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From: Matthew Gray {aka "Luckiest Guy in Hawaii"} <>
(Creator of this Web site - aka Luckiest Guy in Hawaii)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003 ! Wow, what can I say? It's another new year and we're thankful for our friends, loved ones, and the opportunities that present themselves to us. I want to thank you for visiting our on-line home here at This little Web site has been "our baby" for about 8 years now! It's such a blessing to be able to bring the world to so many people every single day of the year.

What do we stand for? Well, how about improving the quality of life for one and all? That's a nice goal, isn't it? Our Web traffic still is quite impressive; between 15 & 20 Million Hits Per Month. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support.

Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out thousands of great potential friends right here on our site.

Warm Aloha from the Paradise of Hawaii...
Matthew Gray
Honolulu - January 1, 2003

From: Camille <itsybitsy_witchie08>
Date: 1. Jan 2003 1:25
ahahahahaha!!!! wazzup chatters!!! all I ask is just a little honesty though I know that you're not coming back to me, you know I'll do anything to make you stay, but I just have to let you go, IF THE FEELING IS GONE...

From: sammy <>
Date: 1. Jan 2003 4:08
please enlighten on lovelife this is my first time on the site i beleive it's a very good one thank you

From: srinivas <>
Date: 1. Jan 2003 5:31
the site is verymuch usefull for u r in deep love

From: Jose Antonio Medina <>
Date: 1. Jan 2003 14:20
this is my first time on this page

From: bappy <>
Date: 1. Jan 2003 19:43
i am frist join this and happy yewyear wish for lovelife all of friends.

From: Benson <>
Date: 2. Jan 2003 0:46
I love the day of the Lord and I wish to find a soulmate who will share my heart and my world.

From: alison white <>
Date: 2. Jan 2003 5:32
just looked through book cant wait to hear from others. single mum of two girls. hope to hear from you soon.

From: Gireesh Tripathi <>
Date: 2. Jan 2003 6:47
well i like sucj kinds of websites and i would like to join it as a member

From: beyazt <>
Date: 2. Jan 2003 7:08

From: Amir Khan <>
Date: 3. Jan 2003 5:53

I am truly muslim and sunni and belong to honourable family.

I am graduate, age 27 Years, height 5ft 8inchs, working in marketing departement.I'll be sincere and honest and will not disappoint you in any way. I am very ambitious and self determined person. I am smart looking and hard working person. I'll give you all the protection in your life as a life partner. I wish I'll get good response from you. And waiting for your reply.

With regards,

Amir Khan

From: Allen obi <>
Date: 3. Jan 2003 7:000
I like the site it's kinda cool

From: Karen <>
Date: 3. Jan 2003 8:06
I'm a 41 y.o. single mom and I trust God to bring me together with my soul mate in 2003.

From: prerana <>
Date: 3. Jan 2003 9:51
i want a very sweet friend any boy

From: Julia <>
Date: 3. Jan 2003 16:01
I wont to find a good men . From:23to35. From U.S.A

From: saransh <>
Date: 4. Jan 2003 4:09
love is the greatest joy on earth

From: craig kendrick <>
Date: 4. Jan 2003 9:02
Hello,from the great state of Illinois. I'm new to this and kind of shy so please be a little patience with me. I'm a single black male,42 years old with a variety of interests from listening to jazz to r&b, and all types of writing and I'm currently writing a book on a past relationship just to get over the .pain

From: hotbabe17 <>
Date: 4. Jan 2003 13:35
Happy New Year to everyone on this website!

From: hemant sharma <>
Date: 4. Jan 2003 18:41
i am a farmer,

From: waqas <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 1:24
this is good web for lovers ,becoz this web helps them in to serve there there love for boy or girl friend.

From: sharon <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 4:28
ur website is great.

From: alok sharma <smart_ji2000>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 4:41

From: mike 18\m\va <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 8:000
hey whats just ask me some thing

From: kelly <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 15:09
this is great!!!

From: alok sharma <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 20:34
hello i am alok

From: femi <>
Date: 5. Jan 2003 22:53
stay off!!! lome togo. famoooooooooooooooO!

Date: 5. Jan 2003 23:56

From: Ndidi <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 0:34
the web page is cool

From: beamer1045 <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 6:000
I liked what people said on this web page but I need help in finding a guy who I can really trust can u help me find someone soon?

From: bichuravi <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 6:51
i dont know what is in it i think about the love life with sex

Date: 6. Jan 2003 10:30

From: annie norainie <nateycute75@yahoo>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 14:31
Love is true from your deep heart.

From: mr.wise guys <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 20:23
love demands a loving deed when you see someone in need don't say you love him true prove it by things you do...

From: mr.wise guys <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 20:34
If u love someone dont give it too much so that when somebody getting hurt you,you have the courage and strenght to move on...50/50 lang tsong!!!

From: ronald pilapil <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 20:54
want to chat

From: krissa <>
Date: 6. Jan 2003 22:40
my first time on this page

From: josh avan <jrdgn>
Date: 7. Jan 2003 0:000
great universe

From: raef <>
Date: 7. Jan 2003 2:36
i just want to know more about your chat thankyou

From: pardeep sharma <>
Date: 7. Jan 2003 3:03
i love you maria you side mouseclub@yes yes box>

From: khalid <>
Date: 7. Jan 2003 5:44
I love girle

From: Yes
Date: 7. Jan 2003 8:37
Hello to All

From: ASHIQ <>
Date: 8. Jan 2003 0:18

From: rohit sareen <>
Date: 8. Jan 2003 2:51
i am interesred in making new and new friends and exploring people all across the world

Date: 8. Jan 2003 10:35

From: solomon <>
Date: 8. Jan 2003 12:58
i love this chatroom

Date: 8. Jan 2003 16:23

From: Johnny <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 4:57
I just wanted to advertise an old friend's wonderful synthpop-music with great vocals at "".

I think you all schould go there and download the songs and write something about what you think of it in the guestbook. You won' t be disappointed!

From: suey
Date: 9. Jan 2003 6:08
ilove life

From: abdul raoof <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 6:40
i am a boy iam a student of bba i am 20 i am for best friend

From: Cyndi Winfield <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 12:15
I really love your site i live in Phx AZ and i found this site and fell in love with your features and chat room. thank you Cyndi

From: joyce <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 18:29
u ppl r great

From: jasmin <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 23:08
i like your style!!

From: jasmin <>
Date: 9. Jan 2003 23:09

From: john kent <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 0:58
My name is john i am 20,i am single and also i need to bee with someone becouse my haed is confused of life and i need help in life, also i have brown hair,green eyes 5,foot7 and i am loving as well,./xxxxxx xx thank you fore reading this littel letter.

From: kiran <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 1:35
Hi i am a very smart boy any girl wanna friend

From: Obyno <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 12:33
Na me Brothers

From: billydunnne <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 14:22
good site

From: Chillin' <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 15:06
Hello All!

From: Brooke <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 16:55
Hello Everybody out there im from Minnesota and I wish i could live in hawaii

From: abhishek <aabhi200she>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 20:58
hi friends

From: VIRTUAL <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 23:07
Cool realy to lots of this comming in to the net......

From: michelle valerie <>
Date: 10. Jan 2003 23:48
i love those people who loves me...

From: amanda <stacey+mike@>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 5:12
i need a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

From: isaac <isaacokine2002>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 5:45
i love to join sight but i don't know much more about your sight,i'm single like to join you.

From: leks <>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 6:50
i can't wait for for dis

From: stephanie <banannacookies>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 6:51
i need a man who understands a womans life.

From: milagros <>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 9:58
super chevere. me encanto

From: zahid <>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 11:39
aslam to muslims and hi to other. i am zahid form i want to friend,,

From: josh <>
Date: 11. Jan 2003 17:55
i live in ewa beach im single and love romance

From: Kanishka <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 2:10
It is painful to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is more paintful is to love someone and never find the courage to let her/his that you love them

From: anale <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 2:29
i like to join this site

From: noorrehman <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 3:46
ilove you

From: raj <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 4:53
anyonewouldu like tofriendship whit me

From: Ch Muzamil <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 18:06
i love this site

From: nasar ali <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 19:47
i want make frienship with any girl. any girl can send me letter on this address

From: nasar <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 19:55
i m nasar i want make some girls friend any girls can send me letter on this e mail addres thank you

From: nasar <>
Date: 12. Jan 2003 20:02
i love with girls

From: imran <imranla@hotmail.come>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 3:27
i want write the love letter please help me write the love letter.

From: Quiana Coles <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 4:52
i would just like to say that i am looking for love and i hopefully i have ound the right place. i am glad to be aguest. i am mixed with hawaiian so i am glad to have a sight to go to.

From: rosita tse <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 7:33
I have sign up a year for my daughter on Nov 2002 the cheque was cashed but no books return (the books s/b send to my daughter andrea's) please reply a.s.a.p thanks!!

From: FRANK <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 9:10
I'm a 22years old Ghanaian and looking for a female friend

From: <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 9:15
Hear ye! O Hear ye! What fantasy would you like to accomplish in the reality of Heaven after this Finite Existence? Sign my guest book. I'd love to hear what YOU think Utopia's like.

From: Maria Arlin D. Cordova <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 13:56
Love means always doing good unto others.

From: khusrow <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 17:17
hi how ru

From: roman <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 19:34
i want know the life

From: Jhunne borja < and>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 20:30
wer we find our own view

From: Peteli <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 21:14
was up yall koo life here

From: Unisie <>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 21:31
hi, I am the one who joined this lovelife. com thanks for the chance.

From: rizwan <syed_just4you>
Date: 13. Jan 2003 23:50
mujhe kuch kehna hai

From: junecaterzpaulz <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 1:10
to communacate with each other....

From: zahid <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 1:12
i am single and seekin a prety girl

From: saif <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 1:16
I am young and want to that girl who love me and care me like wife

From: chand <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 2:25

From: donna car <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 4:46
i am so loney and want to be loved im 23 years old and from ireland and i would love someone to comfort me

From: dr lila <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 7:41

From: V Gupta <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 7:42
It is very nice .It's a great idea to meet any one whom u don't know. For me, it's a prelude to ecstacy.

From: Bob the builder <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 8:51
I am looking for a gay partner please help me find one.

From: osei molfy <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 8:56
i will be glad if you will allow me to join you.

From: Giovanni <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 10:18

From: lasser_jean <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 20:21
happy about love life

From: cyrus <>
Date: 14. Jan 2003 23:23
Good web site

From: Dolphin(F) <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 0:25
where have all the old chatters from about 4 years ago go??

From: khozema <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 9:35
hi i am 29 and friendship to girl about20 to 25 years my address is

From: sara <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 11:05
this is a very good website. I told all mu friends to vist. keep up though don't get too far behind thanx Sara

From: khalid <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 11:36
i need the truo love:s

From: beneden <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 19:27
it's so beautiful........

From: bismalie bolanda <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 20:37
hi im bismalie 18 yrs old still a student living in me on this mobile phone 09183320040.

From: jovelyn torrecampo <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 20:45
hi im jovelyn torrecampoim 18 yrs old im living in philippines im still astudent i want to hear from you soon jovelyn with love

From: ashutosh ahuja <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 22:56
hi.... i like that site very much and just wanna join that site after that i will tell u abt it

From: serdar <>
Date: 15. Jan 2003 23:47
please girl friend to search

From: avinash <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 2:24
love is like a sweet poison!

From: A.L.Rogash <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 8:52
I like love

L:looking O:obesove V:veryfie E:Enjoy

From: andrew praveen <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 17:37
it's somuch usefull 2 me & my friends

From: beneden <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 17:37
hi to d' officials

From: lory ann <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 20:59
hi looking for a friend esp.good looking guys.

From: beneden <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 21:09
hi im from mexico..but imliving in thephilippines. im 18 single and talentedlooking for a guy likeu...yeah u d 1hus reading right now...emailme

From: reinalyn <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 21:10
hi looking for a friend that i can chat and. who want to be my friend?

From: reinalyn <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 21:15
Aloha!!Good day to all of you

From: steven brar <>
Date: 16. Jan 2003 23:33
I am in a search of a girlfriend.

Date: 17. Jan 2003 3:28
love is life

From: Kimberley <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 6:34
......ah very nice website....I first heard of you two in Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Lover....that was also very nice....Thank You for sharing

From: fattah <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 7:49
i'am very to write thes that lerttere;and i want to in relations with girle fore the love.

From: muzafar ali <muzafar2k3>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 8:31
This is good site for lovers.

From: Krystal <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 9:02
i would like to meet some one whos is nice in a relationship and would enjoy going ouy alot to meet family

From: hat88 <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 12:01
hi hi hi

From: lovely22 <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 18:25
hi i just want to say thnx for u'r wibsite through this more people u help incourage not to loss hope fur the future coz u are there to help them thnx

From: lovely22 <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 18:37
hi whts up

From: preetgill <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 20:18
funloving around mumbai,india

From: Joe Gauthier <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 21:15
What'z Up!!!!!!

From: raj <>
Date: 18. Jan 2003 22:29
hi i have get a best friend any one is there ok buyyyyyyyyyy

From: shujh <>
Date: 19. Jan 2003 4:24

From: owais <>
Date: 19. Jan 2003 4:36
hi i am teenager n good look any one wanna chat or wanna date then mail i am frm uk

From: Chloe <>
Date: 19. Jan 2003 6:36
Good website

From: daniel <>
Date: 19. Jan 2003 21:09
i will like to meet a good lady who i will share my life with also a loving ladym pliz contact me thank. bye

From: khuram <qasim_tahiri_87>
Date: 19. Jan 2003 22:34

Date: 20. Jan 2003 1:43
i care.

From: jamie chaisson <jamie 17>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 16:08
pick i johnnbth i love 1 girls 1 you jamie chaisson ym jamie

From: Experiment_626_ <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 17:40
Somebody holla back if ya hea me.

From: jack <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 18:39

From: eme <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 19:000
hey!waz up?

From: analyn <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 19:05
hi. i'm cute. please e-mail me,

From: mel <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 20:34
I need a Boyfreind as soon as possible!!!!!!!

From: tanvir <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 21:000
ha you!!!!

From: jymo <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 21:04
i would like a soul mate from any where who will love me back.

From: os,man <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 23:17

From: muzafar memon <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 23:31

From: Daniel <>
Date: 20. Jan 2003 23:39
i would like to meet a sweet loving generous and kind lady.

From: laura <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 6:20
i think this site is wonderful and full of exciting and new ideas to share with partners.

From: anna <483336>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 6:38
i love to go have fun at the party and like to make love

From: cal <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 8:50
i think love is aflowerthat grows at any siol

Date: 21. Jan 2003 12:02

From: reynel <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 17:10
Hi every girl out there.............. Love can make you smile and can make you cry. love wiil inspire you but if you fail wiil discourage you.

From: eme <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 17:39
this website is great

From: Amber Castello <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 20:56
Great sight and love the postcards.

From: cal <>
Date: 21. Jan 2003 23:41
love is like a flower that grows on any soil

From: anubhav bansal <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 1:000
i aspect alot

From: sukhvinder <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 3:03

From: Nade(Navid Arfan) <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 6:53
wow; hey everyone. Its newyear again, I just wanna say that this site has been a great blessing for people like me and my friends who are single it bring so many people from different countries together.This site is so cool:This is my first time on this site and I think it is super cool. thank Ya All;

From: Corey <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 12:30
Ne Hawaiian girls that r 12 to 14 email me at

From: EllaDavidson
Date: 22. Jan 2003 13:08
I have some body that is going to make up me some songs for me I can't think of anymore butI made up some my self!!!! bowwow can't touch me when I get up on stage.that means he can't sing as good as me.and I know my friends will hear about it too!!!!

From: jay smooth 24 yrs old.(m) <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 14:58
love this site. alot of action goin on. any honeys wanna chat? e mail me. im from hawaii.

From: jefferson <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 15:24
i like this websites. so im interested to join.

Date: 22. Jan 2003 19:40

From: chavali.prudhvi raj yadav <poet_yadav>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 20:01
but request, plz if u have any stories plz send to me(love stories)

From: Jaseemrizwan <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 20:53
I want simply relibale and lovable girel who rely on me and i rely on you. Your happiness is my happiness, Your sorrow is my sorrow.Everytime with me in every condition. Thank you

From: shahrukh <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 23:55
hello friends. i m shahrukh from pakistan. i m in need of sincere friend i hope i will get it here.

From: kiseop <>
Date: 22. Jan 2003 23:56
I want to see love letter

From: praveen <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 0:19
i want a good girl friend

From: shamseermohammed <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 1:58
all the loneless have been afriends of mine in my world

From: dan <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 2:05
nice site!

From: Omolade <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 4:09
It is great to be part of this lovely environment. Hoping to link with very lovely girls of 25-30 years old.

From: nahid <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 4:35
frist time

From: Naqeeb Hussain <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 6:44
i want to recieved new inventions from ur side

From: lorie <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 18:50
hi every one...wanna groooooveee... lets party.. im lookin for a cute talented me now

From: jerry olaguir <danao city>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 18:55
i dont give up

From: Yogesh Kakodkar <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 20:05
Was searching 4 somebody. stumbled upon a link to this site, thought shud sign in.. My link

From: tyronfleming <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 21:16
lets have a good time

From: ameen <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 22:36
hi friends i m ameen 22/m/uk can u make me friend i like true friendship i need it ameen

From: kakade suhas baban <>
Date: 23. Jan 2003 22:45
19/9 scheam no 5 sector no 21 yamunanagar nigadi pune 44.

Date: 24. Jan 2003 2:41

From: udochukwu okeke <>
Date: 24. Jan 2003 6:32
Trying to know what lovelife is all about

From: Cathy <>
Date: 24. Jan 2003 21:39
This one is so cool. i love this one!!

From: vikkal <>
Date: 24. Jan 2003 22:13
I meet a girl on chat , i talked with her and loved her attitude and liked her i got her Phone number and called her. And talked her many things about frenship but i could not say her that i llike her and wanted to make her mine ....but i dunno how to propose her??? plz help me out.

From: sagar <>
Date: 24. Jan 2003 23:37
love is the best thing which God given us.

From: Raed <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 4:46
Hi all, thanks alot forthisnicesite,Im 30 old man live in germany single and looking for woman

From: C.A.XAVIER <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 6:13
want a good friend

From: wamik <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 7:38
hi i wana chat in this room get me in man

From: Autumn <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 12:24
You have a great site. love, autumn

From: orelabi <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 12:56
i want to know more about the site

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 25. Jan 2003 18:21
i love to hear a word from you. god bless you

From: muneermemon <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 3:36
I found this website very lovely and colourful.

From: Sweetboy <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 7:27
I love this site.Because I Love talking about Love.And I Love been Loved.So any girl who wanna get Loved don't hesitate to drop me a note.Much Love

From: Brenda <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 17:44
I just happen to fine you and thought I,d say hello.I live in Arkansas.a ways from you but just a thought a way.Every one have a great night.Brenda

From: Margaret Isabel H. Makinano <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 18:26
To know important parts of a lovelife

From: shoshmoi <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 20:59
i would liki to join

From: Cherrylyn Rona Sallutal <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 21:43
include me in all your activities

From: Ramil <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 23:36
Its so nice!

From: maggi <>
Date: 26. Jan 2003 23:48
nice website for all the lovers in the world around

From: Arlene Alfaro <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 14:37
well nothing to say but to be apart of this group

From: Alliah 19/f/phil <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 14:43
helloo to everyone, im only new on this page but i know i will enjoy it, by hte way im 19 of philippines, a second year college student at a college school taking up business management,my mobile # is 0917-4766299, have a nice day!!!!!

From: Steven Karris <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 16:58
I'm not sure who sent me this secret admirer email but it made me feel very good. Steven Karris

From: nadia <shotokan199920002001>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 19:04
looking for the best man that can makes me happy all my life.

From: alfred gaccion <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 20:26
hello to everyone there

From: Margaret Isabel <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 21:23
To know about lovelife...

From: vasanth <>
Date: 27. Jan 2003 23:19
Hi guys

From: mukul <>
Date: 28. Jan 2003 4:58
very smart

From: stella <olanipekun>
Date: 28. Jan 2003 11:31
nice place to look for a friend.

From: arnella <>
Date: 28. Jan 2003 16:06
to more about lovelife

From: laura <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 2:000
Im from England and i think this site is a new and interesting experience. I have sent some of the people who need help with love life some information on what they should do. If u would like my advice then contact me on and ill try to give u information on what to do.

From: chand <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 3:37





From: laxman <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 3:38
hi i meet a beautiful gal in m cllg but i dunno know how come i talk with her i am afraid of future i am thinking abt how to get a crush with her ....i wanna her to be mine....she is my passion.........plz frens help me out...oks...

From: laston <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 3:53
i wanna know more abuot lovelife

From: laston <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 3:54
i wanna know more about lovelife

From: Nicolene <>
Date: 29. Jan 2003 5:51
This is great!

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From: odubanjo ayodeji <>
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Lookinh for a dooropener with intentions to stick around once they get inside....

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From: javad <>
Date: 22. Feb 2003 5:47

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this is bee good to a woma who has a problem in her love life!you ca give a ew life to others!godbless you!

From: norhaza <>
Date: 28. Feb 2003 21:31
Hi! I want to read those love stories on your website... but it' too red. I wish the background wasn't red, because it stops me from reading! I will come back to see if I can read them (if it's npt red anymore) ;-)

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 0:39
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Date: 1. Mar 2003 0:45
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Date: 1. Mar 2003 6:09
Looking for a good girl friend.

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 8:22
i will like to be a subscriber.

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 8:36
happy to be here.... and very home sick for hawaii.....

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 11:19

From: dexter50 <>
Date: 1. Mar 2003 16:54
Hello girls how are you. Looking for a middleage lady interested in country living. Let me know what you like & your dislikes we can chat & get to know each other better.

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 17:34
just see the endless world of love

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Date: 1. Mar 2003 21:34
wanna chat

From: Spence <>
Date: 2. Mar 2003 12:57
Hey...i'm heading to Kona on the Big Island for spring break. 9th-14th I just wanted to know see if i could find anyone from KONA!?!?! E-mail me !!! My screen name is polo6385 on AOL, or Curleycowboy6385 on AIM... Hope to see you there!

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Date: 2. Mar 2003 19:14
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Date: 2. Mar 2003 21:36
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Date: 2. Mar 2003 22:36

From: katie <>
Date: 2. Mar 2003 23:32
hya my name is katie i have signed my name in the guest chat room book because i would like to make contact with my real father the point in all of ths is that when i mention his name hopefully sum 1 will contact me on my email address which is my dads name is paddy herbert the last time i heard of him that was his name he lived in mancher to he was about 36 or summit so pl pl plzzzzzzz help me find him i am his lost daughet katie i am now 14 years old wanting to see her or hear from her dad who she loves very very very very much thank you for your patiance

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Date: 3. Mar 2003 3:54
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I think that this is a wonderful sight. I also met the man of my dreams on the net and my life has been changed ever since. it took us exactly two years before we met. When I finally laid eyes on him, I could hardly breathe from the excitement I felt. I thought I was going to be scared and nervous but it was so natural. Nothing changed between us after we met except for the fact that our love has become even deeper. he is moving to be with me and I couldn't be happier. For those out there who are skeptical, don't knock it until you try it. It could be the best thing that ever happened to you

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Date: 5. Mar 2003 1:12
oops what a bomb,. this website is really nice., il like 2 recieve mails 4rom anyone willing., ..cherrioo

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Date: 5. Mar 2003 7:08
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Date: 5. Mar 2003 12:09
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Date: 5. Mar 2003 15:38
I am looking for a good looking female!

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Date: 5. Mar 2003 18:48
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Date: 5. Mar 2003 20:27
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Date: 6. Mar 2003 8:42
i want to meet with your members.Because i love the site and i hope to jion one of this days.

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Date: 6. Mar 2003 13:18
i'm on here cause i'm bored and feel like talkin. don't know what 2 write but i wont 2 talk 2 some1 sexy and nice, i'm 16 if that helps but um if your over 25 dont bother hitin on me!

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Date: 6. Mar 2003 15:50
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Date: 9. Mar 2003 15:04
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Date: 9. Mar 2003 19:04
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Date: 10. Mar 2003 2:08
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From: hawaiiguy <>
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Date: 10. Mar 2003 23:57
If I were granted a special request from the stars above, and I could wish for anything, I'd ask for your love.

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If high hope and heart alone could make sweet dreams come true, I'd live in a perfect world where I'm loved by you.

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If my greatest heart's desire could be carried in on the tide, I'd meet you at the shore, and walk ever by your side.

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Date: 11. Mar 2003 0:000
If I could buy anything my heart ever dreamed of, I'd forgo the material things, and stock up on your love

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Hi, i want to talk to anyone who's found love through services such as yours. I want to know their experiences...

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Date: 12. Mar 2003 0:24
i believe in true love so if u r in love be fathful to your partner.anyone can contact memy address is -

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Date: 12. Mar 2003 3:26
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Date: 12. Mar 2003 7:35
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Howdy, You all are really real at jasmine-kalina so it is real since you got this here year soaking way, way, way, way, way, way, way, ou-u-u-u-u-t the-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-r-e. Out a site.

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Date: 13. Mar 2003 0:16
its nice out here!

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Date: 13. Mar 2003 1:44
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Date: 13. Mar 2003 1:51
hi i just want 2 let u know i loooooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuu.

From: a'my <>
Date: 13. Mar 2003 2:03
i'm 18 year's old and i love romance

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Date: 13. Mar 2003 8:19
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From: jafferjees <>
Date: 14. Mar 2003 2:09
I'd like to meet more friend from any part of the world. to mingle with them and to know them a lot. im seroiusly to that.

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Date: 14. Mar 2003 2:10
i really looking for a good female friend and this is message for everyone loose money for character but dont loose character for money

Date: 14. Mar 2003 2:17

Date: 14. Mar 2003 4:12
looking for something new thank you

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I am Male looking for a Women.She love me true an I love Also true.don't lie with me and i don't lie with her and i am shair with her all my sympathy and she also shair with me... That's it :) always be Happy |o:)

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i am queenette,i need a lesbian friend from united states of america or europe the person should be 24yrs and above, caring,passionte and loving.I am 19 years old.

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Date: 14. Mar 2003 12:43
I'm jenny ,i need a male penpal who knows much about love life.

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Date: 14. Mar 2003 20:15
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Date: 15. Mar 2003 4:14
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Date: 15. Mar 2003 7:55
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this is something that everyone with a secret crush should know about.

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Date: 15. Mar 2003 21:35
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Date: 16. Mar 2003 1:47
lovelife is a good way to motivate young people to follow their dreams. It builds a solid foundation for our youth.

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Date: 16. Mar 2003 3:36
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Date: 16. Mar 2003 20:19
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Date: 16. Mar 2003 21:06
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Date: 16. Mar 2003 22:35
What is website about?

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Date: 17. Mar 2003 1:03
i wants a friend.

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Date: 17. Mar 2003 4:07

From: vicky <>
Date: 17. Mar 2003 5:38
love to all life is hell 4 those who never knows the meaning of love (good friends r always desiered)

From: vicky <>
Date: 17. Mar 2003 5:39
love to all, life is hell 4 those who never knows the meaning of love. (good friends r always desiered)

From: tobi <samuel_tobi>
Date: 17. Mar 2003 7:17
i love it

From: L. Todd <>
Date: 17. Mar 2003 16:22
Single 44 yr. old female with 2 seven yr. olds. looing for a male between 42 and 48 who enjoys music and dancing and sports. I'm looking for a long term relationship with someone who has the same interests.

From: skniazi <>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 1:05
i m a male i want to a girl friend with beautiful face and mind

From: fazal <loveforallhateredfornone2003>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 1:31
love me as a friend

From: Ruth <baby_cutieee@>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 4:49
better back ground

From: bensweet <>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 19:14
well, I'm really apreciate to join this room.

From: sweetylove <>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 19:16
well, I'm really happy to say hi to everyone.

From: mheiy <>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 21:01
i wanna chat with you

From: rick <>
Date: 18. Mar 2003 21:05
Helloo good looking I m single fun loving guy with a contagious smile, looking for someone to share it with I m looking for you with lot of fun.

From: william danquah <syngaro11980>
Date: 19. Mar 2003 3:37
i am yearning to become a memberof the lovelife.

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Date: 19. Mar 2003 7:28
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Date: 19. Mar 2003 11:07
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Date: 19. Mar 2003 18:35
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Date: 19. Mar 2003 21:43
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From: jayson mendoza <caster84john>
Date: 19. Mar 2003 21:43
it is nice to have like this because you wiii met a person that you never know.

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Date: 19. Mar 2003 22:10

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Date: 20. Mar 2003 0:03
"i always be love, even thou my pleasure won't be good enough for; i still be always love you forever"

From: Florencia <proclean>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 1:05
hi to all guys,pls.responce my chat..

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Date: 20. Mar 2003 1:29
life is game paly it win it .

From: shafi_yasmeen <shafi_yasmeen>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 2:13

From: shafiquemalik <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 2:18
plz tall meeee only for female

From: vijay kumar < >
Date: 20. Mar 2003 3:37
love is a risk.I can take risk, can you

From: steven <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 3:54
hi all members

From: AhmerMahmood <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 11:10
This is a really good experience

From: AhmerMahmood <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 11:11
its cool man

From: AhmerMahmood <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 11:11
if someone want a chat in pakistan pls add

From: intrepid61 <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 16:04

From: girish sharma <>
Date: 20. Mar 2003 19:45

From: phillips <>
Date: 21. Mar 2003 2:49
love is life.

From: paul <>
Date: 21. Mar 2003 3:07
I have not recieve any reply from you

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Date: 21. Mar 2003 3:19

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Date: 21. Mar 2003 3:48
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Date: 21. Mar 2003 10:34
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Date: 21. Mar 2003 22:28
just wonted someone to talk to lonely.

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Date: 21. Mar 2003 23:24
I find this website so interesting and I hope to fing more it.

From: Krishna Kumar < >
Date: 21. Mar 2003 23:48
I am looking for femail friends from all over the world between 20 to 45 . Please write with your telephone number

From: Joey <>
Date: 22. Mar 2003 14:01

From: Daydreamer <2-24-Scream>
Date: 22. Mar 2003 14:13

From: sahhils agrawal <>
Date: 22. Mar 2003 21:09

From: mceemuson <>
Date: 23. Mar 2003 8:55
i love chatting

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Date: 23. Mar 2003 10:17
I want to chat with real woman

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Date: 23. Mar 2003 15:01
I search a girl for love and life partner may i get from here I like if any body knock my door for love and friendship relationship and for become my life partner. TRY MAY YOU ARE MY QUEEN

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Date: 23. Mar 2003 16:07
im a frist timer i hope i will feel like all of us when i fin looking in to this web site more.

From: Beans65 <>
Date: 23. Mar 2003 19:24
Nice Chat Room

Date: 23. Mar 2003 19:26

From: Bongani Mamleli <>
Date: 24. Mar 2003 4:09
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Date: 24. Mar 2003 5:05
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Date: 24. Mar 2003 6:26
i want poems about luv,miss u.

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Date: 24. Mar 2003 11:04
I need a girl who sinsear with me and serious about life . I want a girl friend relationship and May I get a life partner from this site I know somebody wait for me hope I get she.

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Date: 24. Mar 2003 14:000
Iam just surfing an saw your site!thanks

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Date: 24. Mar 2003 18:48
This is a nice site. I am trying to get over a broken love affair and am having a very difficult time doing this!

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Date: 24. Mar 2003 23:03
how will i know if my loveone loves me?

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Date: 24. Mar 2003 23:04
i think that this is one of the best site in the cyberworld

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Date: 26. Mar 2003 3:45
myh first time on this page!!!!!

From: Miss Rookie Love <makana>
Date: 26. Mar 2003 7:17
Love the site

From: khoto <>
Date: 26. Mar 2003 9:21
Iwould ilike to be informed on how imy letter could appear in the questbook list

From: khoto <>
Date: 26. Mar 2003 9:22
I would like to be informed on how my letter could appear in the questbook list

From: johnson ogbuwa <>
Date: 26. Mar 2003 9:35
i never knew that love means so much to man's live till when i teasted it i then knew what love was.

From: johnson ogbuwa <>
Date: 26. Mar 2003 9:36
i never knew that love means so much to man's live till when i teasted it i then knew what love means alot on this earth

From: khoto84 <>
Date: 27. Mar 2003 4:07
Please help me on how to register my message in the lovelife guest book

From: Roel <>
Date: 27. Mar 2003 5:07
All of that just to know something about the new web cause ,,I just a first time to joined the web...thanks.....

From: angelique <>
Date: 27. Mar 2003 13:07
i'm a sexy 16 year old female out there lookin 4 sum1. please help me i'm ever so desperate.

From: Leah Nolasco <>
Date: 28. Mar 2003 1:28
nice to have like u. Hope u can find me a lovematch

From: Lakendra Echols <>
Date: 28. Mar 2003 3:24
I want to sign up

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Date: 28. Mar 2003 4:29
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Date: 28. Mar 2003 15:15
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Date: 28. Mar 2003 17:49

From: ravinder <>
Date: 28. Mar 2003 18:37

From: hemant <>
Date: 29. Mar 2003 3:07
any girl wanna caht can pm me

From: camara <>
Date: 29. Mar 2003 4:52
hi dear friend! i'm a boy of 28 years, i 'm here to find an honest , easy going , and serious girl to be friends or to have relation depends what she like if you this kind of girl plz drop me a mailn.... i promise you may find me the one you are looking for !!! how ..? only send me a letter ..then you will know ....because any kind of relationship is means sincerity ...honesty ...and kindness ... i hope to here from as soon as you read this message to start our friendsip..yeah ...... take care & have a goo day ..

From: Krazy K <kerrie78>
Date: 29. Mar 2003 13:13

From: joey grimm <joey>
Date: 29. Mar 2003 18:46
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From: Nobuhle <>
Date: 30. Mar 2003 10:01
I want to know how can I get my password.

From: Te <>
Date: 30. Mar 2003 12:44
Site 10, beautiful. Great!

Date: 30. Mar 2003 19:36
I want to make firendship and relationship who having brodmind

From: mofizrana <>
Date: 30. Mar 2003 19:51
I want love

From: hake_libra < >
Date: 30. Mar 2003 21:08
i like chat here very much

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Date: 30. Mar 2003 22:25
I don not know how you got the idea of doing a cyber wedding procedure but i think its BRILLIANT MAN!!! YAHOO!

From: ABIMBOLA <bimsyall4one>
Date: 31. Mar 2003 0:56
the site is cool&i like 2 send my card through this site

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Date: 31. Mar 2003 8:22
I just want to find new friends .and get to know new pepel of different city and countrys.

From: aniogo callistus <>
Date: 31. Mar 2003 17:52
I like to be a member and enjoy as you people enjoys.

From: nasar ali <>
Date: 31. Mar 2003 20:31
return to me with love

From: atifa <>
Date: 31. Mar 2003 21:27
hi every one...wanna groooooveee... lets party.. im lookin for a cute talented me now

From: jeroen <>
Date: 1. Apr 2003 1:13

From: Steve <>
Date: 1. Apr 2003 10:50
Great site! - I have added it to my site at - Aloha

From: Chyka <>
Date: 1. Apr 2003 15:24
Wow! this is a great love site, its really interesting. It gives room 4 luvers 2 grow stronger.

Date: 1. Apr 2003 19:10

From: raj <>
Date: 1. Apr 2003 20:58
i am raj fron chd.i am wanted friendship with gal

Date: 2. Apr 2003 3:34

From: hanan <>
Date: 2. Apr 2003 5:20

Date: 2. Apr 2003 6:51

From: sbu <>
Date: 2. Apr 2003 10:11
hie i'm new and would like to know somrthing 'bout love life

From: lanzy hines <>
Date: 2. Apr 2003 13:22
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From: aryan <>
Date: 2. Apr 2003 21:25
love demands a loving deed when you see someone in need don't say you love him true prove it by things you do... i m raj aryan u girls

Date: 3. Apr 2003 2:10
It would be a great appreciation to be a part of lovelife program.

From: Milan <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 3:000
Yasi...I love u..honey

From: Anonymous
Date: 3. Apr 2003 7:000
"Life with out loveis Just like awalking shadow that signifying nothing!!"

From: Anonymous
Date: 3. Apr 2003 7:01
"Life with out love is Just like awalking shadow that signifying nothing!!"

From: Nikki Woodle <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 7:11
Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

From: henrietta <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 9:07
this is a nice site. i am a single girl from nigeria . i want a boyfriend i can love and trust. write me if you need my friendship. am nice ok.

From: Bernard <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 9:10
I'am married looking for love patner between the age 33-41

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Date: 3. Apr 2003 12:02

From: oakford taylor <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 13:35
I would really like to meet some nice ladies and are sincere and honest about their feelings.

From: oakford taylor <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 13:37
I am looking forward to meeting new people.

From: Felicia <>
Date: 3. Apr 2003 17:37
good looking on this site

From: Lexygirl <>
Date: 4. Apr 2003 10:30
i want to meet new friends in here...

From: Emyjane Bugahod <>
Date: 4. Apr 2003 14:08
"I believed love will find its own way just to meet those to heart to be together no matter the distance between them" more power!

From: karli <>
Date: 4. Apr 2003 14:48
i am despritly looking 4 a boyfriend, help!!!!

From: tough <>
Date: 4. Apr 2003 17:34
it is the best way to make some one special.

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Date: 4. Apr 2003 18:23

From: Jaime Cadena <cadenaj001@hawaii.rr com>
Date: 5. Apr 2003 1:49

From: John and Mellie <>
Date: 5. Apr 2003 14:42
Stop by and visit us at:

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Date: 5. Apr 2003 16:15
HI, i've find your site very romantic and fabulous to send for love ones. So, keep up the great job. Bye!

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HI,I don't know if this has anything to do with anything but I just have to say it....It all started when I went to the SCS high, I thought it would be like any other year of school, But it wasn't this year was different in many ways. First of all I actually fit in and I like one guy only and lots of people liked me! Now it's near the end of the year and I feel like killing myself!! There this guy that I like and haved liked for a long time but,now it doesn't look like anything ganna happen and even if does which it wont but, if something happened then I'd probably kill myself because he wouldnt truely be with me! WHy again......why me?

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From: Hitop <etop2006>
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Date: 14. May 2003 23:26
i want to more about love life

From: Barb <>
Date: 15. May 2003 5:08
I'm always looking for new sites to visit. This one looks very interesting.

From: Meet <>
Date: 15. May 2003 7:25
me a young guy with good built

From: tshegofatso <>
Date: 15. May 2003 9:06
Im interested in this,can you please send me more infomation.i find it very interesting .

From: tsego <>
Date: 15. May 2003 9:12
hi im looking for some fun loving guys to chat u

From: Lkkina <>
Date: 16. May 2003 12:13
I'm luky...and you??

From: samuel <>
Date: 16. May 2003 14:43
i'm fun loving guy and will like to mingle with girls of same mind

From: flavish <>
Date: 17. May 2003 2:28
Im a simple woman

From: sush_mittal <>
Date: 17. May 2003 19:42
Hai, I want a beautiful girl

From: lokesh <>
Date: 17. May 2003 20:30
i love the site

From: florencerabe <>
Date: 18. May 2003 0:33
its good

From: waqar Azim <>
Date: 18. May 2003 3:57
heloo..... its very good and beautiful web site i want to friedship all them waiting

From: aziz <>
Date: 18. May 2003 8:39

From: kimo <>
Date: 18. May 2003 17:49
nothing 2 tell just find me out

From: Tazz <>
Date: 18. May 2003 22:15
i wanna be a member

From: Kornel <>
Date: 19. May 2003 1:55
Wread me a letter if U want to conntact with me!! E-mail : radulof! !From Hungary !!

From: ree <>
Date: 19. May 2003 3:12
the room is kinda cool ..

From: michelle sutherland <>
Date: 19. May 2003 3:56
this site is great well done

Date: 19. May 2003 9:51
wassup um to da ilimspapa boyz you know every hunta in nanakuli

From: moe <>
Date: 19. May 2003 18:55
wassup everybody....:)mOeNjASoN

From: muhammad jamil <>
Date: 19. May 2003 20:12
love to all

From: begam <>
Date: 19. May 2003 20:22
hello I am new user

From: Mr. Searcher <>
Date: 19. May 2003 20:48
I join on this site coz i know this is one of the very nice and good sites on the internet. and besides i just want to have a lots of friends all over the world. also im looking for a right person whom i can live with her. if you are really interested with me, please message me. thanks

From: KuKiLaKiLa <>
Date: 19. May 2003 21:08
Wel I Am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO In luv Wit Tis Boi Name Kau**** *****n* HE Is Such An HOTTIEEEE An Everyone Knows That Um Tis Chat Room Is Da Bestes.... Um oh yah Iam An HOTTIE Myself OKe Oke Yah it Isum mi Frist Time On da chat line....

Date: 20. May 2003 12:53
I like viewing guestbooks to see if I can find old friends. So if anyone out there knew me years ago, please I would LOVE to hear from you.

Date: 20. May 2003 15:03
Hi cornelius asiamah, I've read your comments from , and your looking for Godly believer women from usa only? would pls try to philippine women like me, and i asure you won't regret ... by the way i'm jella , if intereted to know and to be your friend just call me in my mobile # +63(09195722700 )thank you and God bless you...

Date: 20. May 2003 17:55

From: unaiz <>
Date: 20. May 2003 21:31

From: unaiz <>
Date: 20. May 2003 21:32
hey i think this site is directly created by god

From: magic <>
Date: 20. May 2003 22:51
i want to know more about love.....

From: gotlieb <>
Date: 21. May 2003 1:10
To be updated with love.

From: catherine <>
Date: 21. May 2003 4:32

From: luckone87 <>
Date: 21. May 2003 20:37
Dont know what to say

From: Joella Santiago <858 Avodale PA 19311>
Date: 22. May 2003 2:43
I want a men beatiful and big

From: pearl <>
Date: 22. May 2003 5:14
I love u're ideas about everything and I reqest u to send mi mail a couple of times coz I love u guys so much though I don't know alot about u.

From: Tutjavi Vasana <>
Date: 22. May 2003 22:16
I want to know about lovelife.

From: scott t <>
Date: 22. May 2003 23:05
this is a cool site

From: kathleen hernandez <>
Date: 23. May 2003 2:08
this is such a great site

From: Paresh.g.Virdikar <>
Date: 23. May 2003 3:000
i want to know more about ur site,just found it by typing lovelife unknowingly never heard about this site previous bye take care

From: javed hussain <>
Date: 23. May 2003 6:53

From: sangeetha rao <>
Date: 23. May 2003 18:47
i believe that if u love someone then set him free,if he comes back he is yours;if he dosent,thenn he never was

From: love <>
Date: 24. May 2003 3:21

From: hemant midun <>
Date: 24. May 2003 3:37
i have frist joined this and,i'm wish u very happy new year wish for love life all of my friendsfriends

From: owolabi <>
Date: 25. May 2003 5:29
you are the star of my life.

From: owolabi <>
Date: 25. May 2003 5:29
you are the star of my life.

From: ivanka <>
Date: 25. May 2003 7:02
need a boyfriend, honest understanding,loving.

From: Percy <>
Date: 26. May 2003 2:46
I was given this chatroom by a friend..and what she says it is kool so I hope I could have fun just like without further do hi to all and be easy...holla

From: Latiya Beckett <>
Date: 26. May 2003 6:32
I have no idea what I am doing. I don't understand this web site but I am loving for someone to love me with a Godly love.

From: step nice <>
Date: 26. May 2003 7:33
i want to know more about this organizition

From: gaurav <>
Date: 27. May 2003 0:21
I am a new member in this site

From: marcus <n/a>
Date: 27. May 2003 4:29
looking for a nice person and sexey good looking and also semert

From: marcus <n/a>
Date: 27. May 2003 4:30
looking for a nice person and sexey good looking and also semert

From: saba khan <>
Date: 27. May 2003 5:55
iam muslim and from pakistan

From: Karina Terry <>
Date: 27. May 2003 6:35
wow this is pretty...... i dont know

From: Daniel <>
Date: 27. May 2003 8:31
It's great here! I believe I can find the perfect lady for me here.

From: annastasia <>
Date: 27. May 2003 20:16
i want you to send me love letters

From: annastasia <>
Date: 27. May 2003 20:16
i want you to send me love letters

From: fozia <>
Date: 27. May 2003 22:03

From: janum2 <>
Date: 27. May 2003 23:52

From: Maureen <>
Date: 28. May 2003 17:01
Hello everyone, thank you for reading my messages, I am 27 Asian female living in HK, I am looking for nice person to talk to, see you :)

From: raj <>
Date: 28. May 2003 18:09
hi dear i found a love bird

From: hemant <hemantkool>
Date: 28. May 2003 21:24

From: Patricia Z. Luzarraga <Bugricia25>
Date: 28. May 2003 21:38
I love your site!

From: Megan <>
Date: 29. May 2003 4:04
cool hawii has a cool radio station!

From: Sandeep <>
Date: 29. May 2003 9:03
This site is really very interesting for those who r u in love

From: tiwari <>
Date: 29. May 2003 17:41
very fine

From: gulshan kashyap <>
Date: 30. May 2003 1:41
This is better opportunity to link one soul.

From: j_uma123 <rethus>
Date: 30. May 2003 1:44
i love alies

From: Gitesh <>
Date: 30. May 2003 17:41
I want a sweet girlfriend who understands me,who always trust me and became my best friend forever.

From: modhu <>
Date: 30. May 2003 20:55
I'm a beachelor.I have decided that I will not marriage but I have change my think. so, now I want a 30 up suitable woman.

From: Farzana <>
Date: 31. May 2003 1:45
i love to make friends.

From: roanne <>
Date: 31. May 2003 5:28
just wanna learn more about love, and i'm interested to know others stories bout love!!!!

From: sli <sliakaali>
Date: 31. May 2003 7:33
I"m looking up for a guy aged between 19 and 25

From: fruity <frutee96792@yahoo>
Date: 31. May 2003 15:31

From: ritesh <>
Date: 31. May 2003 21:53
hi there1 this is a cool guy having big heart and sharp mind.

From: Isabelo Torres Genegaboas <>
Date: 1. Jun 2003 3:22
very inviting

From: Elizabeth <>
Date: 1. Jun 2003 21:11
i think this is a great page

From: merlyn tamayo <>
Date: 2. Jun 2003 2:27
i want hobis and basteball

From: susanta <>
Date: 2. Jun 2003 4:37

From: Shawnamoore <>
Date: 2. Jun 2003 6:35
i want to know if you could tell me about my life and my ex boyfriend jessie

From: Rachel Jodway <>
Date: 2. Jun 2003 6:36
I want to know how much I like a Justin

From: anela <>
Date: 2. Jun 2003 19:50

From: eliane <>
Date: 3. Jun 2003 0:21
nothing important to say.just: La vie n'est pas toujours en rose.

From: annfarr0 <annfarr0@llandod-hs-wales-sch>
Date: 3. Jun 2003 2:14
i am in love but now have lost my love though a foolish mistake.

From: Essam Barakat <>
Date: 3. Jun 2003 13:13
i'ned love i'm essam730

Date: 4. Jun 2003 3:30

From: mthunzie <>
Date: 4. Jun 2003 3:52
i appreciate to to be one of your members

From: Justice <>
Date: 4. Jun 2003 4:09
I am really interested in love connection.

From: sharad <lovesharad2003@yahoo,com>
Date: 4. Jun 2003 7:19

From: Pete <>
Date: 4. Jun 2003 7:49
None yet, just arrived~

From: sahil <>
Date: 4. Jun 2003 22:38
i want you

From: Craig <>
Date: 5. Jun 2003 16:40

From: hanna <hanna112374>
Date: 5. Jun 2003 19:36
I new at this.

From: waqar azim <>
Date: 6. Jun 2003 2:10
This sight is very fine. so,I need a beautiful friend. send e-mail....

From: JabulaniMabuza <>
Date: 6. Jun 2003 4:53
I Love Life!!!!!

From: Samuel Farrell <>
Date: 6. Jun 2003 4:56
the radio station is good but i need more information. please send something thing back. thank you

From: moni <>
Date: 6. Jun 2003 18:47
hi my name is moni and i want a freind

From: Shok <>
Date: 6. Jun 2003 19:34
please enlighten on lovelife this is my first time on the site i beleive it's a very good one thank you

From: Jean Michael Marcelin <>
Date: 7. Jun 2003 9:54
I hope that is a wonderful site to find nice friends

From: Le Xuan Nghia <>
Date: 8. Jun 2003 4:41
what a beautiful trit to go this website

From: Frank <>
Date: 8. Jun 2003 7:49
This is the simpliest way to express youre love. Thanx

From: razak <thunderflix>
Date: 8. Jun 2003 8:39
ineedgood preson to mak friend with loveing and person to care about me every time

From: Ngwako Malatji <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 2:18
Good to be here,chatting from down south motherland,Africa,South Africa.The southern tip where life began.

From: charles mundia <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 4:45
Please be o'ways there for people of entertainment.

From: beenish <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 8:18
love is so badddddd and i heat lovee

From: gailsadler <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 8:42
love is full if your in the arms of the right man

Date: 9. Jun 2003 9:52

From: Tazzy Kennedy <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 15:09
I hope that by this what I'm seeking I find and the best result pull from this

Date: 9. Jun 2003 17:12

From: abidemi shuaib <actor4real2000>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 18:03
ivery intrested in love live.

From: sarr <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 18:04
hello, this is my first time to join this page...hope to meet new friends or future partner in life

From: olusola
Date: 9. Jun 2003 18:06

From: heidi victoria ledgard <>
Date: 9. Jun 2003 22:12
heidi loves paul 4eva 10.06.03

Date: 10. Jun 2003 7:45

From: Molly Moore girl <>
Date: 10. Jun 2003 11:09
I think I will be happy to be in your website, because i will find the incredable man to be with!

From: zain <>
Date: 11. Jun 2003 3:40
salam to every one from my side, i want to make friends only, and i m a young boy 22 and i m muslim from pakistan.

Date: 11. Jun 2003 17:07

From: ZAHEER <>
Date: 11. Jun 2003 17:42

From: Asif <>
Date: 11. Jun 2003 18:17
Love is a power

From: isha <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 1:000
i love u!i dont knoww who are u!i kisses u many time . plz triest me darlling!now im drinking sweet hared!

From: mary ann <nkemdielemo>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 3:25
i want to browse

From: indianstone <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 3:44
Would like to know about love, indeed.

From: Iyke < >
Date: 12. Jun 2003 4:09
am good looking ,abt 155cm in height,59 in weight .love to meet a nice person.

From: meliza japson <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 7:47
hi!wanna be my friend?im filipina,looking for someone

From: *~~hinano~~* <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 8:53
aloha, this chat rooms are wonderful... I love IT......just droping in to say hello and to i was here..... peace out..!

From: Pamela Antonio <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 9:09
nice ! more power

From: Henok <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 11:40
Nice site

From: isaac <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 20:15
am looking for a sweet lady

From: heartz01 <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 20:16
wanna kno me!!!!!!!!

From: wilmore frankis <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 21:48
i love lovelife

From: raj sharma <>
Date: 12. Jun 2003 23:31
understanding is the shortest distance between two people

From: Sofia Laine <>
Date: 13. Jun 2003 20:55
this s my first to visit here in i just want to know is here really interesting? thanks

From: ~chin-ai~ <>
Date: 13. Jun 2003 21:43
this website is reaaly cool!

From: Mick Hunt <no moa>
Date: 13. Jun 2003 22:20

From: preet <>
Date: 13. Jun 2003 22:32
I am a girl. I like one person.

From: ~chin-ai~ <>
Date: 13. Jun 2003 23:45
elow i need a man who will trully love me...

Date: 14. Jun 2003 1:34

From: Larry <>
Date: 14. Jun 2003 1:48
A lot of good information.

From: david <>
Date: 14. Jun 2003 2:06
nice to see ur site

From: hossein <>
Date: 14. Jun 2003 19:20
hi i am hossein love you

From: danial <>
Date: 14. Jun 2003 20:25
hi im 27 in canada toronto

From: Anupam Kashyap <>
Date: 15. Jun 2003 2:41

From: faisal <abbasmalik7862003>
Date: 15. Jun 2003 5:08
i am lover boy

From: ehsan <>
Date: 15. Jun 2003 17:52
beauty is always appreciated

From: Lucky <>
Date: 15. Jun 2003 23:59
I just feel like joining this Hawali Chat Universe, thanks.

From: yousuf <>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 0:02
******** ***** *** ** ** *

From: Samwel Kagine <>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 1:53

From: lesly <>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 10:30
hello mi nombre es lesly soy peruana y me encantaria conocer una persona como tu espero me respondas bye besossssssssssss

From: sajad_ali <sajadali0082002>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 19:22
very nice job u doing

From: jvernic <>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 19:37

From: kassandra pillay <>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 21:18

From: Christian <christian_boy_3000>
Date: 16. Jun 2003 21:51
i love to join this site, i like to have a friend here,

From: xu junwei <>
Date: 17. Jun 2003 1:24
it is my first time to come here, i would like to love everyone here,thanks

From: opelo <>
Date: 17. Jun 2003 2:19
My comments are that I do not understand this website since I joined it.

From: aoranashish <>
Date: 17. Jun 2003 5:20
i am in search of life patners like heavenly beauty did uou have mail me at my emailid

From: Maye <>
Date: 17. Jun 2003 18:53
Hi...Just came across your web site and I like it...:) I'm from Fairbanks, AK and hoping someday to visit beautiful Hawaii.

From: Monicah <>
Date: 17. Jun 2003 20:15
Am a new listener kenyan lady and am facsinated by your selection of music.Keep on your good work.

From: MRS OSONDU <nkemdielemo>
Date: 18. Jun 2003 0:01
i want to be well acquainted with everything about sustaineance of good home

From: haleem <>
Date: 18. Jun 2003 2:49
its unbelievable

From: ilachok <>
Date: 18. Jun 2003 14:50
Thanks god for helping me to get into this so thanks to you all,hope you enjoying your summer vacation,bye from me-ilachok.

From: Vikas <>
Date: 18. Jun 2003 22:25
this is great and i love this way and hope that i can find my love forever

Date: 19. Jun 2003 3:21

From: sarah <>
Date: 19. Jun 2003 5:43
hey um we are going to leave tommarowi wont beable to go to my game tommarow out of town to go camp somthig bear i dont know what the name is before beare well im going to chat with a man in hawaii and it will be the 15teenth time with him well bye bye friend

From: Brian <>
Date: 19. Jun 2003 11:01
I love Hawiian girls.

From: mae <>
Date: 19. Jun 2003 17:59
i really love your sight

From: BUTT <>
Date: 20. Jun 2003 0:23
no comments on standard

From: asif <>
Date: 20. Jun 2003 0:50
i m loking4afriend

From: elvis <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 1:48
your world are very lovely and wonderful i still believe in going on.i want a l ovely card

From: irfan <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 3:25
hi h slam

From: dhiman dhar <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 8:30
i want to be a member in your site that is "love life"

From: davin <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 10:04
dis is my first time in dis room

From: Mohammed Nadeem <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 21:35
Love Makes Life Better

From: badar <>
Date: 21. Jun 2003 23:31
love is life love is goods hobby but fature life is problum ok nevermind ok bye

Date: 22. Jun 2003 11:03
any way i will like to hear from my old friend ok bye for now i wm from Africa you can me for some question about love i think i answer that for you. i always love but you call me Douglas but really name is Robert Fini then my nick name is snoop doggy or you can call me Douglas too bye for now ontill i haer from you people ok

Love Always


From: Cesar Sandoval <>
Date: 22. Jun 2003 18:13
I am Chileans, I would like to meet a girlfrend , I am a doctor and now I will go to US Florida To Mayo Clinic, I an 40 years old

From: daisy <>
Date: 22. Jun 2003 23:41
so nice! wonderful

From: lindi <>
Date: 22. Jun 2003 23:50
i will be happy to talk with someone about love.

From: lindi <>
Date: 24. Jun 2003 0:53
i need love,i need a series guy.

From: nancy <>
Date: 24. Jun 2003 2:14
no comments

From: jaylord <>
Date: 24. Jun 2003 2:26
my searching for a girl....(",)

From: John <>
Date: 24. Jun 2003 7:18
Love this site..Found it back in 1997...#1 chat of old and new...Peace Hawaii Chat..Keep up the Great Work

From: seun ayonuga <>
Date: 24. Jun 2003 9:44
i love girls, but i`ve not seen the one that will satisfy me. you can help

From: saajan <>
Date: 25. Jun 2003 2:39
hi i am saajan it'smaen in english is lover i am 20 male and an indian i want to be a lover of most beautifull girl in the world r u?

Date: 26. Jun 2003 23:28
How to get a fulfilling life partner

From: vara prasad < >
Date: 27. Jun 2003 21:01
love is a waste of time but it's give more entertinement.

From: nancy <sweety_nouna_272>
Date: 27. Jun 2003 22:22
i like so much the love life and im living it now so.... i can imagine my life without my lover........

From: karigirwa lydia <>
Date: 27. Jun 2003 23:06
I'm searching for a lover.i'm female.

From: dilip <>
Date: 28. Jun 2003 5:34
hello i am dilip kumar ,age 20, location-pali(rajasthan)i have muscular body , i am 5 feet 7" tall, my yahoo chat id - dilip_jangid2002 my mobile no.09828032091 or 09414122090 everybody fall in love

From: kyle <>
Date: 28. Jun 2003 5:48
I looking for a girl that is looking for a man

From: lynx <>
Date: 28. Jun 2003 6:18
coolguy in love with u

From: melody <>
Date: 29. Jun 2003 14:42
hi!! i want to chat to everyone

From: roilan garnudo <>
Date: 29. Jun 2003 19:02
me i see your radio in hawaii

From: sanjay <>
Date: 29. Jun 2003 23:20
tell me about love life

From: patrick seloma <>
Date: 29. Jun 2003 23:28
i need someone ,who can give a room and its keys of her heart to me ,the one who will count the stars sing the lovesong with me.

From: Spotty <>
Date: 30. Jun 2003 1:06

From: dup <>
Date: 30. Jun 2003 2:15
it is realy great

From: ayoola ajayi <>
Date: 30. Jun 2003 6:55
i will to meet a pretty girl on your site from USA

From: azad274 <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 4:30
Hawamain worta jaya mera lal heart find it if you can

Date: 1. Jul 2003 7:31
very nice

From: susan <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 8:02
i'm a young girl of 20 years i'm look for a good friend.

From: Vivek <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 9:27
Hi! I am vivek I am searching for a good partner

From: syedjalaluddin <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 20:49

From: ryan <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 21:24
no comments

From: gracie <>
Date: 1. Jul 2003 22:21
will hope i can the man

From: kirti <>
Date: 2. Jul 2003 2:48
i lov to make freinds. im frm india. im 21 yrs old . wanna hav lov parterner thru this site.

From: kawika
Date: 2. Jul 2003 13:08

From: joy <joy_jaan2004>
Date: 2. Jul 2003 21:53

From: zailea medeiros <>
Date: 3. Jul 2003 10:16
aloha, i just wanted to say that i really like lovelife chat rooms.people are very friendly and halarious too.well any ways mahalo's for everything. your's truely, *Zailea*

From: tommy <>
Date: 3. Jul 2003 14:49
love and war

From: sweepie <>
Date: 3. Jul 2003 21:24
hello there any singles here?

From: tendai nyamanhindi <>
Date: 4. Jul 2003 3:31
i am searching for someone i can love and spend a long time with .i hope this site will afford me the chance to find that some one

From: lisa <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 0:01
i would like to meet my life time partner through this site..thanks

From: ighodalo isibor <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 8:47
its anice experience to be in love

From: julius <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 19:08
i really want 2 b a freind.

From: Humayun <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 20:25
How are you?

From: Humayun <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 20:28
How are you? I am fine.Will you give a new song?

From: Edna <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 21:42
Alohas! Hope I can chat with some really interesting peeps.

From: prasad <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 22:44

From: prasad <>
Date: 5. Jul 2003 22:44

From: sandra payne <>
Date: 6. Jul 2003 7:47
i wish i could find real love

From: upasna singh <>
Date: 6. Jul 2003 18:55
i want to know when i will meet my life partner

From: mohammed.mahfooz <>
Date: 6. Jul 2003 22:39
i would like to love her very much.?

From: karan <>
Date: 7. Jul 2003 1:38
cool website !!!! keep up the good work

Date: 8. Jul 2003 3:41

From: syed hameed uddin qadri <>
Date: 8. Jul 2003 8:17
i looking for girl who can marrie with me and give me cleen love for my life

From: neil
Date: 8. Jul 2003 22:32
i am gay

From: Marina <>
Date: 9. Jul 2003 4:37
I will to marriage............

From: amjad <>
Date: 9. Jul 2003 4:41
i am just waiting my dream girl

i hope u can meet me

From: Anonymous
Date: 9. Jul 2003 15:52
i wonet phooto firest one

From: vickie neal <>
Date: 9. Jul 2003 17:33
My first time to stop and take a look. thank you.

From: chris <chris_barrow16@hotmail>
Date: 10. Jul 2003 22:23
British male,45yrs old,6ft tall,slim build - 170lbs,vgsoh,tactile. would like to chat(e-mail,snail mail,phone whatever)with females 30-44 from anywhere.Thank you.:)

From: Nicanora C. Licayan <>
Date: 11. Jul 2003 0:06
NO comments.

From: rabei <>
Date: 11. Jul 2003 5:06
hi all

From: vicky <>
Date: 11. Jul 2003 12:25
Looking for fun in Germany

From: slacsh <>
Date: 11. Jul 2003 20:18
nothing... hope ill have fun

From: rajchaudhary <>
Date: 11. Jul 2003 23:36
hi i am smart good faithful jatt guy

From: raynu <>
Date: 12. Jul 2003 0:32
I really liked this site. I really never knew aout internet stories, how people meet & found their love finally....very interesting and binding many people globally.

From: Sweetburst <>
Date: 12. Jul 2003 17:01
First time just checking!

From: emma Mugu <>
Date: 13. Jul 2003 4:46
i will be back again

From: Egobia Mugu <>
Date: 13. Jul 2003 4:49
i love you alll

From: bharty_ jai <>
Date: 13. Jul 2003 18:55
i m happy to join lovelife.i want more friend, so any one can contact me . i m ready to rply him or her.

From: saher saleem <>
Date: 14. Jul 2003 0:02
hi i m very nice nad notie ok u wanna chat me dear

From: aab <>
Date: 14. Jul 2003 1:51
like u all

From: drew hill < >
Date: 15. Jul 2003 5:49
I am lonely

From: Iris <>
Date: 15. Jul 2003 6:46
this is a pretty good chat universe, i've been coming here for a long time since i can't remember. So keep up the good work and don't let anybody down.

From: carolyn <>
Date: 15. Jul 2003 16:12
you know everything happens for a reason, and im not saying to give up and your right also to follow your heart. there also a reason for everything that happens and have you really took the time to think may be the reason could be you. maybe the love that you are giving him may not be enough and maybe he needs something more in some area he may not be willing to at this time.i do know what you are going through and i have been there and done that but i want you to know you should seek a higher power other than fate.if i were you i would get on my knees and ask god to revile to you what going on with himand to show him, but you must be sincere and honest no matter what you end up finding out trust god that you will start seeing the light at the end of the tunel.

From: carolyn <>
Date: 15. Jul 2003 16:15
i do know what you are going through and i have been there and done that but i want you to know you should seek a higher power other than fate.if i were you i would get on my knees and ask god to revile to you what going on with himand to show him, but you must be sincere and honest no matter what you end up finding out trust god that you will start seeing the light at the end of the tunel.

From: heartbreaker77 <>
Date: 16. Jul 2003 0:30
preetty cool

From: kapil <>
Date: 16. Jul 2003 4:12
nuthin at the movement

From: lovehrishi143 <>
Date: 17. Jul 2003 4:03
hi,i would liketo-----------------------------------------.

From: kauai boy21 <surfah>
Date: 17. Jul 2003 7:38

From: Sajib <>
Date: 17. Jul 2003 21:24
There is something in my mind, I can't tell you that. but you can read through my eyes, If you really close to me.

From: tyrone brent <>
Date: 18. Jul 2003 0:45

From: cali <>
Date: 18. Jul 2003 5:50
waan ku jeclahay

From: mustho <>
Date: 18. Jul 2003 12:13
this is a very best sight to learn something

From: Houshyar <>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 2:25
this is good web for lovers ,becoz this web helps them in to serve there there love for boy or girl friend.

From: tearyeyes808 <>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 9:54
dont like guy that like's to talk about sex it's a turn off........

From: tearyeyes808 <tearyeyes808>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 10:000
this chat room is the bomb........

From: tearyeyes808 <>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 10:07
i need someone to talk to.......

From: maga ebano <>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 19:30
Good site. Inned a babe of 18years , i am 41.

Do not spoil thing here ooooooooo.

Date: 19. Jul 2003 20:10


From: mick <mick@hotmail>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 22:50
love is life

From: shariq <>
Date: 19. Jul 2003 23:33
i love somebody...i need ur help to impress her...

From: altahir <>
Date: 20. Jul 2003 4:13
love demands a loving deed when you see someone in need don't say you love him true prove it by things you do... and am do that

From: anish <anishchandrachud>
Date: 20. Jul 2003 20:34
i want to do afriendship

From: butterfly
Date: 21. Jul 2003 2:58
be careful what you wish might just get it. sound familiar?

From: babatunde <>
Date: 21. Jul 2003 5:46

From: Debera Ritchie <>
Date: 21. Jul 2003 15:000
Pretty Cool! I have my own website too. Come check us out!

From: James Mcintosh <>
Date: 21. Jul 2003 16:12
hello every one i am a 21 year old male who is looking for some fun.

From: jeffrey <>
Date: 21. Jul 2003 19:24
so nice

From: bee <>
Date: 21. Jul 2003 23:01
hi... need someone i can talk.... hehe good pm

From: peet <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 4:37
Love your site! My compliments for the easy design, come and visit me a time,its now under construction,but works,webcam and nice video, and much more. So don't wait,come! See you soon in The Netherlands.

From: mer <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 9:07
hello com frends

From: kaline <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 10:34
I would like to know more.

From: nasar ali <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 15:15
hi dear. do you know! that love is life. life is wife. wife is knife and knife cuts the life. so if you fel down in love so do but truly.

From: Cynthia Marie <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 18:27
I really love your site i expecially love your send a love letter. its my favorite part. I started semding it to my best freind and she sent it to some of her friends and back to me and she never knew it was me who sent it I loved it. The letters whent all around the world to all our friends it was wonderful.

From: jenny ti <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 20:27
i wold like to meet sum1 realiable man my addres is this

From: jenny ti <>
Date: 22. Jul 2003 20:27
i wold like to meet sum1 realiable man my addres is this

From: angela <angela'>
Date: 23. Jul 2003 0:04
am i really in love with grupreet?

From: maricel <>
Date: 23. Jul 2003 15:55
love u all

From: SAMKE <>
Date: 23. Jul 2003 22:02
please continue with your good work and advice young people.

From: jella <zyjella>
Date: 23. Jul 2003 22:07
hello everybody !! i'm jella 27 yrs. of age and i want to have more friends ... don't hesitate to email me , oh common ...

From: pecephycuse <tshedimoroane290@htmail.cim>
Date: 24. Jul 2003 5:59
hey, i am partially involved with lovelife as I am into debate hock me up relavent lovelife friends. I am from South africa in the free state,

From: Don oz <>
Date: 24. Jul 2003 11:45
never think of what happen in the past .I know it sound mystery to u since u don't no who is writing u IF U don't mind my name is DON Osazee browse my web to knoe me better i.e

From: humberto <>
Date: 24. Jul 2003 14:50
hola soy humberto espero que te encuentres bien,sabes nose porque estoy pensando en ti .

From: lisa rodrigues <>
Date: 25. Jul 2003 0:07
Still awaiting my soulmate to sweep me off my feet and feed me with sweet nothings til the very end......................

From: jeff <talk2gincarl>
Date: 25. Jul 2003 16:48
u guys have really tried so much

Date: 25. Jul 2003 21:04
hi' i love this site very much

From: khalil <>
Date: 26. Jul 2003 8:25
i need love

From: paprika <>
Date: 26. Jul 2003 9:30
thanks Matt...for making a nice chat place..I am forever grateful to call HCU my second home....

From: ramesh <>
Date: 27. Jul 2003 3:01

From: zeeshan <>
Date: 27. Jul 2003 7:31
i wish to won the world by a single smile.

From: gurpreet singh <>
Date: 27. Jul 2003 23:25
iam a bachelour boy.i wanna a beautiful age is 21yrs old. iam engineer.iam a doing mba.iam live in india.

From: mandy <>
Date: 28. Jul 2003 11:49
I LOVE U CHRIS LOPEZ:-*muahzzzzzzzzzzzzz

From: Steve <>
Date: 29. Jul 2003 8:46
Great site! Continue this way! Steve

From: Steve <>
Date: 29. Jul 2003 8:46
Great site! Continue this way! Steve

From: Melinda Perkins <>
Date: 29. Jul 2003 10:55
I just wanted to say that i really enjoy chatting in here with all you nice people......thank you!!!

From: day <>
Date: 29. Jul 2003 19:23
wats up?... hope everyones having fun 2nite. :)

From: Ian Marks <>
Date: 29. Jul 2003 22:43
I am visiting for the first time. I am a South African who loves to have a great time with women any time , any day. I am a 26 yr old coloured man who is single and ready to mingle. I've been bogged down by relationships before and that hurt me terribly. I really need someone to talk to ...Will you be the one I need ? OR

From: Itoro <>
Date: 30. Jul 2003 5:07
I saw a pritty young lady and she was looking erlike, but i don't do no what to do i love her and want her to be my girl friend.

bye for now

From: Evilman <>
Date: 30. Jul 2003 20:22

From: oluwatosin bay <>
Date: 30. Jul 2003 21:48
u people i great pls keep it up.

From: baimo <>
Date: 31. Jul 2003 3:26
it will be better if u can provide new love poets.

From: harchaia slimane <>
Date: 31. Jul 2003 10:36
hi iam very hapy to send you iam slimane from algeria customsman iam 30 years want to meet friends in this wonderful world

From: adreesanjum <>
Date: 31. Jul 2003 20:25
love is life which is make with wife.

From: corrine <>
Date: 1. Aug 2003 22:55
i am a girl seeking a male

From: legcy <>
Date: 2. Aug 2003 5:58
I need a presentable girl that is caring and understand

From: akinyanjufunmilayo <>
Date: 2. Aug 2003 9:18
please i needlove cards and love poems ,pictures flowers to paste on my web page

From: akinyanjufunmilayo <>
Date: 2. Aug 2003 9:29
i wrote the other time but find it difficul to get to the next page.

From: rubel <shakhawat_southern>
Date: 2. Aug 2003 21:05
actually i don't get all the points which are mentioned here. but i like to thanks you for to create such a interesting site for is "Happy Friendship Day".byeeeeeeeee.

From: swetank <>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 0:59
I am seeking for a goodfemale girlfriend

From: fife <>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 6:18
ilove this site

Date: 3. Aug 2003 16:17

From: mike <>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 19:59
hi, i am looking to find a very special hawaiian woman.

From: Gurpreet <singh_chahal>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 22:11
Hello I want More online Friends......................................

From: nadeem <>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 23:33
hi how are you

From: zahidullah <>
Date: 3. Aug 2003 23:51
Have anice time in this wibsit > zahidullah"zahid"

From: NIrajan <>
Date: 4. Aug 2003 0:18
feeling difficult to gain info.

From: bavashnee <>
Date: 4. Aug 2003 1:51
really good

From: mark <>
Date: 4. Aug 2003 5:50
Hi everyone!!! nice web-site hope i talk to some of you here in Hawaii and else where as well.

From: inam <>
Date: 4. Aug 2003 16:14
is there any body for me at bangladesh

From: Peter Legg <>
Date: 4. Aug 2003 20:34
Im waiting to see the menu

From: SoOoLy <>
Date: 5. Aug 2003 2:24
Actually,i guess the site is kinda cool..and interesting

From: *love*child* <>
Date: 5. Aug 2003 7:09
this is a really good way for people to meet each other and interact with others from around the world, so keep up the good job, and hopefully more people feel the same way as i do

From: Jewels <>
Date: 5. Aug 2003 13:46
i'm a lonley gurl looking for a guy ages 15-18 pleez e-mail me asap.

From: muhammad imran <loversprince@msn.con>
Date: 5. Aug 2003 15:20
i like this site

From: Salim <>
Date: 6. Aug 2003 2:53
Well i like your presentaion.I alwys love representing in different ways even feelings

From: Paul Tsitsi <>
Date: 6. Aug 2003 5:36

From: Gina <>
Date: 6. Aug 2003 13:51
I'm in love

From: richie <>
Date: 6. Aug 2003 15:50

i want to send me in my e-mail tha latest.and the over view of hawaii.

From: Vina <>
Date: 6. Aug 2003 16:39
very love ...... but

Date: 7. Aug 2003 2:47
okay, I don't care about this site but I just wanna say something to the love of my life, and soon to be wife,...bensweet edgar, i love love no matter what happens, and i promise you we will reunite once again...even if it cost's my life...i love you so much...have faith and be strong...see you soon...I LOVE YOU!

From: hkapri <>
Date: 8. Aug 2003 0:35
hi i m 26 yrs. good looking man.

From: Sebas George <>
Date: 8. Aug 2003 13:05
david perl likes boys

From: Ian <>
Date: 9. Aug 2003 4:54
Free disabled dating and chatrooms. Links to sites for the disabled and people with disabilities and wheelchair users. Free Disabled Dating

From: kharen <ktapanan>
Date: 9. Aug 2003 6:06
why love is powerful.

From: akinloye <>
Date: 9. Aug 2003 7:19
I love to feel the everthing.

From: Prinesh <>
Date: 10. Aug 2003 0:27
Hey whats up to all of yo'll. Hey im just chillin out here and waitin for some1 to notice me, so com on yo'll wot r u waitin for, by the way i'm a boy seekin a girl

From: raj <>
Date: 10. Aug 2003 0:54

From: asma <>
Date: 10. Aug 2003 4:09
plz chat me

From: Blueyzs26 <>
Date: 10. Aug 2003 7:44
Great place to meet people. Very friendly. Glad to know everyone here

From: <prince>
Date: 10. Aug 2003 22:59
hi over i like ur concernt and that is the reason why i mail u ok i want u to mail me bach if my concert is clear ok bye for now

From: Phark's <>
Date: 11. Aug 2003 4:15
I like to find a girlfriend that i will love her and know her

From: Kanyisa <>
Date: 12. Aug 2003 1:20
I would like to sign up and be a member.

From: tes <>
Date: 12. Aug 2003 4:36
Friendship seeker. Serious Love-person.

From: rochelle <>
Date: 12. Aug 2003 19:41
hello.could you send me the top songs of today`s hits in hawaaii.thank you

From: karma <>
Date: 13. Aug 2003 0:23
just wannted to say that i wanna be my friend..... if u r interested plz wrie me in this

From: pato <>
Date: 13. Aug 2003 6:10
i need i love life,someone who is lovable,sexy,good looking and prety

From: orhan <>
Date: 13. Aug 2003 9:03

From: jeff <>
Date: 13. Aug 2003 18:24
looking to connect with hawaii people.

From: rosejane halasan <>
Date: 13. Aug 2003 23:53
am a widow for 14 yrs and am hoping that through this site i can met the man am wanted to be with him in my whole life...

From: Holly <>
Date: 14. Aug 2003 3:33
hello all

From: gagan <>
Date: 14. Aug 2003 19:35
any girl want to do friendship.

From: Qaiser <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 7:11
just wanna chat for reall information of this site.

From: ahmed <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 9:15
love l[fe

From: kristina <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 16:51
im so cute

From: dizzydicer <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 18:01
just looking 4 some1 2 love me

From: pradeep <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 19:13
hi iam pradeep from india.iam a cool guy.i like to make friends as many as.i dont like lying.

From: bharat <>
Date: 15. Aug 2003 23:47
very glad to visiy this site. it gives u lot of idea and tips on love. really a unique site.

From: Brandon <>
Date: 16. Aug 2003 1:48
great,colourful website!!!!!!

From: THONGS AND THINGS"more than just underwear" <>
Date: 16. Aug 2003 3:46
fine site,by something for your loved one at Thongs and things, we ship world ide

From: Derrick <>
Date: 16. Aug 2003 9:11
I love Sweet girls

From: moniue <>
Date: 16. Aug 2003 14:18
i wanna know about my love life

From: khaksar.nazir <>
Date: 17. Aug 2003 0:16
hello how a re you everey boday.

From: Florin <>
Date: 17. Aug 2003 4:14
I`want a real lovelife and I wan`t a girl who know what the love is and to have a serious relatshion for ol womens

From: sirooq <>
Date: 17. Aug 2003 4:28
i want a girl for a long relatshion

From: maricel <>
Date: 17. Aug 2003 19:25
how are you

From: tinashe chinzou <>
Date: 18. Aug 2003 22:23
i love you babie

From: Edmond <>
Date: 19. Aug 2003 0:19
I love you all there and I wish I was there with you.

From: lyn <>
Date: 19. Aug 2003 21:13
make it sure that my lovelife will be great.

From: Sheikh Ashfaq Malik <>
Date: 20. Aug 2003 5:21
I am very simple man. I want a very simple and romantic and honest woman who can understand me as well as I will do.

From: ashey <>
Date: 20. Aug 2003 20:31
hiiiii welcome to all

From: jay <>
Date: 20. Aug 2003 22:40
i love you

From: patil <>
Date: 21. Aug 2003 1:38

From: Marwa <>
Date: 21. Aug 2003 2:24
It is a very nice & cute web site :) I really want to regiseter here!


From: sumeet <>
Date: 21. Aug 2003 2:47
love is the only thing which gives meaning to the life

From: jeanmarie <>
Date: 21. Aug 2003 7:08
i am very happyto be the member

From: Coeron E. Moishai <>
Date: 21. Aug 2003 21:37
I would love to find out where true love is hideing.

From: ashley <>
Date: 22. Aug 2003 10:28
i have blue eyes and lond bblonde hair and i weigh 100lbs and im19 years old

From: vina <>
Date: 22. Aug 2003 19:21


From: shahid ahmad ali <>
Date: 23. Aug 2003 5:23
Anne is my girlfriend she live in phili I LOVE YOU ANNE

From: Jewels <>
Date: 23. Aug 2003 18:12
im bord so ill try this again. my best friends are micheal and koston!

From: Deb <>
Date: 23. Aug 2003 19:40
Recommended by a friend....came to see for myself !

From: Pikake <>
Date: 23. Aug 2003 19:57
hey was up every one was happening...........

From: kaleem shaik <>
Date: 24. Aug 2003 3:03
Iam a muslim.Iam 5'7"and smart looking.hardworking.I B.Tech(IT) graduate.Iam looking for a girl who is interested in real love.

From: onegoodman <>
Date: 24. Aug 2003 18:43

From: jaycel ocon <>
Date: 24. Aug 2003 20:56

From: ezbling2000 <>
Date: 24. Aug 2003 23:12
wats up peeps

From: kaumol <>
Date: 25. Aug 2003 3:50
it's really good.

From: Sli <sliakaali>
Date: 25. Aug 2003 9:58
I really enjoy this website

From: layna <>
Date: 25. Aug 2003 15:13
i like cows..moo...

From: jenzel <>
Date: 25. Aug 2003 19:05
Just wanna say hi & hello to all chatters. Hoping that because of this funpage i could have more friends, specially those who are honest and understanding

From: wrestly <gerino_rmio>
Date: 25. Aug 2003 22:50
i love this site

From: raj <>
Date: 26. Aug 2003 0:02
very good

From: Kolohe <>
Date: 26. Aug 2003 10:40
Aloha all you wonderful ppl!

From: rolen sobrevega <rolen_17ph>
Date: 26. Aug 2003 19:21
very good wevbsite

From: Laurence <>
Date: 26. Aug 2003 21:13

From: Enos Kant Dadey <>
Date: 27. Aug 2003 2:50
I will like to have someone to chat with for a serious relationship

From: victor <>
Date: 27. Aug 2003 2:52

From: adesoji oni <>
Date: 27. Aug 2003 10:37
let me examples of love letters

From: marie jo ann g. baitiong <>
Date: 27. Aug 2003 22:59
nice music!!!

From: wasiu <>
Date: 28. Aug 2003 5:03
i am happy to join lovelife.

From: wasiu <>
Date: 28. Aug 2003 5:20
i need a girl that we make what i want to be am a cool guy i need a girl that is also cool.

From: maja <>
Date: 28. Aug 2003 9:52

From: abby <>
Date: 28. Aug 2003 17:27
This site is cool. hope to meet nice people here.

From: meward <>
Date: 28. Aug 2003 22:04
I'm looking someone to be my friend & to become my wife.... I am a bachelor and im coming to be a millioner if i win in casino my comment of this site, two tumbs up

From: hemant sudan <>
Date: 29. Aug 2003 1:10
i like those girls who belive in love. i m 23 years old

From: Matthew and Loretta Gray <>
Date: 29. Aug 2003 20:31
We found your website by accident and we really enjoyed it. By the way my husbands name is Matthew Gray.

From: John <>
Date: 30. Aug 2003 12:34

Date: 30. Aug 2003 16:36

From: christine <>
Date: 31. Aug 2003 17:36
Hi,everyone!I would like to tell you that I would like to have friends and to meet my future love life.My age is 27,my birth of year is 1976 and i live in cagayan de oro city at the philippines. And here is my mobile #: +63 09197163193.And my email address: or my contact address: 14 durian street,ilaya carmen,9000 cagayan de oro city mindanao philippines.And am still single and never been married.I like collecting stamp.specially in the outside of my country.And letters and greeting cards.So,guys and friends!What are you waiting for.Write now and don't waste time.Because time is so precouse.Thats all.CHRISTINE ROA

From: irish <ice_15292000>
Date: 31. Aug 2003 22:56
very beautiful but i wish that you could give me a beautiful love letter thank you

From: Goyi <>
Date: 1. Sep 2003 9:09
Would ike to know more about your site

From: vivienne wardell <>
Date: 1. Sep 2003 10:03
just love your pages

From: Alex <>
Date: 1. Sep 2003 12:51
i want to receive grettings from ur webside

From: violet malebogo <>
Date: 2. Sep 2003 0:50
I'm intrested in this but how do I get your booklets.

From: devi <angeleyes182003xx>
Date: 2. Sep 2003 12:50
hi how you all doin? herei need a a hot guy to email me ati like to hear from you guys well have a pleasent day sweet kisses to you all

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 2. Sep 2003 16:23
hello! i am just looking around

From: unityfaith jones <>
Date: 2. Sep 2003 22:08
hi people in hawaii are you having great fun in there? i would like to greet my friend rose ann a pleasant happy birthday to you.

From: Yuriy <>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 0:37
I am delighted! I've seen a lot fo web sites and none of them can be compared to your! Thanks a lot!

From: zeithan <ibo_def>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 6:03
hi,friends....i'm a guy next to everytime and i'm lookin for a good girl friend.....this is not enough for do mail me -('m honest and honest returns know?

From: chuks <>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 6:28
take dis card to your self only

From: abou <>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 8:57
i will like to be one of your member. hope to hear from you soon. regards abou

From: Shaboy <>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 20:47
hi to all the members of hoping you write me soon...

From: Lucy <>
Date: 3. Sep 2003 21:26
As a young woman I visited Honolulu and feel in love with the Island. Now that I'm free of my ex My goal is to move to the Island.

From: maricel <>
Date: 4. Sep 2003 19:44
nice, I like it.

From: bigsam <>
Date: 5. Sep 2003 0:14
ok is good to regestert

From: kenny <>
Date: 5. Sep 2003 0:49

From: ZARA <>
Date: 5. Sep 2003 9:52
r u8 there

From: khaklsar_nazir <nazir_khokhar@hotmail.comm>
Date: 6. Sep 2003 2:42
i belive love and i,m chrsition. i think love is life.

From: navneet <>
Date: 6. Sep 2003 19:59

From: Bethany <>
Date: 7. Sep 2003 2:58
Love Is Great!

From: Glades Quilbio <>
Date: 7. Sep 2003 18:33
Have a good time.

From: Neo Anne del Rosario <>
Date: 7. Sep 2003 19:16
i want to chat with all people in the universe.nnnn

From: duke <>
Date: 7. Sep 2003 22:06
i want romatic letters

From: pintu <>
Date: 8. Sep 2003 1:01
hi i am boy .iam want to enjoy here

From: shariq <>
Date: 8. Sep 2003 5:51
i wants friend

From: Adam <>
Date: 8. Sep 2003 11:05
first time on

From: catherine <>
Date: 8. Sep 2003 21:51
hola! it's my first time on this site all i can say is this is good and pls dont miss this site patronise this one its all good and thank you!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

From: stephen <>
Date: 8. Sep 2003 23:50
i want to be a member of love life .com

From: puleng mahasela <>
Date: 9. Sep 2003 0:000
i would like to mbe a member of love life station

From: khushi <khushi4s>
Date: 9. Sep 2003 0:55
hello good site i want to join it bye

From: Sammi <>
Date: 10. Sep 2003 1:25
Hi ther to all who have found love on the net!!!! I too have found love on the net,quiet inoccently and now im stuck at the crossroads..........seeking the advice of others in the same situation cause its not like anyone else

From: Ankur <>
Date: 11. Sep 2003 3:10

From: kubota <>
Date: 11. Sep 2003 13:15
hello from prince albert saskatchewan

From: mushtaq <>
Date: 11. Sep 2003 17:38
i am ali 22 year old from pakistan. I like truly people. who want contect with me can do on my email address

Date: 12. Sep 2003 7:02

From: Paul Rege <>
Date: 12. Sep 2003 9:31
Wanna check and see is am gonna get a lovely card from ur site. Hope I will...

From: robert <>
Date: 12. Sep 2003 23:54
salut , moi j'aimerais correspondre avec tous le monde . ecrivez-moi vite .merci bye bye .

From: nasar ali <>
Date: 13. Sep 2003 16:56
I am nasarali 21year old of pakistan. I seeking for good friends girls or boy. but seeking for truly friends not for cheater. I like truly people as well as truly friends. please never contect withe me sexy people and cheater people. I hope I will get a good friend as you. thank you by nasar ali

From: jh williams <>
Date: 13. Sep 2003 20:44
nice sit cool but ddark Blue back ground if lighteen very cool to eyes every one will love the site

From: joe tuned <>
Date: 14. Sep 2003 7:12
please find me a lady i can love thanks you.

Date: 14. Sep 2003 8:20

From: Maja <>
Date: 14. Sep 2003 8:44
Hello from Macedonia Maybe this is a man`s world,but nothing without women

From: the Scathing Inc. <>
Date: 14. Sep 2003 12:38
greetings from the Scathing Inc. Germany!!! you like some the balearic sound ambient??? check out "Mixe" online!!! under

From: sarah <>
Date: 15. Sep 2003 1:47

From: efin <>
Date: 15. Sep 2003 11:51

From: SexyDancer <>
Date: 15. Sep 2003 17:56
Hot site!!!!

From: Karen Maupay <>
Date: 15. Sep 2003 19:04
Hello!! It's nice to visit in your site Thank you!!

From: brian <>
Date: 16. Sep 2003 0:27
nice site

From: munna <munna391>
Date: 16. Sep 2003 3:08

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It's been years since I've gotten a chance to look at this site again. It's still as much fun as always, and very clearly put together by some wonderful people with good hearts. It's nice to come back and see something from my childhood that helped me find love and grow up. Be well and much continued success.

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From: khushi <>
Date: 11. Oct 2003 12:31
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From: khushi <>
Date: 11. Oct 2003 12:31
i'm new here and would like to find someone....

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From: nasar ali <>
Date: 11. Oct 2003 15:55
salam to all. I am nasar ali. I am 21 year old male. my belong with pakistan. (swat) I want make some truly friend in the world. I like truly people. who want contect with me can email to me on my email address. who want see me can see my profile. I have adjust my picture in my profile. can contect with me only that person who has her/his picture. because I fear from cheater and lier people. so please never email me cheater and lier people. thank you

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Iam looking for a girl age 11 who livs in Portlan Or.I am 11.I like to play and chat.

From: tony <>
Date: 24. Jan 2004 14:01
I am looking for a girl age 11 who livs in Portlan Or.I am 11.I like to play and chat.

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I just was listening to you here in Atlanta Georgia on our V103 morning show with Frank Ski. You & your partner had some very interesting insights & views on relationships that I'd never thought about or heard of. I was so impressed that I wanted to optain a copy of your book & visit your website to see if I could learn more. Thank you so much for your honestly & openness. I think that I guide such as this one will help push my own relationship to another level of communication!!

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I am seperated and can't figure out want I really want. I am hoping that maybe LOVE will come back to me some day.

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Date: 26. Feb 2004 5:39
Matthew, after all this time, I am disapointed that you are charging for HCU. Back in 1995 HCU was one of the more popular chats. You guys started charging to register our handles, and now your charging just to chat. As I can see it did you no good. I miss the old HCU and all of the nice people I met. And yes this is MARILYN from 1995!

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THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION By Sunny Rasheed Lucman Pacasum | Posted Feb. 10, 2000

I know you will find this a bit unusual. I honestly cant remember the last time I wrote to you. I have this unexplainable urge to tell you something that I have been keeping inside for the longest time. You know Im not really good when it comes to pouring out my feelings. Its just that Im wondering at this very moment if youre thinking of me. If like me, you are wondering what is taking us so long to find each other. I am not the typical person who weaves in and out of relationships. I see few people and take my walks alone and at every beautiful spot I wish you were there. Many times I thought I finally found you, only to be disillusioned by the fact that my wait has not yet ended. I knew I was foolish for even entertaining the thought of considering someone else. I wake up each morning hoping to meet you. I am thinking of how we will meet, would it be as romantic as fictional movies that perpetuate the idea of hopeless romanticism? Or is it possible that I have known you all my life but we have yet to realize that we are meant for each other for our souls have been predestined for cupids sanctuary?

Honey, how I wish you were here beside me right now because you are the only one who could answer my questions. Sometimes I ask myself if I have really known love. I do not have the answer to that question, but I believe in my heart that I will never know what love is until I find the right person, the person I could believe to be my better half. I know that the day will come when my unwritten destiny will lead me to you. And since I have not found you yet then maybe I do not really know what love is! Do you know, when I think of you, I have been feeling ashamed for thinking of you so much, of thinking of only you? Which is too much, perhaps I should tell you. It seems to me that no woman was ever before to any man what you are to me. You just dont know how often I dream of finally knowing what it feels like for you to be in my arms. Even at this very moment I am imagining how you will simply sweep me off my feet!

Perhaps your infectious smile, your long black hair or maybe your laughter that I have never heard beforell draw me to you. I dont really know for sure but inshallah, God will help me recognize you when the right time comes. When I think of all the pain that I have been through in the past and for the tears I have shed since the day I began my search, I just want you to know that I find strength in holding onto my vision of the beautiful life ahead of me, the life I shall spend with you. In my mind and in my heart, I know that you are worth all the pain and sacrifices. After all, the tears have been a part of my life, slowly washing away my flaws so that I would be perfect not in its truest sense. But just perfect for you! I wonder if youve gone through so much pain as well and if youve been hurt so many times. I worry more about you, then I worry about me because I fear the pain you might have gone through along the journey. There are no words to express my sorrow for this, and I am at a loss for words. But, honey, please dont ever give up because I am right here, patiently waiting for you! I assure you that when we finally find eachother. My love will slowly heal those wounds. My heart will answer to your voice and the blood in my veins to your footsteps. And protect you from harms way with everything that I have and everything that I am. Honey, I dont know when I will see you or what the world will be when I do. We may both have seen horrible things. But I will think of you everytime I need to be reminded that there is beauty and goodness in this world. Tonight I will look out my window and stare at the beautiful stars, hoping that somehow you are also looking up and wondering about me. I will pray to Allah to send all his angels from heaven to watch over you while you sleep and send all my cries to the heavens thinking that in time they would reach you. And if there will be a soft breeze upon your cheek, it shall be my sweet kisses. Or the cool air wrapped around you shall be my spirit passing by. And when I am lost and lonely, I will just close my eyes and believe that you are on my way and that you are longing to see me as well. In my many unspoken words, my silence spoke a thousand times louder but I guess it never reached you. When I finally fall asleep, you are always in my dreams. It seems that for now that is the only place where I can hold on to you long enough to tell you how much I love you. That I love you more today than I ever in my life before, that I have never seen beauty without thinking of you, or felt happiness without thinking of you. That you have fulfilled all my ambition, realized all my hopes, made all my dreams come true. And that I have felt for you all kinds of love at once.

Im so sorry if Im not able to tell you this personally. So wherever you are and whenever this is, I love you. I love you now as I write this, and I love you now as you read this. In my dreams you would kiss away my fears and wrap me with your arms of love. And this all the more make me want to wake up and face a new day ahead with the hope that soon enough, inshallah, you will no longer be a dream but a reality. Having you gives me good reason to wake up each morning with happy thoughts that can be the most wonderful experience there could be. Once again, I am assured that you are worth the wait. By then, I would simply look back and smile at all that I have gone through, in spite of the pain and amidst the simple joys of life. And I would be very thankful to Allah because they all led me to you! In the meantime take care of yourself for me. Hold on to your dreams and dont think of letting go. Go for the things that are within reach, but never get tired of aiming higher after each success. Believe in your heart that we will find each other no matter what happens. Allah has planned the course. Dont worry, dont be afraid of getting lost. Allah, the Lord of the worlds, saw to it that all the roads, no matter which one you choose lead to me.


Sunny RASHEED, 24, is an economics graduate from Mindanao State University and works as a marketing executive for 11ensembles in Makati City. For comments, you can e-mail the writer at

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Ilive in Naples FL. Iam tring to find a friend of mine named Christopher G. Uda.Last time I heard from him he was in Hawaii and was going to get married, that was about 8 years ago. If anyone knows him give me a mailcall.

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From: prakash <>
Date: 18. Mar 2004 21:46
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I am working in the capacity of Executive Secretary in a multinational Company and love to make friends with mature personalities.

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Date: 31. Mar 2004 19:59
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Date: 31. Mar 2004 22:19
this is the first time that i have of this site. it looks to be ok. but a friend told me about it and i am trying to find here her site on her username is katie3ems but unable to do so.

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Date: 1. Apr 2004 0:27
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Date: 5. Apr 2004 12:07
Wea da 2004 guesties??? neva mind i gonna chance em...Aloha! Nows all i gotta do is find yer radio and listen. kine like do voice-overs...anybody got advice? suggestions? Mahalo Michael

From: Hayngirlz99 <>
Date: 5. Apr 2004 20:15
im trying to get on to the chat line but it won't go to the rooms. so what should i do?

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Date: 5. Apr 2004 20:51
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Date: 10. Apr 2004 2:26
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Date: 10. Apr 2004 15:49
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Date: 11. Apr 2004 8:17
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Date: 12. Apr 2004 0:44
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Date: 12. Apr 2004 8:10
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Date: 12. Apr 2004 19:56 comments

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Date: 12. Apr 2004 23:08
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