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From: Matthew Gray
(Creator of this Web site - aka "Luckiest Guy in Hawaii") <>
Date: 1. January 99 Time for Love...
It's such a treat to be able to bring the world to so many people every single day. This Web site's focus is on improving the quality of life for one and all. Our traffic is up over 20 Million Hits Per Month now and we want to thank all of you for your continued support. Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out our previous guestbooks {see the links just above} for thousands of great potential friends.

Warm Aloha from the Paradise of Hawaii...

Matthew Gray
Honolulu - January 1999

From: Jee <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 3:47
Dunno who actually sent me that sweet msg...but who ever u are..thanks! I hope u let me know soon who u really are! You're site is pretty cool..keep it up! Buttercup/Jee rules!

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 5:43
Some very interesting stuff here.

From: David <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 12:08
HALLO wer LUST hat mit mit schöne Stunden zu erleben kann sich bei mir melden. Ich (18) bin für alles zu haben.

From: joanne mcgill <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 14:42
would lik to visit a chat room

From: stacey <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 17:35

From: Staysea <>
Date: 1. Jan 99 18:53
It's been along time since i chatted in LoveLife, but i think i might start again since at times i really enjoyed chatting in lovelife.....

From: Lindsey <>
Date: 2. Jan 99 9:24
My friend told me about Hawaii Chat and I love it. I have met some cool people in here. Its a fun place to met new people.

From: Maria <>
Date: 2. Jan 99 12:30
i love your site...

From: Linda <>
Date: 2. Jan 99 13:33
Just found this..probably the way I just found the man I love.

From: tamara enginton
Date: 2. Jan 99 14:32
really cool site you guys. I like the chat rooms i think there are some cool people on here any wsy if you guys want to chat i'm 17 a nd was just surfing for being bored. ! bye

From: woody <>
Date: 2. Jan 99 17:34
I am a South African Feamale and prefer intellegent conversation although I am open to anything interesting

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 5:31
Thanks so much for the information about emotional vampires! Was caught up in it until today. Could never explain it to anyone, but that said it all. Thanks again

From: Chia <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 5:54
This site is very interesting... good work!

From: natasha <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 14:32
I dont know anything about you guys. somebody gave your address so I could like to get more information.

From: Sunshine <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 14:39
TEXAS gal...36...40D-25-36 blonde,with blue eyes love to dance, sports and camping love the beaches loves snow ski and water ski and most of all love life it self

From: Mr.Grizz <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 19:11
Nice Frames

From: irocku1usa <>
Date: 3. Jan 99 20:48
i like this chat line.

From: Mo <>
Date: 4. Jan 99 0:41
Hi where is the friendship The people loves talk?

From: allie <>
Date: 4. Jan 99 5:11
It's really cool.

From: countryblondwv <>
Date: 4. Jan 99 8:30
Hello All, I just love to chat>

From: Kristina Lefebvre <>
Date: 4. Jan 99 8:40
I want to ask you guys a question! I have a boyfriend he`s 18 and i`m going to be 17 next month we live together. Sometime i feel like i just want to get away from him, is that because i`m still young and i still want to date other guys? help!!! sincerely kristina write me back as soon as possible!

From: billy <>
Date: 4. Jan 99 17:13
This is cool!

From: JC aka... many many handles! <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 6:30
This place will always hold a special place in my heart. I first started chatting here and met some of my best friends on HCU... Skylar, Smiley, the rest of the gang. Keep doing what you're doing and this place will stay great! Mahalo nui loa for everything!

From: jenna <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 7:47
wheres my letter, i didnt see one

From: Andrea <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 10:41
This looks like fun!

Date: 5. Jan 99 10:57

From: jane <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 14:15

From: israphel <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 16:39
????!!!!!! love ????!!!!!!!!

From: nadine villarmia <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 18:27
this is my first time

From: Annie Wallace <>
Date: 5. Jan 99 21:50

From: JOE <>
Date: 6. Jan 99 10:50

From: Mahealani <>
Date: 6. Jan 99 11:06
i have really enjoyed ur Chat rooms. Mahalo much for the creation of "Hawaii Chat Universe".

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 6. Jan 99 17:09
I like chatting in the different rooms and meeting new & interesting people. Mahalo!

From: "nanz" <>
Date: 6. Jan 99 22:10
I'm born and raised in maui and i am enrolled in college at Hilo.

From: Gilesy <neon1000'>
Date: 6. Jan 99 23:16
Sh*t hot pages

From: tommy <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 1:46
this site is pretty cool

From: Tameesha
Date: 7. Jan 99 5:32
I enjoy the chats.

From: eric griggs <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 6:56

From: Rodney <Howard>
Date: 7. Jan 99 7:30
keep an open mind

From: Ned <http:/>
Date: 7. Jan 99 7:36

From: robert mcbain <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 9:33
this place is cool!

From: Emmanuel (Lee) Nash <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 11:19
Um..dis is a tight place ta be

From: anders skansvik <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 12:15
j love your radio j must here somvone of you best music and love chat

best regards anders skansvik

From: Angel Gillman <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 12:17
We all hang out Michael's house and we all love to chat to whomever wants to chat back. We are all from Summervillie,GA.

Date: 7. Jan 99 13:05

From: Layla <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 16:10
Love you Mark - hope you love the card - and I know you'll know who it's from ;-))

From: Mr.Grizz <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 18:45
Hey this is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jennifer <vANITY4340>
Date: 7. Jan 99 21:16
I have found the greatest man that exists and am sure I make all other woman jealous and ya know what? I love it!!

From: SIMON <>
Date: 7. Jan 99 23:06
make the rooms bigger

From: David Arnold <Single Man>
Date: 8. Jan 99 0:42
I'm 21 and single and looking for a gfirl who likes to dance. I'm 6ft and weigh 185. I'm built. I have dirty blonde and with highlights and i've got blue eyes.

From: Ryan <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 3:30
u need more rooms

From: allwyn santosh noronha <`>
Date: 8. Jan 99 6:19
I need a life partner soon and i meen very soon.,...........

From: Nate <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 8:29
Wonderful site!!! You are all taking important steps toward a move loving world.

From: Grizz and joker <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 10:08
hey were back enjoying the chatting.

From: Stevio <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 12:55

From: sofie <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 13:02

i´t was very good this.....

From: Chris Love <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 17:48
I was in talk city and could rarely find anone from Hawaii, so when I was told about this sight I was quite excited. Even if just chatting who wants to talk to someone thousands of miles away when they can talk to someone next door......THANKYOU HCU

From: paul <>
Date: 8. Jan 99 23:06

From: Antipála XRT® <>
Date: 9. Jan 99 1:000
I get one R-Honda, I like bodyboarding, Burn, Dis chat room is solid li'dat. Get nut peeps in dea. I like to eat Chicken in a Biscuit™

From: shankar <>
Date: 9. Jan 99 2:29
Any messages on love or on anything based on love ,u can send it to this address

From: CJL <>
Date: 9. Jan 99 21:20
I hail from NY. It's 2:20AM on Jan 10, 1999. It's snowing & it's 15degrees out.Your site is nice to see & someday I may see it in person.. Thanks for the nice pictures..

From: caz <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 0:05
hi from oz-anyone in

From: aina <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 3:56
hey, this is great...nothing more to say...just plain GREAT!

From: Sara <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 7:26
i have to say this is one of the best sites ever

From: Rob <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 8:08
"Life is a gift! Enjoy it well you can because it could just go like that"

Great Site!

From: Chinese man <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 11:21
I love HCU it makes me feel popular all of the chicas want to talk to me. HCU RULES!

From: rOb <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 12:43

From: hayley <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 14:52
some pretty cool chat rooms. ill come back again

From: Cecilia Villalon <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 15:52
Great Site & Great Ideas!! Gotta love it! :-)

Visit us when you've got a chance! Love-n-Kisses Romantic Boutique.

From: HoneyGirl <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 18:39
the chat rooms are pretty cool...a little slow getting messages though, & I don't know if it's just my computer but it always freezes when i'm in the chat room. But all in all it's alot of fun

From: Derek <>
Date: 10. Jan 99 23:13
this is cool I love to chat and I also get to chat with people I know and other people from the other Islands I live on Kaua'i

From: 14U(18f) <>
Date: 11. Jan 99 6:32
Time for love!

From: Noah Ocampo <>
Date: 11. Jan 99 10:26
Your talk show rocks!

From: Robert Rodgers <>
Date: 11. Jan 99 16:01
Have visited your sit some time ago but lacked the basic equipment.....but... Im back

From: Courier <>
Date: 11. Jan 99 16:36
I'm me myself and me!

From: Mac <>
Date: 11. Jan 99 19:31
Very interesting and welcome site.

From: emad <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 0:31
i love the sun

From: jamel <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 3:38

From: mary <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 8:07
I really enjoyed the stories i have been wondering lately if it is possible to fall in love on here,i thought i was just going crazy thinking i loved this guy.I just want to say thanks for the stories,i now believe it is possible.Thanks P.S.Could you send me the address to these stories i would love to come back and read them agian sometime,but i never find the same spot twice on here.It would be greatly appreciated thanks.

From: shrew01 <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 11:57

From: lance <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 12:02
would like to visit a chat room

From: zack macauley <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 12:35
love is a sickness that on one can cure except death

From: Rae (of light)
Date: 12. Jan 99 13:08
"The future belongs to you if you believe in your dreams."

From: BoB <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 13:11
Sure could us the heet,winter in Ohio is burrr

From: Dave Paulley <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 13:26

From: chad stedham <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 13:43
I love to have a good time with friends! I live in Canada, have blonde hair, male 15, blue eyes, and I am 6.2' in height. I can't wait to meet new people so give me a type!

From: IslandGirl <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 15:26
Hello just want to say hi.

From: Monkeygirl <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 15:43
I love this chat Line! Hawaii RULES!!!!

From: LJ <ljohn4000>
Date: 12. Jan 99 17:02
Thanks to who ever sent me the message!

From: Jason <>
Date: 12. Jan 99 21:07
I would like to know how i can sign up and start chatting in this chatroom

From: Celine <>
Date: 13. Jan 99 3:22


From: kalehua <>
Date: 13. Jan 99 15:22

From: christina <>
Date: 13. Jan 99 18:34
I just got a letter on my birthday but I really want to know who sent me this letter?

From: shanty-claire <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 9:07
this chat rooms pretty cool from my point of veiw, but the only thing thats junk is the part when only a certain amount of people can get into one chat room.

From: ~aNnE~ <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 9:11
this thang ish toite! whelpz, i'm in a rush sO uhM yEa.. just tHoUgHt i'D lEt'cHu nOe i lIkE iT(hELLaZ). uHm k iMmA bOuNcE. bAi!!

From: jeff <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 11:04
great site keep up the goood work

From: sweet_thang <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 13:33
Class of 1999!!

From: angel <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 15:08
I am sure I will enjoy this. I was told by many users that this was the best chat room on the net.

From: Dannye <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 17:10
I enjoyed visiting your web site. Thanks for making all this available to the public.

From: dreamygirl65 <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 17:46
Hey local boyz this your dream don't wake up yet. $%&^#&^&

From: stephanie <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 17:47

From: Elizabeth <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 19:13
Hi just checking your site.

From: Greg <>
Date: 14. Jan 99 20:53
was 1207 ok ?

From: marina krebs <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 11:05
thanks for this lovly pages I have just sent a anonym letter to a boy i like very much.

From: Cindy <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 11:30
I wanta know who sent me a anonymous letter....

From: eve-toy9999 <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 15:06
I would like to chat with a friend

From: IslandGirl <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 15:53
I love this chat room because there are people in here you sort of know. Any surfers or spongers want to chat e-mail me. I love surfers and spongers well catch all yall later. much love and alohas. Peace yo.

From: tom <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 16:000

From: Kia6 <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 17:57
Whats up?/

From: Rachel <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 18:21
neat stuff here

From: todd <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 18:52
i love

From: Stacy <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 20:19
Love your sight!!!

From: Leialoha Min <>
Date: 15. Jan 99 20:43
I am very single and looking for guys ages 17-20

From: Scott <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 0:18

From: Jason <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 2:32
Wassup to all the local chicks. Im from the Big Island.I just wanna say wassup. I be out.

From: Zulin <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 3:55
This is a great chat room. Come here and make friends and have a blast!!

From: Candace <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 7:21
this is an awesome webpage, i like how yall stress that u CAN find love online, most people dont really believe that, so keep up the good work! ~PeAcE~ toodles! :)

From: Sage <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 13:43

From: Xtac151 <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 15:18

From: Rebecca Adkins <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 16:51
this is realy nice My mom always wanted to go to Hawaii but never has a chance I love the blue waters and all.

From: StellaS <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 17:13

From: iuli <>
Date: 16. Jan 99 23:51
ok i don't know enough english to make my self understood

From: kelly
Date: 17. Jan 99 7:16
i gues its pretty cool!!!

From: tomschell <>
Date: 17. Jan 99 8:40

From: ameerumarkhangadi <>
Date: 17. Jan 99 11:34
this is nice and your writing is also nice.

From: Paul <>
Date: 17. Jan 99 16:25
No Comment at this time

From: Pamela S. Griffith <>
Date: 17. Jan 99 19:37
My Husband and I are going on six years of marriage, and the romance is gone. I'm looking for ways to put it back in our lives.

From: Mari <>
Date: 17. Jan 99 23:49

From: IslandGirl <>
Date: 18. Jan 99 0:35
hello everyone just wanted to say another warm hello so anyways I LOVE SPONGERS AND SURFERS See you all in the chat rooms aloha and love to you all

From: Elliot <>
Date: 18. Jan 99 1:05
Huh Huh!!!!

From: ARbubbles
Date: 18. Jan 99 15:28
This is my first visit.

From: Clayton <dont know>
Date: 18. Jan 99 16:08
first time

From: Clayton <tell later>
Date: 18. Jan 99 16:21
cool chat

From: Scott unusual <none>
Date: 18. Jan 99 22:35
this is the loveliest sight ever.

Date: 19. Jan 99 1:17

From: Jimmy Mac <>
Date: 19. Jan 99 5:41
W/M 41, 6ft.1 215 dk. brown hair, brown eyes looking for a long term relationship

From: ~Night Mare~
Date: 19. Jan 99 6:22
Awesome site peeps, keep it up

From: mel <mshage01@baker.edg>
Date: 19. Jan 99 6:45
mother of one looking for a friend

From: ToLips722 <>
Date: 19. Jan 99 8:55

This is a great way to express my high on life. Thanks..

From: Maka'ala <>
Date: 19. Jan 99 11:20
Pretty cool site...

From: mike <vdavis@prodigy net>
Date: 19. Jan 99 12:000
i would like talk somethings out

From: Ben <>
Date: 19. Jan 99 13:34
I love your chat line! I see nothing wrong with that i can thing of well BYE!!!

From: Amber Jenkins <>
Date: 19. Jan 99 13:55
I really like your show!

From: jen
Date: 19. Jan 99 13:59

Date: 19. Jan 99 16:42

From: Shane <gold_berg_shane>
Date: 19. Jan 99 17:39
Trying to find either my brother or an intelligent female friend

From: LIZ <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 0:39
kinda cute, put me on your mailing list, thank you !

From: ahorswell <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 5:16

From: Maureen Rodriguez
Date: 20. Jan 99 6:22
You know I've never been to Hawaii But I'm going there with my senior class it's going to be an awsome Expierience thanks for the site. It's kind like a preview to What i can look foward to!!! I LOVE ADRIAN RODRIGUEZ

From: Clarisse <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 7:32
I've been to many talkers and find this one quite enjoyable. It's been fun. I'm planning on coming back more often.

From: Shelly R. Smith <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 7:51
I'm just not sure if he really loves me and we are supposed to be getting married!

From: $h@D()w <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 8:13
Wassup all you lovelife chatters!!!!!!!!

From: Kim <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 9:14
I have never been in here before!

From: flowergrrl16 <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 10:43
I love this chat room!! It is ssssssssoooooo cool!!!

From: Janet Till <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 11:25
Love the site!!!!

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 11:30
Just happened to be cruising the web, and ran into Lovelife. I am a 18 year old college freshman, if there are any guys that would like to chat with me, email me!!

From: Royce Osentowski <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 11:33
I like to chat to different people that is why i'm hear

From: christina <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 12:09
thank you so much for the good advice you guys send me on issues i really need to know. you are great help thankyou christina

From: tam <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 12:18
very nice...thank you

From: nicole <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 16:18
i have a love relationship that's going on over the net and i actually never thought i would ever have a love relationship but i did, and its actually working out, i'm meeting my true love and b/f in a few months, if you want to know more i'm on icq, my icq number is 177337127, and my e-mail is thanks e-mail me anytime u want nicole

From: Myrna Torres <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 16:53
I really enjoy your service.

From: marisa <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 21:16
hey patrick, the kermit one, i don't know your email, so write to me at this address when you have time. cool. talk to you later.

From: somanatha <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 23:46
First time brwosing

From: Terry Gordon <>
Date: 20. Jan 99 23:53
haven't had a chance to thoroughly check it out.

From: Charla <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 1:03
loved reading the stories so much like my own

From: Flyinghawaiiian <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 9:55
Sup all

From: tita <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 11:05
hey, thanx for havin this postcard we can send to others.... that's coo.... keep up the good work.....take care....luv, tita

From: Cristal
Date: 21. Jan 99 11:31
For the person who sent me this letter: it was really sweet, but how am i supposed to do anything about it, if i don't know who you are????? let me know soon, before i give up!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Amelia <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 12:39
I Wanna Love you for the rest of my life!

From: unknown <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 13:28
I was searching the net and came across your cyber love stories. I think it's a great idea. Iike reading other people's encounters with love.

From: Laura Chuck <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 15:37

From: Cole <nope>
Date: 21. Jan 99 15:38
great chat

From: somanatha <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 16:50
Good site. chat was very good.

From: Angelgrl <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 17:08
***hello everyone***

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 17:14
I would like to meet Andrew. e-mail me so we can chat.

From: koO GiRL <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 17:54

From: Donna Hartleben <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 18:45
I would like to visit a chat room

Date: 21. Jan 99 20:10

From: Charmaine / pikake <>
Date: 21. Jan 99 21:29
This is a awesome place to chat. I like it because I can talk with other people here in the state. I like to meet new friends...

From: Diana <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 5:35
I love this site

From: Kim <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 7:48
HI, how are you

From: Ms BML <Ms>
Date: 22. Jan 99 8:04
this is a great toy to play with, it's better than writing,the envelope, the stamp(especially the 1 cent raise)and going to put it in the time charge...unlimited access...and zip it's there...great toy with alot more of possibilites...

From: daisy <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 9:21
It was the best site I ever saw.

From: Sweet "C" <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 10:57
I am glad to be able to join this web site. I love to meet different people from all over the world. Hope to talk to all of you later. peace.

From: Pualani <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 13:10
I really enjoy this web site. I met alot of different poeple in here.

From: Anonymous <>
and I'll surely be back!

From: Dawn Moss <>
Date: 22. Jan 99 18:55
Great site. I enjoyed the anonymous letters. Great idea.

From: mike <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 0:06
I really like to start chatting with everyone.

From: crystal <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 0:27
used to live in hawaii!! really miss it. would love to take a trip back!

From: Jen <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 3:58
I think this chat here is really exciting!!! Hope my expectation would be met.

From: sassy (nicknane) <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 8:22
You have a great website! I'd to see what you look like! where ya from? Im from Newfoundland! Talk to ya later!

From: sassy (nicknane) <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 8:24
You have a great website! I'd like to see what you look like! where ya from? Im from Newfoundland! Talk to ya later!

From: John <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 11:09
Some wonderful woman (I hope it was a woman) sent me an anonymous card...what a fantastic feeling...but frustrating! How is one to know? Answer that question for me...and I'm sure others. Enjoyed you site...would like to see a picture of you together, walking on the beach...into the sunset.

From: Eden <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 12:52
Hello From Sunny Las Vegas

From: John Skaggs <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 12:55
take a look at Football and a lot more

From: Vengenzia <vengenzia>
Date: 23. Jan 99 13:50

From: Matessa Howell < >
Date: 23. Jan 99 15:38
This a really great site. I just want the whole world to know that I LOVE JAMES KEEN!!!!!

From: m <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 16:24
great website! =)

From: kikay <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 17:20
none yet. tell me whats the topic

From: Karina Brown <>
Date: 23. Jan 99 18:16
I am so excited to be able to hear your show, it has helped me so much, thank you.

From: Eva Alm <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 1:11

From: Kaulana Chang <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 2:44
Hi Matt!!!

This Kaulana a.k.a. Ho'okalakupua!!!

Well...i just wanted to Thank You 4 the Banner for my Birthday!!!...THANK YOU SO MUCH..i was honestly tell you something..ever since i started Chatting..i have met so many really nice people!!!..Again..Thank You So Much!!!

P.S. if u can, can you e-mail me your e-mail address so i can e-mail u directly!!!

Thanks Again!!!

From: ahmed <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 3:16
hi all lets have some fun

From: natalia kristenson <england>
Date: 24. Jan 99 4:48
i think this is a good chat room and i wish i'd found it sooner!!

From: lisa <teratfuleb@wve>
Date: 24. Jan 99 7:58

From: LadyTemptra3 <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 8:000
I think you're sight is awesome. Maybe it means more to me, because I am Hawaiian.

From: Lea-ann Savoy <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 9:17
This is great. I think it's helpful. congradulations.

From: Janet <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 9:18
This is great. I think it's helpful. congratulations.

From: lily
Date: 24. Jan 99 10:24
i liked the chat

From: Jack Lampson <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 12:05
If 2 people can be brought together to share and enjoy life, then I feel this mission should be acomplished. If this program can accomplish that objective, then I support this program. I feel there is entirely too much lonliness going on in this world today. With modern technology and all, it is absurd for people to be lonely. I applaud your efforts to close the gap. Thank you.

From: nikki <gdhfhygjjkujkk>
Date: 24. Jan 99 17:42
it's really good

Date: 24. Jan 99 17:56
i m Bob

From: Kawika Wright <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 18:27
I am born and raise in Hawaii but I am in Japan now so I just wanted to talk to anyone from back home

Date: 24. Jan 99 18:40
this is bryan

From: kris <whysy webtv.@net>
Date: 24. Jan 99 19:23
i love it

From: Yang <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 19:57
I from CHINA MAIL to me

From: timo kemppainen
Date: 24. Jan 99 20:56
very nice graphics you got here

From: Kawika wright <>
Date: 24. Jan 99 21:13
E-mail me

From: philip <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 1:32

From: *BORNCRAZY* <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 2:20
This chat site is the best.. no more to say... Thankosz!

From: josefin <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 6:000
Förälska dig ofta,förlova dig ibland men gift dig för 17 så sällan du kan.

Date: 25. Jan 99 6:33

From: Hokulani Felicilda <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 8:18
i like it a lot.... a lot....

From: Tina
Date: 25. Jan 99 9:37
I need help!

From: Elenor Janson <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 11:36
I was her!!!!!!!!! Mail me if you wanted to.

From: Daydrain
Date: 25. Jan 99 11:54
I need someone to heal this heart of mine and give me some butty

From: jeff Richmond <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 14:27
i like sports and i love suzy she is my girl friend if you want to know more about me e-mail me

From: Susan Brock <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 15:15
We are here :)

From: makani <>
Date: 25. Jan 99 18:52
looking for females/18 to 21

From: kayley <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 0:58

From: Kati <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 2:44
It´s nice to be in here!

From: davids8 <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 2:47
love is nothing.

From: aaron9t8 <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 5:57
it's my frist time in here and i don't know what to do please help me

From: Jay
Date: 26. Jan 99 6:08
Good way to meet

From: sexy <you don't need to know>
Date: 26. Jan 99 7:22
I want to talk to some body

From: khalid <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 9:15

From: Rinna <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 9:45
I don't know what to write. But I'm happy that I found these lovelife page!!!!!

From: Mauigrl <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 10:22
Meeting the love of your life is very possible. I did it last summer, without even realizing it. Now we've been together for nearly 7 months. Never give up hope!

From: slaskis
Date: 26. Jan 99 10:31
hi there

From: Rodney Harnas <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 11:30
I love Kelli

From: Tess aka *Tiger Lily* <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 11:58
Oh I love this site!!! It has the most wonderful stuff! I just adore the anonymous love letter and I was so glad that I could send it to my beloved one. I really enjoying going here!! Its my FAVORITE site!! *HUGS*...Tess...

From: Tiger (aka Lana) was HGirl <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 12:39
I found myself getting into trouble in the chat rooms. I met the guy of my dreams here yet nothing came out of it by his choice. I hope that visitors to your site realize that they're dealing with real people with real lives. Just be careful here because it is such a nice place. Happy chatting! Aloha, Lana

From: Roxy <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 12:56
it is a wonderful place to go to.

From: Keoni
Date: 26. Jan 99 16:04
I like boyz!

From: connie/daisy mae <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 17:02
i have met some of the most wonderful people in these chat room :-)

From: tommy girl <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 19:17
I want to join NOW!

From: cassandra <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 20:24
this was good if any body knows anything bout getting homepages please email me i will always answer

From: sweet <>
Date: 26. Jan 99 23:49
just to have fun

Date: 27. Jan 99 4:52
just to have fun

Date: 27. Jan 99 4:52
just to have fun

From: Amy <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 5:30
I think this is a great service although I don't like the idea of getting something and not having any idea who sent it to you. There should be some way to look up who sent you something. I'm going crazy!

From: angelmist <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 9:41

From: lil' miss honky tonk <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 9:49
love chatting here this is the ONLY site that rocks!!!!

From: Yahya <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 12:19
hope its intresting

From: jesse g <jesse jr>
Date: 27. Jan 99 12:52
how it going

From: blanks1st <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 13:06
who ever sent me your card really helped on a bad day. THANKS!!!!

From: tweety_j45 <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 13:13
just got on here and i really like it. hope to visit more often.

From: crystal,wimbish <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 15:47
I love your station

From: crystal,wimbish <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 15:51
I love this station

From: mike <mmmrt >
Date: 27. Jan 99 16:56
please send me an e mail thank you at this.

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 18:11
I think that you have a really nice and good site to vist

From: tori <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 19:48
very interesting site. I'll visit again

From: Saurav Sen <>
Date: 27. Jan 99 23:48
This is first time for me. Help me out and tell me how I can use this site properly.

From: san_bell <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 1:49
this is tooooooooo good site

From: Marinda Starr <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 6:04
This is so cool!!!!!!

From: Nya Branch <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 7:59
I love this place! I have met so many woinderful people. I know I will enjoy this site for a long time!

From: Lynda Melfi <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 8:46
I think that this hotline is very helpful and I personally got great advice thank you

From: Anji <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 9:21
keep up the good work.........

From: Louise <i'>
Date: 28. Jan 99 9:52
I'm new to all this so if you see me,be nice.OK? lol Listen...I'm up to chat any time,with anyone...See you all soon.Louise!!!

From: SHORTY <kehau_l@hotmail>
Date: 28. Jan 99 10:05

From: Christine
Date: 28. Jan 99 12:23
Hey everybody!!!!

From: Cool Guy
Date: 28. Jan 99 12:27
hi i love your chat room bye!!

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 13:53
This is a really good idea. Thanks for putting it on the net. You don't know how much this helps me during Valentines.


From: krista lea <miller>
Date: 28. Jan 99 15:58
do you wanna know what i think? i think l.h.h.b. i know you're all wondering what that means but you'll never find out

From: shelby <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 15:59
hey, this is a really cool place!!!!!! i love leaving messages on the valentines wall thats a cool idea!!! i'm gonna go chat now.

From: popeye <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 16:44
you have a great chat room. one of my favorites

From: L@dyLove <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 18:13
Hello everyone!!

From: farah <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 21:24
this page is cool!!

From: sasarat <>
Date: 28. Jan 99 22:31

From: Christopher <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 0:08
This is my first time here!! I hope it will be fun!!

From: Andre Kelting <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 1:28
greetings fromm good old germany I like this stuff here

From: Diana <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 2:05
Todillloooo everyone

From: i_like_you_alot (m) <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 5:22
have a good one

From: Michelle <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 5:51
I hope you like that cool letter

From: L@dyLove <goddessof>
Date: 29. Jan 99 5:51
Just for the record, the 49 is just a number!!!

Date: 29. Jan 99 6:31
I want sing the love life

From: Hans-Joachim Henschel <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 8:29
Aloha nui loa from Germany!

From: Kathie <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 11:16
I just found this site and seems really neat~ have bookmarked for a return visit~ lol ^-^

From: Kayla <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 12:20
I really love chating!

From: suzie <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 17:07
nice chat place!

From: John <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 19:10

From: L@dyLove <>
Date: 29. Jan 99 20:13
Hawaii Chat Universe is delicious!!

From: mario <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 1:07
hawaii seems like a great place. hang loose

From: rob <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 4:11
I stumbled upon your page and was pleased. I too have met my true love on line. She is in Canada I in the states. Yet each day the love between us grows stronger and stronger. In less than three months I will move to be closer to her. In 29 days she is flying in for her second trip to see me. Its funny she was the last I expexted to fall in love with. Yet my days are consumed with her thoughts. We share with each other our pains and joys, our bitchy moments, and our lonelyness. Yet we have a bond between the 2 of us which grows stronger each day. The trick to it is to be honest, understanding,patient and loving. To my lady I say I love you MTM

Date: 30. Jan 99 4:54

Date: 30. Jan 99 6:18

From: Rich Bro <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 6:37
January 30, 1999

From: marwan <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 8:38

From: Renee <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 12:16
This chat rocks all!!!!!!!!!!!

From: chris <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 12:52
hi,i'm from scotland and i'm just passing by.

From: L@dyLove <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 15:16
I love you all!!!!!!!

From: ~*Spanky_Female*~ <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 16:13
i don't know what to say, just wanted to sign the geustbook(makes me feel special ha ha) well anyways, gonna go chat now*s*

Date: 30. Jan 99 17:38
Very nice URL. Thank you for the opportunity to explore this link.


From: aida torres <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 18:42

From: John Jowa <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 19:13

From: Lurchinmphs <>
Date: 30. Jan 99 19:39
Hello everyone, Just checking this out,am a male 29 years, and christian. I hope to see you in a chat room

From: cina <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 0:43

From: ash <ash_oops>
Date: 31. Jan 99 6:10
Somethin to surf about .its great

From: Cécile <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 6:24
allo ton toi. je t'adore

From: lacy <run lace>
Date: 31. Jan 99 6:31
this is really cool keep up the good work

From: Chowfun <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 6:47
Yup, been there, done dat

From: Isabell Duringer <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 7:29
detta är ju en rolig sida

From: koa lee <koa74a@webtv>
Date: 31. Jan 99 11:42
lookin for true love!!!

From: kalanikoa <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 12:11
just checking this chat out

From: koa lee <koa74a@webtv>
Date: 31. Jan 99 13:30
lookin for true love!!!

From: tiffany murphy <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 14:06
This site is really cool. I found it to be a lot of fun.

Date: 31. Jan 99 17:41

From: C.J. <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 18:06
a real nice place to be....from time to time....<'{{{{><......

From: Eric Davis <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 20:21
I am a 18/m from ohio

From: Louise <>
Date: 31. Jan 99 22:18

From: Sara
Date: 31. Jan 99 22:37
Hi Kanani King, I miss you. Call Sara.

From: Jenny <jhflinn>
Date: 1. Feb 99 4:46
l love the annmyous page with the Angels on it.

From: karen atkinson <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 4:58
i need to be loved!!!!!

From: Tori Z. <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 7:19

From: bsrf <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 8:46
this place is cool

From: Eugene <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 10:25
I hope, you meet alot of your friends there!

From: danielle
Date: 1. Feb 99 10:59
Hi i have never chated on love life radio but i heard it was great . it really must be thanks

From: Netha <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 14:16
Last night I went to my new love's home for the first time and the painting of "Cupid" was hanging on his living room wall!! What a coincedence!!!

From: Sweets 4 Ewa
Date: 1. Feb 99 17:01
I love to chat. It is the best way to meet people!

From: Ann <>
Date: 1. Feb 99 22:47
Hello everybody!!!!!!

From: Kainoa <hfo 9654740>
Date: 2. Feb 99 0:41
I love this place, Keep up the good work

From: spell <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 0:53
I love it. I'm incredibally romantic. and i enjoy every minute of it

From: Girl Power Girl <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 1:57

From: edita <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 5:41
This website is great! I'm enjoying a lot....

From: supergirl
Date: 2. Feb 99 7:37
this is cool

From: Girlstar97 <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 8:38
just visiting... im at skool right now waiting for class

Date: 2. Feb 99 9:05

From: Nicole <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 9:06
I love the letter i recieved i hope who ever wrote it would confess i would like to get to know them i i don't know them already!!! PLEASE CONFESS I"M DIEn to KNOW

From: Jessica <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 9:18
I found my sweetheart here, three years ago!! We are still going strong, so I have to thanks lovelife for this wonderful man...

From: Nicole green <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 9:34
realy nice site

From: Morne <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 11:06
Best chat room by far

From: shelley <>
Date: 2. Feb 99 16:16
in need of a real love to share my dreams with...any advice?

From: Michael Devenney <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 3:55
Freya! The new happenin' Dating Agency to hit the Love Scene. Based in the land of Saints and Scholars.

From: ANNA <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 4:000
great,verythings great;hosts and the people!!except SEX GOD and the other sex maniacs!!

From: Amber Smith <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 8:38
this is pretty cool

From: Robert Uher <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 12:02
Love has always been the wall in which I bounce my emotional rubber ball of spiritual validity off of. It seems that Love is the only reason I can see (age 33) that we were put here for. Children, (hopefully) are products of Love, and it is the only emotion that can take you in it's mouth and throw you in the air and about the place like some sort of dog's chew toy.... "Only Love can break your Heart", but without it, your heart whithers and eventually dies.... Pizza, Pakalolo and a nine volt battery with two bare wires, a little bit of human spit, with the right rythem, in certain areas of the body..... beautiful....

From: nina <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 14:14
desperately seeking relationship advice

From: Jacqueline Hurst <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 15:18
Beautiful website!

From: sweet thing
Date: 3. Feb 99 17:04
To whom sent the letter to me. I enjoyed the letter you sent me. But I would like to know more about you, so that maybe we might become friends.

From: Babyface boy <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 18:10
I think it is a great place where we can chat at

From: Tricia <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 19:000
Very interesting, offers a lot of insight into romance/passion.

From: OL@M@N <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 20:52
this chat room is the $hit!!!!!

From: rubiemay dumpales <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 20:55
it"s really funtastic....i love it!!!

From: MO <>
Date: 3. Feb 99 22:27
diZ place iZ da bestest!

From: Karin <>
Date: 4. Feb 99 1:54
The only thing I've been using on this site is the loveletter that I can send without telling who I am. I've send it to both my best friend and to my boyfriend. Well...nice site anyway... :)

From: Jenny Cornell <>
Date: 4. Feb 99 9:04
Very Interesting Page!

From: Lotus Blossom <>
Date: 4. Feb 99 19:18

Date: 4. Feb 99 19:28
Your colors on your web page are awesome. My dream is to visit Hawaii. I have been to Jamaica and Cancun and so on but I can't seem to get there. One of these days my dream will come true. LISA

From: Tunku <>
Date: 4. Feb 99 21:000

From: Ernst <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 1:57
Wow, this was a great surprise. I`M just dying to know who sent me the nice anonymous loveletter. Please, mail me.

From: Doug <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 3:24
Glad to be here!

From: dasiy chain <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 5:33
I love you!!!

From: HocusSmokeUs <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 5:33
la la la

From: Lani <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 7:49
I have heard alot of good things about this site :-)

From: Keith <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 8:13
You certainly are beautiful!! I've always wanted very much to visit Hawaii,but I'm on the eastern side of the U.S. and that's not too likely! Hope to get in a good chat soon!

From: Maria Öhman <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 8:53
Velig sida..

Date: 5. Feb 99 13:39

From: Chris <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 15:07
Brilliant let's have some more of this stuff. Oh while I'm here I'd like to tell you Only smarties have the answer!

From: Douglas Brooks <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 17:000
I love this site, and I hope to meet a beautiful young lady off of this site.

From: Fred <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 21:33
I strongly believe that true and sincere friendship is the greatest and most concrete foundation of higher levels of relationships. Whoever you are that sent me such beautiful words, I believe that you do as well. And when two people feel the same together, it would be like walking up the "Stairways to Heaven". Thank you.

From: Dawn Napuunoa <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 23:41
I think that the Hawaii Chat Universe is a neat place to chat. I just heard about it from a friend last week and I have visited it everyday since.

From: kelli <>
Date: 5. Feb 99 23:46
i just want to chat!!!!!!!!!!

From: Lani <Lanisheaven>
Date: 6. Feb 99 0:39
I have heard good things about this site

From: Romeo <,com>
Date: 6. Feb 99 5:37
thank you for opening this chat room.

From: Debi <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 7:10
I recieved a card from your site....i thought it was wonderful

From: sara strong <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 8:19
i like the chat room a lot it is fun to go in to. the only thing bad about the chat is the people who ask you to have cyber!

From: cutie333 <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 8:39
your website is the bomb!

From: jennifer claus <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 10:29
A friend of mine told me to check it out so I am about to do that.

From: Douglas Brooks <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 10:51
I love this site.

From: paul <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 11:09
what's up i need love

From: Andy <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 18:31
I read some of the wonderful letters that realy worked out or are going to and only wish it would happen to me. It seems like senior citizens are left out Gd Nite

From: marco <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 20:24
hi im new here and i dont know what im supposed to be tying for a comment

From: Debi <>
Date: 6. Feb 99 21:30
Loved the card i recieved from this site

From: Veronica <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 3:51
Hey folks!! Look I'm not really an American babe,but you can say that I am an Norvegen blond babe.So I've been chating whit you guyes and you are all okay to me.See ya all around,intrestent in becoming friends e-mail me sometimes

From: richard rose <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 4:45

From: gerhard <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 6:16
hi sweden was her

From: gerhard <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 6:16

From: Gloria Rodriguez Noriega <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 8:25
This is a great web site

From: Anne <9af2ztev>
Date: 7. Feb 99 10:37
some times verry sad and alone just would like to talk.

From: Anonymous
Date: 7. Feb 99 10:40
well this is my first time so i whish some one would help me .

From: Aislinn Nofuente <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 21:10
I really like your homepage. I like the color of your homepag. Anywayz, I just want to ask you a question. Is it bad to love your relative?Love as in IN LOVE.

From: Aislinn Nofuente <>
Date: 7. Feb 99 21:12
Great Homepage you got here.

From: Anna <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 2:55
I´m in love!!!! I´m so happy!!! Life smiles at me for once!!!

From: nikhilananda <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 4:30
just passing thru on way around the web...from maui[huelo] not think I can pick up 1080 out here!

From: kristin <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 11:19

From: brydeswood boy <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 11:47
wassup peeps!

From: Kanoelani Valdivia <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 13:000
Was born in Honolulu haven't been back since adoption in 1954 plan to visit for the year 2000.

From: Mindy <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 15:43
I love HCU. I come on here in my spare time!

From: kalehua <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 16:07

From: Gheila <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 19:10
I'm 22 yrs.old and presently a college student here on Ateneo de Zamboanga,Phil. taking up BS MIS and on the final year right now.This gonna be an interesting for me to be part of your program.

From: hildeliza <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 20:08
I do really appreciate to be part of this site.Hoping that I could find friends whom I can get along well.

From: Honda Fanatic! <>
Date: 8. Feb 99 22:53
I just wanted to let you all know there's a new website in hawaii,

They have lots of cool graphics, and a message base also.. just FYI

From: coolman123 <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 5:36
iam fit and sexey

Date: 9. Feb 99 5:36

From: hardcoreman <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 5:37
I am fit single still looking

From: debi <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 6:52
recieved a card from someone very special from this site.....<3

From: Tammy Wilkins <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 9:25
I would like some personal information

From: Jan Hohenberg <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 11:31
hello from scandinavia

From: shubho <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 13:18
i like this web site

From: Kristine <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 14:43
Pretty interesting stuff you got here... love to see more..

From: ELENA R <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 16:11
I really liked this anonymous letter thing. Is there any other type for different holiday's or occasions? Please let me know, Thank You


From: Candace pearson <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 17:36
Hawaii chat universe is a cool's the only place i chat.keep up the good work!

From: Shannan <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 19:14
Hi! You are all cordially invited to an online Pre-Valentine's Day lingerie party. Come check out Undercover Wear modeled lingerie at an online chat room party on Thursday, February 11, 1999 from 9-11 PM EST at From the demurely covered to the barely there Undercover Wear offers something for everyone and every body!

From: georgia elise <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 20:27
i wish i knew what i was doing but im glad i stumbled across this site.

From: Mahe <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 21:08
Jus' lovin' every bit of this chat room called HCU. The peeps in this chat is kwel like that. Mahalo plenty for the Kreation of HCU. Although, i've only been on HCU for about a couple of months I'm still havin' a good tyme. Anyways, peace i'm outties take care and Mahalo. Aloha and A Hui Hou, Sista Mahe "*~*grlegrl26*~*

From: Pieter Meester <>
Date: 9. Feb 99 22:07
Goodday to you all

From: sweet honey <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 2:24

From: Tammy <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 4:31
just visiting, was told about this place via a friend,

From: phwoar! <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 5:58
chill y'all in da house 2nite

From: Moonshadow <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 7:13
Hi Matt, Angelina & The rest of the crew!

I've been chatting in HCU off and on now for about 2+ years I believe. And HCU has seen me through alot of happy times, alot of tears, and alot of late sleepless nights. I just wanted to thankyou for making HCU available to the millions that find solitude and advice in your hands. And also I wanted to thankyou for allowing me to meet so many people from all over the world, which I have formed long and lasting friendships with; without Hawaii Chat Universe I am sure I wouldn't have had such an opportunity. I also just wanted to thank Matthew for his guidance and support through alot of shakey times, I couldnt even begin to explain how much my friendship with him means. He's one in a million! Well, thats all I have to say for now... Thank-you so much... and I look forward to many more years supporting LOVELIFE & HCU... *Always, Moonshadow...

From: Earl Ventura <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 11:01
This is my first time to this site. I hope I will like it.

From: NAKEDonMAUI <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 16:41
"Cool Site"

From: candy
Date: 10. Feb 99 17:46
free to talk to any hot guys that like a little chat.

From: *kandi* <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 18:10
Hey All! HCU's the best! Many grreat friends out there! In case ya don't know me, I'm kandi starr and I live in CALIFORNIA, baby!! My favorite letter's X, number-7, and color, blue, and thats all!! See YA!! Luv Alwayz, Kandi*

From: *kandi* <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 18:12
Oh yeah, I'm chatting now, so any hott snowboarding guys, b-tween the ages of 17-20 come and chat with me alright? Cuz, ya know, I snowboard, and it kicks ass!!!!!!

From: gary <garrosen>
Date: 10. Feb 99 18:28

From: dixee <>
Date: 10. Feb 99 23:38
my friend jack told that tjis hawai chat is really exciting

From: Lars Hektoen <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 1:35
Hello I am from Norway (28) male.' who are u?

From: Richard Dalton <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 1:56
Looking forward to the live radio and seeing more about Hawaii.

From: lacey <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 4:29
ok ... I am here now what?

From: Eliisa Mykrä <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 4:54
How can I chat on this line???

From: Ingrid Eomois <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 4:56

From: cute_dolphin <cute_dolphin16@hotmail>
Date: 11. Feb 99 6:52
Lovelife is really cool and i'd like to say thanx to those great ppl who made it! cheers!!! i have made so many new friends thanx to lovelife. Hey to everyone out there...visit the widest range of chat sites ever!! cutie -x-

From: fine2118 <dls6969>
Date: 11. Feb 99 8:40

From: Carol Whipple <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 8:43
I wish I could live were these people live but instead I have to live in the UP of michigan. so write to me.

From: tina <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 9:11
kool site

From: roughrida44(R.D.A) <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 11:29

From: summer ivy <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 12:42

From: babay anne <sweetflip_03>
Date: 11. Feb 99 13:27
hey!!i love ur homepage..

From: Fiona Howroyd <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 14:22
I left a message yesterday saying please stop sending these messages. This is really bugging me. I think whoever you are, you might be in the same building, and are too shy to tell me. I suspect every person I know/see, male and female! The painting in the message is hanging in the Museum & Art Gallery by the way. But I'm really not Psyche, ok? Surely it would be better to resolve and reveal yourself rather than to bug me? Think about it please. I really would prefer it.

From: devonne <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 15:02

From: Tarik Collins <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 15:18
I have enjoyed the stories on this website, they are very romantic, and sweet. I hope to capture the kinda love I have read here today. I recommend anyone one who believe thay cyber love does exist to read this page, you can learn alot from other experience, that will help you with your own. Thanks again, and I will be back to visit over and over again.

From: donna <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 16:42
hi!just droppin' by,,anyone who need a friend? well you can drop by at my homepage at byee!!!

Date: 11. Feb 99 16:53

From: jessica <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 18:07
this website looks cool!

From: DE80FENDER <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 18:19
This is a cool site.

From: kelli <>
Date: 11. Feb 99 22:28
Staying up late online has its advantages, I just happened upon this is a wonderful site.

From: Chad Baron <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 2:22
it was cool to receive (and send) something anonymously. But I'm clueless as to who may have sent me anything, wish I could get another hint as to who it might be. Thanks! chad

From: Patricia <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 3:47
Happy to be here!!

From: Amaryllis Garcia <F-Meal. 922 21st.>
Date: 12. Feb 99 5:36

From: KISHA <SPEC235846@AOL.COM>
Date: 12. Feb 99 5:41

From: eddie <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 6:01
great, absolutely fascinating

From: camilla <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 6:30
i´m in love with pontus axe´n and i hope that he loves me to!

From: therese <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 6:46
Tanx a lot too whoever sent me the letter....

i really appreciate.

From: Toth Iuliu Victor (Dr. T) <tothiuliuvictor>
Date: 12. Feb 99 7:18
Salut, la toate lumea. Eu sunt din Timisoara (RO) si as dori sa-mi fac prieteni pe aici. Am 20 de ani

From: wanona feller <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 7:33
im interested in learning more,and hopefully make a few new friends!!!!

From: christopher <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 7:48
i'm looking for a relationship. if your a female and looking for a relationship e-mail me please

From: helen <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 7:55

From: GerNs69 <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 8:15
this place is cool for looking for firends and stuffs!!! its ok and it is a good place for little ole me to jsut say hello.

From: cathie <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 12:19
i love chatting here!!!!!

From: Linda <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 12:54
I just want to thank the person who sent me this beautiful and thoughtful card. You are a sweetheart but why keep it a secret?

From: Playa <Dupaplaya69>
Date: 12. Feb 99 13:56
I love gurls

Date: 12. Feb 99 15:06

From: kate <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 20:12
I want to talk about my relationship

From: Beth Terry <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 22:03
Thanks so much for speaking at our ABWA group last night! It was great to see you again. You both look happy and in love, as always! Take care! Love, Beth

From: christine hawthorn <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 23:18
none..I wanna chat!!!!

From: mikky <>
Date: 12. Feb 99 23:30
im new to this,this is the first time i've been on this chat so write to me

Date: 13. Feb 99 1:57
Waht a cool site ? any one need love i hope he find it here ...

From: Rada <zolik.>
Date: 13. Feb 99 3:23
I am eighteen.

From: angel <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 6:49
dont have non yet

From: jennifer <MacKenzie>
Date: 13. Feb 99 8:14
I sadthis like 4 times YOU NEAD MORE ROOMS and whan you get them you e-mail me at jennypooh506@hotmail com and I`am not tring to beman or anething but likeyou nead it ok thank you

From: Amy Conaway <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 8:51
This is a great sight, and I really enjoyed it.

From: ANGEL m <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 8:59
dont no yet

From: alison <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 10:03
hey this thing better help me meet new people.

From: Minquan Feng <feng_mq@hotmail>
Date: 13. Feb 99 11:04
Happy a new day! Have a good year!

From: Tiana Martinez <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 11:38
This is a very nice web sight. I plan on seeing everything it has to offer. I love love and I am looking for love so maybe I ma in the right spot!!

From: Kristin <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 11:55
hello my name is kristin.I´m 15 years old .I live in sweden.

From: Marlena <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 12:12
This is a very exciting service!

From: jimmy <????>
Date: 13. Feb 99 12:22
you are cool

From: Erna Sigurdsson
Date: 13. Feb 99 14:57
The Valentine things you have is sooooo kewl I just love it.

From: Alyssa Bullissa <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 17:50
Yo! All u peepz in love... GET A REAL LIFE FOR CRIST SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!

From: John Kocii <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 17:59
What a rush!

From: Nancy <>
Date: 13. Feb 99 18:09

Date: 13. Feb 99 20:45

From: Noki
Date: 14. Feb 99 1:47
I´m waiting in the snow for the suneshine in my heart.

From: Jillian <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 7:01
hey everybody!Happy Valentine's Day! If I actually HAD a Valentine, I might like this holiday. But anyway......

From: Christian Sund <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 7:19
Happy Valentine´s Day!

From: Burnt <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 8:06
Just passing thru but kinda attracted to this site havent got the time to really browse thru will come back again Real Promising and interesting site.

From: angel(m) <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 10:31
non yet

From: carol <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 10:58
this as been a great deal of fun

From: Marc <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 12:37
Who is this secret admirer? The mystery burns inside me. I wish I knew who it was so I could thank them for the nice gesture, and possibly get to know them. Whoever sent me this, "Thank You". Look me up if you can. Happy Valentines day!

From: Joe <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 13:36
looking for a female to chat with... anyone out there?

From: kalehua <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 16:35

From: Toni Crum <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 17:12
How are you?

From: Dan <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 18:38
I just want to thank the person who sent me this beautiful and thoughtful card. Why keep it a secret? My curiosity will drive me nuts. Whoever you are I sure hope your single.

From: amy pasqualicchio <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 20:21
hi everyone

From: Ash <>
Date: 14. Feb 99 22:48

From: David <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 0:31
I think this site is really interesting and fun to be on..

From: Keith <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 3:27
Interesting letter...

From: baby girl <coo8614539 @>
Date: 15. Feb 99 6:48
it's the bomb !!!!!!!!!

From: candygirl <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 12:03
hello everyone

From: ALBERT <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 12:40
i wuold like to know who are interesting in em@il me i want to be your friend

From: candace <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 13:03

From: angel(m) <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 13:43
non yet

From: suprfsh <damill2>
Date: 15. Feb 99 13:53
just visiting

From: Shane <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 16:29
Never heard the show, but the concepts are more apart of me, than breathing. Thank You both, for keeping the Flame alive!

From: Pablo <>
Date: 15. Feb 99 20:10
Thank you for whom ever sent me a valentine's card. I would also like to hear from you in person.

curiously waiting, Pablo

Date: 16. Feb 99 1:09

From: Tara Perry <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 4:18
I like it. I think that it is nice.

From: June Maae <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 6:51
I really want to be a member of this Hawaiian stuff. Well I'm from Samoa, a beautiful Island.

From: m_kessen69 <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 9:41
i liked the room

From: Sandra Duong <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 12:31
I really liked your Hawaii chat Universe. Can you add the personal relationship selection-men seeking women and vice versa.

From: Inez Roether <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 12:50
Nice place to be and the colors are pretty and be able to meet alot of people in a short time.

From: valley <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 13:31
I am stoked on this website. I am a kauai girl that is going to school on the mainland...Its nice to log on and chat with some HOMEGROWN HAWAII VIBES!!!!!!!!!!

From: drplk <damill2>
Date: 16. Feb 99 13:53
lets rock and roll!!!!!!!!

From: thomas williams <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 14:47
interesting sight...I like it. conversations should be interesting...Thanks.

From: LiL_KaUaI_SwEeTiE aka Sunny <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 14:59
This place is COOL! but right now I can't get through because it says "your host is locked out"...what's up with that?!

From: rodney <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 15:50
i am really excited about this chat site. i am looking forward to it.

From: cookie <>
Date: 16. Feb 99 21:12

From: cuz ii
Date: 17. Feb 99 1:05
Aloha to all.

From: ESSY <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 11:32
this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: angel(m) <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 11:44
none yet

Date: 17. Feb 99 11:56

From: craybay <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 13:54
I am new to this. Alooooha, to everyone. Anyone wanna chat with me.

From: Carelle Calvan <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 16:44
Ilove this web site.

From: Candy
Date: 17. Feb 99 17:44
Nice lovely girl who is sweet and cute!!!

From: HoneyGirl
Date: 17. Feb 99 19:07
HI Everyone!

From: angel(M)* <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 19:31
none yet

From: Becca <b_lablanc>
Date: 17. Feb 99 21:52
I had a wonderful time and appreciated all the help!

From: Jannicke <>
Date: 17. Feb 99 23:26
Blond, Norwegian, 19, my friends say that I am a Party-girl because I always know how to make people happy - at least for a little while, at the time I have three different types of jobs and I go to school. I am a sekretary at an acconters office, I also work at the Town library and at one of the local bars as a jacket gard. I love getting to know other people, do you!

From: Raff <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 1:04
I watched you've got mail last night and it intriged me so much I've decided to try out a chat line.

From: foxwoman <noteveryonegetstohaveit>
Date: 18. Feb 99 1:34
i love this place!!!!!! its a fantastic way to make new friends and chat with old ones from all corners of the globe! i especially love the fact that you get privacy using 'private messages'! the people are all great here!

From: rich <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 3:20
Hello, I love to me people.

From: Tinky <uh huh *lol*>
Date: 18. Feb 99 4:47
hi!!~~~just wanna say keep up the good work at hcu and im glad i found this place to chat cuz i wouldnt have met my baby without it *S*...see ya everyone~~Tinky~~

From: gerald landry <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 5:09
I'm seeking the one female that could put a little spice into my life, and if you feel that you're the one....e-mail me!

From: kehaulani <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 8:43
first time here

From: Lilinoe Yen <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 9:25
I would like to sign up for hawaii chat.

From: ~*iSLaNdSUgAR*~ <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 11:19
this is a perfect place to be!!

From: Miamisouja <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 11:22
Someone sent me a card from this site and I would like that person to e-mail me and tell me who it is.

From: angel(M)* <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 12:34
none yet

From: patrick ching <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 14:27
this rules

From: Anna <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 14:53
I really like your site,it's a joy to come visit

Date: 18. Feb 99 15:07

From: Sean <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 15:50
Hi...i was just visiting your site,,,and WHAT A SITE....i love of the best....thanks for letting me drop in, Sean

From: juby john <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 17:39
it is simply superb

From: chelsey <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 18:37
welcome, from the Garden Island of Kauai.

From: Kuriachen <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 19:47
It is interesting and meaningful.

From: Angel <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 20:05
Can someone please e-mail me and tell me how I can arrange a cyber wedding?? Much Thanks

From: tinkerbell <>
Date: 18. Feb 99 23:46
I just want to know what are the happennings going on here.

From: leeana <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 3:26
Very good site

From: James Bittner <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 5:12
Beautiful colors

From: rebelsm <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 6:40
This looks interesting.

Date: 19. Feb 99 10:30
LOVELIFE- My husband Mark and I still remain "The Worlds Longest Kissers" 29HOURS hows that for a LOVELIFE!

From: roughrida44 <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 10:39
I attend Cerritos college and I use the computers at school. The problem is the webmaster booted out the whole school for using foul language.

From: Andrea Sproxy <a_sproxy>
Date: 19. Feb 99 12:53

From: KC420 <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 13:46
Aloha everyone, wassup on dis wonderful Aloha Fry-Day?

From: Jessica S. <To my love one Joey S.>
Date: 19. Feb 99 13:53
Dear love one, you are sweet Love, Jessica S.

From: Kimberly <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 15:45

From: Rick <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 16:16
Bring it on!

From: Joseph <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 16:45
very interesting.....

From: asha_L <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 16:54
i love your site

From: king <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 16:59

From: Sofia Rios <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 18:17
This Hawaii Chat Universe is really cool

From: alarabbit <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 19:10
I would like you to E-mail me because I am a daze and comfused man.

From: cindy <>
Date: 19. Feb 99 20:24
there is always a first time for everything.

From: Amanda Schogelvich <`>
Date: 20. Feb 99 0:19
very lovely page

From: Lynn Eastman <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 7:42
It was a pleasure to see you both last night at Maureen's. Looking forward to spending time in the future. Love, Lynn

From: Teresa Inglês <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 9:29

From: kAthrYn Or kAt <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 12:59
nice thing you got here

Date: 20. Feb 99 16:43

From: harley
Date: 20. Feb 99 16:52
I am looking for help with my marriage

From: happysocks <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 17:52
hi I am ready to enter a chat room do not seem to be able to

From: Brandee Kaneshiro <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 22:43
Your chatting area is da bomb.

From: Michael T. Taal <>
Date: 20. Feb 99 22:52
At last i found web for love.I'll say that Love finds its way whenever you are in World.

Date: 20. Feb 99 23:21

From: Steve <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 1:08
Aloha! Let's play!

From: moff <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 4:50
i really enjoy your room i've meet a lot of cool people here!thanks for all the fun!

From: hrary <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 6:01

From: pequena <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 6:28
so how does all this worl. I'm kind of new at this/

From: brandy <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 8:34
this is my first time here and I just wanted to check it out

From: Carrie <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 10:04
Good Job coming from Oklahoma.

From: skip
Date: 21. Feb 99 10:13
hi from wa. state

Date: 21. Feb 99 14:06
I like your site alot...

From: L <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 14:30
Great site !

Whoever sent me the card...thank you. I have no idea who you are but it was much appreciated, if anonymous :)

From: Jamie <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 16:20
Hi there - just found your site during my lunch break - here in Papua New Guinea. Am 26, and it would be fine to make a penpal with a Hawaiin (girl that is!). tenku tru bye

From: jen <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 19:37
different chat rooms are neat, meeting the new people is great, hope to meet lots of people.

From: Edith Acosta <>
Date: 21. Feb 99 21:07
i would like to be in contact with other locals from hi

From: PacDaddy_69 <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 3:54
Just visiting to see how beautiful you all are. 6ft, 190, goldskinned, brotha, Medium build, tight faded haircut, neatly groomed, waiting 4U.

From: Chantelle Vea <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 7:13
i like it alot

From: veloria <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 9:41
Nice homepage!!!!!!1

From: m_kessen69 <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 10:13
any guys that wanna chat with a 15/f/In with blonde hair, blue eyes 117 5'3 email me

From: thelover17 <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 10:14
17/female/looking for hot guys who wanna chat

From: TootsieRoll425 <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 12:09
This is the best chat room;HCU. I had the best conversations with a lot of different people, I even helped a couple get back together in this place. I met new friends and I come back here a lot! Hi tazz, Amanda, Vegas, Boy7, Johnny, Wailele, Mellow Yellow, Peabrain, and anyone else I have chatted with before! It was fun! Talk to you later!

From: george1usa <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 12:48
i am just visiting

From: Jordan <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 12:59
I am cool and like people

From: Melissa ( 12 ys. old ) <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 13:14
This is very nice but the problem is i dont know how to go in i mean all of these chatrooms r full and boys that r 12-14 please e-mail me soon at my new screename giggles99 or at giggles63 chill :)

From: Crystal <EvaWest>
Date: 22. Feb 99 13:20
Hmmm, Hawaii. Me likes.

From: tresa21 <tresa2>
Date: 22. Feb 99 13:51

From: amber <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 16:11
I wanna chat

From: Garland Greene <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 19:45
Hi, and hello will you send me a teen girl who is willing to be a freind, if Latina, Chinese or White the better. Thanks PS give me a single one and still

From: Manish Talwar <>
Date: 22. Feb 99 22:54
A great site,very well made and very beautiful

From: Jessica Havela <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 1:23
Ni har en bra hemsida........


From: Rashawna Faith Davila <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 3:22
I am really enjoying Good Job thous far.

From: liels garcia hernandez <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 4:31
i would like to have friends for speak and interchange ideas.

From: aimee harper <p.h.s.>
Date: 23. Feb 99 7:35
i would really enjoy listening to your love life raio show. maybe one day if i go there. till then party!

From: tommy <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 8:31
could i have a free login. if can, i am very appreciate,,,,,,,,,, tommy

From: bill bridwell <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 14:12
excitment needed

From: loulou <synpatico>
Date: 23. Feb 99 15:12
hope l be in love

Date: 23. Feb 99 16:58

From: Greg <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 17:02
just checking in to see what to expect on my vacation to hawaii

From: ahmad <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 19:03
i really like that site

From: Maria21 <wendya77>
Date: 23. Feb 99 19:36
Hi my name is Wendy, from the Philippines and I would like to meet neew friends here in your website , And by joining through your chatting I know I can gain a lot of friends overseas. Thanks!

From: Kristen Goodson Tackett <>
Date: 23. Feb 99 20:12
I love the show! I wish I was there in Hawaii RIGHT NOW!I love Hawaii! I visited Maui last year and Honolulu and Fell in Love. I felt a connection with the land! Bye now.

From: Matt Romanov <tank-05>
Date: 24. Feb 99 1:23
Hello all!

From: ines scobee <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 4:47
hello..i would like to visit a chat room

From: Maria Dexborg <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 6:33
I would like to send out a hug and kiss to everybody in the world.

From: Jessica <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 8:21
I got three of these letters and don't know who from ?

From: PinkMafia <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 8:44
shout outs to everybody else in Hawaii... have a rockin day!!

From: dtru
Date: 24. Feb 99 8:48
hi, what's up ?

From: angie <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 10:20
very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Anhchi vo <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 12:15
i want to know more about love and very interest about this program

From: Gaile Murata <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 13:06
I wanted to try this site by a recommadation from a friend

From: Charis <TO GO27044>
Date: 24. Feb 99 14:01
I would just like to say that you guys are great!!!!!

From: pia <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 21:20
have a nice day.

From: Diana L Larsen <>
Date: 24. Feb 99 23:56
Great,just Great!!

From: suzy <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 0:26
Umm, congratulations...

From: Lilla Florez <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 2:26
I just wanted to say that I love my David...

From: Mary B. (Spitzmiller) Storey <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 3:28
This is a fantastic site, and I especially like your anonymous love letter. Thank You!


From: ankit agrawal <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 6:40

From: sidnei <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 7:52
unfamiliar wit what type of program this is, would like more info.

From: Becki Hodge
Date: 25. Feb 99 9:45
I think your page is excellent. Ihope to one day go to Hawii.If n-e one wants to write my address is p.o box 418 Lenore,W.V. 25676.Also my number is 304-475-2605.C-Ya******:} Bye! I hope you write or call.

Date: 25. Feb 99 11:12

From: kalani
Date: 25. Feb 99 12:55
this chat line is the BOMB...its good keep it up?

From: alarabbit <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 14:56
this chat room kicks ass!!

From: Dave <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 16:09
I'm moving from Portland, Oregon to the Leeward coast area of Oahu in a few weeks. While surfing the net, I found your site. It looks great and should be a lot of fun. Who knows it might even help me find some new friends in Hawaii. Just a few more weeks and I'll be enjoying some real surfing. Look out Makaha, Big Red is coming!

From: young rider <>
Date: 25. Feb 99 23:29
First time here, what is this place?

From: Annie <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 1:28
Hi Everybody !!! Im a swedish girl and if anybody wants to mail me SO DO THAT !!!!!

From: stor <stor288741>
Date: 26. Feb 99 2:26
wonderful site

From: Maka <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 4:08
The side is very interesting. When I am looking on one, I dream about wonderful summer. We have still winter here in Denmark. You are waiting for a nice day, we for a nice evening It is 3.10 p.m a clock. Ferbuar 26th

I will try to look often to your side Kind regards Maka

From: Kristi Ahne <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 5:24
I wanttoget more infno on becoming a kindergarten teacher.

From: luis <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 5:35
The message I have received has really touched me. Those were some beautiful words and stated what is really felt. Thank you for this and thank whoever sent this. God be with all of you.

From: sunflowers <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 10:58
chatting gets to be really adicting!

From: Jack Honetor <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 14:01
Interested in your chat room

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 14:17

From: jocelyn <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 16:11
I like your site its cool. I hope you'll write on me.

From: Brandee <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 16:12
hey there is some pretty cool stuff in here well see ya later!!!!!!!!

From: ben gillard <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 20:36
Life , what a blast.....

From: Q_Man <>
Date: 26. Feb 99 20:50
was a nice experience the first time out

From: hagay singer <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 5:44
hello world my name is hagay singer and i'm from israel good morning sun shayn

From: Vanessa <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 11:28
Just wanted to say Hi! I would love someone to e-mail me "Why guys like girls". I've read it, but I don't have a copy. It is sooo sweet.

From: Jennifer Gebauer <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 13:55
Just looking for something new and interesting....

From: AprilFire <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 14:52
I have nothing to go by as yet. I am looking forward to visiting your site.

From: sandra <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 15:01
interested to see what gives.

Date: 27. Feb 99 16:11

From: Kim <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 17:55
great site

From: Jenny <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 19:48
To Whomever sent me the anonymous card: Thank you so much, it truly brightened my day. The words, especially at the time I received the card, were a source of inspiration to make me get through another day with a positive outlook. The angel, one of the most beautiful creatures in my estimation, holds a special meaning to me, and the angel on the card is no exeption.

So, to whomever the special person is that sent me this lovely greeting, I bid you love, harmony, and much peace. Jenny

From: Rolette <>
Date: 27. Feb 99 20:14
i would like to have fun in here and to lively up

From: Fia <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 6:13

From: Brandee <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 7:35
I think dis chats cool! I just wanted to see if I can get in touch with a "KOLOHE"? He dont know me personally but I seen his websites and his pix he's cool! I just want him to email me when he gets this, cuz I like know all about him?? Oh another thing I was wondering if was possible to fall in love on the computer (in this chat and all)? If get anybody whos just like talk to one 19/female from Oahu just email me okay Mahalo's and Malama Pono.

Date: 28. Feb 99 7:37
Itz jus' me again, I wanted to say whats up to some frenz like dat...ICP,MElia,Kauai_Boy,Handsome Boi,and Sammy P. By da way Sammy you a real sweetheart!!

From: Chelsea <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 9:46
I love the chatting! Cool!

From: Harry Murray <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 10:31
Referred to your site at our HCC class in February 1999 I find your site interesting with a lot of stuff going on I'll keep checking it out. Mahalo

From: jackie
Date: 28. Feb 99 13:42
The experience was awesome!!

From: georgie guerrero <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 16:05
Hiya! I love chatting here!!!! It's a great place to make friends and to get away from reality!!!! I'm so glad that people like you made a chat place for local people and people all over the world!

Mahalo, Georgie a.k.a. sierra

From: Terry <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 17:27
Great site though...but check mine out on French Kissing

From: Wendy
Date: 28. Feb 99 18:43
Hi anyone there?

From: Fausto "Innocent (m)"Allosada <n0cnt@ . >
Date: 28. Feb 99 20:17
I'm a very shy guy, but not very hard to talk to. If you like dark-skinned, athletic-typed guys, then I'm your man. There's certain reasons why I use this handle, and if you'd like to find out why, just email me, or better yet, just wala'au with me when you see me in the room. Alohas to all my island bruddahs, and especially my island sistahs.

From: sunshine cabato <>
Date: 28. Feb 99 22:02
hi there i just want a friend ... email me ... Thank you !

From: Rae(of light) <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 4:39
"You do it to yourself you do and that´s what really hurts"

From: Lien Badeo <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 6:57
I don't know what to comment. Anyway, I like ur website. It's cool u know. i hope all the people here in this site are also cool.

From: Jennifer
Date: 1. Mar 99 9:02
Great Site! Check out this site too!!

From: sunflowers <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 12:18
chatting gets to be very addicting!!!

From: Adam Neal <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 13:09
Love is what makes the world turn. "Don't criticize love until you have met the one that steals your heart from before your very eyes."

-Adam K. Neal

From: sportie <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 15:21
i met a new friend in your chat room its really fun nice site

Date: 1. Mar 99 19:000

From: Ken <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 19:02
This sight is the bomb

From: Yolanda Cruz <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 19:13
single 44f and loving life..

From: sapphire <s.sapphire@mailcity>
Date: 1. Mar 99 19:22
please explain what really love is?

From: madz <>
Date: 1. Mar 99 19:27
what do you mean when you say ILOVEYOU to a certain girl.

Date: 1. Mar 99 19:50

From: sanna <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 1:000
om ni vill ha mailkompis på nätet så skriv helst killar i åldern 14-16 och bara så ni vet så är jag bara 14 år maila snart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Kim Nichols <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 7:11
I love this place. I found true love from this chat-house, and I just wanted to say thabks

From: Tesa
Date: 2. Mar 99 7:31
I need advice.This guy I like came to see me on my job. And I did not speak to him. Now he does not want to talk to me. I apologize but sorry does not work for everybody. What should I do?

From: kayla <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 8:20
Hey this is kayla from Wisconsin just thought i would stop to say hi

From: cyndi collins <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 8:37

From: patrick ishida <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 10:51
i want to chat

From: Kristin aka wild orchid <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 12:32
i would really like to be a part of that meeting of the monitors will you email me with the info. i would like to become one of them...

From: noel melendez <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 14:04
great pictures send some to my e-mail.

From: ching.adjad <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 15:43
i luv it

From: Kitty <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 17:57
Nice friendly person with a humour personality and loves to chat with hot guys.

From: jonathan siazon <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 18:17

From: Michael J. Beard Jr.(Energiser) <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 18:27
Thanks to this site,I have met the love of my life(Wailele).Thank you HCU.

From: danielle <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 19:52
i think your website is very neat, and i visit it on a regular basis and send some cards from it....

From: danielle <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 19:52
i think your website is very neat, and i visit it on a regular basis and send some cards from it....

From: Paris Salido <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 20:57
Love your website and I'm in awe of your multi-talents. I'd love to lead some workshops like yours as I feel it would be good therapy for me and others. We need more radio like yours--positive, I assume. Will check it out too.

Many blessings and prosperity to you that you may continue shining your brilliance the world over.

Paris (Los Angeles)

From: Elizabeth <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 21:02
The hawaii chat is not working

From: adidas_playa87 <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 21:59
Hooo Baddah!!!!!!

From: Raciel A. Armodia <>
Date: 2. Mar 99 23:25
Dear Matthew Gray, Hi! I want to say thank you for having this love life open on the net. I wish you all the best and I hope that you'll attain happiness and prosperity in life. Always do the best and I'm sure people will admire you. Hope you'll write me soon.... Warm regards, Rae

From: Kandy <>
Date: 3. Mar 99 6:35
I love this idea. I hope you get more cards. Thanks.

Date: 3. Mar 99 9:22

From: sofiawati <flaviana83@mailcity>
Date: 3. Mar 99 14:28
i don't know about this chat

From: stacey <stacey_brennan>
Date: 3. Mar 99 18:24
i like talking to aggressive but intelligent male

From: Bud Williams <>
Date: 3. Mar 99 19:26
I just discovered this web page and it look really neat.

Date: 3. Mar 99 22:17
I'm alone and I'm waiting for my woman.

From: TinyToon <M-O.Glatz@FH-Wolfenbuettel.DE>
Date: 4. Mar 99 2:22
Is there any nice girl, who wants to talk with a german guy?

From: pernilla <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 2:51
Im happy!

From: autumn lermon <kitkatty14@hotmail>
Date: 4. Mar 99 4:11
want to visit chat room:)

From: Mr Tord Hegseth <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 10:24
I want to have a letter from a girl in 30-40 years

From: adidas_playa87 <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 11:23
Wassup Everyone....!!!! Peace..!!!

From: Linda <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 12:07
Hi! I am from Sweden...... Very nice site you got here!

From: jay <j_boy18>
Date: 4. Mar 99 13:38
i cant get in the chat line wat should i do

From: Michelle
Date: 4. Mar 99 15:21
Hi.. I really think this is cool.

From: Tina <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 15:31
actually, well, hmm.....! that's all i gotta say

From: Porn*star* <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 17:01
808 represent!!

From: Nicole <>
Date: 4. Mar 99 19:35
Love the site... I'm in L.A. looking for my love life partner... Love your inspiring love story... the best of love to you!

From: alohagirl
Date: 4. Mar 99 22:35
i love to go to the beach and just kick it all day

From: terry <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 2:44
this is most definetly my favorite chat room. most of the people are nice. and i met my now girlfriend in your chat room. its a grat room

Date: 5. Mar 99 7:000
THIS SITE IS THE BOMB!!! we must realise that love makes us live happily together. we must also realise that someone,like myself, is capable of stealing you heart, right before your very eyes!!! Only females allowed...

From: babe
Date: 5. Mar 99 12:07
Aloha, I am currently writing to you from Auckland, New Zealand. For anybody who doesn't know where that is, we're Australia's nextdoor neighbor.

From: Tom <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 12:12
Aloha from Germany !I love Hawaii.... Visit my Homepage Mahalo

From: niihau aloha girl <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 12:26
aloha owau o niihau aloha girl

From: guchi <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 17:01

From: nichole charterina <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 19:07
I love your talk show and the chat rooms!

From: lyzette <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 20:47
nice background, hope i'll find friends!!!

From: jwdavid <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 21:12
i like your site but it's kind of confusing so please do s something about it

From: Aero II(m) <>
Date: 5. Mar 99 22:15
an excellent chat site..

From: Natenarin <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 1:41
everything is ok

From: Lani <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 9:31
Hallo and tata!!

From: Someday love
Date: 6. Mar 99 9:37
Your site is fantastic. I feel closer too the one I Love (No matter how far apart we are) because of your words. Your clip about the X spot? My Love and I know exactly where thats located. Listening to that show brings it all back. thank you

From: Bonita Ruth Carson <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 11:03
I was in Hawaii from September 1993 to September 1997. I really miss everything in Hawaii!

From: shadytc <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 15:04
Hello, I typed a story last week to the love life stories page, I was just wondering if anyone received it yet, the title was Christopher. Thankyou.

From: gerry <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 18:000
i like talking!

From: Natenarin <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 19:40
I think it should have many pictures of Hawaii place...

From: stephamie <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 21:32

From: hottie808 <>
Date: 6. Mar 99 23:17
Hi to all my Hawaii friends keep in touch at for those who I've met here. This is a great chat that I recommend to all my friends! Aloha

From: chispa <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 0:44
I am calling from spain

From: Icemaiden
Date: 7. Mar 99 3:18
It's great.I love it.

From: andrea
Date: 7. Mar 99 11:25
hi, im having love problems of my own

From: michelle may <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 13:03
just checking it out. . .

From: charles <charles396>
Date: 7. Mar 99 13:27
white male age 30

From: mako <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 14:03
here goes!!!

From: Rosel santillan <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 16:40
It's nice to be part of this exciting web site

From: POLSKI <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 17:23

From: JoLyn <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 19:02
I love to chat with people. I do not get into cyber sex what-so-ever. If you are into that.... do not e-mail me. All others, feel free. I will write and chat with you.

From: bill <>
Date: 7. Mar 99 19:44

From: Philip <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 10:48
Hi, I am anxious to hear what is on Love Life Radio

Date: 8. Mar 99 11:52


From: Pony Chick <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 11:53
I really luv chatting on love life. Through it I have met some VERY interesting people. I see myself as an ambassador of lovelife and I encourage everyone to spread the word. Rock on Love Life!

From: (Paris) Kam <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 13:19
Love life (Keep it up)

From: DTS <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 14:41
I recently received a love letter from my "Secret Admirer" and I am dying to know who it is, if you know who it is, please let me know. the notorious TQman

From: jay <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 17:30
i love life!!1

From: steph21 <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 17:47
i would like to join the chat room now

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 17:48
there so many nicole, i cant find the right one does anybody knows me..hahahahahahahahahahahahah very funny...nicole where are you i missed you a lot....

From: Ivan <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 17:53

From: maricel agac-ac <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 20:04
hello,this is my 1st time.hope i'll enjoy.

From: islandgirlfromOK <>
Date: 8. Mar 99 23:46
what's up to my peeps out there!

From: Melanie <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 0:39
Hello, this room looks great

From: jessica <none>
Date: 9. Mar 99 4:02
let's go

From: HawkS19 <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 9:14
You can get a great look at a t-bone by stickin' your head up a bull's a**, but wouldn't you rather take the butcher's word for it!

From: Mitch Wolfe <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 9:44
This is an awesome web site!

From: Donald <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 11:10

From: pesky <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 15:27
I really like the way u allow HTML to be used but i think u should work on a scolling chat page that way it dosen't change pages every time u enter a chat other than that i really like this web site

From: needmore <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 16:10
was just browsing the www.

From: David Duran <>
Date: 9. Mar 99 19:32

From: dakine
Date: 10. Mar 99 11:19
hey, this is pretty cool. I LOVE HAWAII!

From: Chelsea <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 12:38
HCU is great!!!! I love HCU!!! Hey everyone check out my pages-


From: Reyjay Baniaga <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 12:54
Hello! this is my first time and I'm hoping that I could find some friends to talk with 'cause I'm kind a depress right now.

From: Hayley Schubert <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 13:11
This chat is cool!!

From: Reilynn <lotus_84@hotmail>
Date: 10. Mar 99 13:45

From: Nate Vareberg <Joan Vareberg@>
Date: 10. Mar 99 15:000
Does anygirls like to ridehorses in the summertime. Hello my name is Nate Vareberg I live in Hawley MN you can call me at 218-483-4231

From: del_h <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 15:33
I would like to know people of same age as mine, who are interrested to know things from diifferent culture. By the way, I'm 19.A college student. I'm in Phil.Kindly answer my letter at my email add. and please send me some email add. of people from different places Thank you.

Date: 10. Mar 99 15:48

From: Rossana Palma Canto <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 17:24
This is my first time in this chat. I hope this space like me.

From: jeLLyBeaN GYrL <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 17:52

From: jamela <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 21:08
nice tto be here!

From: jamela <>
Date: 10. Mar 99 21:08
nice tto be here!

From: Nick <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 2:51
I would love to met SEXY SARAH again.

From: glacialman <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 4:52
The love is anything!

From: Nick <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 5:20
Still waiting for Sexy Sarah to drop me a message.

From: johanna <johanna_e76>
Date: 11. Mar 99 7:37
good site

From: excited <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 8:15
would like to check out the sit

From: ~~alohagirl~~ <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 8:52
to all you good people at HCU you da best...these past couple nights have been so much fun....never laugh so much keep up the good work and to my new friends out there...menace...kainoa..bddd..alchemist...and especially you Alfrost1 a big mahalo for the laughs and frost thanks for the roses....hugs and kisses to all of you and surferboy no forget my aku next time!!! aloha all ~~alohagirl~~

From: Virgo411 < >
Date: 11. Mar 99 9:37
This is my first time in here.I really do not know what is going on.Please explain.

From: LaydeeDivine <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 9:53
Hello everyone!!!

From: Leggs <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 10:28
*S* enjoyed the an addicted cyber flirt and cyber partner I feel your tips to guys are great. A cyber affair can become long as the rules are well established..the encounter is to be brief and no strings attached..*S*

From: Trish <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 12:03
I love these chat sights

From: adidas_playa87 <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 12:39
wassup everyone !!!!!!!

From: Jon Murphy <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 14:05
I sent my girlfriend an e-mail from here and if she sees this i love you Anna G.

From: Kemomi <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 15:34
Pretty kool site........very intersting =) keep it up and skalohaz \m/ much luv to da localz

From: Belinda <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 17:24
Nice site

From: Luckym017 <>
Date: 11. Mar 99 21:54
I'm hawain and a little black

From: BADGIRL <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 4:30
im looken for a good man to e mail me and send some picture.

From: Cool Dude
Date: 12. Mar 99 5:20
No Comment.

From: sharon crawford <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 6:54
Fun to listen to and very enjoyable

From: maia <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 7:21
I like this because it has a lot of locals on it, the only thing I don't like is the wait for your messages... maybe you could make it as to where we could all talk at the same time? and....make more rooms... there are times when I try to get on and all the rooms are full all fo them... LOL.... but hey I like visiting this room... keep working on it, I know you guys will come up with something that will satisfy these locals.. eh?? Aloha maia

From: Tiffani
Date: 12. Mar 99 7:36
Want to chat with interesting people. Any out there? Please Reply. Preference: SWMale 35-45 yrs.old,that already has a LIFE! Share...

From: Ian
Date: 12. Mar 99 9:57
I like stuff in my house it makes me happy. I get lonely sometimes. No one likes talking to me when I'm leaking.

Date: 12. Mar 99 11:19

From: barbie
Date: 12. Mar 99 11:34
wassup im from the other side of the globe and wish to say a big hello to everybody.

From: francisco <unisal-Brasil>
Date: 12. Mar 99 11:39
Your site is very beauty and I loved to entry on of you

From: francisco <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 11:44
Your site is very beauty and I loved to entry on of you

From: RainBow Casey <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 12:42
beautiful site. I'm happy tonite- walkin' in a lovin'wonderland

From: Tina Skirvin <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 16:24
I really love your show

From: John <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 16:54
Hi my name is John and I come from Australia and am in Hawaii right now, looking for that special lady.

From: Eric <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 17:29
Aloha all. Let's chat.

From: Kaipo <>
Date: 12. Mar 99 18:27

From: Annie <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 4:04
I wish I knew who sent me that beautiful "secret" note. Will you ever revel yourself? I'll be anxiously waiting.

From: chatney
Date: 13. Mar 99 6:01
I'd like to listen in on the show

From: kolohe girl <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 15:32
howzzit peoples see yah

From: gina <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 16:36

From: John Foster <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 17:17
hay hay hay good stuff

From: joe <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 18:25

From: *Evel*P.W.*
Date: 13. Mar 99 21:52
All I got to say is ????????????????????


From: liz <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 22:14
its great very interesting iam not from hawaii iam from the east coast ...this just makes it seem like iam in hawaii and i soon will be there in april for business cant wait..keep up the good work....liz

From: Iukekini <>
Date: 13. Mar 99 23:55

From: Sandy Webb <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 6:46
First time here and I love it.

From: Kev <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 7:42
I want to meet loads of interesting people and this is the place to do it! Excellent site.

From: ian <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 8:41
This is a very interesting method of Love Letters. Keep up the tremendous work here people. You make people feel good. Great website!

From: Beth <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 8:43
This is great!!

From: mary grace <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 17:04
how can i join this game cause i want to enter in your game only new to this kind of game so kindly write me in my e-mail address. I will wait your response to me. I hope you will considerate me.

From: dog <>
Date: 14. Mar 99 19:11
yo-i'm cool n stuff

Date: 15. Mar 99 0:36

From: gigi
Date: 15. Mar 99 1:24
I want to take part at the Hawaii chat universe!!!

From: How <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 1:28
i like this

From: Cattie ! <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 3:22
Jag ville bara säga att jag älskar Emil Lindberg över allt annat på denna jord ! Och Petra Nackmar är världens bästa polare !

From: porn*star* <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 9:30
808 represent

From: Teresa Salazar <chica_05_22@hotmail>
Date: 15. Mar 99 11:06
I think that this Hawaii chat is the BOMB!!! Even though I live in Cali,I need to find me a fine Hawain to chat with..Whoever made this chat room I "thank you"

From: Mako <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 15:51
back again...

From: stacey <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 16:15
great site!!!

From: Honeylette Roble <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 16:42
It's really cool!

More power to your program and God speed.

From: cling-cling <lexyriez@eudoramail.comm>
Date: 15. Mar 99 19:48

From: Dyna <>
Date: 15. Mar 99 21:14
Hello everyone!!!! Hope I can also find some nice friends in here too!God bless you all.

From: <m.villahermosa>
Date: 15. Mar 99 22:56
Oh! I like the topics tackled in here.I enjoy reading it....

From: Gordon Reber <N/A>
Date: 16. Mar 99 0:06
just new to this chat thing

From: richard rasmussen <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 2:15
i'm looking for love

From: Josephine <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 3:39
It is good to be back on the chat line

From: K_LUV_LEE <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 6:27
this site is the coolist

From: ann <lovwe6>
Date: 16. Mar 99 8:000
Im looking for love still

From: jenny love
Date: 16. Mar 99 8:04
lookin 4 love!!!

From: SARA MILLS <------------------------------------>
Date: 16. Mar 99 10:20

From: Bej Stephens <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 13:19
When will it be possible for me and my boyfriend to get married? We are a gay couple in Chicago and we have been together for three years. We want to make that committment, but don't know if/when it's possible. We are both very wealthy and will travel somewhere if we have to, but where, how, when and how much. We aren't fags, just to let you know. We are straight guys who happen to love each other and, well... we have a great friendship and an awesome sex life. He just got out of the Marines and I'm a trainer at the gym he started coming to. We are normal guys so don't look at us weird, but I do want to know the answer to this question. And do you think it would be as important and meaningful if we just had a gathering of our friends and made a bond in front of them?

From: Jace Nosack <None>
Date: 16. Mar 99 13:57
I love lovelife

From: emmelie <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 15:14
its my first visit here !!!!

It`s great.Hope someone will send message to me.Keep up the good work guys and gals!!!!!

From: chloe <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 19:15
I do like yr page... it's very nice

From: J-Money <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 19:24
I hear them talkin' When we go walkin' They stare me down On us they frown

They don't know how we feel They make it a big deal Just let me hold your hand On every grain of sand..that I can

Find on all of the beaches of the world

From: Arnel Atienza <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 19:54
Just visiting. Hello everyone.

From: Dejavenus <>
Date: 16. Mar 99 19:59
I like it! I like it! I really, really like it!

From: jean rizzigale samson <jeanrizz@ssmileyface>
Date: 17. Mar 99 0:30
keep it up so good

From: Wanda Bean <>
Date: 17. Mar 99 9:35
Thank you so much for helping me find a mate

From: cincy <>
Date: 17. Mar 99 9:59
You know who this is.

From: Natasha Morlan <>
Date: 17. Mar 99 10:40
I think that I need help with my love life..

From: jimmi <e,>
Date: 17. Mar 99 13:40
I really injoy browsing your network

From: raissa curato <>
Date: 17. Mar 99 16:33
your website is fabulous.

From: funkydude <funky@hotmail>
Date: 17. Mar 99 17:46
heya sexy

Date: 17. Mar 99 18:48

From: Luane Guiotto
Date: 18. Mar 99 1:46
Was very nice to visit

From: sunu <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 2:15
Pretty cool site

From: Carolin
Date: 18. Mar 99 3:31
Matthew is the coolest and sweetest guy on the planet. He is also a great chess player.

From: Sheri Ferdeanna <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 6:11
The stories I've read really are touchinh & I'm wishing all the best to everyone out there & may all things work out for the best for all you! God Bless!

From: greg <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 6:14
livin' in vegas

From: diane <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 8:56
just trying this for the 1st time don't know if this is working let me know

From: Brenton Tom <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 11:41
hook it up

From: Lindsey and Crystal <,>
Date: 18. Mar 99 12:13
we are bestfriends and we both went out with the same guy Chris Baldwin a real @$$hole and he used the same lines with the both of us a real loser

From: Stephanie Babcock <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 14:45
I am going to be a famous singer when I grow up

From: fahad <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 15:22
by accident i found this web site, but its amazing and interesting. thank you.

From: luis michele <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 15:47
quisiera conocer gente de todo el mundo

From: angel <>
Date: 18. Mar 99 16:36
Love your site! It's a real labor of love. Keep up the good work!

From: fredie teves <fredietvs@yahoo,com>
Date: 18. Mar 99 19:04
i just wanted to have friends in other countries.

From: adrian <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 1:45
Am a university student in England. 5ft 11"" 22 years of age, studying engineering, am very social and thought I try this chat program for a bit of fun anyone what to talk

From: Gurra <Gurra_cross>
Date: 19. Mar 99 5:25

From: ayman <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 6:13
Ilove you Ich liebe dich J;ame

From: GoT SkRiLLz?
Date: 19. Mar 99 7:59
SuP PeEpS! DiS sItE iS pReTTy DoPe yo. GoT mAd GiRlz uP iN tHe ChAt RoOmS. AiGhT i'M oUt. LaTe!

From: Ghertie <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 12:47
I am looking for AMIRKABIR!!!!!

Date: 19. Mar 99 12:52

From: Iceman <jazz_e19>
Date: 19. Mar 99 13:06
I think that chat is good but everytime i get kicked out cause of the computer security system so then i get tired of restarting so then i leave

From: brad <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 13:52
im theman n louisiana

From: Robert <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 14:11
no comments

From: sexaholic(f)
Date: 19. Mar 99 14:46
wassup from the other side of the globe, thanks for having me on board.

From: sara j (lil' sis) <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 16:16
still missin' everyone @ hcu...I'll be back asap...this'll always be my "chat birth place" May God forever bless you all! sara j

From: christy mascariña <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 17:23

From: jessica <>
Date: 19. Mar 99 17:54
howdy! i love hcu and this whole site. it rulz and thanx for making everything so simple and understandable!:) much luv jessica

From: susie <dsthrone@childress,>
Date: 19. Mar 99 18:54
let's get talking!

From: susie <dsthrone@childress,>
Date: 19. Mar 99 18:54
let's get talking!

Date: 19. Mar 99 19:02

From: MaRk6521 <>
Date: 20. Mar 99 0:59
Wassup everyone. If any girl wanna chat, I'm the man to chat with. Here's a rose to all the ladies out there. @------}-------

Date: 20. Mar 99 6:40

From: Kanoe <kanoeikaika>
Date: 20. Mar 99 10:42
I'm looking for a girlfriend

From: Brandy Murrell
Date: 20. Mar 99 15:07
Hello Everyone how are you?

From: Kevin <>
Date: 20. Mar 99 19:28

From: pt <pt4fire >
Date: 20. Mar 99 23:19
big surf

From: Damon <>
Date: 21. Mar 99 5:42
Just having a quick look from over here in the Lakedistrict, ENGLAND. Hope I find some answers.

From: Beatrice <larsson_beatrice>
Date: 21. Mar 99 6:13
Thanks for the beautiful card who ever it was from! Much Love from Gotland

From: Craig <>
Date: 21. Mar 99 7:31
How sweet! An anonymous love letter. Makes me feel like a teenager again.

From: Brian <>
Date: 21. Mar 99 9:45
First time user, recommended by

From: Sinead O'Brian.
Date: 21. Mar 99 11:28
I am an irish actress and singer living in L.A. I have been extras in many famous films.

From: jeLLyBeaN GYrL <>
Date: 21. Mar 99 15:45

From: kylie jones <hotchick>
Date: 21. Mar 99 18:56
I love the email. I think it is groovy


From: daddy <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 2:02

From: Mokaa baby...?1 <ALPETRAQUEEN@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 22. Mar 99 2:12
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..every body why you are .... SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo....... COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL....? Byeeeeeeeeeee

From: balwant jain <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 9:52

From: Cliff <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 10:48
Live life don't let life live you.....

From: juggalo <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 14:06
cool place

From: satan <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 16:26
looking for sexygal

Date: 22. Mar 99 16:52

From: Gretty <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 17:52
Great website!

From: Kuulei <>
Date: 22. Mar 99 20:39
I just would like to say that I enjoy being a part of the Hawaii Chat Universe. I think the chat rooms are very easy and fun to meet people from here in Hawaii.

Thanks to the people who created this site.

From: Andreas. O <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 0:51
If heaven is a place on earth, this must the site of heaven.

Love from the cold Sweden.

From: Grace Bambridge <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 7:37
I really love your chatline. It is one of the best on the net!

From: Johan <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 8:20
Im seeking hi and low wherever i go

Date: 23. Mar 99 10:52

From: Ervin Arnette <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 11:28

From: helen <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 16:05
love isnt love until you give it away

From: butterfly <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 19:25
just want to share my love problems anybody listening?

From: big dog <>
Date: 23. Mar 99 21:26
u da bomb

From: victoria <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 0:20
the red background on the love stories pages is so hard on the eyes, and it was a pity because it's an interesting portion of your website .... otherwise, it's very cool !!!!

From: Crystal Middlebrook <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 3:21
This is a great web sight!!! Absolutely Magnificient

From: bob <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 5:32

From: Joakim <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 7:40
Me: Male 16 from Norway You: Female 15-17 from anywhere Us: ohh... ;-)

From: Garry <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 8:25
first time user

From: La'e A.K.A Polynesian Sedusa
Date: 24. Mar 99 9:39
I have enjoyed chatting in HCU for the last two years. Mahalo for everything!!! I would like to send Shout-Outs to all my Ohana on Kauai. Stay Sovereign!! Because we is da Hawaiians!! Me Ke Aloha Pumehana, "P"

From: nascarwoma24 <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 10:06
Got here thru a friend i met in TALK CITY auto-racing who also is a 24fan tenn DAV.. I always whatted to visit Hawaii but was unable so i guess this is the next best thing. Thanks DAV for this site

From: tim <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 14:57
i thank all of you for sharing your story .if i could only get this thing to send mine id love for you to hear about the love ive found

Date: 24. Mar 99 15:38

From: Mr Kim S <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 17:22
New listener this week!I lived on the island for three years when just start school ,miss it vary mutch.I live in Vancouver Canada now ,Its the Hawaii of Canada eh!Kim

From: Melissa <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 18:25
I thought that you site was really good. It was great that I could send love letters to people without them knowing

From: shin <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 20:41

From: pete <pt4fire>
Date: 24. Mar 99 22:38
lets get jiggy

From: Nellie Bear <>
Date: 24. Mar 99 23:32
I love this site !!!. Great Job !!! Aloha Peeps !!!

From: Teddy <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 1:31
Just loved Hawaii last year!

From: Reggie Lee <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 5:06
I enjoy this site very much abd look forward to more of the same

From: ziggy <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 9:23
I need love.....

From: LoveDocter:) <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 12:12
Chat with matured females

From: kathleen Palmer <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 14:12
Just wanted to say kewl sight. My husband is a radio announcer here in Timmins, Ontario. Canada.

From: Jorion20 <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 15:07
I think that it is such a great idea for people to get help with love and relationships. Keep up the good work and you two will forever prosper.

Peace & thanks Jorion20

From: j. alejandro vega. <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 17:08
Favor de enviar inf. en espanol.

From: tracie <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 20:38
i have met many peple from HCU i just wanted to say it's great and i really enjoy chatting with people thanks and keep up the good work

From: Anna <>
Date: 25. Mar 99 23:47
Yo!!! Mail me.... jag har respekt för min badrumsfläkt....

From: Crystal <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 6:37
Hello, it is nice to be here.

From: Erwin <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 7:29
Nice 2 meet various people from various places

From: Carelle Calvan <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 8:53
Hcu is very fun to meet other peoples. I really have fun in there..thank you HCU..

From: Ashley K. <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 11:48
I the Hawaii Chat Universe chatroom, I always go to it. I am a regular user. Thank you Lovelife for creating this chatroom! Mahaloz....~*Kauai_Chick*~

From: Rachil <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 12:28
any hot boys?

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 13:32
I moved from Hawaii recently and I don't like it here in Texas. Hawaii is beautiful!

From: Carry <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 15:53

From: danielle steel
Date: 26. Mar 99 16:55
hi ...

From: Paradise Keale <>
Date: 26. Mar 99 17:19
dis room is one killa place!

From: Kelli <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 6:14
Love this site

From: Baby <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 8:10
Hi everybody

From: iris rodriguez <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 10:57
a través de esta vía quiero manifestar mis pensamientos, mis ideas y sentimientos hacia mis amigos y personas queridas, esta es la mejor forma.

From: Bill <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 11:27
just checking this place out!!

From: Janet <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 12:33
This is cool!

From: scooby_94605 <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 12:42
looking for single females 18-24 to talk to

From: May Ling Ceballos <>
Date: 27. Mar 99 17:14
Este instrumento es maravilloso para enviar mis pensamientos.

From: sheryll <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 2:21
good luck and godspeed

From: sarah <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 4:46

From: Nihad Kenno <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 10:50
I liked the secret letter I received today. I only wish I knew who sent it to me! I will now send such a letter. Have a nice spring!

From: Kristen <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 14:13
This is great!

From: praveen <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 19:41
hai anyone

From: Dione <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 19:52
I have met some very nice and interesting people. It is a fun experience to chat with all these people. Yet some of them are pretty rude!

From: Amy Nicole <>
Date: 28. Mar 99 21:22

From: perv011 <B16SI>
Date: 28. Mar 99 22:20
can i chat

From: jo shaffery <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 2:09
hi how are you?

From: Chelsea <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 6:57
I love this site, it's really helpful. For me anyway, I bet you've done good for many lovesick people such as myself. Thanks!

From: Stefan <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 13:18
Greetings from Germany!

From: mary rachael jamison <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 13:52
It was a really nice web site

From: CyBeRcHiC#17 <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 14:20
love to shop, tal on the phone, and eat junk food.

From: Mari <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 14:41
wussup! this is the first hawaii chat i ever been to and its da bomb!

From: tee <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 15:07

From: Kelly <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 18:06
This is a great site!!! This is something which I can share with my boyfriend who is so far away.

From: Craig <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 19:33
So I've been waiting over a week for some clue to the sender of the anonymous love letter I received. I mean, what's the point of sending such a lovely come-on without any further hints?

From: GRACE <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 21:02
i would like to join in.

From: venus <>
Date: 29. Mar 99 21:17
I like this page

From: kausik sarkar <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 8:50
i am indian male 24 like to meet people from diff place with different mentality,i hope this site will help me to meet my requirement

From: *LIZ* <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 9:05
hallå...jag ville bara titta in och säga att jag älskar Joakim Truedsson, Höör, SWEDEN

1000 kramizzar och 1000 puzzar från LIZ

From: sara
Date: 30. Mar 99 11:03
I need some advice. Me and my man have recently been reunited after a one year separation and we are finding it hard to get back "into the groove."

From: macker <eoinmac>
Date: 30. Mar 99 11:55
hey there everyone

From: wonka <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 13:38
I think that this chat universe is the best.

From: Andrea <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 13:40
I am looking for a decent guy and I am hoping I can find one in here.

From: marissa calvin <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 16:33
i jhuz want to know more abou his thing so please email nmehh back by giving me more info. Thankyou

From: Alicia Buist <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 16:59
Da Bomb!!

From: angie salvador <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 20:14
i guess its cool to hear from your love life radio

From: Cory Penaranda <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 20:23
I hope that the access is fast and the people in the chat room should respond quickly.

thay's all, coryPz.

From: Jason <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 20:54
Cool Stuff

From: big cat <liger23>
Date: 30. Mar 99 21:09
lets try some

From: Stacey McDonald <>
Date: 30. Mar 99 23:34
The chatrooms are really awesome, it's so much fun talking to people on the other side of the world, especially when you come from NZ like I do! Keep it up guy, go hard!

Date: 31. Mar 99 3:56

From: Daphne <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 4:54
I just wanted to find out what this web site is about.

From: Ervin Arnette <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 7:12
love listing to your shows on realplay Thank love your shows

From: Tanya <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 8:53
Hi everybody! I like Hawaii chat rooms here. It's a great! I come here with one my special friend to talk. & thanks to these chat we can be together ... I hope that all couples will be joined by Hawaii chat. Be happy! love each other...

From: Natalia Meidico <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 9:38

From: nada <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 11:15
que es esto'???????????

From: Rachel <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 12:54
Hawaii is so cool!

Date: 31. Mar 99 14:26

From: freaz1 <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 14:44
i need a love life

From: Nica <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 15:04
ur chat rooms are so cool.

From: Redhot <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 18:22
Wussup, Wussup!!!

From: nona preston <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 19:46
I'am loveable and pretty.

From: khalid gassem <>
Date: 31. Mar 99 20:40
l love life

From: Dee follett <ddii>
Date: 1. Apr 99 3:26
I just want to say that I have found the most wonderful guy in the world. I see the sun rise in his eyes when they open Dee Loves Lee!

From: Ervin Arnette <>
Date: 1. Apr 99 4:32
love your shows

From: isa <>
Date: 1. Apr 99 5:16
is this gonna be fun?

From: Makee Miyahana <>
Date: 1. Apr 99 8:31
I love the pictures. Looking at them makes me feel like I'm at home.

From: maria <mzuniga@hotmail>
Date: 1. Apr 99 13:07

From: ans <>
Date: 1. Apr 99 22:26

From: Leader of the Pack
Date: 1. Apr 99 23:42
Run with the Pack

From: terry <>
Date: 1. Apr 99 23:48
first visit

From: Leslie <>
Date: 2. Apr 99 0:01
Aloha, greetings from lancaster,CA i'm just checking out this site.....i'll comment later. Thanks L.

From: misty69_17 <>
Date: 2. Apr 99 9:21
Pretty cool site

From: Disco Diva <>
Date: 2. Apr 99 10:53
Best Chat room ever!!!!!!

From: Maria <mzuniga@hotmail>
Date: 2. Apr 99 11:02
This is my first time hearing about you guys, and Iam interested in knowing more.

From: dani4u2c <>
Date: 2. Apr 99 18:11
Hello. I'm new to this one...

From: alysia
Date: 3. Apr 99 4:15
I Love my baby.....

From: MISSY <>
Date: 3. Apr 99 6:46
German-lady 34/170cm blonde lg. haare,zuckersüß he meld dich mal wenn du zw 30/35 bist! TSCHAUI

From: Paula <>
Date: 3. Apr 99 8:41
Love your site... :) I met my husband to be in a chatroom.. :)Keep up the great work!

From: Trejon
Date: 3. Apr 99 9:10
Love to be out doors and take my time with life and everything in it.