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From: Matthew Gray (Creator of this Web site) <>
Date: 6. May 98 Time for Love...
It's such a treat to be able to bring the world to so many people every single day. This Web site's focus is on improving the quality of life for one and all. Our traffic is up over 13 Million Hits Per Month now and we want to thank all of you for your continued support. Be sure to visit the rest of our Very Delicious Web Site and also check out our previous guestbooks {see the links just above} for thousands of great potential friends.

Warm Aloha from the Paradise of Hawaii...

Matthew Gray
Honolulu - May 1998

From: chris wong <>
Date: 6. May 98 23:46

From: Cristy <>
Date: 7. May 98 10:08
someone just sent me the sweetest anonymos letter... I love this site...its really neat.

From: Haw'nLocalGirl <>
Date: 7. May 98 12:31
I really enjoy Hawaii Chat Universe. It's fun being on, that it gets you hooked on it. I like chatting........

From: Haw'nLocalGirl <>
Date: 7. May 98 12:47
I really love and enjoy Hawaii Chat Universe. It's fun being on, that it gets you hooked on it. I like chating.........

From: michele <>
Date: 7. May 98 20:25
this is a fun and interesting site

From: ernis
Date: 8. May 98 3:11
hej hej jag var här

From: Sjarrel < !!>
Date: 8. May 98 6:44
Love your chat !! Visit -- Sjarrel's Fun Site for :
Games, downloads, homepage stuff, DOOM comic, hackers section, suck charts, 268 chatlinks, virus info, sue bill clinton, electric chair, jokes, confession booth, wailing wall, fun facts and SEND POSTCARDS !!

From: michelle <>
Date: 8. May 98 12:24
i think this site is great! it's help me a lot in my love life!

Date: 8. May 98 13:09
YOUR chat room laks signs like the middle finger and other nice pieces, good communication is not only this perfect churchly crapp that I think you are promoting at th emoment an dI think that the site is actually cool but please add some expressions that help!!

From: Stussy
Date: 8. May 98 13:59
This is the best chat rooms I have ever visited!!!

From: l walker <>
Date: 8. May 98 22:27
I don't know what to type. Just logged onto this site. I love the postcard pictures. Sent two postcards. I love visiting Hawaii.

From: Charmain Jardine <>
Date: 9. May 98 6:39
This is a rather interesting website. This is my first and I am enjoying it. Keep up the splendid work. I hope I am able to meet and make a lot of friends on this site.

From: Ma. Theresa H. Platon <>
Date: 9. May 98 9:01
This is my first time to drop by here and its nice to know people around here are all friendly. Have a nice day!!!

From: Johnny Blaze <>
Date: 9. May 98 23:08
Looking for a "cyber lover" or just a little harmless flirting?" If so, I'm your man!

From: Amy <>
Date: 10. May 98 9:27
What a fantastic place to visit. I would love to have a secret love out there somewhere. I'm married but not dead! Love to chat, so get with me if you are interested. Straight males over 30 only need reply. Thanks

Date: 10. May 98 12:52

From: naomi <nomee_rules>
Date: 10. May 98 14:38
how do u answer these letters??? other than that...pretty cool

From: Vipul <>
Date: 11. May 98 8:03
Quite interesting,nice and informative site.

Date: 11. May 98 10:04

From: Gresham <>
Date: 12. May 98 20:01
I would just like to wish Sarah C. a happy night and that I love her with all my heart. I hope one day that we can be togeather forever and never ever have to say good bye. She is the greatest thing that has ever happe ned to me and I don't know how to live with out her now. Sarah C. I love you!!!! And I can't wait till you are eternally by my side. Always and Forever

Date: 13. May 98 7:45

From: Julia & Louise <>
Date: 13. May 98 7:53

From: Lisa <>
Date: 13. May 98 11:10
The Letter was beautiful. I just wish the sender would reveal themselves so that I can truly thank them. (If whoever you are, are still too chicken to tell me .. THANK YOU anyway :) )

From: Kristen Jones <>
Date: 13. May 98 11:28
I wish you all the luck in the world . I really admire the two of you! I just want to wish you two a long and happy life toghether!

From: sonic7 <>
Date: 13. May 98 23:58
rooms look good... just needs a little work. Tired of scrolling up and down to send a message and clicking the 'new message' button is 'humbug' at times... otherwise good job. I chat here often than other chatting areas. THANKS

From: hrtsdsire <>
Date: 14. May 98 17:52
Fun site.

Date: 14. May 98 19:29
COOL DUDE!!!!!!!

From: stanlee <>
Date: 15. May 98 0:19
hope to join one day

From: DURIF <>
Date: 15. May 98 0:55
Please have a look at my site

From: Wan Yongfang <>
Date: 15. May 98 7:15
I read the whole page which is attracted me. I tried to order a ticket to Hawaii but the question is I couldn't get the map, Is that possible for me to get a derection?

From: Steven <>
Date: 16. May 98 1:000
I'll give it a try and will see.

From: eric
Date: 16. May 98 9:01
from what i can tell you are a love goddess already

From: snowdeer <>
Date: 16. May 98 11:06
beautiful message

From: Young & Modern <>
Date: 17. May 98 21:19

From: stephanie <>
Date: 18. May 98 6:51

From: Diana <>
Date: 18. May 98 12:18
I liked some of your advice about relating with the opposite sex. Keep up hte good work

From: Diana <>
Date: 18. May 98 12:24
I like this space. I liked some of the advice that you gave about the opposite sex. Keep uo the good work!

From: Jim <>
Date: 18. May 98 14:41
I heard this was a wonderfull place to start out with you new online lover so that is what we intend to do right here

From: skid989 <>
Date: 18. May 98 17:39
i am intrested in what the people are like here

From: Charmain Jardine <>
Date: 18. May 98 19:39
I'd like to find out who is my secret admirer. This an exceptionally interseting site.

From: timothy
Date: 19. May 98 18:28
I love girs.Hot ones.

Date: 19. May 98 18:29

From: Kathleen <>
Date: 19. May 98 18:59
This is an awesome thing to see... Thank you......

From: ChristopherH.Wallace <>
Date: 20. May 98 12:17
You guys have made my e-mail more romantic when i send it to my fiance.I just want to thank you for that.

Christopher Hugh Wallace

From: Nikki Ouderkirk <>
Date: 20. May 98 18:57
The Hawaii Chat Universe is great.

From: patty jo kuhns <>
Date: 20. May 98 19:01
just wanted to say hi from washington state!!!!

From: Son Gohan Lai <>
Date: 20. May 98 23:59

From: stephanie <friends>
Date: 21. May 98 7:10

From: Markku <>
Date: 21. May 98 8:23
Great Place!!!!

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 21. May 98 21:08

From: Monkey <>
Date: 22. May 98 1:55
Thanks for this site. It has helped me with an assignment I need to do. One suggestion though would be to section the stories into Successful and Unsuccessful relationships. Thank you once again. I may even visit this site again one day.

From: mesut <>
Date: 22. May 98 9:52
ý am sýngel . I am fýnd a grýl frend please send e-mail me

From: ci ci
Date: 22. May 98 17:55
i heard that you're the best so i'm trying the best

From: Jamie aka Local Girl <>
Date: 22. May 98 19:22
I just wanted to say your site is pretty good your chat room not bad people seem nice well keep up the food work see ya!

From: Richard <>
Date: 22. May 98 23:19
I have had lots of fun here in these chat rooms. I was told by chatguy that two minites before time was up. several of us got this message. I hope that it not a hacker. Thanks for the chat rooms.

From: Hadi Jaafar <>
Date: 22. May 98 23:34
Angelina, You remind me of actress GINA LOLOBRIGIDA (equally beautiful as you are) in her younger days. Will come back to HCU again later to take a closer look. Meanwhile, all the best from me in the far east ( i am on the opposite side of the world)

From: KIA <>
Date: 23. May 98 6:24
HI THERE !!!! I come from Sweden and first of all : excause me for my bad english. I was in the USA last year for the fist time and I love USA and the people. I will be back for more holidays!!! I were in Florida and all was great. Now I surfing around and you have a nice site. I like the romatic letter you can send away!!! Have a nice day!!! Visit my homesite:


From: Jillybaby <>
Date: 23. May 98 14:38
I submitted a cyber love story for a great guy as a gift to him, but that was a while ago now and I am wondering when it will be up on the site?
From: Florian <>
Date: 23. May 98 15:58
This site is great. I met my dreamgirl with this site.

From: Malin <>
Date: 24. May 98 13:36
My darling; Henrik, I Love You so much that no word in the hole world, can explain how strong my feelings are for you!!! We have had our trouble and God knows It hasn´t been easy ! But biggest, strongest and deepest is The Love, and if the love is strong enough it will survive ! I hope we will have a real life together - soon, after all this, that keep us apart. I know that you love me, and you know that I love you, that isn´t the problem... We know that! Love, peace and understanding!!! Love U all... Malin from Sweden.

From: Malin <>
Date: 24. May 98 13:45
Förresten; Om det är någon som läser detta, som vill ha en ny vän, skicka ett mail till mig, jag söker en ny vän i Sverige! Det bästa man kan ha är en bra vän!!! Kram och hej ! Ps.jag är 26 år. Ds.

From: Dawn Rimmer (Howle) <>
Date: 24. May 98 21:08
I love your site. I recently got this sent to me via ICQ by my online love. He was surfing the net one time and found it, so he decided to send it to me. We have been coming here regularly ever since. Thank you!!!

From: cat
Date: 24. May 98 21:23
why is it that my computer freezes after so many minutes

From: maureen <>
Date: 24. May 98 22:13
found you through a link of a station in "passport to world band radio" !!

From: Mad Mac <>
Date: 25. May 98 5:30
So, here I am again. 'cause this is the place 2 B when you feel down, as we all do sometimes! Thanx 4 bein' here guys, it DOES make a difference!

Mac's Out!

Jeeves says hi!

From: Jerry Radford <>
Date: 25. May 98 18:06
Great story

From: GiNsU-x and GiNsU-x's Girl <>
Date: 26. May 98 0:54
Just wanted to leave our marks here....go and visit this's the bomb... heheh cuz it is GiNsU-x's page! -- Click here to see what you will find! *hugs* -- buh bai!
GiNsU-x and GiNsU-x'S gIrL

From: Sharon <>
Date: 26. May 98 4:29
Great site... it's changed amazingly since the last time i visited!!!! (a long long very long time ago) !!!

From: stephen fisher <>
Date: 26. May 98 10:53
got letter expererd like to know who sent it

From: LVME2X <>
Date: 26. May 98 13:58

From: deanO <>
Date: 27. May 98 3:37
i like your chat rooms!

From: Sandy Rhodes <>
Date: 27. May 98 15:23
Love it...keep up the good work!

From: MYSTERY M@N #27 <>
Date: 27. May 98 17:48
first visit!!!!!! had a blast ..... thanks! *hugs* *S* see you around*wink*

From: Lois <>
Date: 27. May 98 18:32
would you please write me?. you sound like a very nice and interesting person.

From: Gary <>
Date: 27. May 98 21:000
found this site to be exciting, educational and fun-keep it up

From: Ken (Midnight Moon'..) <>
Date: 28. May 98 0:09
Hi there. I just wanted to THANK HCU so much for what you've done for me (and my Queen). Around the middle of April-97 I got my Email connection, the week after I found HCU one night when I was surfing around. Then after c hatting there a week (April 29th to be exact) I found Midnight Moon..My wonderful love. We've had a great time after that, I've been 2 times over in the USA with her (Im from Norway) and tomorrow we've been "seeing" eachother for 13 months. I have now pur chased my One-way ticket to USA , July 8. Then we'll finally be back togeter 4 GOOD..*smile*. So again I just wanted to say THANK you for all you've done for US. You can also visit my HP to see more about Me/us and Norway

From: Leah Homer
Date: 28. May 98 20:24
Groovy - How's it going?

From: Jessbella <>
Date: 29. May 98 8:35
I meet a goofd friend of mine again in your chat room and I am glad that we can chat all the time even though we are far apart.Keep the chat rooms working! Hi to CAT and Lordshade! I going to miss you too!

From: Jessbella <>
Date: 29. May 98 8:37
I meet a goofd friend of mine again in your chat room and I am glad that we can chat all the time even though we are far apart.Keep the chat rooms working! Hi to CAT and Lordshade! I going to miss you too! Keep the chat rooms up ... I shall return!

From: Landmine <>
Date: 29. May 98 12:02
Great site...... Hi all.. :) Hope to talk to you some time ...

From: danny burns <>
Date: 30. May 98 23:37
i really enjoyed this site it is wonderful thanks to my friend doobug i was able to find it cann't say enough about it.

From: Penny McElvain
Date: 31. May 98 19:12
Aloha!Thank you for some of your suggestions on relationships. It has helped me and my kuuipo!!!

From: Penny McElvain
Date: 31. May 98 19:16
Aloha!Thank you for some of your suggestions on relationships. It has helped me and my kuuipo!!!

From: cecilia <>
Date: 1. Jun 98 7:15
hi! i like your chat. it's good!


From: Katy Easley
Date: 1. Jun 98 8:59
Marlyin sent me here and I have no f'ing clue where in the hell I am at. But this place is ok even I don't have a clue what I am doing here.

From: stephanie <>
Date: 1. Jun 98 9:12

From: Bill Reynolds <>
Date: 1. Jun 98 9:55
i liked all the pages but will be getting back to them when i get time thank you for leting me see them

From: Alissa <>
Date: 1. Jun 98 11:47

From: juliet
Date: 16. Jun 98 15:54
it's a cool spot. One suggestion is that you get a variety of pictures for the anonymous love letters

From: Karen Sturgess <>
Date: 17. Jun 98 5:44
A wiseman learns more from a fools question than the fool learns from the wisemans answer.

Date: 17. Jun 98 5:49

From: Mikey <>
Date: 17. Jun 98 5:57
It's okay, it would be nicer to see all the "chat" happening at once. Seems slow, maybe the hour that I was on. But I'll visit again soon. Mahalo.

From: EmILeNe <>
Date: 17. Jun 98 9:24
JuSt WaNt tO sAy KeEp Up tHe GoOd JoB aNd I ReAlLy EnJoY GoInG tO tHiS ChAt!! GoOd LUck aNd BeSt WIShes!! =)

From: Kelli <>
Date: 17. Jun 98 10:05
This site is really sweet. I loved romanticism and this is the perfect site for that. Well, thanks again and keep up the good work! (c:

From: Beau <>
Date: 17. Jun 98 11:44
this is a good thing

From: RAVEN_13 <>
Date: 18. Jun 98 12:31
this place is pretty cool wish i knew how i got here oh well aloha

From: Janel aka *~angelic_eyes~* or *~Kauaolikokalani~* <>
Date: 18. Jun 98 14:10
I jus' adore chatting here in HCU! It's such a neat experience to meet new friends. This is we're I meet a few special chatters who have made life for me a much easier one being there for me & helping me make a few of my goals & dreams come true. You know who you are so there is no reason for me to mention them. Keep up the great work all of you are doing!!! See the rest of you on HCU take care & a hui hou

Much Luvs, the precious & sweet angel on HCU

From: Patrick Charron <>
Date: 18. Jun 98 14:20
Cool Hawaii Chat! Too bad not everybody in Hawaii chats online! Anyways, great to be here! ALOHA! and here's a gift

From: Deanna <>
Date: 19. Jun 98 15:43
Just stopt by, love to hear from you all.

From: Layla <>
Date: 20. Jun 98 9:27
Hi ya Matthew..just stopped by to check out the famous HP! Great page! I look forward to talking to you again in HCU! Take care *S*

From: Çhåmørrü™ <>
Date: 20. Jun 98 17:13
Andrew, you should really consider putting at least one picture of yourself on your pahe so that wee know what you look like 8o)

From: Jean <>
Date: 21. Jun 98 19:19
I have enjoyed your site so is so interesting!!! I know how these people feel!!! I am so glad that there is a site where people feel free to ex- press themselves openly! Thank you for taking interest in other's feelings and allowing them to be themselves...whoever and wherever they may be!

From: Charles Rancourt-Poulin
Date: 22. Jun 98 7:20
Salut, Je suis un super beau gars pédophile qui aime me succer.Si tu es comme moi ou tu veux me commenter écris-moi.

From: Claire Ruffin <>
Date: 22. Jun 98 8:42
Great job ! Hope to come again soon on HCU !

From: anthonydavis <>
Date: 22. Jun 98 9:28

From: Alissa
Date: 22. Jun 98 11:47

From: doug hunt <>
Date: 22. Jun 98 22:25
great. just have to get used to the lingo,etc.

From: mesut <>
Date: 23. Jun 98 6:03

From: ariel <>
Date: 23. Jun 98 9:51
I love it here! I have met some of the coolest people. I would also like to say hello to all of my new friends- Ya'll are the best.

From: Mary Ann <>
Date: 23. Jun 98 14:46
Hi! I just received an anonymous love letter. Thanks to whoever it was that sent it to me. Great site! I love what you have here! I will visit Hawaii Chat universe real soon. Ta Ta for Now!!

From: rcarland <>
Date: 23. Jun 98 21:56
I love you baby

Date: 24. Jun 98 7:52

From: Xavier Xavier <>
Date: 24. Jun 98 18:02
What can I say? lucky we live Hawaii! Just one of the good things about our Paradise islands.Much mahalos Matt, just awesome,fantastic sooo..delicious indeed!

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 25. Jun 98 17:52 Great page you have here! I enjoyed it completely!

From: Laula
Date: 25. Jun 98 19:11
Mahalo for giving me a way to go home every night. Warm Aloha's to all of you's here at Hcu *S*

From: Nightcall <>
Date: 25. Jun 98 22:51
Kärleken är fantastiskt. Love is a beautiful thing. Like your site...

From: Carla Dudek <>
Date: 26. Jun 98 3:26
I really love your chat rooms and the cool images that you can add to your messages... um.... anyone who is interested can e-mail me.

From: Ernie L Johnson III <>
Date: 27. Jun 98 7:38
I wish that in PA we have this to .

From: dee--2 <>
Date: 27. Jun 98 9:43
would like to have a cyber wedding but dont know the first thing about it could some one give me info. want it to be perfect. just he and i and a very few guests if any. thank you for your help

From: kim <>
Date: 27. Jun 98 9:55
thanks to who ever sent me that anonomous letter!

From: Jill <>
Date: 27. Jun 98 12:21
I've read a couple of the stories in here and I can relate to some of them. I'm involved in a long distance relationship right now...we've been "together" for about 5 months now, and my man's coming to visit me in August (!!!) I'm only 16 years old and he's 18...but I honestly feel like he's the one for me. If it wasn't for the internet or the chat room we were in..I don't think I'd be even close to as happy as I am today...:) Good luck to anyone else who has found love, but hasn't truly had the chance to experience it yet..

From: Nathan Brekke <>
Date: 27. Jun 98 16:58
this is cool

From: Reggie <>
Date: 28. Jun 98 2:21
wala lang!!!

From: Bill Hughes <>
Date: 28. Jun 98 4:55
Hey, thanks for a great site. I wish more of these sites were available. What our world needs is more love and less hate and anger. I really like this one. Keep up the great work.

From: Boyd <>
Date: 28. Jun 98 5:07

From: Faloras Waripig <>
Date: 28. Jun 98 21:48
Found this site from friends.

From: Hazel <>
Date: 29. Jun 98 7:26
Who sent me a love letter on 17th May 1998? I don't believe I picked it up as I was awy on holiday. Come on show yourself.........

From: john <>
Date: 29. Jun 98 7:47
Hi, I'm from Romania and I'm glad because I'm discover this site!!!!!! whit love JOHN!!!

From: Kit <>
Date: 29. Jun 98 8:06
Wery good chat. My websiteadress is visit any time. Thanks for this site...very good

From: Elvira Ortiz <>
Date: 29. Jun 98 11:51
I am Mexican girl,and it´s the first time I wrote here. I think it´s a great job to do this. I am writing to you, because I have a problem. I am 22 years old .Three years ago I met a guy David from Minnesota(USA) we started a relationship here in Mexico, but he had to come back to USA.We felt sad and deprimated. However we continued this relationship. But one day we broke up, and I started a new relaionship with another guy.Then I felt in love and I got pregnat. I told David, he got dissapointed. My baby was born in November David and I stopped to write and call each other. Nevertheless, one month ago David called me and told me he wanted to see me again and he was going to come to mexico in August, I am really excited, but I am afraid, too, because I don't know how he is going to feel about me when he see me again. One of my friends tell me that I mustn't to get excited because just He only wants to see me like a friend or he doesn't come. But I trust him. I love him. What can I do? Please I need your help and advice. I hope you can answer me,please. Love, Elvira. p.d (sorry for my English mistakes)

From: *~BaByDoLL~*
Date: 29. Jun 98 16:26
its pretty cool so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Wassup <>
Date: 29. Jun 98 23:58
yo wassup u all! ciao!

From: Various <>
Date: 30. Jun 98 2:20
No doubt in the world - The best site on the net!!!....Thanks a million.

From: angie <>
Date: 30. Jun 98 9:17
i really like the greeting cards

Date: 30. Jun 98 10:22

From: john edwin nyasani <>
Date: 30. Jun 98 13:04

From: Dorothy <>
Date: 30. Jun 98 13:44
I loved the story i read because i meet someone just like that on line and i meet him finally one day after 7months its wa so great so i relate to that story.

From: Leah Homer <>
Date: 30. Jun 98 17:36

From: Lover boy
Date: 30. Jun 98 21:12
Great place to meet beautiful Girls from the islands but make more rooms.

From: Ashamia Wright <>
Date: 1. Jul 98 13:03
I just love this web site so much. I think i enjoy it more now than ever because of the fact that I now have this very special guy in my life, actually the love of my life. Keep up the good work

From: Kainoa Hall <>
Date: 2. Jul 98 9:35
This place is cool, I wish I knew about this place sooner.

From: Daniel Ng <>
Date: 2. Jul 98 11:04
Well, This is a cool site... Because I think in this site... Can bring anyone (love partners) to be together... I just knew about this... of an admirer... thanks to the one who has send this to me... I will love her too... In this world we can't count with our finger, the total people is divorced... I don't know why... If they want to marry it will be from the begining to end of a life... well don't know why they marry then to be divorced then... well, someone can continue with this?

From: jeffhuang <>
Date: 3. Jul 98 9:01
Very attractive!

From: Sara wikstrand <>
Date: 4. Jul 98 11:56
I want many e-mail friends I don`t care about the age. Have a great time here. Bye Bye

From: Laura <>
Date: 4. Jul 98 18:53
I wish I could meet someone anywhere let alone on a chat line. Dating is far too hard in this day and age!

From: Madde <>
Date: 4. Jul 98 23:37
Jag tror jag Älskar "Mats Franzén" men jag vet inte om han tycker om mej och det e´problemet.....igår var jag på Hjalle & Heavy då såg jag en skit snygg kille som heter Jens Engman, jag mötte blick flera gånger. och han ställde sej bredvid mej då höll jag på att dö. Jag knäppte oxå många kort på honom och det såg han!!!!!!!

From: Sexy Julz <>
Date: 5. Jul 98 3:40

It was nice chatting to you and finally meeting the mastermind behind my FAVE chat room. Love the voice too !!!!!

Take care and keep in touch

Love Sexy Julz

From: Paul <>
Date: 5. Jul 98 5:30
Greatest chat room, on the net, loving every minute here!!

From: mountainman <>
Date: 5. Jul 98 18:52
just wanted to tell you that reckless daughter is going in for some major surgery on Wednesday, july 15th, to get a hip nice if we could do something to make her smile when she gets out.....we all enjoy this place....

From: laila <>
Date: 5. Jul 98 22:07
without love like wlthout life

From: Olive Caingles <>
Date: 5. Jul 98 23:17
Your web site is real good!

From: KIEPIE <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 6:12
Bon appetite!

From: Carla Marie <IDoCandles>
Date: 6. Jul 98 7:07
Mr. Wonderful and I met on an airplane 1000 miles from home! My knight in shining armour lives just 20 minutes from me in Michigan! Pretty great isn't it??

From: Liane GalbisoG <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 7:16
First time I come in hea.....I like it! Dis No Ka Oi!!!!

From: Jara <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 9:15
I enjoyed your site! It was a link from a friend's site and i love that she added it to hers. I haven't been to Hawaii since i was a little kid and am thinking strongly about going back to visit. Thanks!

From: puinsai <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 10:52
so far so good

From: Luluana Head!!! <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 17:01
Wassup. Don't know what 2 say. Jus bored. K-Den!

From: nancy dutton <>
Date: 6. Jul 98 23:56
im 43 indian 4'11 loking for nice gentleman

From: jessica(puzz) <->
Date: 7. Jul 98 7:24
tjena zac!du låter verkligen söt! hoppas att vi kan chatta fler gånger. om du chattar kalla dig för zac jag kallar mig puzz! puzz puzz/jessica.

From: garciag <tophat>
Date: 7. Jul 98 9:09
hi are you doing okay iam 29 and i live in texas

From: jokah <>
Date: 7. Jul 98 15:33
I just got started doing this so I really don't know what to do. Could someone please help me?

From: Lillian Pape <>
Date: 7. Jul 98 17:32
ok is that a before and after pic or u and a friend? Very interesting , lots of avenues youve been on , thanks for sharing your "gift" with us .

From: omar
Date: 7. Jul 98 17:57

From: Sly1 <>
Date: 7. Jul 98 20:53
Each time I visited HCU it has been great. The people here are wonderful! Thank you for having such marvelous place to meet new people, and make new friends.

From: Molokaigril <Hokualakai>
Date: 7. Jul 98 21:31
Molokai is the best!! Eastside represent


From: Molokaigril <>
Date: 7. Jul 98 21:31
Molokai is the best!! Eastside represent


From: gentle girl <>
Date: 7. Jul 98 22:35
Hey Matthew! *HUGS**S* 13 million hits per month??? Hooooooooooo-weeeeeeee!!!!! Well, I'm happy HCU is so popular--it's the only place to be from 9-12 on Mondays, and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and blah blah blah...*going through the entire calendar year**L* Godspeed you all...*S*

From: Michael Whittaker <>
Date: 8. Jul 98 2:26
I Still Like MABEL

From: callgirl <>
Date: 8. Jul 98 14:41

From: 4 Play <>
Date: 8. Jul 98 17:02
I luv to chat in the Hawaii Chat Universe!!!! I have really met alot of nice people in here!

From: josefin jönsson <>
Date: 8. Jul 98 22:40
I love andre... have a nice summer...

From: athena <>
Date: 8. Jul 98 23:41
I just love your web page and all the places you can go.It is great and i envy you for being so spirited. Will try to visti you page again

From: Fred Clayton <>
Date: 9. Jul 98 10:13
Just a note to "whoever" send the note.. Thank you and please me more ...

From: Yetzabel <>
Date: 9. Jul 98 11:27
Greetings from Venezuela I liked this page very much

From: PROWLER <>
Date: 9. Jul 98 14:27
i enjoy chatting in hcu.thank you!

From: GINGER <>
Date: 9. Jul 98 19:26
Alot of nice people here

From: Kristna <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 0:16
I love the room but the HTML are hard to do the colors!!

From: Kristina <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 0:18
Pretty COOL!!!

From: Anders Blomgren <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 1:03
What beautiful blue coulour ! AB

From: Venus <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 2:44
I love Hawaii Chat Universe....great place to meet new friends. Read the love stories and see if you can guess which one is mine......

From: BabyBoy <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 12:12

From: Joseph Bowler <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 12:42
i,am a 57 year old man looking to converse with a laddy 45 to 55 i,am a cabinet maker by trade and injoy most things

From: Miranda <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 12:44
I just got here by accident. I like what I have seen so far. I'm going to keep looking around.

From: Genesis <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 19:14
i'm really bored and want someone to talk to

From: Malia <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 19:27
Hey, this is pretty cool!!

From: jonghoon <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 20:51
You guys have the best chating room..! Keep up the good work.. Thanks..

From: martin sibranndi <>
Date: 10. Jul 98 22:53
Greatings from theNetherlands

From: (..ooh, oh) Diamondgirl <>
Date: 11. Jul 98 11:43
I really luv chatting and making new cyber friends! I love it here because it is based in hawaii....Love it here! oh, well, that's all I have to say.....bye! *S*

From: ~SolJahGyrl~
Date: 11. Jul 98 11:52
There's nothing like HCU anywhere on the net!.... Mahalo to Lucky and the gang *S*.... Peace baby, it's all good.. and if it's not, it's up to you..

Big Island Represent! For the SolJahs!

From: kattie <>
Date: 11. Jul 98 13:47
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! It's a great place to meet some friendly people of all ages and different places!! I love that! Hawaii has some pretty hot babes....sorry had to add that!! :)

From: Nicole Desjardins <>
Date: 11. Jul 98 20:37
You were very nice to give me back...the address for HCU....will be on Hawaiian soil in October...wish I could meet you and Angelina...LOve Angelina's name ..since my daughter's name is Angelique! Hope to talk to you someday! NIce homepage!

From: Serge RICARD <>
Date: 12. Jul 98 2:49
I do not remember how I reached this site, I am an addicted internet surfer so it is quite normal to go to Hawaï but I am shure to have spend a very great moment here, it is so pleasant for the eyes as for the hears, thank you so much, I tried the Chat Universe also but I have to improve my English, what a good reason to do it. Regards.

From: Lara C.
Date: 12. Jul 98 4:59
" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams "

A great place this..I must say..

See ya in the chatting rooms !!

From: Eddie <producedby>
Date: 12. Jul 98 14:39
Someone sent me a letter with a number code, and I dont see how to do it.

From: Girlie~Girl <>
Date: 12. Jul 98 23:09
Im a Girlie~Girl

Date: 13. Jul 98 1:18

From: david a. <mivida>
Date: 13. Jul 98 1:30
its kina hard for to get the mess.i look under the help part but im still havig a hard time with it. i really enjoy vhatting here my freind said thid is the best web site, i hope i can figure this thing out

From: Birdy <>
Date: 13. Jul 98 14:47
Hi to everyone reading this !!! hope to hear from you soon

From: weijia <>
Date: 13. Jul 98 18:19
I really like to the web, I have the same love_story too.

From: Butterfly <>
Date: 13. Jul 98 18:19
Keep up the great work in HCU!! It's a really nice chat room and I hope it continues. Special hellos to Matthew!!

From: Maura clark <>
Date: 13. Jul 98 21:46
I received a mystery card from someone in Hawaii and its a nice idea although i would still like the option of returning the favor! maybe someday i will know! thanks MC

From: Sacred Soul
Date: 14. Jul 98 3:08
Hawaii Chat Universe is No Ka Oi'

A Hui Hou!

From: HaYn gRyL
Date: 14. Jul 98 9:18
ThIs ChaT pLaCe Is tHa BoMb i lOvE meEting New Hot GuYs frOm haWaii...........................

From: Melody <>
Date: 14. Jul 98 16:33
this site has loads of great ideas. thanks bunches!!

From: LiLgUeSsGiRl46 <LiLgUeSs46>
Date: 14. Jul 98 16:46
Hey there, Your HCU is cool...

From: California Dreaming <>
Date: 14. Jul 98 18:09
I love your pages, especially HCU!

From: arthur blanco <>
Date: 14. Jul 98 23:57
this is the coolest page ive ever visit thanx to my secret admirer,i found this place

From: Ziggy <none yet>
Date: 15. Jul 98 2:27
I love the Irish!

From: pres
Date: 15. Jul 98 4:26
Right now I'm sitting here, debating - should I sign the guest book or not? I have nothing to say, I'm just a bit bored I guess. Okay going on. . . ditto to all the positive comments about your site; it is a super way to kill time. But then again so is this guest book. Mathew, do you really read the guest book? Well, if you do, stop here and go to the next entry, this one's a waste of time. Right now it is almost 4:30am here in Hawaii, my eyes are closing, why am I still up? Ummmm I'm going to sleep I guess, cause I really don't have anything more to say. Aloha!

From: pres (again)
Date: 15. Jul 98 4:28
awww i just noticed my entry shows up at the bottom! why!? :-( you think anyone will really read the ones at the bottom? ahhh well, das fine =) hehehe....

From: Jenny Michael <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 11:35
I already sent you an e-mail address and please send me back and answer

From: Trina Bowman <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 13:04
Hello, I live in Maryland. I have never heard your radio station before, but I like the name of it. This web site is pretty cool. That is actually what made me visit this site. I am sure that your radio station is the best!! I hope you all have a nice day!! ~~~Trina~~~

From: magic <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 13:25
Well I really don't know what to think... I just got your e-mail and I wasn't quite sure what the message was...;^P

From: Kaleiokalani <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 15:47
this place is good fun!!

From: Goldfinger <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 16:49
I just want to say thank's for letting me meet Likin'.Your doing great!Keep it up man......

From: kery <>
Date: 15. Jul 98 23:36
i love it, love makes the world go round, and i'm spinning at full speed

From: Wildm@rkensM@lene <>
Date: 16. Jul 98 0:10
A very nice hp good reading.

From: Mario Portillo <>
Date: 16. Jul 98 6:07
Congratulations, you have a cool place, hope that you still for a long time.

From: LiL'bUtTeR aKa MyA <>
Date: 16. Jul 98 10:19
wassup? wassup? just wanted to say hi to all you peeps out there. bye-bye. it's L~I~L~B~U~T~T~E~R babeeeee!

From: Breeanna Hingston <>
Date: 16. Jul 98 16:55
i wish to talk to someone please

From: Fun Boy <>
Date: 16. Jul 98 17:54
party hard and never stop chatting.

From: Slick <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 6:56
Love the place. I spent nights finding a good chat universe and yours is simply the best. The people on it are great. Thanks for having this place. Merci beaucoup,

From: Krazy-Kat <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 15:48
I received a nice secret admirer card to- day. It was such a nice surprise. I really appreciate whoever sent it to me. Thanks alot. :)

From: DJ Spyhunter <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 16:16
Come visit for Hawaii related club info

or for realaudio mixtapes mae here in Hawaii


From: Kai Reyes <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 22:39
Aloha, ---Andrew---

How are you I hope fine. Nice hobbies and great job in graphic world, it must be very fun the things you do. Well do the great job you do and "Keep On Smiling" see ya.

Malama Pono

Aloha O'i, "Kai"

From: ingrid p. consing <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 22:52
interesting site! I feel like i'm falling in love again. I'm a hopeless romantic, you see.

From: Astra <>
Date: 17. Jul 98 23:43
Hi...I have met some incredible people in HCU...Thank-You....This is a great site!!..Well Done!!!..*hugs*..From South Africa

From: nayma <>
Date: 19. Jul 98 3:58
i'm bored right now!!!!! i need to get out and have some fun so i'm going

From: LeeAnn <>
Date: 19. Jul 98 14:10
Cool man!

From: Kaleonahe(F) <>
Date: 20. Jul 98 4:40
Hey,, This place is great. I have met tonz of nice people! I love it!

Date: 20. Jul 98 6:46


From: Jennie Stålfors <>
Date: 20. Jul 98 11:40
Nice site!

För de som kan Svenska: Fin sajt!

From: "punkin" <>
Date: 20. Jul 98 13:03
Someone just sent me the most beautiful e-mail, of course it's anonymous so I don't know WHO!??, but if you read this PLEASE send me another e-mail to let me know who you are!! pleeeeeeeease????

From: ISA <>
Date: 21. Jul 98 3:54
For de som kan norsk: hei på deg!

From: *peaches*
Date: 21. Jul 98 14:25
I love HCU,it's the coolest of all chat rooms!

From: «‡º§ÜGÅ®º‡» <>
Date: 21. Jul 98 15:09
I guess this place is OK...I'm just too use to my place(the place I hang most of the time)

From: shybabe111 <>
Date: 22. Jul 98 3:35
i'm really looking forward to using your site more now

From: Graeme <>
Date: 22. Jul 98 5:44
Electric love aint easy. Mine faltered. I still feel the same too. She hates me. *sigh* Love is ineffable. =-)

From: Debbie <>
Date: 22. Jul 98 11:42
love your chat rooms!

From: Darren Huddleson <DASSERM@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 22. Jul 98 12:51
Hello everyone this is my seconded time on this web site and I think it is great I'm from Northern Ireland. Keep up the good work.

From: Melody <>
Date: 22. Jul 98 13:35
I'm glad to find this page. was raised by Diamond head. I still miss Hawaii

From: Chas <>
Date: 22. Jul 98 23:11
From a single guy "Down Under" to the rest of the world: May the long time sun shine upon you, may all love surround you and may the clear light within you, guide your way on!

From: Sara <>
Date: 23. Jul 98 8:20
Hi !

I want to know who send me an anonymous e-mail (love thing) today.

From: Blaine Nohara <>
Date: 23. Jul 98 18:42
e-mail me sometime.

From: Adore (Alicia) <>
Date: 23. Jul 98 22:10
Have been here for 3 weeks now and have met a lot of nice people. A few weirdos here and there but I guess you get that anywhere you go nowadays.I love people and I love to make them laugh.

From: Samson <>
Date: 24. Jul 98 2:24
I would like to make a link to your page, do you have some kind of banners I can have. If you have a second to spare pls visit thx

From: Tiffany Pulver <>
Date: 24. Jul 98 10:42
Hi peoples!! I love to chat, if you do to, well then i guess i will meet you on HCU!!!!!

From: Mick <>
Date: 24. Jul 98 22:09
g'day. what's happening over there

From: sue <>
Date: 25. Jul 98 6:35
u are both fooling yourselfs. because more than likely your s/o know what you are doing. and it ishurting them. U might talk on the phone and the net but you go to bed with s/o. so how can u say that u are in love with person on net.

From: Joy <>
Date: 25. Jul 98 11:38
I´ve been here today 980725 it was fun by fore now I say Mo money Mo Problems Like our fan The Notorious B.I.G
From: Richard <>
Date: 25. Jul 98 12:50
just out looking around for what ever is out there

From: harryo <Dharr59113>
Date: 25. Jul 98 17:49
hello i'm new just visiting....heard about you from a friend.

From: randy <fukujilum/>
Date: 25. Jul 98 21:04
New to the Web..Help......

From: mike <>
Date: 25. Jul 98 23:31
my love life will improve.thanks

From: Johan <>
Date: 26. Jul 98 8:51
Hello from Sweden This was a fun chat,one of the funniest i have been to BYE

Date: 26. Jul 98 9:24
Tight like white, baby

From: Fleur <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 3:08
I just want to thank whoever sent me those angels this morning. I really needed then - my mom is having surgery today and it made me feel good to know someone is thinking of me. fleur

From: Tami <Sassy4U16>
Date: 28. Jul 98 4:27
I hope this is fun!!!

From: Moonlight <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 4:54
single white female looking for a male friend 30 to 40 unmarried.

Date: 28. Jul 98 8:46

From: Latisha <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 10:20

From: Amy Lester <which?>
Date: 28. Jul 98 10:40
I have five e-mail addresses!

From: Daniel lewis <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 11:19
I want to know more about this program. Please send me the details.

From: darby, m <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 11:53
glad to be here.

From: Leane Gallant <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 13:30
great page... its so neato!!

From: Joseph <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 15:53
i,am still waiting for a nice lady to contact me

From: jon <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 16:27
need to find a letter sent to me.

From: Rachel <>
Date: 28. Jul 98 17:19
Cute page!!!!!! Well just thought I'd sign this 4 nothing.


From: cabocruz <cabocruz@cwnet>
Date: 29. Jul 98 1:13
hang ten for me wish i could be there now. lifes good best wishes.

the cabocruz

From: Tim <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 5:32
I really enjoy it.

From: lalo <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 8:36
Well I am 15 would u like to talk

Date: 29. Jul 98 8:42

From: Peter Herbert <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 8:43
Your chat site is the coolest. Keep up the good work!

Date: 29. Jul 98 16:58

From: jane
Date: 29. Jul 98 18:29

From: Jim <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 19:16
Love is knowing in your Heart and Soul that God made each of you for each other and no-one else will do!!!

From: Sarah <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 20:50
Finally a web site for locals looking for locals to chat with. This is my first time and I really love it. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Have a nice day.

From: KRAZEE H <>
Date: 29. Jul 98 21:32
I love to sing, flow, hella do whatever. Music is the main in my life. e-mail me. Lovin' live and is a person with self esteem and confidence. smile! Babye

Date: 30. Jul 98 5:48

From: shantel ashford <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 6:17
do it give you a love life?

From: Lisa Stennett
Date: 30. Jul 98 7:25
Your web page is really unique!! Signing off from Canada

From: Minie Lynn <1234-5678>
Date: 30. Jul 98 8:04
I would like to get in here somehow. You are making this complicated

From: Mona Matsui <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 11:46
Could You please send me one of the guest books so I could have people sign mine.

From: naga oner <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 12:59
i love graffiti. big whups to TEN, AFTER, DEVO

From: CHEY 1 <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 15:36
I love Chatting at HCU!! *S* All the peoples that go there are the best!! *S*....Well that's all I have to say so laterz!! Bye Bye

From: Misty <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 17:10
Luv this site.. :)

From: Kanoelehua <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 17:24
This is a cool thing for locals to share there homesick stories

From: tina <sthall>
Date: 30. Jul 98 18:18
love your show

From: fli girl <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 18:19
This is the coolest place on the web. I love everything about it, and the people are friendly to, just like hawaii! Thanks

From: Mavon Wong <>
Date: 30. Jul 98 19:33
Beautiful sight . . . thank you.

From: linn <nallepuh_121>
Date: 30. Jul 98 21:39
i love you,Johan i Gothenburg,Sweden.

From: KIM <Kuthy@1stnet.>
Date: 31. Jul 98 7:14
Just stop in to say Hi

From: Beca Smithers <135 780>
Date: 31. Jul 98 7:52
Please allow me to send and recieve messages on this web-site.

From: Amy Martin <>
Date: 31. Jul 98 9:36
I don't know what you want me to put here.

From: Deja <>
Date: 31. Jul 98 10:20
These stories are nice, but seems like an awful lot of them talk about a marriage breaking up and then another marriage breaking up. I'm sorry that folks are/were so unhappy in their marriage, and finding love on line is a delight, for sure, but what about the ones devastated and left behind? What of the children of the parents of the spouses who cannot fathom that you found love with someone hundreds or thousands of miles away. Not to inflict guilt, but perhaps, sometimes, the talk should be left at talk, certain lines should not be crossed, and thinking about someone including (not instead of) yourself should be addressed. gee, I sure sound like a prude, but the point is, take a long hard look at your life and your family before you jump out of a relationship and into another.

2 cents and more, firmly deposited.

From: Ray Loftus <>
Date: 31. Jul 98 15:35
Want to see what this place is like.

From: Flipper <>
Date: 1. Aug 98 11:26
i'm new.... beginner only

From: Lindsay <>
Date: 1. Aug 98 16:42
this is such a neat website! =) i love it! =)

From: Lenne <>
Date: 2. Aug 98 10:58
I really like all women, old young grey red blonde dead..oops didn't mean the last one. Come help me face the truth.

From: Fia <>
Date: 2. Aug 98 18:47
It is great that there is web sites like this. Thanx Fia from Sweden

Date: 2. Aug 98 19:40
Ever since I started coming to HCU back in 1995, I have always had a great time and met so many new and interesting people... I hope my real-life turns out to be as productive as my virtual-life has. Thanks for the good times! *S*

From: Caroline Kennard <>
Date: 3. Aug 98 22:21
This is my favorite site!

Keep on keepin' on Hawaii the most passionate paradise in the states!

From: Rebecca " the best " <none>
Date: 4. Aug 98 3:18
I love a perfect and wonderful boy at this world. He´s the best... LOVE YA ! ! ! ! Daniel 2-day 2-morrow 4-ever

From: psycho <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 4:31
i loved your love life radio chatrooms i think it was fun and i enjoyed every minuet of it please e-mail me some time.

From: Angela <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 6:15
This is my first time here. Just want to say Hi to everyone!

From: Geert Delahaye <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 6:55
whoever....thanks ! I have an idea, but that would just be too incredible.... Is it ?

From: Mr. Zed <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 10:26
I´m a crazy guy and this is a crazy place so it´s just GRRRRRRRRREAT!! I really love this place.....Keep up the good work!

From: maccie <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 12:43

From: DUCKY <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 14:46
I just wanted to say I love Hawaii Chat Universe and for ya'll to watch out for the Luckiest Guy in Hawaii cause he knows everything!*S*

From: scott < or>
Date: 4. Aug 98 16:14
hey wassup i'm a guy from the island of maui and i'd like to say aloha and howzit

From: Kastro <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 16:30
I am a 20 year old male.

From: lostone <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 17:09
thanks for the chat room they are great

From: lostone <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 17:09
had fun

From: cosmo <>
Date: 4. Aug 98 17:51
let the chips fall intell I meet the right lady for me.

From: jacob
Date: 5. Aug 98 10:27
how good is this chat room

From: Harvie Mowat <>
Date: 5. Aug 98 17:28
This is the best chat ever!

From: sailor jupiter <>
Date: 5. Aug 98 19:05
i met the love of my life in hcu. i guess you could say it was worth my time. thanx.

From: ladyfantasy <>
Date: 5. Aug 98 22:16
I'm in need of love

From: Tess <>
Date: 5. Aug 98 23:44
Someone just sent me the sweetest anonymous letter so I just had to see this site and all it has to offer.I love this page. Keep up the good work!!

From: stinus <>
Date: 6. Aug 98 3:22
Jag var här idag, himla roligt.... Idag är det första dan på gbg-kalaset!

From: Hugh Gass <>
Date: 6. Aug 98 8:09
I love chating on HCU.

From: yomama <>
Date: 6. Aug 98 8:13
oogly boogly-my girlfriend

From: Kingpin <uhbevis>
Date: 6. Aug 98 9:40
this caht is cool well peace and hair greece

From: severine lya <>
Date: 6. Aug 98 18:50
El amor es el aire que respiramos, y nos motiva a continuar nuestras vidas a través del camino del deseo y la pasion.

From: Moises Roberto Guerra <>
Date: 6. Aug 98 20:22
This is a wonderful chat.

From: Donna <>
Date: 7. Aug 98 5:55
Love your sight. Wish there were more like it. Thank you for brighting up peoples days

From: SRyals <mom0twins>
Date: 7. Aug 98 7:02

From: Bill B <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 0:59
Great Site, really enjoyed my visit. Any chance of exchanging links?

From: mikael <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 11:33
Thanks for the love-letter. If you are the one I think you are - of course I will be happy in my life, but only when I am together with you!! Write me soon my dear...

From: Anonymous
Date: 8. Aug 98 11:48
good site!

From: kathy walters <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 16:37
great place to be!:)

From: OUTLAW <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 18:30
its all good here

From: Donald MacAulay <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 20:26
just 'surfin'

From: deedee <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 20:29
Gosh, sorry, I'm excited about football being back... I guess no one cares.. The comment I got was "Isn't there another site for this inane football stuff?" How very special... Very sorry for having intruded.

From: Jenny Gordon <>
Date: 8. Aug 98 20:30
I dont know how to sing up.Help doesn't help either

From: Roberto <>
Date: 9. Aug 98 4:15
That's a place to be!

From: John <>
Date: 9. Aug 98 11:28
Thought I would just say.... Hello and this site is cool

From: Brenda <>
Date: 9. Aug 98 11:50
So far, so good!

From: mary ann <>
Date: 9. Aug 98 22:02
should i became a memeber of this org.

From: Graci <>
Date: 10. Aug 98 8:33
I hope this chat line will be great!

From: turtlejesus
Date: 10. Aug 98 9:28
peace,love and understanding

From: Graci <>
Date: 10. Aug 98 14:37
I hope this chat line will be great!!!!

From: SweetThang <>
Date: 10. Aug 98 16:19
Thank you for saving us our usual chat room crashed!

From: chole
Date: 10. Aug 98 16:54
hi guys bored anyone want to chat

From: Elwin Penner <>
Date: 10. Aug 98 17:11
Any single lonely girls out there? Mail me!

From: Shantell <>
Date: 10. Aug 98 21:47
Well I think this is a good chat room. Because i get to chat with people tht lives near me. My cuz told me about your guys chat room,she comes to your chat room to. This the frist hawaii chat room I have found on the internet. I don't think there is ny other chat room like this.

Anyway nicechat room and I will be back here again...............

From: Samanatha ~*Luv*kitten*~ <>
Date: 11. Aug 98 11:48
HCU is my favorite spot on the web! i've met alot of new people and friends here!


From: Lisa <>
Date: 11. Aug 98 15:58
cool sight! Like the chat. Plan to come more often.

From: Mr. Heptagon <>
Date: 11. Aug 98 20:55
Greetings to the readers' of this message. I need to warn those of coming events of the future. I myself am a Pleiadian from the future. But I am too bored to tell it all here. Contact me sometime, and we can converse.

From: shaved! snatch <>
Date: 12. Aug 98 7:52

From: crystal
Date: 12. Aug 98 8:02

From: jay <>
Date: 12. Aug 98 8:28
i think the chatroom is great

From: jessie <>
Date: 12. Aug 98 13:16

From: GSR GIRL <>
Date: 12. Aug 98 13:58
Hi I am looking for someone who wants to chat with someone from Kauai, Hawaii. Bye!! GSR GIRL

From: tanis <>
Date: 12. Aug 98 20:51
to who ever sent me the card thank you, it made my day. i just wish i knew who you are. and there is only one "n" in my name

From: unstoppable sex machine <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 1:06
i like sex

From: Tiffany <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 4:10
I have found the love of my life online and it has been close to three months now. I truly love him and reading these others stories makes me think about him.....thank you so much

From: dee <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 5:07
I am new to this site. A friend said it was a good one to visit so here I am giving it a try. The pictures of Hawaii are breathtaking beautiful! I would just love to come and visit.

Date: 13. Aug 98 6:58
Hello everybody! Have a happy life! Bye.......

From: Peter H.W. Kamin <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 7:30
Aloha ! Greetings from Goslar -Germany-Europa to Hawai Love-Life Radio from Hawai. Your Website is very nice. I love it so. Sorry my english is not so good. Your Peter Kamin - please visit my site at:

From: Emily Little <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 7:59
I have never heard of this before. What are you guys all about?

From: DewDaw <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 9:29
Cool radio! I am from Texas and enjoyed my stay.

From: Kelly <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 9:33
well a nice guy gave me this address and i like the please.

From: INA
Date: 13. Aug 98 10:10
Your Chat is super. Swedish girl.

From: merri <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 19:01
I love your show.I was wondering if you could help find the perfect guy for me. i am 13 so i want the same age.and i want a blondie. and super cute could you help me find a guy like that

From: Jamie <I don't think so.>
Date: 13. Aug 98 20:16
Cool Site

From: John Salas <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 20:25
Of all the blessings that Time and Earth may bestowe, none is more precious than one TRUE friend.

From: Barbie <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 21:22
Love your post cards and what you had to say about cyer love made a frist timer not so nervous thanks

From: Tari Morales <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 22:22
i havent really browse the site but i must say i love anything that deals with pma (positive mental attitude) and that is what life and relationships are all about thanks for a site

From: Alva Hare <>
Date: 13. Aug 98 22:43
Great, now I have a secret admirerer. WHO IS IT? I MUST KNOW are/page1.htm

From: Pernilla <>
Date: 14. Aug 98 2:49
Keep on loving!

From: Ninfa Cruz <>
Date: 14. Aug 98 3:53
Just passing through...Hi y'all from Texas!

From: Tracilynn <>
Date: 14. Aug 98 5:47
Lots of info....all varities!!!!! Will probably be back to review at a later date.

From: Moondra Trahan <>
Date: 14. Aug 98 6:39
This is a fun place to meet poeple.

From: Amber
Date: 14. Aug 98 10:35
I love this place

From: PBinns <PBinns@mailexcite>
Date: 14. Aug 98 12:32
Looking for a friend

From: Raena <>
Date: 14. Aug 98 14:05

From: angelica <>
Date: 15. Aug 98 3:03
No se si entienda el español, solo queria contarle la historia de amor que estoy viviendo.... Hace ya mas de dos meses, conoci por Internet a un chico, llamado Ray, poco a poco nos hemos identificado y complementado uno a otro, y en algunos dias nos conoceremos en persona... solo hay un problema... yo soy casada eso a el no le importa y a mi tampoco pero aun asi me siento mal por haberme enamorado de Ray cuando no debi hacerlo... ahora ya no se que hacer. debo decirle a Ray que no venga o hablar con mi esposo para terminar definitivamente con el??????

por favor necesito un consejo!!

From: Connie <>
Date: 15. Aug 98 9:23
how do you find out who sends you secret admire letters? I think this site is very neat!

From: Keisha King <>
Date: 15. Aug 98 20:51
I haven't had a chance to read you stories yet. But, when I do, I'll be sure to let you know, and by the way, I will be a frequent flier of this site. :Þ

From: Linda Sili A.K.A T-Luv <>
Date: 15. Aug 98 23:52
Hey,yall...I'm not a commoner here,but sooner or later I will be.If there's any Tongans who want ta chat with me then yall can hit me up @ my e-mail!!!!This site is real interestin,more better than the original kavabowl,kindah.Well,I hope ta chat with any of yall sooner or latah!!!!I'm outtie cuz I'm bouttie bouttie so don't be rowdy rowdy....hehehhehheheheh.....PEACE!!!

From: Destiny <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 3:53
I´m just about to visit your Chat Room, then I will have an opinion....

From: Tanya <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 5:21
I just wanted to say that I really like HCU, because there are so many friendly people online!!

From: Consantino <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 13:26
I like play to tennis, and football.

From: Lucas <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 15:24
This is a great website, and I am so glad they let me write a story about the love of my life Jennifer.

From: PiggyBH <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 18:50
My friend said this is great so I want to try.

From: Anaya <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 20:20
Great website

From: Tutu Maile <>
Date: 16. Aug 98 21:52
Mahalo Matthew for sharing with our Senior Net Group at HCC last week. I hope to catch you two on the radio some evening. Aloha.

From: tarek <>
Date: 17. Aug 98 8:30
i can't don load any of your real audio files can u please send any of them to me thru email (attached)

yours tarek mabrook

From: Kirt B. <>
Date: 17. Aug 98 16:15
Still forming an opinion...let me get back to you :)

From: Flisha Carpenter <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 2:29
This has been a wonderful suprise. And I am glad I know where you are at now.

From: Harry Stone <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 3:03
The service is good, but the users are too cruel to me...I have no-one to chat with...*snif*

From: Deborah Reid <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 7:59
This is truly my favorite chat line. Not only do I caht w/people from Hawaii, but also Canada (where I am from)!!

From: twin angel??
Date: 18. Aug 98 12:06
what is this about?

From: t. prince <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 12:12
i love the poems, the advice and the warmth it all holds.

From: Paul Wolfson <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 14:27
I have never done something like this before. I would like to find a pen-pal and perhaps more. I am 45 DWM proportionate, professional, blah...

From: Shaina <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 16:08
Great Site.

From: Stacey <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 18:16
I just popped in for a look and decided to stay. Hawaii Chat Universe is GREAT!!

From: Sharon Lyon <>
Date: 18. Aug 98 18:55
I love your site! The annonymous card is wonderful! Thank you. Sharon

From: Anonymous <twin angel>
Date: 19. Aug 98 10:33
.......quien eres???

From: Fiona Howroyd <>
Date: 19. Aug 98 14:29
This is the 4th card I've received since April and no-one is owning up. I really would prefer you say who you are as it's starting to freak me out. So own up or please leave me alone.

From: Rhiannon
Date: 19. Aug 98 16:33
This is such a COOL website! I LOVE it!

From: Secret Tenant <Apt???>
Date: 19. Aug 98 18:27
Christina, I just wanted to see if this was your E-Mail address. You are beautiful and seem like a nice quiet person. This E-Mail is very rare for me, and I hope it doesn't scare you. I just wanted to type out a simple, "Hello!" and let you know that someone is thinking of you. *w* I'm glad you decided to check the guestbook for a hint. Leave an entry in the guest book if you don't want me to contact you anymore. Thank-you for being my "Landlady".

From: wickedness <>
Date: 20. Aug 98 8:18
very nice site. keep up the good work.

From: ~*PuErTo RiCaN PrInCeSs*~ <>
Date: 20. Aug 98 10:31
Dear Hawaii Chat Universe: This chat line is the bomb.. Better than any other chat line on the web. I dig this chat line. I'm from Oahu, Hawaii and I meet people from all kinds of places.. you just really have to do something with all the B#$%&!* that come on line to chat like Canadian Chique.. She causes trouble to everyone. And if you could do me a small favor. Could you tell Surfah18 that I'm lost without him.. his e-mail address is Tell him I miss him much.. Kay Hawaii Chat universe... I'm outies peace cool...


From: jupiterthunder <>
Date: 20. Aug 98 20:42
i met the love of my life in hcu, and i amde some really great friends. thank you so much, it is really awesome.

From: April <>
Date: 20. Aug 98 21:16
I really like your site.....but I have been trying to submit a story all night and whe I click on submit it wont let me do it !!!!!! HELP !!!!!!!

From: Chris <>
Date: 20. Aug 98 22:24
honesty and trust

Date: 20. Aug 98 23:49

Date: 21. Aug 98 3:52

From: lillen
Date: 21. Aug 98 10:56
Trevligt ställe det här är eller hu alla glada surfare

From: Jazie <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 3:22
A secret admirer sent me a beautiful lettet. I wish I knew, but the fun wull be the guessing. Great site will visit the chat room.

From: Carly <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 4:27
wish you had more pictures to pick from

From: judania <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 9:12
i like the postcards

From: Amber <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 14:40
This is a great website. I love being able to send my friends anonymous letters.

From: abbie <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 15:42
I like your site!!

From: Jackie <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 16:31
it's really good but you should tell people how to submit there love story's.

From: sails72 <>
Date: 22. Aug 98 20:46
i'm a naval officer from the pacific northwest. would like to meet people for all occasions. my passion is sailing and fun women.

Date: 22. Aug 98 22:09

From: ANDREAS <>
Date: 23. Aug 98 10:30
Come visit mine at

From: marie
Date: 23. Aug 98 18:54
just thought i would check you out

From: Stareyes99 <>
Date: 24. Aug 98 6:05
Hello , how are you doing

From: Ken Knopp <>
Date: 24. Aug 98 9:13
Since I was born in Honolulu, your site caught my attention.

Date: 24. Aug 98 11:07

From: Jubilee Lalawai <>
Date: 24. Aug 98 13:44

From: Wayne <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 0:25
Happy Birthday MOM!!! You are THE one and only true LOVE in my think that I am your are MINES and dontcha forget it!!! With all my Love...your boy!

From: p.kitty <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 0:36
i'm completely addicted to your chat family thanks they always know where i am...and think i'm staying out of trouble...*giggle*...but we all know better than that, don't we?...*LOL*...

From: Armando de la Rosa <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 11:17
Estoy buscando a un ciber amor, espero encontrarte

From: kauai girl
Date: 25. Aug 98 11:40
who wants to talk story?

From: GREG <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 12:59

From: 4bidluv <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 13:38
I love Hawaii Chat Universe. This is the best chat room that I have every chatted in. I'll spread the word to all my friends that I chat else where, but till Hawaii Chat Universe is the BOMB!

From: Tracy <>
Date: 25. Aug 98 16:08
Okay... my B/F told me about this place... this sux... j/k

Date: 26. Aug 98 2:58

From: Melinda Pool <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 3:21
Thanks for the love letter to whoever sent it!!!

From: lLady Neema <na_molawi>
Date: 26. Aug 98 5:54
Hi, it is really great

From: dreamer_96218 <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 6:08
I love to party and dance

From: sprayart <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 7:22
First visit

From: honky tonk <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 9:24
wi college frosh going into music ed looking for people to chat and relate to.

From: honky tonk <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 9:35
this place is great the best chat rooms I've found and great friends and people to talk with.

From: Elite1 <>
Date: 26. Aug 98 17:50
I have been chatting in HCU for about 3 years and I think it is the best chat site on the net!

From: jim carlin <>
Date: 27. Aug 98 7:45
i still wanna know who sent me that ananamous letter teehee

From: Eli Reynolds <>
Date: 27. Aug 98 12:34
For some reason I can't figure this site out

From: Pumpkin <im2fast4u88mcss>
Date: 27. Aug 98 16:000
This is an awesome place for crazy locals to socialize.

From: Theo Tatman <>
Date: 27. Aug 98 16:20
I love this site.

From: S.Jacob <>
Date: 27. Aug 98 18:37
I about to start so I've no comments.

Date: 28. Aug 98 2:38

Date: 28. Aug 98 3:16

From: harris_tommy <>
Date: 28. Aug 98 9:20
can't weight to see what your chat room is about

From: ETERNITY aka GINA <>
Date: 29. Aug 98 7:35
Hey well i have been on here for atleast 2 1/2 years. i love hcu its the best chatroom on the net. ive et alot of great people on here like and i thank use for that.. well to all my friends GODDESS aka Kristen, D aka Mark.. Puppet well u guys were great talkin to. if any of use see this please email me. i miss u guys alot exspecially u goddess u were a good friend of mine on the net. well those 3 people were like my old time buddys. now in 98 syphadine, invisbleman, sweet smoove guy, lord vampire, starfish, stro use r all DA BOMB.. love ya guys and i HOPE we never loose touch!!!! well LATER all.. GOD BE WITH YOU!!! LATER DUDES!!!!

Date: 29. Aug 98 10:22

From: Ricco <>
Date: 29. Aug 98 10:30
My dog is the best dog in the world. She likes to fetch my slippers, and gets two papers every morning.

From: salman ganny <>
Date: 29. Aug 98 16:14
hey im here waiting!!!

From: stephen <>
Date: 29. Aug 98 20:03
This is pretty awesome!

From: Becky <>
Date: 30. Aug 98 5:58
I was just reading through some of these cyber love stories. Very interesting. I have been talking to one particular guy, who is 750 miles away. We talk every day either on-line or the phone. We have so much in common and I have really fallen for him and he has me. He is forever sending me flowers and cards over the internet and vice versa. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. I would have never believed it would happen to me, but it did. If I don't talk to him, I feel like my day isn't complete. Good Luck to all of you in cyber love!!!!

From: kanikapila <>
Date: 30. Aug 98 11:15

From: Andrea Logan <>
Date: 31. Aug 98 4:58
The chat Rooms Are da bom!!!!!!!!

Date: 31. Aug 98 7:07

From: bertie <>
Date: 31. Aug 98 7:54
i'm looking forward to chatting on hawaii chat universe i'm also looking for my man remler72 he is station in Japan

From: Alan baxter <>
Date: 31. Aug 98 16:16
That was a wonderfull card and it did brighten up my day. thank you for this wonderous website.
From: Julia <>
Date: 1. Sep 98 6:000
I love your webpage the stories are so romantic. It goes to show what can happen over a computer and that not everyone is a psycho on the computer.

From: pabsy
Date: 1. Sep 98 13:52
it is really fun when you are in school and have nothing else to do!!=)

From: susan <>
Date: 1. Sep 98 21:32
love chatting in HCU

From: nectarPRO <>
Date: 1. Sep 98 21:39
i am here. let the chatting begin... love love 2 y'all

From: sonu <>
Date: 2. Sep 98 1:38
i love your site

From: Malin
Date: 2. Sep 98 2:10
Love is like a bird with golden wings, that flies into your heart and sings!

From: Pichet <>
Date: 2. Sep 98 4:36
I really enjoy this web site, I've learned alot about love from this web. thank you for created this web site. i'm fall in love with this web site now.

From: Anthony Mallozzi <>
Date: 2. Sep 98 4:53
thankyou for the e-mail, call back

From: rob <>
Date: 2. Sep 98 13:21
good guy looking for fun aloha

From: Mona Matsui <>
Date: 2. Sep 98 17:17
Could you show me how to have my own guestbook.Please!

From: henry tucker <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 0:43
thanks for leting me in

From: Laurent <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 3:45
This place is one of the nicest places that I have visited during my life in web. Good time for everyone.

From: leah <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 8:18
this is one of the best!

From: amber <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 10:58
i love the web site. it is really interesting

From: hawaii guy <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 11:02
im rob looking for ladies im hot

From: dawn williams <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 13:29
I just surfed on, but I can't wait to back and listen to your show. I am with the "love" of my life; we have a truly romantic story and now I really know what love is...

From: marie <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 14:21
To whomever sent me the letter, I thank you, you are very sweet. It was wondeful.

From: Slicer <slicer_nerissa@hotmail>
Date: 3. Sep 98 14:22
so what do you see in him, that you don't see in me? he makes the play,he wins the big game, i make the grade, i read the next page. he has lots of friends, i have the web. so what do you see in him, that you don't see in me?

From: Mary Beth <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 15:50
love the web page

From: Karl Henriques <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 16:27
Hi gang. heard about you from a friend. I think it's great. Keep up the great work.

From: Khalil <hawaii camp@poss>
Date: 3. Sep 98 17:04
I have seen your lovelife pragram. It's fantastic!I would like to join your program. Well!That's what I gotta say!BYE!!!

From: Jess <>
Date: 3. Sep 98 20:39
Anonymous love letters - great idea, but I'm desperate to find out who sent it to me! Any tips?

From: Bárbara <>
Date: 4. Sep 98 8:07
Nice site... Great idea de anonymous love letter! I just love it...

Date: 4. Sep 98 8:40

From: Leah <>
Date: 4. Sep 98 16:04

Date: 4. Sep 98 20:24

From: Ruben <rmartinez68@hotmail.>
Date: 5. Sep 98 7:15
Hello, looking for a friendly voice!

From: BigBoB69 <>
Date: 5. Sep 98 7:27
hey thanks for the chat room come i havent been a chatter of the month?

From: Filip Issal <>
Date: 5. Sep 98 10:55
The one you are in love with, isn´t allways the one you get.

From: Filip Issal <>
Date: 5. Sep 98 10:55
The one you are in love with, isn´t allways the one you get.

From: jimmy <>
Date: 5. Sep 98 11:12
just dropped by to say hi

From: Leah <>
Date: 5. Sep 98 16:26

From: Tom Weber <>
Date: 6. Sep 98 5:15
My dog keeps pushing my arm away from the keyboard

From: Liz Crawford <>
Date: 6. Sep 98 9:11
wuz up everybody

From: HOTTIE(female) <sorry>
Date: 6. Sep 98 15:05
what is this all about?what is this for?

From: Leah <>
Date: 6. Sep 98 16:11

From: Megan <>
Date: 7. Sep 98 13:50
This is a neat website1

From: Aaliyah <>
Date: 7. Sep 98 14:46
Your chat rooms are the greatest!!!!

From: Leah <>
Date: 7. Sep 98 17:24

From: mills <>
Date: 7. Sep 98 17:44
I'm an aussie girl, looking for fun!

From: Jack Whaley <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 2:42
Siv made me do it.

From: Sephiroth <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 7:20
The chat room is great, however, one time it was really running slow.

From: Ray <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 7:33
Would like to know who sent the letter to me.....

From: ann marie <sextary2>
Date: 8. Sep 98 8:46
love your site

Date: 8. Sep 98 9:58

From: B. Mollberger,Esq, music journalist and musician <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 11:13
Hi there!

An extremely nice web site, a cool chat -room, professional graphics and so on!

I'll be a frequent guest!, promise.

Best of Luck from Bertil, 52, of Stockholm, Sweden

From: denise myers <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 14:45
found this web from a friend!

From: MARY
Date: 8. Sep 98 17:55

Date: 8. Sep 98 18:35

From: Anthony <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 19:01
Aloha from the mainland my wife gave me this website and i think this a wonderful site i look forward in furthering my enchantment with the islands that i so deeply mis again aloha........

From: phaolo gomez <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 19:44
i love this site even though im new in here

From: katarina Szwajda <>
Date: 8. Sep 98 22:15
i´m 15/f with brown hair and brown eyes. I like dance, music, hanging out with friends and more

Date: 9. Sep 98 2:17


From: Kalani <>
Date: 9. Sep 98 3:51
Checking out links from another Kalani's

From: Giulia <>
Date: 9. Sep 98 4:22
Greetings from Italy! and kisses to everybody ;)

From: Thomas <>
Date: 9. Sep 98 6:33
hello every body!!!

From: Cindy Plaght
Date: 9. Sep 98 13:30
Just beginning a new day. Hoping to enjoy it.

From: Nicole Saunders <>
Date: 9. Sep 98 17:19
i don't now how to work this buddy thing

From: hanny <>
Date: 9. Sep 98 19:01
I hope to find new people in here.

From: Rene <>
Date: 10. Sep 98 1:01
pretty site>>>>.

From: Karen Sturgess <>
Date: 10. Sep 98 4:06
A wise man learns more from the poor mans question, than the poor man does from the wisemans answer!

Date: 10. Sep 98 5:50

From: Noli Cabucana aka John <>
Date: 10. Sep 98 11:19
I orginated from waialua, oahu. Now I am here in las vagas for college.

From: Rollie <>
Date: 10. Sep 98 14:19
Hello!! I am 18 years old and live here on Oahu. I am 5'4" with meduim black and brown hair. I have brown eyes. I am outoing and fun to be around.

From: (V)ichael England <www.(V)>
Date: 10. Sep 98 15:01
That was cool.

From: Danilo Viloria Jr. <>
Date: 10. Sep 98 20:19
I really enjoy your chat room but I want one of my own handle.

From: Isabella <Lovie_Bug_21babe>
Date: 10. Sep 98 22:000
I am kinda new and would like to know more about lovelife and Hawaii Chat Universe.

From: jessica bengtsson <alle_79@ .com>
Date: 11. Sep 98 4:09



From: michelle.E <>
Date: 11. Sep 98 7:13
very creative!!!

From: David <>
Date: 11. Sep 98 7:15
I love trixy74

From: NiNizzZ and LizZie <,>
Date: 11. Sep 98 8:52
.....*smile*..... We´re from the king-country = Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jennifer E. Frye <>
Date: 11. Sep 98 9:03
I would like to cyber marry somebody. TwiceAsSweet sent me...when can we do it?

From: Cindy
Date: 11. Sep 98 12:51
I'm all there.

From: John <>
Date: 11. Sep 98 21:09
always looking for someone to love

From: jerome <>
Date: 12. Sep 98 1:42
I'm new. Who is out there.

From: Erica <>
Date: 12. Sep 98 4:41
Anyone wanna 12/f for a girlfriend? E-mail me!

From: CHRIS <TC2682@AOL.COM>
Date: 12. Sep 98 7:33

From: Dee <>
Date: 12. Sep 98 10:29
I love this site. I'm sending it to everyone I know. I haven't found the chat room yet....that's next.

From: sweetsugartiger <>
Date: 12. Sep 98 11:08
Love dis chat!!!

Date: 12. Sep 98 12:000

From: Ms.Kia Schmudie <none>
Date: 12. Sep 98 18:55
life sucks!

From: Billy <>
Date: 12. Sep 98 20:55
Someone sent me the sweetest email love letter I have ever seen. Wish I knew who was from. Anyway, your site is fantastic, so is the chat room. Congatulations!!

From: jeffrey allan twigg <JAYATEA@aol.comI>
Date: 13. Sep 98 1:43

From: Ynot
Date: 13. Sep 98 2:38
Hi all!!

From: DJ <>
Date: 13. Sep 98 6:35
Hawaii is my dream vacation.... i will make it there someday... i enjoyed the postcards of the beautiful sunsets!! thanks

From: stephanie weesner <>
Date: 13. Sep 98 9:32
i think what your doing is great keep up the good work

From: peg <>
Date: 13. Sep 98 10:52
very nice site...thanks..

From: Tim Rengers <>
Date: 13. Sep 98 21:21
Never heard the show....send me Hawaii in a bottle already.

From: Anne <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 6:25
just wanna have some fun!!!!!

From: Austin <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 11:04
Girls send yuor pics here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Chasity <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 11:27

From: Baliegh <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 11:40
1st time here just came by tosee what all the fuss was about....i was wondering if ya'll think it is ok to yell movie in a crowded firehouse....

From: ChelBaby <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 12:43
WooooHoooo finally chat rooms that dont disgust me! Thanks Sarah for sendin me here. Laterz

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 15:05
Hi, I recieved an email saying I had a letter waiting for me here. Im not sure how to retrive it. Please someone email me I need help!!! I wanna know what the letter says!!!!!

From: Blondebabe <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 15:36
I'm back!

From: Geremy <>
Date: 14. Sep 98 22:38
I recieved one of your secret admirer e-mails and I have no clue who sent it. I hate anonymous notes. Please tell me who sent it.

From: Sally <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 2:12
Enjoyed my card, sent one on to a friend. Unusual!! Thanks, Sally

From: ouzal <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 7:20
hi,,there..this is hwak..ho u do ...babe.. i miss u like crazy..i`m in malaysia..and u babe...if u wanna know me ..send me mail..ok

From: toby <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 9:12
how do you send a letter?

From: ralph <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 12:54
thank you for nice card who every sent it

From: LEAH <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 1:38
this site, has alot of great things on it, THANKS

From: Black velvet
Date: 15. Sep 98 2:32

From: ChelBaby <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 4:22
This is the kewlest...Best place on the net to make the greatest friends.

From: sagria <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 12:47

From: John <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 14:03
Received an anonymous card from a Secret Admirer. Didn't know anyone cared. Thank you...

Date: 15. Sep 98 18:08
I am interested in learning about Hawaii Pacific University, and hearing from people who can give me advice about going to school there. Also people who know how about canine quarantine process.

From: MIKE
Date: 15. Sep 98 18:32

From: PASSION <September 16,1998>
Date: 15. Sep 98 22:35
i love to chat, so talk to me...

From: Set Andersson <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 22:35
2 da is the first da in the rest of my life. And I´m happy as hl it started on these GEAT islands!!!!

From: Lala <>
Date: 15. Sep 98 23:40
Now i know ..what's cyber love?.

From: mellen <>
Date: 16. Sep 98 1:08
HI everyone

From: Tetanya <>
Date: 16. Sep 98 2:37
Thanks! It such a fun site!

From: jack maxwell <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 2:40
I wish happiness to all and may I see it when it is right in front of me..

From: Angelica <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 3:06

From: Johanna <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 3:14
It's a really nice page

From: mirza <,ba>
Date: 17. Sep 98 3:45
whrite to me free

From: Danielle Hansen <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 4:10
I would like to know everything about this web site. It sounds really good. It sounds so romantic.

Date: 17. Sep 98 10:14
great Idea

From: Kelly Carmody <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 13:42
I need a man

From: Sissy Davis <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 15:07
Love this!!! Need I say More? Sissy

From: Kurniawan Agus <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 20:36
This is the first chat page I try, so I don't have much comment on it. Let's see if this is good

From: LEGS ( Nathalie) <>
Date: 17. Sep 98 20:53
Great chat room you have here. I have met a lot of wonderful people through it. Keep up the good work.


From: jared <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 1:26
great place to talk to people its a real nifty site

From: pham nguyen vu <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 4:59
I'm a Vietnamese, toi moi biet vao mang internet, viet may chu nay gui cho nguoi ban khong quen de thuc tap su dung internet. Rat cam on ban nao chi giup, huong dan toi .

From: kathy lapointe <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 5:46
hawaii chat is good!

From: Roger Liljebladh <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 18:13
LOVE from SWEDEN!!!!!!!

From: mountaingirl <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 19:02
i love HCU. i have met so many kewl people on here, its great, i love it, what else can i say ??? *S*S*

From: Faith <>
Date: 18. Sep 98 19:08
I'm 22 and Bisexual. I'm married and have 2 kids. If anyone wants to chat just send me am E-mail. I'd love to make some new friend!!!

From: Tyson Holder <>
Date: 19. Sep 98 6:55
The Dreamer and the Poet live a once apon a time.

Dreaming the Dreamers dreams and singing the poets rymes.

Walking through the fog and smoke in the woods of evergreen,

The dreamer and the poet,an ever constant team.

-Tyson Andrew Holder-

From: Ola <>
Date: 19. Sep 98 7:46
want to send a letter to a woman at a age of 30-50 who want to sail around the world in the next few years.She can live i Scandinavia?

From: nancy lee lee <>
Date: 19. Sep 98 15:09
Will be back again. Interesting site.

From: Roberto <>
Date: 19. Sep 98 19:19
Your show is great and I think that the two of you are hillarious.

Keep up the excellent work.


From: Paula <>
Date: 20. Sep 98 5:54
I think this is a fabulous idea. I am just wondering if my lover sent this or someone else who has interest in me. I want to know WHO sent this letter to me. If you won't tell, how can I find out??????????? ;)

From: Darrin <>
Date: 20. Sep 98 11:15
I enjoy chatting here and will continue to.

From: Buna <>
Date: 20. Sep 98 15:03
What I was able to see, not having a computer, was just absolutely lovely. I enjoyed all thanks, Sally

From: Karen <>
Date: 20. Sep 98 15:29
This is a very nice site. I love the love card.

From: Valerie Albin <>
Date: 20. Sep 98 19:36
I love this site. It is the most creative thing I have ever seen

From: kums <>
Date: 21. Sep 98 4:03
I am still new to this site would like to know how to go bout things

From: Ali A. khan <>
Date: 21. Sep 98 7:40
Dear Sir/Madam Thank you very much for your efforts to bring lost hearts together. However, I would like to mention a drawback which has occured while using your services. In my humble opinion, one who sends an anonymous letter, wants that the other person receives only and only the beautiful picture and the carefully seleced foot print. Unfortunately, this is not the case in your home page and the recipient receives a full access to the page. This reduces the value of the letter and therefore not many users try this. Indeed, I am trying to give you a picture of european users and their codes of ethics, norms & values, and hence a new target market for your services. I hope that you consider this as a friendly comment and looking forward to hearing from you soon. Faithfully yours, ali A. Khan

From: chris michaels <>
Date: 21. Sep 98 14:05
I just want to talk to somebody.

From: babyeyes <>
Date: 21. Sep 98 19:06
Hello!anyone wanna chat?

From: §even Deadly §in§™ <>
Date: 22. Sep 98 2:56
{Visit} ...thanks for making this chat...

From: J.Pinto <jpinto1312>
Date: 22. Sep 98 7:39
I would like to know who mailed me the letter, so that I can thank them. or send them a letter, in return

From: josette gustilo <>
Date: 22. Sep 98 16:06
Continue the good work...but please don't let people die of thinking of the mystery behind these things... especially the anonymous letters...

Thank you. I'm dying of thingking of who will be that secret admirer of mine.

From: Kimberly B. <>
Date: 22. Sep 98 17:47
Hello from Tupelo, MS. New user here. Probably need a little help.

From: dawn frazier <>
Date: 22. Sep 98 20:30
i came to pick up a letter and couldn't find it

From: FlynHaw'n <>
Date: 22. Sep 98 22:56
20 years old from the Big Island now living in San Diego 5ft. 9in. 175lb. black hair and brown eyes loves to boogieboard

From: maui girl <>
Date: 23. Sep 98 8:56
cool web site!

From: Brandon Soliven <>
Date: 23. Sep 98 11:44
. . . Realy don't know what to say but wussup everbody out there! And if you recognize my name then feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you! C-Ya!!!!! All the people from Kauai say AAAAAAAAUUUUUU!!!!

From: tim clulow <>
Date: 23. Sep 98 12:38
this chat sever is the best i know AND your doin a great lob

From: calow <>
Date: 23. Sep 98 19:46
Stumbled on this site. I like it.

From: hannis <>
Date: 23. Sep 98 22:41
hallå på dig hur är det.. här är det bara fint solen den lyser inte men vad gör det.. glad kan man vara ändå....ha det så bra kram hannis

From: sweeet <>
Date: 24. Sep 98 0:20
I've been using HCU for a while, and i must admit it is one of the best chat lines i've come across. I have already met many people and even one in person. Keep up the great work and web site. I really like it.

From: Michele Doan <>
Date: 24. Sep 98 4:52
I love to read, write and play on the computer. I'm a sinlge mom of one very handsome son, named Dylan. I'm 26 yrs. old and 5'6" with reddish brown hair and green eyes and i really enjoy chatting at HCU!!!

From: Lara C. <>
Date: 24. Sep 98 9:05
" See the stars, they´re shining bright everything´s alright tonight.."

Date: 24. Sep 98 11:10

From: Kyllana <>
Date: 24. Sep 98 16:56
i love my baby angelo for infinity... we're going to have a family soon and if it's a boy first his name will be Ghiovanni, if it's a girl her name will be Kristianni... jus wanted to share my happiness.kpy

From: ladi mojeed <ladi-dadi@usa.netaddress>
Date: 25. Sep 98 4:43
Howw can I be a member of the love life organisation without paying or is it free.

And I want to know if i could know more about my love life and m y dream future partner.

From: Cindy Woodard <>
Date: 25. Sep 98 4:58
I am going to have one of these...very soon with my Dave..

From: Leilani <>
Date: 25. Sep 98 8:38
This kind of stuff brings people a little closer, even when they are far!

From: chanel Simon <>
Date: 25. Sep 98 8:47
If in this life I accomplish one thing A deserving gift to my own I wish to be surrounded by love, But be content when I am alone.

From: Chanel Simon <>
Date: 25. Sep 98 8:49
As sure as seasons change and as stars light up the sky, My love belongs to only he and his to only I.

From: violet <>
Date: 25. Sep 98 19:15
i think this website is really cool! I hope to visit this website as often as i get to!!! thanks ....

From: amit <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 0:43
I am interested in this wonderful chat but i am not getting how to register in that. piease HELP


From: Cody Allen <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 3:44
This is the best page I have ever been to in my life.

From: Jorge Gerardo <Poder Net>
Date: 26. Sep 98 12:08
Quiero entablar comunicaciòn contigo

From: Anonymous
Date: 26. Sep 98 12:17
me gustaria encontrar a un chico agradable.

From: saulan joo juan <central sur No.11 cacahoatan, chiapas. cp 30890.>
Date: 26. Sep 98 12:30
Darme a conocer en algunos lugares claves. asi mismo hacer amigos y conocer gente de todo tipo.


From: tommy <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 18:03
lookin for some cute guys

From: Red <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 18:24
I've never used this chat site before, but I'm exicted to learn all it has to offer.


From: rublue2 <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 23:09
Looking for ~*StAr*~.....if anyone sees her of knows of her please email me Thanks *hugs* Rublue2

From: N.P <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 23:46
Hi! My name is N.P and I'm come from Thailand. It very exciting to viting your site.Your have very exciting site.

From: N.P <>
Date: 26. Sep 98 23:52
Iforget to tell you that this morning I'm going to visit Hawai and I will visit Hanalulu and it my firth time to visit Hawai .

From: Flowerchild <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 7:25
I've chatted here for over a year. I love this place!

From: Kathy <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 9:34
would like to know more about love life

From: Shawna West <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 12:29
This was pretty neat! C-ya!

From: Mary H. Nena <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 12:42
it's a pleasure to be a member of this group. i would like to take this opportunity to make the best of it. if there's anything i need to know, please contact me hope to hear from you, real soon. bye.

From: Dianne <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 15:48
This is cool!!!

From: Precious <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 16:12
This is a cool chatting place!

From: Charlene <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 16:51
cool page.....

From: bigSEXY <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 18:37
This place is hot. You can talk to people all over the world.

From: sifubob <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 20:09
If your interested in Kenpo-Karate and you don't mind coming out to Pearl City. Check out my webpage at: Enroll immediately and receive one month free training. Aloha, sifubob

From: Sussie <>
Date: 27. Sep 98 22:44
I think this is great!

From: Katie <>
Date: 28. Sep 98 3:02
I can't seem to find the place to retrieve the message someone wrote me.

Date: 28. Sep 98 4:22

From: Juggie <>
Date: 28. Sep 98 6:22
love can really make the world go round ...yet, the problem with love is that it lifts you up and it knocks you down ..

From: Mailyn Figueroa <>
Date: 28. Sep 98 6:28
Hi!! I'm from Puerto Rico. Looking for new friends around the world. See ya. Kisses. Mailyn

From: Dameon Smith <802 Crestmore Drive>
Date: 28. Sep 98 8:53
I like the things that happens on this program.

From: Bobby <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 4:47
You site is very interesting.

Thanx a lot for it.

From: Erik <MOMBY1@hotmail,com>
Date: 29. Sep 98 7:09
I just would like to talk, and see if there are persons who like romantics, but the older way. :)

From: kelly <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 14:14
I wanted to have more friends!

From: Sharon <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 14:19

From: Alicia <was4413050>
Date: 29. Sep 98 15:16
okay interesting

From: Kylie <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 16:46
30 september 1998

to all at hawaii chat universe

keep up the good work

bye for now kylie

From: Jerry Hawkins <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 16:53
Aloha: From Tulsa,Oklahoma..!! A truely pretty young lady invited me to surf here named Hawaian Beauty from the t@ponline web sites She looked so inviting and fresh and nice that I just couldnt resist. Been climbin coconut trees all over the islands in search of her. I have friends there in Beautifull Hawaii and miss them all alot. Stanley Caruth and Carol Chernow and Heidi Kahn and I dont know if Wynn Anderson is still there or not. But thanks for inviting me to sign your nice guest book and may the winds blow gently there in Hawaii. Best wishes to all Sincerely, Jerry Hawkins A.S.C.A.P. [Oh dont mention this to anyone but I have always loved and enjoyed the music of Mr. Don Ho' of Hawaii..! ALOHA

From: moe <>
Date: 29. Sep 98 20:54


From: Nancy Monchelli <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 2:03
Glad to be here

From: tara
Date: 30. Sep 98 4:000
well this is my first time on here from what i can tell this site looks awsome! i wouldn't mind meeting some new friends on the net. love you all.

From: nikki
Date: 30. Sep 98 4:000
This site looks very interesting. Its my first time in here. Looks awesome!!!!!

From: stephanie <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 4:46

From: Bianca <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 7:04
I have so much fun when I am chatting

From: Jorge <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 8:28
Thanks for all your help, advice and information on your website. It will make me a better friend on the Internet.

Nice site to visit, thank you.

From: ~Pam~ <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 10:20
Thank You For Having Such A Fun Site To Visit With A Varity Of Nice Things For All To ~Enjoy~ .....

I Know I Did! >>>SMILE<<<

From: ~Pam~ <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 10:21
Thank You For Having Such A Fun Site To Visit With A Varity Of Nice Things For All To ~Enjoy~ .....

I Know I Did! >>>SMILE<<<

From: Scottie19 <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 12:44
hey all...

From: island boy <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 19:58
i think this chat universe is great!!! I love it!!!!!

From: kingjal ramelb <>
Date: 30. Sep 98 21:23

From: Carolyn Williams <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 2:24
This is fantastic. What a lovely letter I recieved and the party that sent it must an Angel.

From: Heather <Flower_74_1998>
Date: 1. Oct 98 8:39
What is the meaning of love?

From: Angela Gould <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 8:46
I really like your chat rooms; I find them the easiest to use.

From: Blotto <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 9:32
I really like this chat. I have met a lot of cool people here. Keep up the good work. I have to say somethings to a couple people. To BatGirl, I love you wubbie. I will love you forever. To Mr.Frisky, Have you made any snow angels lately?? *L* I'm sorry about august man. To Bliss I miss you *Pout* and I want to chat again.

From: Darin Olson <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 13:31
i am dwm30

From: Ryan <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 18:08
i like to chat... =)

From: camilla sundberg <>
Date: 1. Oct 98 20:29
I am in Sweden but I can talk to the world, love that!!!

From: millie call <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 2:36
This letter from a secret admirer made me so ding dang happy.

From: ritesh ranjan <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 3:05
wow !!what a place to express your love towards someone you love !! I sent an my firstm ever love letter to my dream love ,which came true after that letterr !!!!!!!

From: Tim Sparrow <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 5:01
Want to talk any sweet girls out there who are 16 or older so email me.

From: Stephanie Godin <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 5:42
This chat line kicks butt!!!

From: Kasey Clayton <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 9:36
Niffty Web site! I realy think It's pretty cool

From: Marion <>
Date: 2. Oct 98 16:13
I did this...but I did not write a said to click on send....hmmmmmm

From: Charlene <>
Date: 3. Oct 98 7:11

From: harley(kauaikaneB&R) <>
Date: 3. Oct 98 14:000
i just like to say aloha to everybody. it is fun to chat in hcu.

From: Journeymanz <>
Date: 3. Oct 98 14:58
Meet some wonderful people. Some truly special ones alse.

From: Lynn <>
Date: 3. Oct 98 23:12
I think this is a great way to say something you might other wise be unable too

Date: 3. Oct 98 23:30

From: Marcy <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 6:37
I love your web site

From: Natalie Curd <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 8:000
I love HCU, I have been going here for years. The people are always so friendly, and it is a great way to meet different people from everywhere. HCU IS GREAT!!!! Don't ever let it go.

From: amber sexton <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 8:11

From: Candice Graham <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 8:46
Just browsing through. . . found it interesting and it now bookmarked for futher exploration.

From: RON C <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 21:42
new to the internet,male 40 would love to find a female,to talk to and have a web romance.hope to hear from someone soon. the internet male would love to

From: RONALD <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 22:04
new to the internet,male 40 would love to have a female romace on the internet would iove to hear from someone soon ronc

From: elizabeth cagampan <>
Date: 4. Oct 98 23:08
I always searching your program here at Internet.

From: Joanne Hsieh <>
Date: 5. Oct 98 4:49

From: April Carter <>
Date: 5. Oct 98 7:53
hi...thanks to whoever sent me my letter!

From: Chubby
Date: 5. Oct 98 16:14
Im Chubby

From: kelly <>
Date: 5. Oct 98 21:50
Its frustrating not knowing who sent the letter, we should be able to find out

From: Jitendran <>
Date: 6. Oct 98 5:21
The chat is very nice and i loved it very much. I want you to enhance it more and make it one of the best chat sites on the net.

From: Park Johnson <PJohn56530>
Date: 6. Oct 98 5:35
Super PLace that you have here. I hope to be a regular on here.

From: mzeggroll <>
Date: 6. Oct 98 9:50

From: Lee Ayers <>
Date: 6. Oct 98 23:34
Looking forward to exploring your world.

From: The UNDERTAKER (M31) <bobcat828384@hotmail. com>
Date: 7. Oct 98 5:48
let's have some fun!!!

From: Sonja <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 6:15
Well, I really haven't anything to say. Just thought I'd sign the... guestbook while I was here. Cute site. Really nice.

From: emily <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 6:50
This is great!!!

From: Patrick Herward <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 7:13
I have a letter to pick up but u do not know where to pick it up at!

From: jaclyn <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 9:30
i miss chatting....

From: cedric august <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 13:49
i hope this chat line is good

From: Ashley <football1>
Date: 7. Oct 98 14:20
HI i love this place. i wanna know who sent me that one letter though

From: freakybella <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 17:57
i been in this chat room before. I want to know if this chat place will ever go to java chat? just curisous.. but otherwise keep the good work up.

From: Ralph Bellon <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 19:27
Very cool sight from whatIi have seen!!

From: Lance <>
Date: 7. Oct 98 23:18
I want some fun!

From: Scampi
Date: 8. Oct 98 0:30
i love mark debolla and kylebryce

From: UNDERTAKER(M31) <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 6:11
I had a great time yesterday, LET'S HAVE SOME MORE FUN!

From: Mats Franzén <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 8:45
Im dreaming !!!

From: steve <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 9:07
like what i seen and leastened to email me

From: Cynthia Davis-Benjamin <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 10:42
Hey this is thevery first time for me so bear with me on getting started.

Date: 8. Oct 98 11:11

From: Erica Gromer <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 11:29
I think this was a great idea to had a "Secret Admirer" letter. I only wish you could have more/different ones. Maybe someday.

From: Kapua <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 12:41
this is a really fun chatroom!

From: sweets <tjkalae@yahoo. com>
Date: 8. Oct 98 13:13
I love chatting on HCU. So I just wanted to say thanks for making such a wonderfurl chat room!

From: Snowman <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 13:56
Life, don't talk to me about life...

From: robert <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 14:15
Iwish to know more about you!

From: mike <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 19:11
i'm from hawaii and i like hawaiian food. i play mostly basketball and baseball. i love the color green and i am easily to get along with.

From: kristine dianne <>
Date: 8. Oct 98 19:57
hey nice web page you have here.

From: Hanna <>
Date: 9. Oct 98 0:44
hello from finland!!! nice be here in hawaii chat universe!!!!

From: Hanna P <>
Date: 9. Oct 98 0:52
Love is perfect if u take care of !!!! terkkuja Finland'ialaisille siis suomalaisille!!!!!!

From: Francisco "Flaco"
Date: 9. Oct 98 6:52
I just wanted to say wusup to Suavecita you sound like a pretty interesting chicana.Im turning 18 on Novenber 6. Gotta go Bonita! Talk to you soon.

From: Ralph Bellon <>
Date: 9. Oct 98 12:51
Enjoyed what i've seen.

From: Keli'i <>
Date: 9. Oct 98 13:41
This chat room is da bomb. A lot of cool people in their.

From: Kari <>
Date: 9. Oct 98 14:48

From: Sandy Jensen <Bat80@aol>
Date: 9. Oct 98 15:30
I can not find where to pick-up my letter

From: Consi Gonjie <>
Date: 10. Oct 98 7:25
Hey! Check out the book Iam writing on the web! Love Consi.

From: Heather-maira <>
Date: 10. Oct 98 10:44
HCU IS DA BAUM!!!! hehehe.. im real addicted!

From: Sven Mayden
Date: 10. Oct 98 11:17
Everything is alright. Nothing to complain about. see you

From: sweetm_98 <>
Date: 10. Oct 98 12:31
I am looking for a person who can be a friend, and a good companion.

From: crystal <Phil-n-Lil11@webtvnet>
Date: 10. Oct 98 13:48
i hope you two are very happp.

From: UNDERTAKER(M31) <>
Date: 10. Oct 98 18:50
you have very friendly chatrooms and i have met alot of helpful people!

From: Rick <>
Date: 10. Oct 98 20:53
Thank you to my ANONYMOUS LETTER WRITER but why remain so??? We have lots to share but if not what is wrong with sharing even just a smile. *S* Curiously ??? *Hugs*

From: Jay Rizzim <jayrizzim>
Date: 11. Oct 98 7:45
I think this a nice sire b/c I got the sweetest leeter from a special friend that I would really like to get to know better. thank you.

From: gale <harry mlo>
Date: 11. Oct 98 13:36
I can't get into any chat rooms and there is nobody in here!

From: SeaDreams <>
Date: 11. Oct 98 14:07
Loved your internet stories of love...Maybe I'll get around to sharing mine someday. But I would like to remind anyone who is involved online to remember that you don't see so much of your love's other sides before you meet offline...Maybe he leaves hair in the sink or has some other disgusting little personal habit that'd drive you up a wall. Think long and hard, because you prince could turn quickly to toad...

From: Linda Stubblefield <>
Date: 11. Oct 98 14:51
realy enjoyed the card sent to me

From: cHyNa DoLl *Ba0 bAo* <>
Date: 11. Oct 98 20:09
HeY wAsSuP tO eVeRyOnE oUt ThErE iN hCu!! SpEcIaL wAsSuPs To NeLlIe, My NaNiNg MyLa, VaL, mErRe, AnD tO eVeRyOnE eLsE i LoVe & AdOrE! mUcH mAhAlS....

From: marlon ricardo moore <bcc .com>
Date: 12. Oct 98 5:39
I want to become a member of your love life conmection.

From: girl <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 7:38
varför ska man älska nån man ändå aldrig kan få varför tändes mitt hjärta vid så unga år? den som älskat kan aldrig glömma den som glömmt kan aldrig älkat ha den som äldkat å glömmt visste ej vad kärlek var

From: Baby Bunny <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 9:42
Hi Room, I have been looking for Truelyhappy in these chat rooms. Would really like to talk to her. She's on Web TV and I'm on microsoft. She's in our bowling league and a really HOT lady!!! Please tell her I was here. -Thanks Baby Bunny

From: Christine May <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 11:37
Does anybody else sing in the shower? If so, go chat with me, *kickgirl*! p.s.good site:)

From: Trisha Kala <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 15:55
I'm looking for my friends

From: CHECKS <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 16:30
Keep up the good work.

From: Lika <>
Date: 12. Oct 98 19:24
I am from wahiawa, Oahu, but I'm now living in Texas and missing home very much !!!!

From: Rob Peterson <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 4:57
Hi there from Alberta, Canada! I love the page!

From: christine traer <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 9:33
party time in love sexy sexy

From: Butterscotch <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 11:51
Great Chat Room...thanks for creating it i'm in there almost every nigt..=o)

From: N.P <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 15:34
Hi! I'm very happy to visit your web site again. Excellent web site. I just got back from Hawaii about a week ago. I really like to go back. I got bit by the jelly fish from Hawaii and I really miss it . It's really painfull I have a lot scar from it too. But I have a lot of fun.

From: Amanda Pyles <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 16:04
I am a 17 year old wife of a wonderful 22 year old husband. We have been married for 6 months and evry mintue of that has been a fun ride. Right now he is away from me,he is in Paris Island S.C.and for boot camp {Marines}I love him very much and miss him dearly and can't wait for him to come back to Florida to be with me. I love you Dustin Pyles

From: Rachel <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 22:27
I like the HCU chat but not sure how peoples birthdays get posted and stuff like that. I am kinda new to HCU. Anyways Hiya to everyone out there in Hawaii and everywhere else looking for someone to chat with, Ok now I feel stupid so I am going now, K Alohaz

From: Silversurfer <>
Date: 13. Oct 98 22:59
kewl..keep it up!

From: Edina Toth <Tárna út>
Date: 14. Oct 98 0:13
Hello everybody! I am Tedy, I am romantic girl.If you I a beautiful boy , call up me. I should like a contact at least for 6 months . My password love forever. TEDY.

Date: 14. Oct 98 2:59
Being able to touch the warmth of so many by the mere touch of a button is just outstanding. There is so much anger and hatred out there it's really nice to finally experience some love.

From: Darleen Nelson <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 4:28
Has the makings of a great web site. I haven't looked at all of it yet.

^i^ Darleen

From: Jennifer Anne Morris <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 6:35
i am from mississippi and i am 17 years old. this is a great websight and keep up the good work. one more thing i would like to say is that i love greg who is my boyfriend and he is the greatest!

Awesome website!!!!!!!!

From: Rose Kaufusi <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 10:31
I need love.

From: Janena Ann <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 12:13
If you like write to me write! Kauaians never die! malama pono and God Bless!

From: Vanessaloly <vanessaloly@hotmail>
Date: 14. Oct 98 14:18
Hi! Please E mail me i am board if you want to be my on line email partner!. It is really col? bye

From: BULATAO <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 16:59

From: Kalehua <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 17:56
Aloha, i dont know what to write so whatevers

From: kelticrain
Date: 14. Oct 98 21:20
hey, i'm just a paris cafe neighbour and thought i'd look around. Neat site.. i'm not really into cyber-romance though. but you've done a wonderful job here.

From: Lara Croft <>
Date: 14. Oct 98 21:48
HCu is r the PEEPZ....keep it that way guys!!!

From: Stoner <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 3:26
Hello all.just passing through from peterboro canada and though i'd say high to all of you .great page .my page is click here bye

From: Sugar_Pie
Date: 15. Oct 98 10:19
I feel that this is a very cool program.because you can meet all kinds of people from other places and chat with them for a while!

From: Leandro Navarro Jr <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 10:45
I'm new here in this page,hope to learn more about it

From: Casondra Johnson <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 11:07
My love life is great. I've got a wonderful boyfriend, with wonderful talents. I just thought that i'd enlighten you on that!

From: Kelsyn kauai boy alejo <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 12:47
Kauai boys all the way

From: Miss Venus <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 13:19
I just want to say that I just absolutely LOVE the Hawaii Chat Universe, I've made alot of interesting people from it, including some people from my area, and i would like to give a special hello to my friends PLAYER, PARIDISE, Mr. Suave', Butternut, and to my very special friend Mr. Frisky (hey baby).

Thanx for giving me space to say what I had to say and bye strait from Washington, DC -USA

From: Nalani Grover <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 14:55
well i am just checking this site friend showed me it.

From: Kalehua <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 18:31
Aloha everyone hope u having a good evening

From: anna <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 23:38
I'm happy to join in this hawaii chat universe.And it's my pleasure if you will send me a response of this message. because i want to meet some friends out there. Hope you wont ignore it. By the i would like to greet all the members of this chat. Hello to all of you. Eventhough we don"t know each other hope you are all in a good condition. ooo!! Until here na lang .Bye...bye...

From: Anna <>
Date: 15. Oct 98 23:52
I want to meet some friends. anyone who is available please send me a letter or a message. By the way im 18 yrs old aa 3rd student. Hello to all of you..bye..bye

From: leah <leah100#hotmail,com>
Date: 16. Oct 98 2:35
well i don't have that much to say hello

Date: 16. Oct 98 2:36

From: fastforward <>
Date: 16. Oct 98 3:40

From: ever <900 Summet av.>
Date: 16. Oct 98 8:13
I need a women that give me the real love

From: kehau 1011/f <>
Date: 16. Oct 98 9:41
i have alot of fun in these chat rooms. it is fun to meet new people and meet up with my friends and gang up on people. this is an axceelent chatroom.

From: Bunny
Date: 16. Oct 98 12:19
I have meet some really nice people on this. I is really nice to knoewthat there is some there to talk to. I sit here and chill and chat. I say a special hello to private dancer(m) and rock bottom and G-MAN and WHYNOT(thanx for the roses) see you all soon.kisses and bounces. BUNNY

From: tony thorp <>
Date: 16. Oct 98 13:38
thanks to the person who sent the card to me would like to here from the person who sent

From: kalehua <>
Date: 16. Oct 98 18:05

From: RoseSugar <>
Date: 17. Oct 98 4:29

From: J-lee <>
Date: 17. Oct 98 5:04
just looking around if you don't mind..?

From: cedric august <>
Date: 17. Oct 98 10:000
this is a good service thank you

From: Mel <>
Date: 17. Oct 98 23:43
I just read the story about the Dark Prince and his story about love. It made me cry and I would like to wish them the best of luck and I hope that love will follow them throughout their lives. I hope for the best for them both... Aloha Mel

From: Karen <>
Date: 18. Oct 98 6:56
Nice site.

From: Niklas Blomgren <>
Date: 18. Oct 98 11:000
Jätte bra att detta finns!

From: Kalehua <>
Date: 18. Oct 98 15:45

From: Marisa Quarto <>
Date: 18. Oct 98 16:11
I love Martin Schacher! That is all. :-)

From: beth <>
Date: 18. Oct 98 22:41
I have no comments but I just want to appreciate your program

From: Kitten
Date: 19. Oct 98 3:18
Today is the first day of a new life.

From: David Byant <>
Date: 19. Oct 98 15:30
Couldn't find a place to pick up mail

From: Kristine <>
Date: 19. Oct 98 23:57

From: Lily S Scott
Date: 20. Oct 98 5:01
i want to talk

From: sirild <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 10:53

From: Liz <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 11:10
i love it here!

From: Rayna <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 13:06
none yet

From: Laura <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 15:12
I really liked this web page. It was a nice thought!!!

From: Melinda Steel <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 15:24
Life's Good

From: kalehua <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 15:40

From: nb <>
Date: 20. Oct 98 18:04
lots of fun

From: Hanna <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 0:000
I think that this place is the coolest!! It`s a VERY great chat!!!

From: sexy chic <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 4:51
I love HCU!!!!!!!!!!*S*

From: Teddygirl aka Tracy *TG* <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 6:29
Hey everyone!!! Gotta love HCU!!! See ya around!!! *hugs and kisses*

From: Doneta <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 9:07
I really enjoy your site. Thanks for sharing. Love the anonymous love letter idea.

From: jesse <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 9:10
This is my first time, the card was very nice.Thankyou.

From: joe <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 9:33
great site,but dont have a credit card for a cyber wedding,what should i do?

From: alex montesinos <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 10:46
I'm looking forward to learning each day about Lovelife web site. thank you. sincerely. alex

From: marlene <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 10:52

From: Celine <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 12:20
it's nice

From: Savannah <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 14:47
I like this site

From: kalehua <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 16:37

From: Anonymous <phontomv@webtv;net>
Date: 21. Oct 98 17:31
cool site,but to shy to play

From: jewls <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 17:52
be patient i'm new at this. :)

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 21. Oct 98 22:37
Very difficult to chat..can't see what everone is saaying I'm lost

From: Jazmine
Date: 22. Oct 98 0:28
We need to feel more undestand others. We need to love more to be loved back. We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves. We need to see more see more other than our little fantasiens. We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others. We need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another. We need to love!!!

From: Chris <>
Date: 22. Oct 98 3:05
wow this is cool Hello to all From South Florida

From: joni <>
Date: 22. Oct 98 5:45
i liked your site.

From: beaster <beaster>
Date: 22. Oct 98 7:35

From: frances pombert <ladytaz1@hotmail.cim>
Date: 22. Oct 98 9:48
cool chat room

From: Amor <>
Date: 22. Oct 98 21:41
I love florida I love girls I love you

From: sofia <gnagare31>
Date: 23. Oct 98 4:30
Väldigt bra sida????

From: Sarah Granado <Spurlock>
Date: 23. Oct 98 9:56
I"m looking for a guy that will treat. me right and loves me for whoI am not for what my body looks like.

From: deep_throat
Date: 23. Oct 98 14:42
i think this is very good

From: Melissa <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 5:41
What a wonderful site!! Thank you for providing a forum in which people can share and learn secrets about love and life. I plan to return often!

From: harry <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 8:10
e-mail me,please

From: Robin <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 11:59
I luv this site!

From: Tammy <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 14:42
Interesting place...

From: Bobby <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 18:12
Hope to be online with all of you. Aloha.

From: RON C <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 18:51
Love this site,also would love to hear from a female 30-45 to talk to,let talk ron c from GARY INDIANA, INDIANA IN THE HOUSE.

From: C.L <>
Date: 24. Oct 98 19:29
just curious

From: Malin <>
Date: 25. Oct 98 6:05
Ingen..;=) orkar inte skriva nått;=)

Ha det bra alla..;=)

From: annelie <>
Date: 25. Oct 98 8:08
Jag tycker om en kille men han tycker inte om mig!!

From: Carla <>
Date: 25. Oct 98 11:17
Swell idea

From: Tammy <>
Date: 25. Oct 98 16:19
Interesting place... Interesting types of people... Thanks!

From: Steve Enwright <>
Date: 25. Oct 98 18:38
I'm a native of Hawaii.And look forward to visiting your Universe again! Thank you for everything.

Steve Enwright

From: mathias <>
Date: 26. Oct 98 0:16
awesome.... I'd more than happy to meet ya's in real

From: Aya!! <>
Date: 26. Oct 98 6:24
I love chatting in here. It´s the best way to meet people and good friends.

From: Andy Rodriguez <>
Date: 26. Oct 98 7:41
first time here. want to see what it's like.

From: Jrewgirl <>
Date: 27. Oct 98 11:47
Just saying wassup! Hey, I like all that little bits of animation you got there. See ya around.... byee

From: Hawaiian <none>
Date: 27. Oct 98 12:07

From: Lexy <>
Date: 27. Oct 98 12:39
It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who fell in love on the computer. Thanks for your story.

From: Lilli <>
Date: 27. Oct 98 13:10
The best chat room in the world!!!

From: Val Venis <>
Date: 27. Oct 98 14:33
My real name is matthew pantaleo from Missouri, I enjoy HCU and I am a regular there

From: kalehua <>
Date: 27. Oct 98 14:51
smile forever

From: superfoxy <>

From: secretly <searching>
Date: 28. Oct 98 3:000
I am looking for KC53. If you are out there please let me know. post something!

From: Bianca <>
Date: 28. Oct 98 7:57
I have met a wonderful person but unfortuantely I am married. I really enjoy talking to him an dhopefully we can be good friends. Thanks for all your help

From: viper boy <>
Date: 28. Oct 98 17:29
this is a cool place..

From: Masood Lohar <>
Date: 28. Oct 98 21:29
It is simply wonderful site. Thanx

From: Adriana <arisby>
Date: 29. Oct 98 4:49
Just visiting your site. Lived in Hawaii about twenty years ago. I was looking for a high school I attended. Wahiawa Highschool if someone has any information could you please forward it. Thank you Bronze Dragonfly

From: sara <>
Date: 29. Oct 98 9:54
don't know what i'd do without you guys......lori,mike,mya,monica,lexa,peter, laura,aaliyah,dino,lani,jewels,may,cakes, raerae,natae,kayleen,judy,paul....and evryone else i forgot.....thanx alot!!!

From: Big Spliff
Date: 29. Oct 98 14:17
If you continue to burn up the HERB,Were gonna burn down ya cane fields!!!

From: JaYbOy69 <>
Date: 29. Oct 98 23:29
Hawaii Chat Is DA BOMB Keep up the good work!

Date: 30. Oct 98 4:07

From: shawn bleir
Date: 30. Oct 98 7:43
how do you get to chat

From: shawn
Date: 30. Oct 98 7:45
how do you get to chat

From: Petra <>
Date: 30. Oct 98 9:35
Love is all you need. I've got it, but not fore you.Just fore my darling.

From: Jan Erik Jorgenssen <>
Date: 30. Oct 98 11:12
Dear sir,hi,i have one question,where do i get a membership or at least a password. to get on my way to chatting into Paradise..;) Ps i would appriciate a sppedy reply so that i can get chatting as soon as possible..;) Yours truly.,Jan Erik

From: Rissa Slusarczyk <>
Date: 30. Oct 98 15:01
I love HCU! It really helps me stay in touch with the people i love. It is a great way to meet new, interesting people too. This is the best chat house that i've ever visited. Keep it up!

From: Cathy <>
Date: 30. Oct 98 18:55

From: Aislin <>
Date: 30. Oct 98 20:29
I am very glad to see that you have a place for Internet Love Stories. I know not all of them are good but it is nice to read about other people who have had the same great luck as you.

From: sabu. <>
Date: 31. Oct 98 5:58
I have heard that lovelife is the hottest site from Hawaii to Tokyo. Nothing compares.

Sabu Antony. P.O. Box. 5589. Dubai.

From: Adidas_Girl <>
Date: 31. Oct 98 22:47
i want everyone to know life's not going to be the same unless u change the way it is!!!

From: Emmy Östergaard <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 2:42
I love you always

From: Action Jackson <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 3:11
this place is the bomb !!!!

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 6:09
I love it.

From: valery** <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 9:59
hi everybody !

From: Nick Nash <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 15:48
Are you still on K108 radio?

From: Alison Oasay <>
Date: 1. Nov 98 22:07
I been here for only three days and I think its the koolest place I been to!! I just wanted to say that.

From: sharon cunningham <>
Date: 2. Nov 98 5:09
This is a wonderful idea!

From: Serena <>
Date: 2. Nov 98 10:53
I have a certain person I want to send an anonymous letter to. This is a perfect site for finding that certain thing for a special person.

From: Sandy Steward <>
Date: 2. Nov 98 12:52
just surfing and found this website pretty cool.

From: donnie woods <>
Date: 2. Nov 98 17:11
hi all

From: Johan <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 1:52
Hello! Please write to me! Who are you? Where are you from? I am a boy from Sweden and I am 17 years old.

From: Jimmy McCollough <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 3:52
Hi, how are you? can you e-mail me and tell me more about this site? I stumbled onto it, and I would like to know more. Thanks.

From: Connie <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 5:40
Curiosity about site....

From: Rhona Lamar <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 7:21
I love your website

From: ana <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 8:35
just wanted to check things out

From: Laura Martin <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 9:26
I love this. I have meet the man my dreams and we are soon going to have our cyber wedding! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful thing!

From: Sean Beers <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 10:28
hey that is really wierd that matts last name is Beers. there aren't a whole lot of us. i sure didn't think that there were many in hawaii. neat. it sure beats illinois. well see ya later

From: Natalie Bower <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 13:21
Thanks for having this. Its great. Send me info when ya get it

From: Victoria (f) <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 17:51
Fabulous time guys - great cyberin with you

From: Angelina <>
Date: 3. Nov 98 18:52
My Loves in Favorites Directory

From: Sophie Gulstad <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 2:08
Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Sophie, I'm 14 years old. I live in DENMARK -you know "The small Country"...... I had "golden-blond" hair, and brown eyes.

From: shrew01 <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 4:41
hello eveyone!

From: Melanie Duldulao <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 10:23
hello there!!!

From: Erna Jean <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 12:07
I think this web is so cool :o)

From: ps-ph <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 13:33
any girl wanna chat?

From: Kate <Timerx1>
Date: 4. Nov 98 13:36
This is cool

From: mary <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 14:22
who sent it ????

From: stright_flush <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 15:44

From: JEWLS <>
Date: 4. Nov 98 20:27
your chat rooms are great!

From: Karyn (Dolphin)(F)
Date: 4. Nov 98 20:36
I just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank HCU for all the greats friends I have met in there over the time. I hardly ever go into HCU anyway or on the computer that much but I still think of you all.

From: Chris Stiles <>
Date: 5. Nov 98 1:38
Thanks for the great site, it was fun

Date: 5. Nov 98 7:07


From: Nikki <>
Date: 5. Nov 98 12:24
If anyone can PLEASE tell me what this page is for? I'd be grateful.

From: Ryan <>
Date: 5. Nov 98 16:16
This place is cool!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!

From: Sonia Burns
Date: 5. Nov 98 16:47
Sorry, but I am taken and you can't have me because I am happily in love and engaged to a lovely man.

From: joy <>
Date: 5. Nov 98 23:46
i like your stuff :-)

From: celia <>
Date: 6. Nov 98 6:05
this system of chatting is really good

From: pointman99 <>
Date: 6. Nov 98 11:12
love is like the roses that emerge from the ground.

From: Linda <>
Date: 6. Nov 98 14:16
Interesting place to visit

From: ~*~Lady Lovely~*~ <>
Date: 6. Nov 98 16:34
I just LOVE you HCU. I have met some VERY nice people in here, including the guy I am going to marry! Thanks so much! ~*~Lady~*~

From: mariesa <>
Date: 6. Nov 98 20:49
heello there well, i never really here about this stationed on the radio, but if possible then send more info por favor !! ( please).

From: 007 <>
Date: 7. Nov 98 1:53
Hi do you speek frensh?I realy want to talk with you

Date: 7. Nov 98 2:39

From: kanani <>
Date: 7. Nov 98 2:40
hey everyone!

From: Denise <>
Date: 7. Nov 98 6:47
You only live once so do what you want and have no regrets about it.

From: Missy
Date: 7. Nov 98 14:000
Hello to everyone! Love and alaha. Hawaii Chat Universe is the best.

Date: 7. Nov 98 14:42
what are the things you put on this website

From: lee <>
Date: 7. Nov 98 15:02
my fience just told me to check you guy's out so, here i am.

From: Terrence <>
Date: 8. Nov 98 2:58
Just wanted to say good job to the creators of this site. Much love to them also for making it a fun place to chat in, that's it. Oh and Alohaz to all the locals and people from hawaii out there.

From: E'ala <>
Date: 8. Nov 98 3:05
I like to surf what about you and i just took up golf.

From: bill <>
Date: 8. Nov 98 9:13
as the mgr.of a country radio station in minnesota it is good to see radio interact as you are doing with the web and the net.keep up the good work. bill waters KNSG 94.7 SPRINGFIELD MN.

From: mIkA...AkA mEEkErz/mEEx, bAtmAn jr. Or flIrtY < And>
Date: 8. Nov 98 11:05
I lIkE thIs wEbsItE A lOt And I'm glAd mY frIEnd tOld mE AbOUt thIs plAcE. It's grEAt I lIvE In pArAdIsE At thE bOmb-Ass 808 stAtE....wEll AnYwAYz...kAlAnI fAlcOns And clAss Of 2001 prIdE, bAbY....All thE wAy. And tO All thOsE pEEps rEAdIng thIs tAkE cArE And pEAcE OUt!!!...thIs Is mIkA rEprEsentIng mY kIck-@$$ sEnIOr krU And mY fAvE lA-lA krU (lOl InsIdE jOkE) sIgnIng Off...pEacE OUt yAll

From: jen <>
Date: 8. Nov 98 19:18
cool dudes.

From: R
Date: 9. Nov 98 1:20
Love you M!

From: Holly Garner
Date: 9. Nov 98 5:43
Your webpage is definatly interesting

From: Rosie <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 6:58
I think that love is the most powerful thing in a human being

From: kauai girl always <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 7:38
This Chat room is so cool because you can talk to people from Hawaii and some times you meet people that live on the same island as you and you can meet them and become friends.........=) shmiles.............

From: Frances (Lady Taz) <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 8:01
I think this chat room is a nice place to talk to your friends and make new friends

From: chantal <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 8:36
Watch'a people!! A beautiful blonde here saying hi and having a surf bye!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: Krista <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 10:46
THis is only my first time hear. Maybe I'll add something more later!!

From: superboy <>
Date: 9. Nov 98 19:58
i love this site

From: bluegirl
Date: 10. Nov 98 10:05

From: Adam Jay Perkins <>
Date: 10. Nov 98 16:21
sweet site

From: kalehua <>
Date: 10. Nov 98 16:23
aloha and always smile

From: Nicola <>
Date: 10. Nov 98 17:26
This is the first time on this site, i found it to be very interesting...

From: celia zulla <>
Date: 11. Nov 98 7:54
This chat room is slightly strange , but in a nice way .

From: BC <>
Date: 11. Nov 98 8:51
Wassup everyone!!!!

Date: 11. Nov 98 13:30

From: Steph <>
Date: 11. Nov 98 13:59
Awsome site. I just love to look at the pictures of a warm place. I Live in North Dakota and we're already in a winter wonderland. Have a good one. Steph

From: Gayathri <>
Date: 11. Nov 98 22:50
Nice and very creative.....

From: Jacinta Siong <>
Date: 12. Nov 98 6:11
Your page is a superb and fantastic.

From: april <>
Date: 12. Nov 98 6:36
first time entering your site....quite impressed...and of course i loved it!

From: Griselda Cruz <>
Date: 12. Nov 98 10:33
Very nice page!!!!

From: Sagius-Majikus <>
Date: 12. Nov 98 10:59
the chat site is kewl..wassup to ya all

From: dante <san lorenz>
Date: 12. Nov 98 11:41
I travel to hawaii regularly and thought that I would say hi!

From: Howard <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 3:50
Hi, I received a letter and just dropped by to check this sight out.. neat!

From: Jackie <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 5:55
How do you pick up mail sent to you??? beautiful sight but no information on mail pick up......

From: babybel <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 6:32

From: murat cengiz <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 7:11
H? everyone, I'am from turkey ?f you send me messages.I w?ll send you too loveeeee

From: Paul Freo <kokonutz21>
Date: 13. Nov 98 7:46
Hawaii is my life... There is no other place in this world where i would rather be.... The place is warm, sunny, cool, refreshing, relaxing, beautiful, and it just heals the soul... most importantly of all.... Hawaii's got the GIRLS, brah... HAWAII...has DA GIRLZZZZ...

From: breakpoint <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 12:09
i like it here!

From: eunae suh <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 15:37

From: ron
Date: 13. Nov 98 19:07
hello people

From: wally <>
Date: 13. Nov 98 23:09
tall(6'2"), handsome (blond & blue eyed) loving life & lovin livin it

From: Asad <>
Date: 14. Nov 98 2:19
Ilove this site

From: samantha <>
Date: 14. Nov 98 7:13
nice site..

From: candy
Date: 14. Nov 98 8:47
I Can't give an E-mail address because this is not my computer

From: Beth Cordes <>
Date: 14. Nov 98 13:49
I enjoyed this chat room any one want to talk can e-mail me at the above email address.

From: jack daniels the first <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 8:41
good conversation,good people,alot of fun! hcu tops everything else in the chat category.

From: Emilia <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 9:11
olis kiva tietää miten sinne chat'tiin pääsis ku sinne pitää jotenki rekisteröityä muuta miten? mailatkaa mulle kaikki jotka osaatte neuvoo...

From: maria jonsson <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 9:56
jag tycker joackim ekholm är skitsnygg.och jag skulle gjöra vadsomhelst för att bli i hop med honom eller att hångla med honom eller att han pratade med mej

From: TOOSweet
Date: 15. Nov 98 10:45
It's so Maika'i....people are so much friendlier and you always get responses....keep up the awesome work!!!!!

From: keoni <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 11:56
anybody see my dog? he small black and answers to chubbles k well if u see one black dog and he answer to chubbles email me k buh byethanx

From: TheStudlyStud <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 12:01
make me walk make me talk do whatever you please i can act like a star i can beg on my knees you can touch you can play if u say im always yours come on barbie lets go party ah ah ah yeah

From: Azaria
Date: 15. Nov 98 16:45
I have just spent the most frustating weeks of my life locked out of the Lovelife Chat Club for reasons unknown to me...I just want to say thanks Michael for all your help getting me back in...I love it here.

From: Misty <>
Date: 15. Nov 98 20:50
I liked this site! And I really liked the HCU! It was coo! :)

From: Maria <>
Date: 16. Nov 98 0:22
Hi!! I'm a 17 year old Swedish girl and I would like YOU to mail me!!

From: Sandy Garner <>
Date: 16. Nov 98 1:29
Visited your website for the first time, and found it very cool, and interesting. And most of all, I found what I was looking for. I will certainly introduce this website to my niece, since she loves to chat alot on the internet. Sandy 16Nov98

From: tomw19 <>
Date: 16. Nov 98 16:51
new here

From: edyanne <>
Date: 16. Nov 98 22:28
Haven't seen much of this site, I only just came in out of curiosity. Web TV does not let me do much. I am just looking around. Cannot hear the radio station.

From: sir pimp alot <>
Date: 17. Nov 98 9:06
got to get some lovin

From: ~~sweetluvin'~~ <>
Date: 17. Nov 98 14:18
dis is da hawaiian hale....

thanks for making a local chat!

From: yoshi <>
Date: 17. Nov 98 15:13
it was cool

Date: 17. Nov 98 21:23

Date: 18. Nov 98 6:28

From: Maypril Pangilinan <>
Date: 18. Nov 98 18:11
It is my pleasure to visit this web...

From: James l. Jones <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 1:56
Great Site

From: rocky podiy <rock_@com.sev>
Date: 19. Nov 98 7:18
hej jag är en hund på 3 år som gärna vill byta hund käx mot hund sex min kuk är hårig och liten men kan jag få byta hund käx mot hund

SNÄLLA,SNÄLLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRÅN ROCKY

From: Jennifer Carman <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 7:43
This room is so cool.I never thought falling in,love could be so fun,and so easy.You guys are the best,thanks alot,your friend,jenni

From: Christine <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 15:13
Im in my late 40s and would like someone to talk with.

From: Linnea Lang <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 15:18
I love the page. Its unique. My page is

Please sihgn the guestbook and look at Tony's Page and Erika's Page. Thanks!!!

From: Tac1 <Cyoshi6218@AOL.COM>
Date: 19. Nov 98 15:42

From: Phillip Sand <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 22:25

From: JS <>
Date: 19. Nov 98 22:34
No Comment

From: Judy <>
Date: 20. Nov 98 0:23

From: Michele Frisbie <>
Date: 20. Nov 98 3:52
Great stuff!

From: Marco <>
Date: 20. Nov 98 5:14
it very nice page. So i say keep it up.come and sign mine too. And w´ll communicate more.

From: guidermd <>
Date: 20. Nov 98 6:01
first visit

From: Angel
Date: 20. Nov 98 7:29
I love to go to this chat room because my romeo/Steve is always there

From: Stephanie DeLong <cant give out>
Date: 20. Nov 98 7:53
love stinks

From: Jenny Nilsson <>
Date: 20. Nov 98 11:35
Jag har varit här och kollat.

From: LadyC
Date: 22. Nov 98 3:22
My cousin in USA told me about this site... my first time here.......

From: care bear <care_bear_98_99_98_99@>
Date: 22. Nov 98 6:10
this was a great idea. keep up the good work!!!!!!

From: Zazzy <>
Date: 23. Nov 98 0:56
If someone like to write to me, please do!! Om det är nån svensk här, puzz på er!!

From: brad benggio <>
Date: 23. Nov 98 3:000
Still dreaming of you Diane ---in South Carolina

From: rebecca <>
Date: 23. Nov 98 7:37
i live all the way in lawrence, ma and i foundthis website by accident. and i love it!!!!!!

From: murat <>
Date: 23. Nov 98 8:51
This was the greatest chat room,that I ever been in. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE.....I'm from TURKEY

From: kristy dilts <>
Date: 2. Dec 98 17:17
what's this universe about?

From: ninni ojanen <>
Date: 2. Dec 98 23:36
extremely romntic!!!

From: Dahlia mcintosh <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 0:10
It is great to come here every day to meet a lot of people

From: Jonathan Tuaumu <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 4:21
Love life postcards are really good. And need I need more to express my feelings to my love

From: Carrie <LilMssub>
Date: 3. Dec 98 7:44
Nice web page

From: Patrick Edwards <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 8:10
I love you

From: Otto Holland <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 11:44
Your services are unique and is appreciated. You bring happiness to the lives of many persons. Keep up the good work

From: princess69 <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 12:40
i love it

From: Cathy <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 13:26
very interedting...

From: NorthShoreBoy
Date: 3. Dec 98 14:45
Keep the Ocean CLEAN!

From: steph <>
Date: 3. Dec 98 15:09

From: William Reyes <>
Date: 4. Dec 98 5:40
Was just told by a friend of mine in London about this Web Page, I really don't know what to expect!:) We just want to be able to talk to eachother while we are on-line!

From: gena cam
Date: 4. Dec 98 5:42
hey! whana chat?

From: Cleophas <>
Date: 4. Dec 98 7:12
I like your web-cite

From: Roderick (Boyet) Poyaoan <>
Date: 4. Dec 98 7:57
it's very cool & I learn a lot. I hope I will find my mate hear....

From: vince <>
Date: 4. Dec 98 8:38
lets rock

Date: 4. Dec 98 9:49

From: kimah <>
Date: 4. Dec 98 18:03
I'm in s.w. colorado, formerly of the big island, prior to lava flow taking home, oops. love your virtual aloha website, highest of blessings!

From: gerhard <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 11:18

sweden male from skandinavia

From: Sweetlover <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 11:27
Very nice place you got here! Keep up the good work...I hope you stop by my place also, and please sign my guestbook. See you then...

From: Desiree' Kingsley <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 12:30
This is cool... ilike going in chat places

From: Jennifer M. Gasilos <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 13:27
Hey there peeps up in this chat. I just wanted to say wassup to all them peeps from Farrington High School. CLASS OF 1998! RULES

From: Florence Tauese <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 19:03

From: Rachael <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 20:25
hi i'm a new member

From: Jay Sandoval <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 22:28
Wanna go back home.......

From: Scorpia69_98 <>
Date: 5. Dec 98 22:49
I Enjoyed being on this site it is so fun

From: bookem-up <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 2:42
Always looking to meet new friends

From: sid ahmed <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 4:23
hi I am 23years.I'm from uae mainly from algeria . I study in uae univ & i look like black hair, brown eyes . my hoppies is exchange personal photos & be friendship with any body.

From: obadah <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 4:33
HI, I want to be a real friend.I`m 19 years old. I study computer eng .I am very happy to finding this site I hope to make good friend. OBADAH

From: Stacy <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 17:52
I heard this was a really good site so i decided to sign in.

From: regina billaber <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 18:37
this is a cool place, keep up the good work!

Date: 6. Dec 98 19:20
i love this chat is number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: chuckles <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 19:35
hi your thing is coooooool!!!

From: joyce <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 20:43
nice place

From: ryan <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 21:12
no comment

From: Stan <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 21:16
I love South Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: nick <nick_3032>
Date: 6. Dec 98 22:11
I don't know because this is first time I am here, anyway I will comment after visiting.

From: mellow yellow <>
Date: 6. Dec 98 23:07
what an experiance

From: CELESTE! <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 3:19
this is my first time on, i'm sure it will be as fun as they all say.

Date: 7. Dec 98 3:45

From: Loo Loo Johnson
Date: 7. Dec 98 4:46
Hello, this is just so much fun!!!

From: cassie <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 5:12

From: Real American <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 5:43
Love your chat rooms keep up the good work!

Date: 7. Dec 98 5:49

From: Gizboy64 <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 6:35
I want to chat now!!!!!

From: keith christ <bigpoppa36>
Date: 7. Dec 98 6:38
i've never been here but i'll give it a whirl

Date: 7. Dec 98 8:36

From: Sam <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 9:06

From: shy549 <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 9:26
Just visiting so far

From: Preston Cole <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 11:43
A very nice place. Hope to be able to come back quite often.

From: Melanie Duldulao <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 11:53
so much fun

Date: 7. Dec 98 12:10
it's a great place to chat!

From: Josh McGaw <Sgm 8 Reo @>
Date: 7. Dec 98 12:42
look good so far

From: A MAN DA <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 13:12
Thanks for the chance to chat

From: charlie <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 13:25
looking to chat

From: jake calloway <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 14:28
i like to know the girl of my dreams

From: Carolyn Swope <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 16:38
I haven't been here before so I would like to get to know this place, and everyone in it.

From: Christy <>
Date: 7. Dec 98 17:32

From: sher <dbrwneyes@earthlink,net>
Date: 7. Dec 98 19:000
31 and madly in love with my gorgeous wife

From: Diana Graves
Date: 8. Dec 98 3:15
I thought I could share my love life with you guys

From: Rippe <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 3:22
hello everybody!!i finnish man!

From: stacey <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 4:48
this is a really good site to visit

From: naser <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 4:59
hi there

From: rosaline <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 6:000
hi this is my first time here

From: Tahir Abbas Hashmi <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 6:11
Dear , I am a very young man of 22 and working as computer software engineer in International Guideline Co. for Computer Kuwait. I like the beach and travel and dateing , fun with friends.Pleas contact to me at my e-mail.

Thank You

Tahir Abbas


From: Lucy-Ann Pascal <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 6:36
E-Mail me some reasons for love a guy! Thanks LucyAnn

From: pamela j hartley <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 8:11
hi im redrose i love hawaii chat universe but you all need more men out here pam..rose

From: Peter <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 8:24
just great

From: Real-American <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 13:20
Hello, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! The Real American "Pro Wrestler"

From: fun_guy14 <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 13:32
i have never been herre before

From: Anonymous
Date: 8. Dec 98 13:35
i like this place a lot if you want to chat with a 15/m send back k

From: Surfer Dude
Date: 8. Dec 98 16:24


From: steph <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 17:46

From: NASH <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 20:000
Hey, anybody likes to watch wrestling?

From: brads <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 21:46
i would luv to chat in hawii

From: leo <>
Date: 8. Dec 98 23:06
I'm sencire, Romantic, Immotional and would like to find a girl that would fit my needs..

Date: 8. Dec 98 23:44

From: sussi <s_sjolander>
Date: 9. Dec 98 0:26
really nice beeing here. I enjoy it!!!!

From: Göran <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 3:42
this is for all i am from sweden and i am so horney

From: robbie <robbstev>
Date: 9. Dec 98 7:14
I love chating

From: Emmett F. Wallace <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 8:53
Very interesting web site, and I think a much needed "service". Do you truly get that MANY hits a month? Wow!

From: helen <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 9:06

Date: 9. Dec 98 9:36

From: ZEKE
Date: 9. Dec 98 11:22

Date: 9. Dec 98 12:20

From: poohbear
Date: 9. Dec 98 12:38
I would love to chat with some great people.

From: Cherie <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 14:04
I think that this letter that was sent to me is rubbish because i do not know who it is from. I think that if the person wants it to be anonymous, then they should have the option, but if they want to leave their names, I think that they should be able to also.

From: 2dwn <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 14:54
I really enjoy the free chat site..

Date: 9. Dec 98 19:49

From: Angelia <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 19:54
I'm new to chat rooms and I'm looking for a calm place to visit

From: paul <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 20:34
first time using this service!!!!! am eager to learn & paticipate

From: Fredrik <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 22:29
I`m a little boy on 18 years

From: Blondie <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 23:04
New chatter

From: BikerBabe <>
Date: 9. Dec 98 23:23
Hi everyone!

Date: 10. Dec 98 5:16

From: Ashley Grimmett <hustler_33@hotmail>
Date: 10. Dec 98 5:18
I hope this is something fun!

From: robbstev <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 6:37
its a great connection

From: Aero II(m) <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 8:47
Very nice chat site...this is my first visit here, & have enjoyed my chat very much...thank you

From: korri <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 15:26
i would really like to chat in this room.

From: stephanie <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 16:21

From: summer913 <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 17:37
This is a fun and interesting site.

From: Kelli Rae <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 18:16
This websiste was referred to by the CHatmaster..Im eager to see how this cite goes!!!

From: dee pollan <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 18:17

From: john <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 18:43
nothing much to say

Date: 10. Dec 98 19:35

From: Teri Muraoka <>
Date: 10. Dec 98 22:47

From: robbstev <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 6:47
its fun

From: Brandon milliner
Date: 11. Dec 98 8:34
whats up everyone

From: Milla <???>
Date: 11. Dec 98 8:50

From: Naomi <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 10:31
Aloha to all

From: Charlie B <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 12:14
hi this is great i've never done this before

From: Lexi and Kennedy <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 14:22
Hello! We wanna talk to somebody... We are 22, single and looking for some fun!

From: antoine <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 17:13
I want to find a cyber girlfriend now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Date: 11. Dec 98 22:01

From: Yang Ziwen <>
Date: 11. Dec 98 23:41

From: Aero II(m) <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 2:46
A wonderful site to visit & meet other folks from all over the world....would be happy to respond to all who wish to write...Happy chatting...all

From: jinish <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 5:38

From: Guenter D. <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 7:07
Nett, sehr nett was Ihr hier macht. Nur immer weiter so ! have a nice day Guenter

From: cleopatra33612 <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 8:59
this is so cool

From: Dylan Strother <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 10:50
Cool Chatroom

From: Sara <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 11:42
Love this page! Nice to see that so many people from Sweden has been here! Hej, alla goa göteborgare! (och ni andra svenskar) Now I´m gonna go and send an anonymous love letter.

From: Jennie harrison <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 13:39

From: Ginny Ramseyer <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 16:17
Does anyone want to talk to a WF/19 yrs old? E-mail me at!!!

From: Gary <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 16:40
here to chat and look around

From: GREG
Date: 12. Dec 98 19:32

From: xiarra <>
Date: 12. Dec 98 23:50
love it.. think i am addicted..

From: Death <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 7:18
I hate christians, and Love sex

From: bombdiggity
Date: 13. Dec 98 12:19
it looks sweeeeeeetttt in here nice job

From: edwar <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 12:55
i want talk with you im mexicano if you really : love in chat. please i wanna be you friend

From: Thomas Haggstrom <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 16:37
well I guess I'm shy and thats why I'm checking out this site.

From: cellolady <crazee161>
Date: 13. Dec 98 16:56
looking for chickie246 or her guy, rattlehead0

From: Kasey <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 18:01
Hello. first timer. hope to talk to some nice people.

From: TORREY <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 18:08
what is love

From: Fragle <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 18:12
Great page!!

From: mybmw <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 19:06

From: Emily Doubet <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 19:33
I haven't experienced this yet so I hope I enjoy the Hawaii Chat.

From: Michael V. Kalinin <>
Date: 13. Dec 98 21:04

From: chams <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 0:45
hallo allemaal voor de Nederlanders onder jullie Alles goed? houuden zo. Doeg

From: Girl <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 1:30

Date: 14. Dec 98 2:46

From: brandon king <steelmagnolia@localaccess>
Date: 14. Dec 98 8:26
what a great place

From: jUaN cArLoS H. tObOn <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 8:34
I love all people that their likes the love music!! I'm from Mexico and speak English and French. I like the girls very pretty,all from latinoamerica...

From: sharon <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 9:37
new to web. just cruising now.

From: Nancy <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 9:43
Rick loves Nancy

From: Casey <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 11:45
i just met a very interesting girl "Sp@nky" would like to chat more with you.

From: JuLiEt <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 14:54
this is a great web site.

From: Couchee <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 15:23
Is this the way to Hawaii?

From: Roger <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 16:05
I am ready to chat

Date: 14. Dec 98 17:29
I think this is great.The neatest thing I have seen.

From: Debra <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 19:56
Lookin' for some lovin' chat right here.

From: Julian <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 20:45
This is the most interesting web site to be visited.You will have a lot fun chatting with the people.

From: gina <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 22:08

From: regina <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 22:12

From: Vic <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 22:27
I appreciate you guys still being a free chat room...its great. 49ers are going to win the Superbowl!!

From: juicy julie <>
Date: 14. Dec 98 23:28

From: cute_dolphin <>
Date: 15. Dec 98 6:10
hey people....neil-luv ya, bye!!! luv ya all!!, suzan -x- p.s i luv this site already and i only started yesterday thanks to a friend!!! thanks neil!!

From: JOSSE <>
Date: 15. Dec 98 7:08

From: balid <>
Date: 15. Dec 98 10:53

From: Rodney Mills <>
Date: 15. Dec 98 12:19
Looking for lost love

From: leonard hudson <leonard_hudson>
Date: 15. Dec 98 13:42
nice set-up i wish i new who sent me the card.

Date: 15. Dec 98 15:28

From: bombdiggity
Date: 15. Dec 98 15:33
hey great chat rooms

From: steph <babygirl_1214@YAHOO.COM>
Date: 15. Dec 98 15:47

Date: 15. Dec 98 23:06
nice place

From: orgasmatron
Date: 16. Dec 98 1:49
hello is anyone lonely out there

From: christopher <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 4:000
youre chat box is fantastic, but I can't always get in !!!


From: Sweet Pea <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 4:53
Hi, just getting started. Bet the rooms r good, once I fugure out how to get in (he he he)

From: TOPAZ <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 5:49

From: Beatrice <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 10:12
I just love Hawaii Chat universe it is so much fun. And I hope that somone will send me a love letter some day.

From: Karen <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 10:33
how do iget into the chatrooms of your site please reply

From: 2cute <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 13:38
It's fun being in here !!! Bye ....

From: samantha <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 13:57
i am very happy for the both of you! congrats...unfortunatey my love story didnt go to well but its nice to see it does happen! enjoy your life....luv sam

From: jennifer burge <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 16:31
having a good time in here

From: Ken <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 16:46
I need to get my letter.

From: limey <limey@conn.comm>
Date: 16. Dec 98 18:20
Time to check in, and have a good chin wag

From: darkman <>
Date: 16. Dec 98 22:05
Write to me,please

Love Darkman!

From: Daniella devil <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 1:02
Hey! how ya goin? well your great! Love you! bye!

From: Manjunaath.R.Thyagharaajan <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 1:34

Date: 17. Dec 98 1:44

From: Barbara <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 1:46
I am looking for true love

From: david <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 4:42
good morning

From: Alexandria <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 9:08
you need to get a diffrent verity of pictures in the post card section. I love to send them to my pen pal.

From: alofa r leasiolagi <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 12:20
your site is cool!

From: MM <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 14:04
Too cool for words.

From: Willie Harrell <>
Date: 17. Dec 98 18:22
looks like a really cool place!!

From: James William Eriser <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 4:56

From: rude_boy4 <rudeboy>
Date: 18. Dec 98 5:55
i love all of you in love live.

Date: 18. Dec 98 8:06

From: everlast <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 8:42
have a nice day

From: stephanie <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 10:58
its a joy to see all over the internet if you find something interesting send it to me.15/f

From: Ailis Barry <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 14:21
This is the first time doing chats and I need some really descriptive tips on sex to spice up my sex life, with my boyfriend 'cos it's getting a bit monogamous

From: jade <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 15:46
how strange it is

From: sherian <>
Date: 18. Dec 98 23:11

From: Theryphain <>
Date: 19. Dec 98 12:54
looking around for other chat areas and came upon this one. it looked interesting so this will be my first time here.

From: Lauren <>
Date: 19. Dec 98 13:05
I only wish my love could read just how much he means to me. I hope everyone has the chance to be in such an incredible relationship and so fufilling.

From: Jennifer Ohl <>
Date: 19. Dec 98 14:03
I love this place. Rooms need to be bigger though.

From: tim <yo mama>
Date: 19. Dec 98 14:15
No Limit soldiers is bout it bout it!!!!

From: DENIS <>
Date: 19. Dec 98 14:42
I'm from Russia, and it's greate to have a talk with people from all the world!!!

From: cedric august <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 9:59
hello thank you for a wonderful site

From: monica <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 10:02
it's fun and exciting

From: Jessica <Fluffygus at Aol.Com>
Date: 21. Dec 98 10:11
Well my love life hasn't really gone that well so..... far. Well I had a boyfriend named Diego.He told me that he liked me, but he never acted like he cared about me or wanted me as a girlfriend.We never called each other , or anything so I didn't want to do this.....but I told him that I wanted to be his friend , since we wern't acting like boyfriend and girlfriend.

From: Adam <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 10:26
someone e-mail me!!!!!!

From: nino <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 11:24
yeh let thebass kick""

From: leanne81 <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 12:19
very interesting site

From: shannon <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 16:16
Christy's man :-)

From: Nickie L. Sebers <>
Date: 21. Dec 98 17:28
I like swimming and I love to go out and just have a good time.

From: carol <msclairol98>
Date: 21. Dec 98 17:45
hi from nj

Date: 22. Dec 98 3:49
I have met a wonderful man on Icq name Pila who is from hawwii I think he is wonderful..

From: david <ufo420@EXCITE.COM>
Date: 22. Dec 98 5:27

From: Mr.Grizz <>
Date: 22. Dec 98 12:23
Funky graphic

From: arthus lim <>
Date: 22. Dec 98 16:42

From: L@dyLove <>
Date: 22. Dec 98 18:34
This is a great chat site. It's so much fun and is filled with freindly people!!!

From: Annie <>
Date: 22. Dec 98 18:49
Just browsing and found your site, I loved it. Now I want to go to Hawaii and see the beautiful blue water.

From: L@dyLove <>
Date: 22. Dec 98 18:55
Back again....can't get enough!!

From: kim barfield <>
Date: 23. Dec 98 9:33
this is a really neat site

From: Sweet Pea <>
Date: 23. Dec 98 15:46
luv this site, can stay here 4 hours chatting!!!!

From: Curious George <>
Date: 23. Dec 98 21:59
Ohayo!Konichiwa!Konbanwa! Ogenki desu ka? Just saying wassup!!!

From: cedric <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 8:34
hope your staff has a merry christmas and a safe new years and thank you for providing a excellent server

From: cedric <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 8:37
merry christmas

From: rose <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 9:06
hey yah all as u see im a pnay or filipino and hope to talk to yah all bye cyah wink*

From: Jimmy <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 11:34
Love your work!!!

From: goofy <goofy 1 1 @>
Date: 24. Dec 98 12:10
i just want to chat.

From: Jonathan <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 16:07
First time

From: L@dyLove
Date: 24. Dec 98 18:43
Here yet again. Merry Christmas!!!

From: Sam and Jeff Lacsamana <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 18:48
its cool

From: idris <>
Date: 24. Dec 98 21:39

From: carnold <>
Date: 25. Dec 98 21:52
Like it

Date: 26. Dec 98 3:50

From: Mikaela <only_tlc>
Date: 26. Dec 98 6:37
I love a guy!!! Hes name is Tobias

From: Jeff morrell <nmorrel@>
Date: 26. Dec 98 18:31
This is a good site to go to.

From: kevin craig <>
Date: 26. Dec 98 18:38
i like it

From: jeff morrell <nmorrel@>
Date: 26. Dec 98 18:46
i go to this site because i like it.

Date: 26. Dec 98 20:03
Just checking to see what is the time and weather in Oahu?

From: nonya <nonya36@hotmail,com>
Date: 26. Dec 98 22:17
i really enjoy your letters about cyberlove i even sent in one of my own can u tell me when it will get on here thanks

Date: 26. Dec 98 22:29
Howzit everybody!

From: jonny <>
Date: 27. Dec 98 0:13
love her as she is........

From: Lori M. <>
Date: 27. Dec 98 4:20
This is such a way cool website! I just discovered it while browsing this morning. I wish nothing more than to someday be able to visit this paradise that you are lucky enough to be able to call home! Would love to receive e-mail from Hawaii--or start an e-mail type pen-pal friendship with any friendly Hawaiian! Hope to receive a message soon!! Signed....Hoping in PA, USA

Date: 27. Dec 98 14:54
I'm interested in writing a movie script taking place in the islands. Anyone who would like to correspond with..please do. I'm sure there are interesting people hooked up with website.

From: NAIDRA <>
Date: 28. Dec 98 7:12
no comment

Date: 28. Dec 98 9:32

From: kalei <>
Date: 28. Dec 98 14:29
smile always

From: V.L.Reddy <>
Date: 28. Dec 98 19:04
Take this as my heart letter pad and who ever wants send me a Long Live letter.

From: Helen Of Troy <>
Date: 29. Dec 98 16:58
This chat site is awesome. Keep up the wonderful job :)

From: uwe dominke <>
Date: 29. Dec 98 23:16
Congratulations from Germany!!

You've a great site.

Happy New Year. Uwe Dominke

From: rcguy <>
Date: 29. Dec 98 23:23
Very nice, job well done.

From: jeanett <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 7:42
I am girl from Denmark. I like your pages very much...

From: Norma Sylvester <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 8:29

From: Miss Lupe <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 10:24
Hello, looking to find a friend to chat with and find out more about your beautiful country.

From: Belinda <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 12:05
Hi loved the web page, especially the beautiful love story that reminded me of my own


From: Keiko <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 12:35
looking for msdelima

From: sonya <>
Date: 30. Dec 98 15:29
umm, i've never been here so i don't know what to comment on but alot of my friends like this chat room so it must be great!!!

From: Tweetybird67
Date: 31. Dec 98 2:27
Looking for someone who is willing to talk to a 17 yaer old female from Hilo, Hawaii. I love to dance hula and meet new friends. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!

From: lone wolf <>
Date: 31. Dec 98 10:46
Someone just send me the sweetest letter.... LÖV U2

From: Miranda Mensch <>
Date: 31. Dec 98 10:53
I would like to join your chat! HELP!!!!!

From: Tammy <>
Date: 31. Dec 98 12:20
this is my first time going on this web page , heard good commits about it

From: april <>
Date: 31. Dec 98 18:55
Tthis is my first time here. Cool