2 be connect 1 to order thank U. SO DON'T FORGET I SEEK THE LOVE

From: Sandy Salsedo <>
Date: 26. May 2002 7:50
ALOHA! I am a California girl that has parents who were born and raised on the Islands! I am looking forward to meeting LOT'S of people with same interest as I. Also maybe some some long lost cousins! You never know! I have many relatives on the Islands! We go WAY back coming from Puerto Rico in the early 1900! So lets get ta chatten!! Mahalo!

From: gladys <>
Date: 26. May 2002 14:10
Im really really glad to be a guest in your

From: sunil <>
Date: 26. May 2002 22:35
I want to chat with girls

From: Fredericks <>
Date: 26. May 2002 23:16

Date: 27. May 2002 7:49
i am a radio presenter and lately discovered this site and i'm in love already. anyone intersted to write? TQ.

From: nicole <mohawk@yahoo.com502001>
Date: 27. May 2002 8:46
am in love with someone but i just cant get to him

From: Kristie <twocutef@>
Date: 27. May 2002 9:44
I am a fung girl and I love Hawaii Chat Universe..... Anyone wanna write me and say hi, I would love it!!

From: Grace <>
Date: 27. May 2002 13:15
Hi, it is my first interaction on the inernet, so I do not know what to expect.

From: raja <>
Date: 27. May 2002 19:54
i am 24 male pakistan and searching for sincere friends

From: delano <>
Date: 28. May 2002 1:27
i want cool frieds and chat whith them , but i have one probl3em i am in surinam

From: emily rose marler <>
Date: 28. May 2002 11:26
I think it is cool I don't know cause I have not look at all the suff yet well got to go bye

From: Uday <>
Date: 29. May 2002 5:45
My dear How r u all.

From: elan <>
Date: 29. May 2002 23:23

From: azam <>
Date: 29. May 2002 23:35
i am 25 yearsold and i want lifepatner

From: siddiqui <>
Date: 30. May 2002 3:37
feel the rithum

From: skumar <>
Date: 30. May 2002 3:42
pls enroll as member

Date: 30. May 2002 3:43
i don come great site

From: Selloane <>
Date: 30. May 2002 4:12
Lovelife is a boom and and interesting web site.

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Date: 30. May 2002 4:34

From: Roberto <>
Date: 30. May 2002 5:45
hey, this is amazing, i like it. i hope you're not goin' to change it soon. i mean this one is porfect.

From: Feroze K. Ahamed <>
Date: 30. May 2002 7:18
Send Me Letterz That Are Simple And Realizitc, Down To Earth, But Very Touchy.


From: jocelyn <>
Date: 30. May 2002 9:13
I am hoping to learn a lot from tnis site

From: husein aziz <>
Date: 30. May 2002 13:54
getting to know

From: Brij <>
Date: 30. May 2002 18:08
Good web page!pleaz keep updating with it .

From: Santosh Kumar Varma <>
Date: 30. May 2002 20:44
Lovable site for the Love Mates. i am looking for one good life partner.i am even looking for some e-friends. bye

From: mark <>
Date: 30. May 2002 22:51
is this comeing frome hawaii is there a fee four this ?????

From: marwa <>
Date: 31. May 2002 0:37
ilove to be anew firend for u

From: neeraj <>
Date: 31. May 2002 3:56
hi! iam madboy.

From: andrea taylor <>
Date: 31. May 2002 5:33
your website is very great

From: farid <>
Date: 1. Jun 2002 4:20
I am very happy that I am signing this site and hope that I can find my own love which I am searching every time in the heart of mountains and in the middle of oceans beside the wonderful sunshine.

From: patty <>
Date: 1. Jun 2002 16:57
nice to know this site is actually available

From: shahrukh <>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 1:28
hi,dear, i love you

From: Eric Paiva <>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 2:000
i am looking for my lost love Ione.

From: Roy Sharpe <>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 9:56
Nice Page

From: ALoHa`GuRL <>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 18:37
juss wanted to say dat dis is one tight chat room, and sh!t ya'll krak me up in hea, deaz some krazy peepols up in hea, but ya'll koo.

From: rakesh <>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 20:24
looking for a adecent and good female

From: bruno nna <no 5 ujo manrket srt>
Date: 2. Jun 2002 23:07
god be with you all de time thnaks

From: addi <>
Date: 3. Jun 2002 3:19
i love it if join successfully

From: crazy7 <>
Date: 3. Jun 2002 3:56
very good

From: andrea taylor <>
Date: 3. Jun 2002 5:55
your website is very great

From: azad <>
Date: 3. Jun 2002 6:20
hi iam from sindh lovers mail me, i love lovers, love is life love to all

From: Jeana <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 5:02
juss wanna stop by and say hello before i go out...hehehe...well...nice site..

From: yolandamary <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 5:04

From: sami <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 6:45
I like to be sharing all activities

From: saeed <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 11:35
i like your site

From: Daniel okeefe <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 11:40

From: d.j.khalif <>
Date: 4. Jun 2002 17:50
dear sir some specail guess book can u help me sir thax u bye bye !!

From: aalizzay <>
Date: 5. Jun 2002 5:30
To everyone, It has been my pleasure to be in here. It is full of excitement and has a lot of oppertunities I enjoy. So keep your head up and see you later!!!!

From: Peachy Peach <>
Date: 5. Jun 2002 7:33
I loved chatting in Hawaii

From: shahrukh <>
Date: 5. Jun 2002 7:37
hi, i am shahrukh

From: valerie moye <>
Date: 5. Jun 2002 12:05
the story i read so far are really help me with some stuff.

From: DJ B*I*T*E* <>
Date: 5. Jun 2002 16:23
dis site is da bomb!!!!!

From: Rodrigo <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 3:37
Ilove you as ever, please don't ever go.

From: himanshu bhawsar <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 4:55
Hi to all good girls,if anyone want to be my friend mail to me.

From: nasir <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 5:21
this site is full of love and hapienes

Date: 6. Jun 2002 6:05

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 7:08
I think this the most wonderful web ever... Love Peachy Peach

From: ariana <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 11:38

From: ravi shankar <>
Date: 6. Jun 2002 20:11


From: Yanga <Yzaula>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 0:16
I would like to know about love life

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 7:10
I love this Web

From: deven <>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 18:32

From: thaiduyphuong <>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 19:23
toi muon tim hieu them ve trang nay

From: Jackie <>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 20:21
Very nice, verry nice indeed!!!!

From: kris san juan <>
Date: 7. Jun 2002 23:19
hi! my first time here. hope i'll enjoy it!

From: aileen labador <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 0:48

From: tyuityui <yuigiulhj>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 8:30

From: roy <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 11:56
a chatroom nice and freindly

From: kancha diaz <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 16:32
this is my first time visiting lovelife but i'am hoping to find a friend from this lovelife web site

From: haseeb` <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 21:03
hi how ru i love is sherish

From: ricky <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 21:16

From: Dee McKinney <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 22:32
Looking for the man of my life. Can you help me find that person?

From: badbadzmarkel <>
Date: 8. Jun 2002 23:15
i think this website would help me find someone special!!!

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 9. Jun 2002 2:01
I am Lebanese, Congratulations a very nice site...

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 9. Jun 2002 2:42
love ya

From: Larry Kelly <>
Date: 9. Jun 2002 7:22
I'm looking for a lady to love.

From: Shaheen <zshaheen>
Date: 9. Jun 2002 7:47
good site

From: Mike Carroll <>
Date: 9. Jun 2002 17:23
Curious first timer to love Looking for love again after a long relationship has ended.

From: DJscorpio <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 0:42
its a good place to chat....

From: Joe <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 2:23
Hello to all the SERIOUS Ladies out there. I believe I have come to the right site where I can find my soulmate or business partner. Please sisters, if you know you are still a PLAYA, pls do not bother to write. Anyone interesting in transacting any business with me can as well reach with my email address. If you are looking for a soulmate, I am here for you. Holla back soonest. Love you all and thanks to Lovelife for a job well done

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 7:20
you r the greatest

From: "Zylix" <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 20:32
This was the first chat line i ever attended,and i still think its the best chat line on the internet.Well i know some ppl wont agree,but some pll are stupid also,man it was years ago when i first came here,its hard to b-leev that i have been fu*king around on the web for that long.i owe H.C.U. allot in everything i have learned about the internet,,,thank you "Zylix"

Date: 10. Jun 2002 21:13

From: deepankar <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 21:23

From: mnar <>
Date: 10. Jun 2002 23:10
hi for all i want to be ur friend for any one. if any one want to be my friend pls send letter to me in soon

From: soraya <sorayal@MAILBOX.CO.ZA>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 1:22
im just checking out this great site!

From: robindwightcook <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 1:59
we will see

From: monty20021 <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 2:07
i am that to whome u looking

From: steve burchfield <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 9:18
lets try it!

From: ALI <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 19:000
any gals from the city of nawabs {hyderabad}wanna be friends then contact me on

From: sam <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 20:23
lovelly site

From: mina <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 23:30
just i want to know about it.

From: sophia <>
Date: 11. Jun 2002 23:31
I am interested to know ...

From: zenrose <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 3:34
Hi there! i would like to extend my warmth regards to all the people in Hawaii. i would love to visit in there oneday. best regards, from miss australia

From: shailesh <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 3:34
yes i would like to see the profiles & chat.

From: muhannad <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 10:36
i am 28 years old man from jordan looking for american woman who understands me....i have awarm heart and hot hands!

From: Dipesh k Shrestha <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 14:53
hellow it s noce .

From: Erminda Javier <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 16:12
I heard about this "lovelife" through my co-worker now, I would like to know more about this famous chat room.

From: juzar <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 20:18
hye to all

From: sasmita <>
Date: 12. Jun 2002 23:44
it is a lovely website

From: Cherita <>
Date: 13. Jun 2002 18:06
u need to get lilbowwows email address please do it for me i love lilbowow!!!! :)

From: bill daz <>
Date: 13. Jun 2002 19:20
hi! i'd like to meet new friends and lovers, hope i can find here it. i'll just wait and see for the result of this message to the hawaii chat regards to all!!!

From: Koko <crazyhawaiianboi>
Date: 13. Jun 2002 22:43
love bebe

From: kunal <>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 0:47
love is to be felt

From: godfrey <>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 3:18
I would like to learn more about this site. I'm visiting it 4 the first time.

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 3:56
Great Web Site

From: SKIING <Sk>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 4:10

From: ahmed <>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 6:40
i think it is site very nice.

Date: 14. Jun 2002 9:31
THIS IS A GOOD WEB SITE*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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Date: 14. Jun 2002 9:33

From: Lacey.Hyatt <howdypeeps>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 10:58
I have had a lot of good boyfriends in the past and after you marry them they are just big old freaks to you.

From: mhei <>
Date: 14. Jun 2002 19:40
hello every one i'm mae pls.e mail me,i'm be your good friends.seeeeeee yahhhhhhh:)

From: Nicholay ATANASSOV <>
Date: 15. Jun 2002 0:31
Your site is great. I am sending my greetings and wish you all the best.

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 15. Jun 2002 2:04
love ya all

From: kinabs impression <>
Date: 15. Jun 2002 4:36
love is the greatest of all

From: walekord <>
Date: 15. Jun 2002 5:05
this site is great

From: haarit sisodia <>
Date: 15. Jun 2002 22:53
site is very interesting and nice.

From: gurpreet <>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 2:30
hi friends i am india punjbai boy i like to make new friends(girl)if any girl want to be my friend then mail me at, this is so so nice side i like it so much

From: ajay_shandle <>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 2:32
i am a indian boy and i like a new girls friend from india i m a nice boy any one girls

Date: 16. Jun 2002 4:10

From: Akasha_LUVlyph2005 <>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 4:53
This Chat is the SHITT'S. I found someone really special on line, and now weve been datin' for a year now!! It's cool!!!

From: sara dixey <>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 7:20
ive only jus got on here but it looks pretty kool!

From: Midnight
Date: 16. Jun 2002 14:43
Sup peeps

From: lovestar <bbw_sss2>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 19:28
hello to every one, as i am new so please tell me how can i make friends

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 16. Jun 2002 23:32
Great site

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 3:58
love ya

From: heather wallace <heather wallace_2002>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 8:16
i want to have a case of love letters from everyone.

From: lashonda coleman <35 e 39 th ave >
Date: 17. Jun 2002 9:18

From: lashonda coleman <35 e 39 th ave >
Date: 17. Jun 2002 9:18

From: Sweet-Love <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 9:20
It' s awesome!!!

-xox- -xox- (in love)

From: Joanna <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 9:45

From: lei <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 18:16
want 2 join

From: lei <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 18:22
its wonderful 2 be part

From: fitish687 <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 20:05
hello everyone, how are you doing today? There's soo much to say, so little room to put it all in under. I am a white, medium build, franco-american, brown hair, hazel eye's, I am very lovable, - there's soo much I can say that I don't know what would make you want to chat with me? I like, I do everything, through sports, to indoor activeties. If your wondering if you should talk to me, I'll leave that descision up to you, bye

From: Manu <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 21:23
my love only juany

From: rickycamenzuli <>
Date: 17. Jun 2002 22:46
30 years old from AUSTRALIA

From: life27 <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 1:34
life is to enjoy go & do it

From: PHANIE <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 4:13
Esta pagina esta brutal. te felicito

From: seun <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 4:36

From: asif <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 8:37
very fine chat place.

From: mesrouki <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 10:49
hi dear firand

From: ApRiL <>
Date: 18. Jun 2002 21:01
Yo, WaZz Up JuS WaNnA SaE DaT dIsH SiTe IsH SO KoO. DaT's rYte LovE iSh iN da Air* JuS lyKe mEeH wIth MaH BabIe Boo Allan. laTers PeEps am OutTies Muahzzzz

From: Peachy Peach <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 0:06
You r the greatest site

From: Anand <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 4:07
Nice to meet u

From: romeo <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 4:27
I think it is great.

From: Roonu <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 4:51
I love you

From: tracey <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 7:06
hey this is an interesting website i like it a lot. i'll come back another time.

From: aileen Estenzo <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 20:17
love can move mountains

From: Lyka <>
Date: 19. Jun 2002 22:58
Hi. Cool site pleze go to mine

thank you

From: prince_911 <>
Date: 20. Jun 2002 4:13
love to be loved

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 20. Jun 2002 4:18
You are fantastic

From: Praveen Singh <>
Date: 20. Jun 2002 6:14
It's me at now.

From: Jack Butler <>
Date: 20. Jun 2002 15:44
Me and the devil

Date: 20. Jun 2002 19:17
i just wanna have someone to talk...

From: Mildred Latupan <>
Date: 20. Jun 2002 20:47
just want to be part of your guest.

Date: 20. Jun 2002 22:56

From: Emmanuel <>
Date: 21. Jun 2002 14:20
I am willing to be part of it.

From: ALEX <>
Date: 21. Jun 2002 16:26

From: ALEX <>
Date: 21. Jun 2002 16:30

From: gaurav <gaurav@shamli,com>
Date: 21. Jun 2002 19:03

From: Haroon Ahmad Bhatti <>
Date: 22. Jun 2002 2:17
I am looking for Nice friend in Canada.

From: adila72 <>
Date: 22. Jun 2002 12:16

From: sdfg <sdfg>
Date: 22. Jun 2002 14:45

From: shemon <>
Date: 22. Jun 2002 22:02
its good site.

From: stack dhara <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 2:09
i want somm

From: spiritu cale <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 2:41
hi, my dearest friend's outside and inside of my country. i love u and i want to be one of your guest singning book of your site. that's all,

From: khan <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 4:21
well it seems good but first let me to cyber in it

Date: 23. Jun 2002 6:49

From: JD <DJFOSS58>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 16:35

From: hea_girl436 <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 18:54
well i think that this is a good place for us peps from hawaii to go to meet peoples likeus from the same places. props up to this place!!!!!

From: Mattman <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 19:48
Hey bitches u girls rock i love the tits dont change girlies uhgg ohhh yeah ride me liek a pony

From: dave vye <>
Date: 23. Jun 2002 20:45

From: Leslie Dunham <total_lunacy>
Date: 24. Jun 2002 9:17
I am happy to be at this site. I will let you know if I liked it or not.

From: veronica pelaez <>
Date: 24. Jun 2002 15:07
oohhhhhh its so nice..... I feel so in love everytime i open this web... keep up yhe good work.....

you inspires people so much.. thanks and more power....

From: Mohd.Sakhi Mehrzad Panjshiry Afghan <>
Date: 24. Jun 2002 21:33
Hi . My name is Mohammad Sakhi i am from Panjshir Afghanistan Now i live in pakistan i am 16 Years and i like to have a friend in chatting as my age i don't care weather that is male or female . Mohammad Sakhi Mehrzad P.A

From: kelly <>
Date: 25. Jun 2002 0:04
I assume nothing about the chat universe.

From: rakesh <>
Date: 25. Jun 2002 3:57
iwant friends ok

From: jassi <>
Date: 25. Jun 2002 4:36
lets see

From: eugene R <>
Date: 25. Jun 2002 14:43
I'll be back soon. thank you.

From: randy <rendiza>
Date: 25. Jun 2002 17:59
hello poeple in the philippines , i just want to thank this site for bringing my greet to other country. this is very fantastic website. hi to all........

From: kaled <>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 1:17
Hello (I am looking for someone who can I call friend.) Name: khaled.(from saudi arabia-jeddah) I am: sweet - loving - romantic -handsome Sex: male Single.and nice guy -good looking Eyes and hair colour: black Weight: 62 kg Height: 172 cm Hoby: self-defense - travelling - and any thing intersted by youth. If your intersed to make friendship with me you can email me and I hope you send youre photo and I hope to hear from you soooooooon Ok bye my love Khaled My email is :

From: Queen Gaysell Busarang <>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 14:47
Well, actually i like your website,s design i fell cool and comfort

From: Queen Gaysell Busarang <>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 14:49
Well, actually i like your website,s design i feel better cool and comfort it's me sexybabes of philippines

From: k&R <.......................................>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 15:22
i like chat ...... where i gadda go

From: Peachy Peach <>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 19:38
Wonderful Site

From: allan <>
Date: 26. Jun 2002 23:000
hi to alli hope u are having fun not like me im sad

From: maria <>
Date: 27. Jun 2002 0:13
send me some of your love poems if you have them,i really enjoy poems

From: Sweet-Love <>
Date: 27. Jun 2002 10:57
This is just awesome!!!

From: dave s <>
Date: 27. Jun 2002 13:42
What browser?

From: AJAY KUMAR ajay <>
Date: 27. Jun 2002 20:34
ilike you i want FRIEND SHIPwith you

From: loreto regunan jr. <spike_sp2002>
Date: 27. Jun 2002 21:21
gwa eye dee

From: rajkumar <rajk>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 2:40
hi i want to do friend ship

From: Nikki <>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 10:19
Hi mmy name is Nikki I am 14 from tesax & I am looking for someone to talk to & have fun with

From: tiffany <the_class_of_07l>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 15:50
this is a kewl website

From: raja waqas ali <>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 17:40
it good for real chating. for info. & other

From: Muhammad ijaz <>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 21:41
i see u web sit web sit is very beautyful i can chat u channel ok bye

From: jay <>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 21:51
hello every body me tooeager to be member of love life community coz i liked to share all my thaughts felling upon somebody whom iam searchinge for a long time

From: praksh chauhan <>
Date: 28. Jun 2002 22:09
i am open site first time

From: yasin <>
Date: 29. Jun 2002 4:03
i wants to live a love life

From: Jan Knickerbocker <>
Date: 29. Jun 2002 7:10
I am writing a book about how people met. Is there any way I could use a couple of your stories? I could list your website to give credit and change the names of the people so their privacy would be protected. Let me know what you think. thanks

From: Cheerfulspirit <>
Date: 29. Jun 2002 10:39
I have been reading your letters and I love it. there are others who fell in love on line besides me and my lover. wow.... good site

From: rania <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 2:09
hi how are you

From: Georgui Devuchi <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 3:37
I am looking for a date or have a internet convcarsation-I am 19 6.1tall and about 200lbs,brown hair and eyes

From: binyo <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 4:33
it,s very niceeeeee............

From: peachypeach <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 5:05
hello greatest guys.

From: peachy peach <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 5:11
love ya

From: andy jones <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 6:23
accident with condom it came off when making love we are worried going to the doctor monday my girlfriend is worried about the morning after pills side effects we were told that there is somthing my girlfriend can take to ease the effects hope you can help thankyou

From: mysh <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 10:25
fine there

From: Anonymous
Date: 30. Jun 2002 10:31
fine there?

From: Queen (sexybabes) <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 20:58
Well can i say is i like how to design this web site the site is cool and feel me's me queen

From: ANAND <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 22:40
i love to make new friends of all kind . thats why i am here.

From: Raghu <>
Date: 30. Jun 2002 23:26
Nothing is as boring as being single. Want a blondie soon.

From: ema <>
Date: 1. Jul 2002 9:21
nice to get along wiv and goodlooking and gud to tk to

From: Kami Dawson <>
Date: 1. Jul 2002 11:33
OK YOU, You said you would be there for me and I was lucky you still wanted me. So whats up? When do I get you???? I want to do things to your heavenly body. I want to smell you all over. I want to touch you and make love to you over and over and over. I'm madly in love with you and I always will be. Damn you for dissing me, damn you to eternity with me!!! You my beautiful baby and I'll forgive you anything. Your my master and KING. Baby come to me. I'm dying without you. You can save me. Just say be...

From: jose_phine <>
Date: 1. Jul 2002 19:32
cool wobsite

From: ellenjean <>
Date: 2. Jul 2002 1:41
you know i like your website but i still dont know how to chat in there can you help me in a simple way?

From: don winn <>
Date: 2. Jul 2002 12:11
I would appreciate more information.

From: Queen (sexybabes) <>
Date: 2. Jul 2002 13:53
This is queen from philippines and it's my pleasure to visit and see this kind of web site

From: kiran <>
Date: 2. Jul 2002 17:17
u have done a wonderful job

From: dilipballav <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 0:47
i love hawaii !!

From: wolex <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 5:13

From: Maria <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 11:04
This is really cool. I think this is a good idea to have this so that people are able to send love letters without the other person knowing who it came from. Wish there were more sites like this! Thank You!!

From: SloxWorld <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 14:01
love till death takes you apart...

From: dogdayatnoon <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 14:45
read over some of the others...very nice...if youre on Maui and want to play...e-mail me

From: p noy crewchief <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 16:06
cool, feels just like i'm back home again. tanks eh.

From: kashif <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 21:09
I believe in forever friendship.

From: abid <>
Date: 3. Jul 2002 21:21
i think its nice way to make good friends.

From: cool gale <chouchou_sk8>
Date: 4. Jul 2002 9:06
it feals good 2 be in love and 2 be loved back i know what it is like he is the boy of my dreams it feels bad 2 be dumped tho it bracks ur heart!!!!!! i don't like that and i definitly don't approve of that. don't you?????

From: raj <>
Date: 4. Jul 2002 20:20
i belive in doing rather than thinking for me love is life

From: rajiv rathi <>
Date: 5. Jul 2002 1:33
this site is coool

From: abas khan <abas_khan788>
Date: 5. Jul 2002 3:36
i am a boy

From: olalekan ogunbiyi <>
Date: 5. Jul 2002 20:45
thanks, this site is great

From: Mohammad ashraful amin <>
Date: 5. Jul 2002 23:54
this is tremendous

From: dorothy <dmilligan2371>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 3:44
I am new to the internet. This is the first website I have entered. Hope i dont get disconnected.

From: Joy Mounter <>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 5:31

From: sina <>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 7:50

From: j_victorm <>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 11:50
Colorful,comfortable site. Wish it was the one I needed.

From: khaled <>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 16:15
male wants a female

From: Chris <>
Date: 6. Jul 2002 16:36
hi how are you. this is a guy from canada. hows the wheater down there. well e- mail me for updates.

Date: 7. Jul 2002 0:48

From: tushar <>
Date: 7. Jul 2002 20:40
i just belive that some one some where is made for me

From: waves <>
Date: 8. Jul 2002 2:57
azure hesperus,

From: de'zae <dennisjordan412@yahoo>
Date: 8. Jul 2002 8:50
this is my first time on here so i will like to see what a good man can find on the web that he can't find on the who will like to see a dream cum tru.

From: Linda <>
Date: 8. Jul 2002 12:30
Iam not so good at english...but i think is a verry good page!!

From: Angel <>
Date: 9. Jul 2002 0:53
Kia Orana I would just like to say that this website is Awesome. This is my first time on here and I really like it. You are all doing a wonderful Job. Keep smiling God loves you. Wish you all of yous the best for the future. God Bless Angel (kana)

From: Kosher Williams <>
Date: 9. Jul 2002 1:42
I luv you guyz

From: pradeep <>
Date: 9. Jul 2002 5:19
Hi I am an Indian. wana have frdship with me mail me

From: Theresa <modist@polyhood>
Date: 9. Jul 2002 10:06
Samoan female out here in the beautiful California Islands just want to congrats all the poly's out there for there wonderful accomplishments

From: lilsiperstar <>
Date: 9. Jul 2002 16:12
any one wont to talk 2 me

From: Kanav Gupta <>
Date: 10. Jul 2002 2:05
Seems Wonderful !! yet to be explored.

From: mizo <>
Date: 10. Jul 2002 3:18
i love love and love life ......

From: Salim Seleman <>
Date: 10. Jul 2002 8:26
I love to have a girlfriend who can chart with me and to have a voice mail

From: pantaleon <>
Date: 10. Jul 2002 19:49
hello, a u read to talk?

Date: 10. Jul 2002 21:44
i donno no.

From: felicia
Date: 11. Jul 2002 4:03

From: kannan <>
Date: 11. Jul 2002 4:17
i wish to apply forguest book

From: love kayode <>
Date: 11. Jul 2002 16:000
I love this site so much that can't just wait to sign in,cos have heard pretty things about the site.

From: Lillibeth A.Dacua <>
Date: 11. Jul 2002 19:53
it's nice....

From: babu <>
Date: 12. Jul 2002 0:46
i like this site.

From: silverclouds <>
Date: 12. Jul 2002 2:53
hi i visited this site for 1st time n i liked it

From: ashley <tommygirl0426>
Date: 12. Jul 2002 7:29
nice site!

From: general sadiq <general_sadiq>
Date: 12. Jul 2002 8:000
love is is for all.

From: varun <>
Date: 12. Jul 2002 21:50
i am acool guy. seeking of friends for time pass.

From: suni <>
Date: 13. Jul 2002 1:39
lovelife is very nice sight

From: adnan <>
Date: 13. Jul 2002 18:20
this site is the best

Date: 14. Jul 2002 5:14

From: Axley <>
Date: 14. Jul 2002 7:33
"LOOKING FOR A WOMAN" I'm a White Male at the age of 37. I've never been on a date in my life.

From: Glory <>
Date: 14. Jul 2002 13:44
Hello, My name is Elizabeth I'm 23 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I recently moved to Texas andf I don't know anyone and I'm not sure how to meet good people. People find me attractive but they usually don't take the time to see that I'm better looking on the inside and I actully have a brain.Therefor I'm single and lonely.

From: Glory <>
Date: 14. Jul 2002 13:44
Hello, My name is Elizabeth I'm 23 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I recently moved to Texas and I don't know anyone and I'm not sure how to meet good people. People find me attractive but they usually don't take the time to see that I'm better looking on the inside and I actully have a brain.Therefor I'm single and lonely.

From: vasant <>
Date: 14. Jul 2002 18:57
Dear friends. Hi.

I m vasant/M/50/single from India. I like gayfriends 18 to 28.

Nice day.

From: Adetunji <>
Date: 15. Jul 2002 5:04
Please i would love to know and be part of this great family. I have been longing to apply for a membership since i heard about LOVELIFE.

From: tunde afod <>
Date: 15. Jul 2002 9:07
love is great

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Date: 15. Jul 2002 19:06
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From: wilkins <>
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From: Maryjane <>
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From: asadmehmood <>
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I love this site. I have been getting oh here since i was 14. This site is great.

From: name <>
Date: 20. Aug 2002 6:07
i want to know about this one site how to access

From: Claire RUFFIN aka dolphin <>
Date: 20. Aug 2002 6:34
I love your site Matthew.I hope to meet you again in Honolulu but this time with Angelina. :) Take Care, Claire

From: Haris Ali <>
Date: 20. Aug 2002 10:12
hi how r you. ok bay

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Date: 21. Aug 2002 2:02
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Date: 21. Aug 2002 6:16
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Date: 21. Aug 2002 21:37 names is Tom. Congreytuleision


From: chanda m. ballon <>
Date: 22. Aug 2002 1:25
well Love is in the Air!

From: hawk <>
Date: 23. Aug 2002 0:57
looking for a friend

From: sonam <psonam_2000>
Date: 23. Aug 2002 5:32
I listed your radio shower this morning and like it. As I got so many problem about my orgzim

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Date: 23. Aug 2002 5:32
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Date: 23. Aug 2002 6:000
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From: dezi <>
Date: 23. Aug 2002 18:54
i have been chatting here since i was 15 and four years later, it's one of my only ways beside telephone to keep in touch... i still love it as i first did@!!!!

From: helena <>
Date: 23. Aug 2002 19:06
i love yah for ever

From: mohan_pep <>
Date: 23. Aug 2002 21:15

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Date: 24. Aug 2002 4:15
I love you

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Date: 24. Aug 2002 5:52
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Date: 25. Aug 2002 6:38
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Date: 25. Aug 2002 8:02
i really want to find a person which make my life happy.

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Date: 25. Aug 2002 16:22
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Date: 25. Aug 2002 18:21
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Date: 26. Aug 2002 1:30
hi dear i am a boy from pakistan ...looking a nice girl

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Date: 26. Aug 2002 11:19
Hay I'm the worm just drop by to see the good looking lady,To see what they are up to,because I'm a swm27

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Date: 26. Aug 2002 19:07
just looking for someone to talk too.

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Date: 27. Aug 2002 1:56
i wish that this will find the man of my dreams for me.

From: Linda C. Mthembu <nhlakah@webmail>
Date: 27. Aug 2002 2:26
my comment about HIV and AIDS is about those people who introduce prevention for our sisters to do prevention .It is where HIV beigns as a main problem all over the world

Date: 27. Aug 2002 2:38

The very first time you talked to me, I felt myself begin to melt. Is this all just a beautiful fantasy? Never before these feelings have I felt.

The very first time that you chatted with me, fireworks went off in my heart and mind. I knew right then we were meant to be, together forever until the end of time.

The very first time you sent to me a message on line, I felt the tears flooding my eyes and was glad knowing that someone really in this word cares about me. For never before have I felt so happy, I like being your friend far more than you realize.

You can make my life worth living, and with you I can unburden my heavy heart for I was in search of true friend. I am forever grateful that you are ready to talk to me and trust me a bit. Such trust and happiness to you I will bring for today I am saying that want to be your friend , for the very first time.


-- asadazeem do always be with me always friend's

From: rachelalvares <>
Date: 27. Aug 2002 3:10
true lover's paradise

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Date: 27. Aug 2002 7:41
hi, this is Alfred.iwant to meet those who want to love and be loved.especially ladies who feel they are rejected and dejected and no one cares for them.i care.bye

From: TC. Harding <>
Date: 27. Aug 2002 13:20
I love the Anonymous Love Letter.. Will you be offering different one's in the future..? Thanks... ;-)

From: ron <>
Date: 27. Aug 2002 18:05
hey how is everyone

From: thugs <>
Date: 28. Aug 2002 2:33
what so special about ur website and how do someone get connected

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Date: 28. Aug 2002 3:000
Like this website when do u open?well looking for koool friends around the world.So pl;ease try to email me life is full of suprises.

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Date: 28. Aug 2002 3:58
hi I m romy from Patiala. Any body friendship with me. If yes then My E-mail is

From: romy <>
Date: 28. Aug 2002 3:58
hi I m romy from Patiala. Any body friendship with me. If yes then My E-mail is

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Date: 28. Aug 2002 4:06
I love watching anything love so that i can gain mire expirience from it.

I dont know how to search for a guy that can love me and care for me, and also I need an handsome guy that I can be boast ofand can be proud of. well I just like your advertisement. Thanks.

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Date: 28. Aug 2002 9:23
i went to your chat room and i won't to know do you have any fine boys there.

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Date: 28. Aug 2002 9:26
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From: tyesha miller <millert 926 hotmail 95866235>
Date: 28. Aug 2002 11:18
whaz up?? i'm a big fan.i never got to e-mail you before and before i go i want to ask you if you could have your concert at Agusta Civic Center???

(i know you can't come but try)

From: mimi <>
Date: 29. Aug 2002 4:11
te extrao mucho mi vida no sabes cuanto no sabes lo triste que estare el dia de mis cumple. pero aun asi te quiero mucho dieguito te amo a pesar de tus errores y tus carencias

From: Latoya <>
Date: 29. Aug 2002 8:40
do you have any fine boys i can talk to if do holla back

From: muxsin <>
Date: 29. Aug 2002 13:45
i wanat know more about love

From: lyn <>
Date: 29. Aug 2002 17:18
hello! hoping for more!!!!

From: Iram Pervaiz <>
Date: 29. Aug 2002 20:14
I dont know much about this website, i have just signed in. I hope u will welcom me. Thanks

From: wendy <200130366>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 3:12
hi! i belive in true love

From: osas <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 3:18

From: <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 6:44
My URL instructs us about our Eternity (sign the guestbook): How inevitably both are determined and molded by the choices we make in our voyage home to the Father; This URL is both a stairway AND a roadmap TO that Utopian Domicile. Step out in faith: Experience the Awesome Reality of God. You're the spark. You're a warrior. You're His treasure. He deemed it so. Your service is good. Your love towards God is better. How He yearns to welcome us into His everlasting home beyond death's horizon: With such a price-tag on our souls, human beings are clearly precious beyond diamonds. You must abandon all fear of Him and know that He is all love. Say this: "Father, I love you and I give myself to you." And He wills that you inherit His Kingdom... PEACE. You ARE loved by the Trinity. See beyond illusion: Read Daniel 12:3 Come home while there's still time. Be not afraid.

From: Angel777 <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 8:46
Hi, have a great week.

From: dominika <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 9:08
J Love this radio program

From: Kamealoha <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 10:14
Looking for some lovin, email meeeee

From: steve <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 18:30
hello every one from florida !

From: deepa <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 20:12
such a gr8 site wonderful!

From: pankaj <>
Date: 30. Aug 2002 21:19
i am alone is there in this fill the gap of lonly ness yet far away from me

From: abhishek vij <>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 1:40
there is nothin like that that love in first site before to do love to someone one should know all bout the person cause if afterwards he/she will do flirt with me then u dun know what u may feel in ur hear or what u can do/

Date: 31. Aug 2002 5:52


From: anil <anilkhu>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 7:38
i need a girl who could be my life long wife

From: joselito cullo <>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 7:54
no comment

From: lynsay <ponypal_123>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 11:29
looking for i guy who likes horses and likes to show in horse jumping compititions

From: nelson <>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 15:10

From: Nick Montoya <>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 17:09
Checking this out foor the first time

Date: 31. Aug 2002 18:000

From: dinesh khanal <>
Date: 31. Aug 2002 21:27
i need good fren

From: adnan <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 5:18
i want to talk with any boy or gril please talk with me

From: adnan <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 5:25
i love you to much but why you say sorry who you are tell me your name please

From: ralph <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 5:26
i love this web site... i'm looking for a lovely girl

From: jake rosales <jerbaks_ini@yahoo>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 15:53
I wish thatlovelife will give me a better insight on how to love.

From: naaasha <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 19:35
hi me i am from nepal

From: jitu <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 22:10
love is journy not a distination

From: adnan <>
Date: 1. Sep 2002 22:15
i love you please give me know anwer in this guestbooks

From: dinesh khanal <cascade416>
Date: 2. Sep 2002 3:000
it is difficult to find out real fren..

From: Anonymous
Date: 2. Sep 2002 16:56

Date: 2. Sep 2002 22:09

From: amanda <>
Date: 3. Sep 2002 9:32
love is the gratest thing so donnt u ever escape when u find the true love

From: bittu <>
Date: 3. Sep 2002 16:30
love and friendship are a sweet opportunity never a responsibility and when you love, love UNCONDITIONALY the best thing which i love is to make people smile and enjoying what life brings in my way.

cool friends are heartly invited....!!!!!!!!!!!

love u all, bittu keep smiling

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Date: 3. Sep 2002 17:29
i love your site i think its really cool and will bring lots of love birds together i am from nigeria and i am interested in dating any serious girl ,just send me a mail on this addy

From: Tonya <>
Date: 4. Sep 2002 5:07
Love the love letters Love is within all of us waiting to get out

Date: 4. Sep 2002 17:14

From: anwar < >
Date: 4. Sep 2002 20:17
i .love yu

From: fanny <>
Date: 4. Sep 2002 20:44
it's a great sites to a people who was falling in love....with love

Date: 5. Sep 2002 7:01

From: murad <>
Date: 5. Sep 2002 10:33
i want to make realationshipe

From: karthick <>
Date: 5. Sep 2002 19:28
i like to be friend with gril or antuy who is interest in romance

From: Jacaranda Ensemble <>
Date: 5. Sep 2002 22:27
Your webiste is very interesting. Greatings from Germany, from the Jacaranda Ensemble, with music for alpenhorn, didgeridoo, saxophone & percussion, from Berlin/Brandenburg and all good luck for you in the future. Jacaranda Ensemble -

From: randy agyei <www.Randy,com>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 4:20
I wish you along life in the world

From: Paramesh <>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 5:13
I'am in search of good girlfriends. If there are any please reply

From: dinesh <dinesh_madlove>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 5:40
want a good friend to be on chat what is your opnion

From: Latascha Bond <>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 5:54
I have never been in this before, but I am excited about being here.

From: nora beatriz <>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 9:16
this is a really cool website i'm looking forward for having an excellent time here.

From: Jasper <Martinez>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 15:02
I want to join the chat universe

From: unforgetable boy <unforgetablebo1>
Date: 6. Sep 2002 20:59
be honest

From: wildcherry
Date: 7. Sep 2002 5:46
Just curious and im a firt time user and would like to see wat this site is about

From: amby <>
Date: 7. Sep 2002 8:13
It's wonderful to know female kinda....male me Bangalore

From: vishal <sheril44054x>
Date: 7. Sep 2002 8:41

From: Teri Ange <>
Date: 7. Sep 2002 10:30
I enjoy reading true love stories.I am hoping to meet a special soulmate.

From: Dilip <>
Date: 7. Sep 2002 20:46
hi everyone

love is great...

pls love every one..

From: Lexy <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 5:34
Hi, Got to chat with people. YAh.

From: Mike Garvin <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 15:59
single and looking for someone with good intentions with a wild side

From: emz maka jr <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 17:35
hey wussup yo,dis site looks mad but i have to check it out now aiight...........

From: emz maka jr <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 17:35
hey wussup yo,dis site looks mad but i have to check it out now aiight...........

From: emz maka jr <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 17:35
hey wussup yo,dis site looks mad but i have to check it out now aiight...........

From: muhammad aurangzeb <>
Date: 8. Sep 2002 21:46
i like chat

Date: 8. Sep 2002 22:07

From: Jccqui <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 2:31
Hey well wat makes u pepel happy?me spendin time with mi friendz and the love of mi life.

From: gogo <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 3:42
hello world!!

From: lucky chavalala <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 5:19
I will always be grateful to get thy reinforcement in all my life.born in south africa 20 years ago.lovelife has guided my life in many spheres of life,including socially,culturally and so on .

From: tupou <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 15:35
just want to know more about my lovelife.

Date: 9. Sep 2002 15:44

From: Tanya*S* <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 16:26
Matt....Im in Hawaii and leaving today..checkya at Dukes if you do Splendid is going to meet me there. Monday 6pm

Tanya from Australia

From: Rojin Joseph <>
Date: 9. Sep 2002 23:59
'm a S/w Engineer...'m searching for a nice Malayali girl(age 20-21) in US as a Good Friend........!!!!!!!!Contact Me..!!!!if u r Nice US MAlayali Girl...

Date: 10. Sep 2002 0:08

From: ahmed mansur <>
Date: 10. Sep 2002 7:45
i want take same e_mail from gril to me abot any thank

From: india <TYCJOYCE@AOL.COM>
Date: 10. Sep 2002 11:05
love the hawaii radio

From: re re <>
Date: 11. Sep 2002 9:05
I want to know how can I boost my lve life b/c I don't have anyone but there is this boy I like and I don't know if he likes me like I like him I told him that i liked him but he didn't say anything and we always kiss and flirt but he has a girlfriend and I go to school with her.

From: sadg <>
Date: 11. Sep 2002 20:30
HI evre one I like love all in this time

From: shakti <>
Date: 11. Sep 2002 21:51
hello! i'm an indian, named shakti. this site really has provided something new & lucrative.

From: jack <>
Date: 11. Sep 2002 22:03
hello to all of u...

From: Elvis Rafedile <>
Date: 12. Sep 2002 2:25
I started learning more about lovelife yesterday in my institusion(Technikon North West).I enjoyed myself but the pity part is that they denied me a t-shirt though i participated a lot.Another thing is that i would like to become a member in your org. Iam asking lovelife to send me a t-shirt for my yesterdays participation. My contact details are sa follows; cell number;082 358 8157 Postal address;house no;163 Ga-Rankuwa 0208

From: nwabisa <>
Date: 12. Sep 2002 8:08
I'lld like you to advise me o this problem: I'm inlove with a guy who has his girl-friend, he also loves me. my problem is that I don't want to hurt her and I don't want to lose him. what should I do?

From: hashemay <>
Date: 12. Sep 2002 10:50
Hi, Looking for fiends all over the world

From: rekha <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 1:25
i want to chat

From: hana <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 6:17
just trying to get on 1th time

Date: 13. Sep 2002 8:44

From: ikenna <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 9:29
i love this website am a nigerian but the thing is that you dont get to meet paople here but all the same i love it god blees all of you ikenna

From: elizabeth <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 11:35

From: James Taiwo <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 13:32
I will love to meet with any lady of any ethnic group provided she understands what love is all about .She must be God -fearing too

From: blecil <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 17:19
i want to be a part of those people sharing funs all the time

From: shakeel <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 18:41
hi, love is life , very good site

From: naveed <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 18:43
hello, very good site, love is life pls injoy life

From: lebohang <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 19:30
I have nouthing to say but lovelife play the important pat in young people `s live lovelife conviens young people to do right things.

From: mohd jahanzeb <>
Date: 13. Sep 2002 22:39
want a sweet and nice female friend

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Date: 13. Sep 2002 23:18
its really good

From: eddy <>
Date: 14. Sep 2002 18:59
looking for someone

From: neelamrai <>
Date: 14. Sep 2002 19:48
hello any handsome guys want contact me please send picture...

From: Linda <>
Date: 15. Sep 2002 8:29
I think this is a wonderful website, even if i am gay! I think anyone should go on this website if they wanna do it

From: Gussieman <AugustineV2Web.Tv>
Date: 15. Sep 2002 16:11
Looking for someone, preferally a female that i can chat with from the beautifull island and State of Hawiie that i can converse with. I was at Pear Harbor during World War II.

From: prabhu <>
Date: 16. Sep 2002 5:12
HAI,loveble girls can send me mail

From: hillol <>
Date: 16. Sep 2002 7:28
free for any one.who comes......

From: Kalei Kaimimoku <>
Date: 16. Sep 2002 8:39
i am very excited to be connected with my homeland all the way from Texas

From: vishnu <>
Date: 16. Sep 2002 21:28
ia m boy i want girl

From: Cloudz <>
Date: 17. Sep 2002 1:57
I never new abt this site just landed by chance but confused how to chat

From: Dabby <>
Date: 17. Sep 2002 2:000

From: gunjan <>
Date: 17. Sep 2002 2:27
need a luv to love searching for a female luv who can share my feeling and thoughts with me

From: ishanson <>
Date: 18. Sep 2002 22:10

From: amit <>
Date: 18. Sep 2002 23:49
love is my life. i am belive in love. i love a girl.

From: amir <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 0:000
its nice and sad to say i can not be ur friend. because i'm from far away from you. thanks. amir

From: todderoski <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 1:29
Hi out there world

From: todderoski <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 1:38
Hello world

From: Asif Khan <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 5:57
I don't Know what is in this site but i hope everything is beautiful and precious in in this site.

From: Luke <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 7:08
Sweet Web Site

From: Iguoba Mike <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 8:44
well, i want to know more about love and the people that can give true love to fellows with broken heart and how their heart can be healed. infact, i am interested in this can of copmany. i will expect your response soonest

From: Ntsiky <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 22:33
I'd like to know more about the site&receive some interesting stuff that you offer.

From: Tus <>
Date: 19. Sep 2002 22:57
I am a warm hot bloodies young guy. I would like to have friends around with me.

From: Ahmad Shafqat Ali(a.s.a) <>
Date: 20. Sep 2002 10:26
Asslam-u-Alikum Hi & Hello i am very nice,friendly and sweet person.i always Believe in Allah .i am Pakistani.if someone wants to caht with me or male me so plz do it ok. Take Care Ur self With Love Allah Hafiz

From: nadeem <>
Date: 20. Sep 2002 11:07
Your web site is the beautifull and i like it very much. It is same like my girlfriend.

From: hiddensoul18 <>
Date: 20. Sep 2002 11:44
i need a girl 18 hot stuff

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Date: 20. Sep 2002 19:30
hi iam raj khya mogh se dhosti karoge. if u want so please mail me to my mail my sense love is a good thing in life.

From: gift <>
Date: 21. Sep 2002 5:17
thanks for being my friend

From: sara <>
Date: 21. Sep 2002 13:22
20highland Avenue Highciffe christchurch Dorset Bh23 5ln uk.

From: virendra h.patil <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 2:53

From: Kristin Landh <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 4:07
It was along time when I was here an chat. Had almost forgott this page!!! But now Im back!!! Love u!!!

From: TAHA <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 9:17
hi im taha from pakistan , 20 male the site so cool ,im the new person enter a teen life.. so plz guided me . how to make friendship.any way im interst to make friendship and long relationship to girls any girl of pakistani, interset me to contact me at thi no 03205054144 any way im waiting to ur replz plz dont forget me.. take care, love... TAHA...

From: latoya <gconyers@IO.TV>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 9:32

From: darline joy lamela <pulupandan neg. occ.i wann>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 16:17
i want 2 know my love life

From: raja <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 18:04
Iam just dying to talk to someone. anyone there to talk to me .

From: raja <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 18:10
Iam dying to talk to someone. is there anyone to talk to me for I am a good lover.

From: shahid <>
Date: 22. Sep 2002 22:42
Hi How are you I am shahid I am search a new friend. what are you friendship with me? My E-mail add

From: ravi <>
Date: 23. Sep 2002 5:53
i want cool girl friend

From: BeeJee Charlmagne Elumbaring <>
Date: 23. Sep 2002 16:41
i'm desperate to know what love is......

Date: 23. Sep 2002 21:25

From: Ron <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 2:54
Hi this is exciting I love this site.

From: kashif <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 7:31
love is my life. but i not have g/ friend i need g/friend

From: heartyd4u <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 17:33

From: taiwo <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 22:14
I have nener come accross such a site on the net,it is a great site and inspirational you guys should keep it up. And also will like to make a lot of friends here if possible a lover.

From: DAVID <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 22:14
i visit it first time

what is this can u hepl me about mote

rgda davis

From: geb <>
Date: 24. Sep 2002 23:10
I love your site guys

From: Jelay_15 <>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 0:33
thanks for invite me to sing in to ur website

From: vaisha <>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 0:36
hi !!

From: Tatum Jones <>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 9:07
I Need a new love life this one is getting stale!

From: Leslie <exercisegrl022002>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 10:03
I'm really interested in what this is all about!

From: Eduardo <Ceijas>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 13:37

From: lyka <>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 21:56

From: Anya <>
Date: 25. Sep 2002 23:30
I'd like to meet someone interesting to spend my time with.

From: eva grace <>
Date: 26. Sep 2002 0:15
well, i'm new here... just dropped by!

From: dipankar <>
Date: 26. Sep 2002 5:38
Hi i am dipankarfrom india.

From: Ronald <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 4:31
Hi everyone there

From: young32male <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 4:58
hi any female is welcome for a funny and joyful chat

From: Garry Steadman <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 9:28
not sure what 2 write, new to this . please help????

From: Rich <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 11:05

Date: 27. Sep 2002 22:48

From: Juladen <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 23:22
This is an excellent site.Keep up the good work, as the say,agood aphorism is too hard for t tooth of time,and it is not worn away by all the centuries.

From: jitendra <>
Date: 27. Sep 2002 23:28
hellooooooo........fantastic.........enjoy it........Right now I am waiting 4 the right girl..where there is love, there's pain..And the greatest love stories have ended in tragedy..With ll loves the pain of seperation, of waiting , of possession,,, and the fear of losing...And probabley the worst pain is to love hopelessly. To want something that's not yours ,can never be...... But love is also magical as the ocean.Its an emotion U feel from the mind, heart, stomach,: you can't define it...nice site... wanna to know more ..... plz mail me at

From: papi titi <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 1:22
what's up! hope any1 searching for u must be lucky!

Date: 28. Sep 2002 3:35

From: Jim Eugene <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 4:21
Eager to see your personals.

From: Juladen <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 7:40
Splendid! Well done.

From: Anonymous
Date: 28. Sep 2002 8:56
i wish i was in hawaii right now

From: kokeloly <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 11:43
iam live in cairo egypt i love girles all and i am a modling my mobile is 0101403587 see you in egypt

From: jonil <cute_angelboy143>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 12:10
you know want,im broken hearted right now for the lovelife...!

From: Juladen <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 15:06
Fantastic; Superb Are my immediate reactions.

From: Juladen <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 17:53
I might probably visit Hawaii in he futurre.It is such a beautiful island.

From: Sebastin Edwards <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 20:33
What can I say ! It's splendid.

From: odette jollie <>
Date: 28. Sep 2002 23:53
i wish you all the best.

From: Juladen <>
Date: 29. Sep 2002 5:42
Very beautiful.

From: Amie Post <amipos-99@Yahoo,com>
Date: 29. Sep 2002 7:54
I am nineteen I have a Boyfriend his name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I love him and He loves me always and Forever. This is my Love life.

From: shannon douglas <>
Date: 29. Sep 2002 8:19
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i just think that some of these breakup stories are kind of lame. i don't mean any disrespect to the writers, it's just COME ON... this is the net. why in the world would you want a CYBER mate? find someone in real life that can make it happen for you don't try and be with someone you don't even know. you might be trusting and believe everything that the person says, but you'll never know the real person he/she is. you need to find someone in real life that will be loving, caring and will be able to cherish you for the person that you are. if you need someone to talk to or you just want to cuss me out for what i'm writing email me i dare you. ;)

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I used to live and go to school in Hilo on da Big Island! I miss it so much.....

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Date: 19. Oct 2002 20:31
That's very sweet!!! So, how's everything goes on? Hope to read the continuation of your story... good day!

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Date: 20. Oct 2002 13:09
1st time ive been to this site but looks really good,lame i know but ive just finished work after 12 hours so my heads mashed ;o)

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Date: 3. Nov 2002 15:57
I really don't have much to say about the lovelife site because this is my first time entering it and i really haven't taken a tour guide of it yet so i'll get back to you on that!! thankx, pee

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Date: 4. Nov 2002 1:19
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From: tayyab saleem <>
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Date: 8. Nov 2002 22:21
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From: pink558 <>
Date: 8. Nov 2002 22:21
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My name is Joseph. I`m 42 years old.WT:230 Hear Brown Eyes Brown looks fair. I love life. I am looking for someone to share it with i`m loyal. I beleave in telling the truth. I beleave that friendship and love being loyal commitment telling the truth and lots of communication is a best place to start a relationship. I beleave that women are special and to be showed consideration. I know that my lady will be my pride and joy she must allso love kids because I have two wonderful kids my Daughter is 9 my son is 10 years old that live with me. I am not into playing games she must think the same now ladys if that is what you want then I am the guy for you if not then I wish you luck on your search and don`t search to long life is short and precious and not to be wasted because I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest and now I will tell you what I like to do. I like to swim go fishing camping go for long drives. I like to do wood working playing games with my kids meeting people and travel thats all I can think of for now if you want to know more about just ask I will do my best to answer your questions. I beleave the more you know about each other the beter the relationship will be. I would try to be a Perfect guy I will Know how to make you smile when you are down. I will Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice. I will Stick up for you, but still respect your independence. I will Come up behind you and put my arms around you. I will Play with your hair. My hands will always find yours. I will Dance with you, even if I feels like a dork. I will Never run out of love. I will Be funny, but know when to be serious. I will Be patient when you take forever to get ready. I will Smile a lot. I will Appreciate you. I will Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1. I will Always gives you a peck on the cheek when we depart from each others company, even when my friends are watching.

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Date: 27. Nov 2002 12:000
Hello. I really like your web site. It is so cool. I just moved from Philadelphia to this lovely place "Hawaii", and wanna make some female friends to hang out with. I'm nice, open/mature minded, and kind of mischevious. If you are nice, funny, open minded, and like to have fun, please contact me. Thanx.

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Date: 27. Nov 2002 19:57
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Date: 28. Nov 2002 19:000
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From: amir <>
Date: 1. Dec 2002 18:55
I am a boy and I seek for a biuty girl

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From: amir <>
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salam be tamamie irani haye amir hastam 20 sale .baram mail hi.I am iranian.goodby

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Date: 3. Dec 2002 5:13
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From: sibongiseni bhembe <>
Date: 3. Dec 2002 5:13
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Date: 3. Dec 2002 15:52
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Date: 3. Dec 2002 16:27
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Date: 4. Dec 2002 0:40
Island Song Lyrics

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From: mark <MARK_LOVE18>
Date: 4. Dec 2002 23:51
Heloo everybody,,,,,,I'm really fine about this site.......

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aloha, been away from my home on the big island far too long. Miss south point and 2 mile in hilo. still looking for miss right. still traveling in the pacific rim. i am looking for lady chat partners 35 to 45. also my companion female age 20 looking for chat partners ages 25 to 35. Her address is Aloha and Mahalo. sir ike

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Date: 5. Dec 2002 20:07
Hey, pretty littel Dudette, did you get my silly song about the P.C. and me. Sweet dreams good night. Michael.

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Date: 5. Dec 2002 20:20
I am in my 30t looking for a woman in her 20t in any part of europe for a friend and possible visit each other in the near future

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Date: 6. Dec 2002 19:28
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I am a diehard romantic at heart, and all for candlenight dinners and nice, cosy evenings! Am passionate about sports, and reading, travelling, movies and soft music r my other special interests. I would also like to add that I come from a very cultured and status family of professionals based in South Delhi, and all members of my family are very well placed and doing well. If u find this interesting, pl do reply soon, I will look forward keenly to hearing from u ,

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hey dudette, hope this one goes thru, couse I'm like outta here, goodnight. Michael

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Date: 6. Dec 2002 22:04
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Date: 7. Dec 2002 10:35
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Date: 7. Dec 2002 22:57
pls. can u give me a girl or ya girl that can be my girlfriend coz i feel blue this chrismas i"ll wait it just e-mail me!!!!!!!

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Date: 8. Dec 2002 9:16
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Date: 8. Dec 2002 11:05
Hello!I am from Estonia.I am romantic,intellegent;one man woman' with a great seanse of humor.My interests; nature,candle lit dinner,friends,cooking.I am nurse

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Date: 8. Dec 2002 13:45
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Date: 9. Dec 2002 4:03
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Date: 9. Dec 2002 4:28
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Date: 9. Dec 2002 9:28
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Your site is one of the best I could find after searching through many search engines at . Well done! Please update it more often!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shakira.

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Date: 10. Dec 2002 5:01
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From: sjan jan marie <>
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From: peaches <vergesjomitra18>
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From: peaches <vergesjomitra18>
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Date: 29. Dec 2002 21:21
hey, how do you do?friends.i am Sagar agarwal,i am B.A. final years. i am single .i am a very fun lovin and a easy goin person .i am very empathetic and can understand others feelin very welll,i respect true love and freindship to me loyalty is the most important thing in a relaton .well i am lookin out for a person who will love me lots and take care of me as a baby .anyways wanna know me more and if ineterested mail me in other words.. im bored of people writing to me as if im a scare crow if im hurt im hurt dosnt mean im dying ..!!! i just wnna say that i am searching for Mr right... any body interested in me please reply to me. i Walked on this earth nineteen yrs. back, a happy go lucky gal feels lucky enough to be here.Loves cuddling with toys and eating chocolates.I am very ambitious and wants to mark so that people can say "there Sagar agarwal a celebrity is going."I am very down to earth and frindly person.Believes that "Winners don't do different things,they do things differently".I love taking risks and challenges.Very energetic and enthusiatic and whatever u do,do it at ur best.My best friends are my mom,sister and GOD.I love eating,travelling,dancing jazz and acting and ofcouse smiling 'coz it costs nothing. LIVE LIFE KING SIZE! 'Sagar agarwal'

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Date: 30. Dec 2002 5:47
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From: christina <>
Date: 30. Dec 2002 12:03
Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so i'm going to tell you all a little about myself.I'm a 15 year old girl from the bahamas. I am black. My hobbies are swimming, listening to music, hangin out with friends, and chatting. To find out a little bit more about me you can email me. Please feel free to do so . Bye for now.

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Date: 31. Dec 2002 0:000
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Date: 31. Dec 2002 3:12
Hey,I am first time on this site and I feel like to know more about it.Wish you all love,peace and happiness in life.

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Date: 31. Dec 2002 6:45
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From:Matthew Gray - Owner of <>
Date: 31. Dec 2002 19:46
Thanks for making our site such a special place over the years. I hope 2003 is the best year so far for everyone reading this!