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From: Matthew Gray {Luckiest Guy in Hawaii} & Angelina {Love Angel} ... your hosts.
Date:1. October 97 Midnight, the time for Love...
Aloha friends.
Welcome to our Island Paradise. This entire web site has been an act of love for over two-and-a-half years. When you have the chance to explore our world you shall find a delightful, engaging and provocative place that we hope you'll continue to visit over & over again. Be well...

From: Jennifer McElhannon <>
Date: 2. Oct 97 13:53
Looking online here for cyberweddings...

From: yuki <>
Date: 2. Oct 97 18:45
miss you all

From: Kym <>
Date: 2. Oct 97 18:55
nice page; i still want to know who sent me that letter ;oP But that's ok hope fully that person will come straight out and tell me.

From: Niki <>
Date: 2. Oct 97 21:54
This place rocks! its hte best chat line that i've ever been to. I promise to be a loyal user. Its so nice here, just the like the islands.

From: Debbie Gabriella <>
Date: 3. Oct 97 4:39
I really love this site! I am glad someone sent me a card from here so I could actually find you. I too will be writing a story about my cyberlove relationship which has been going on since April, 1997! Debbie

From: blondie
Date: 3. Oct 97 9:42
I want to tell you guys that I love your web site.One day I was just playing around and I found it. I sent an secret love letter to this guy that I have been streesing on, and we went out and we are together now, and I ask him if he has check his e-mail, and he told me about the letter I had sent him, adn he thought it was cute, he only wishes he knew who it was from. If he only knew!!HA!! Thank you!!

From: kIRSTEN <>
Date: 3. Oct 97 16:28
I love this, I just wish I had more time in life besides work and school.

From: MUNTY <>
Date: 3. Oct 97 21:52
LUCKIEST GUY IN HAWAII>>>>>I think i have been locked out of the hawaii chat rooms could you please let me back in as I apoligise for any abuse I may have given you , I was only joking

From: Kimmer <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 2:11
I really like this site! And I love your cards. They are truly beautiful! Thanks!

From: Juliet *sweet* <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 3:000
lovelife's great...there are some dorks out there, though..but in the long run, lHCU is totally awsome.i've gotten tonz'a new ace peeps here....tHaNx..

From: Anna
Date: 4. Oct 97 4:30
I love you Micke!

From: Anonymous
Date: 4. Oct 97 6:46
Hello . I love these web-sides Love,

From: Laurie Holcombe <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 9:16
Interesting site. I'm from London, Ontario Canada. I've been to Waikiki and loved it there. Wish I could move there forever.

From: Darla <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 13:54
Looking for Spanky!

From: Michael
Date: 4. Oct 97 14:28
There is a guy calling himself Lockenvar in HCU right now scrambling people with a virus...He puts up a bulletin that says to see babes click here....and when you do your PC goes haywire and you can't stop it....Can you do something? 10:20PM 10/3/97

From: Jessica <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 16:48
Hi there, I just wanted to say that I love this web site, cuz I can relate to the stories so well. I found my Sweet guy on-line......I will always be greatful for the magic that this computer seems to have brought me. Love isn't something that ev eryone if and when you do....cherish it, and never take it for granted! Love, peace, and prosperity to all~

~Love Jessica

From: sandeep <>
Date: 4. Oct 97 22:40
Luv ya babe and the site....

Date: 5. Oct 97 6:38

From: Delilah <>
Date: 5. Oct 97 11:39
Like this site, and I will come back often,Thanks Daniel for the addy

Date: 5. Oct 97 20:40

From: Gipsy <>
Date: 5. Oct 97 21:51
Thought it was about time I signed in and thanked you guys for a great chat site and lots of friendly people. By the way thanks for putting up with my computer ignorance and dizzy blonde mistakes. I really must learn more of your strange American and Hawaiian customs!! *Hugs* Talk to you soon!!

From: kellygirl <>
Date: 5. Oct 97 22:11
wow! your webpage is great!! Thanks for the tips!

From: Gary Yuen <>
Date: 6. Oct 97 1:44
It's amazing!@!!

Date: 6. Oct 97 7:46

Date: 6. Oct 97 7:53

From: Tiffany <>
Date: 6. Oct 97 8:17
Wow!! Your site is soo cool!! Thanks to your site, my c-boyfriend, asked me to marry him and we are happily engaged and trying to set up a date when we can bet c-married!! Keep up the good work

From: Peter Kuijpers <>
Date: 6. Oct 97 9:53
Nice site. Greetings from Holland.

From: Daniel Guido Rosssy <>
Date: 6. Oct 97 13:09
Hi: this is mi first time in this page and i like the page is good. i want to send happy day to all of you.

att Daniel Guido Rossy Puerto Rico

From: Ida <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 5:52
Nice page!

From: Annie Isasi <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 6:41
I was very pleased to see all the nice scenery post cards you have from Hawaii

From: Major Isaac Pike <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 7:32
I haven't viewed your site yet, but am sure it will be worth my while. Thank You for making it available!

From: mexicana loca <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 11:02
WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL page! Lots of nice things to choose from here :) Keep up the great work you guys!!

From: Suzie Block <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 13:13

From: Nightcaller <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 14:57
Great place with great ppl! getting booted now and then but well Take care all ya out there! T C B ! Aloha!

Date: 7. Oct 97 18:01
Looking for my knight in shining armor!

From: Ingemo Pörn <>
Date: 7. Oct 97 21:40
I'm new here and doesn't know my way around. I'm 22 years old and I'm studying. When I grow ald, I will be an kindergartenteacher. Bye.

From: robert <varberg>
Date: 7. Oct 97 23:37
sign me up

From: Sippekalle <>
Date: 8. Oct 97 2:10
good page

From: Gabriel Tapia <>
Date: 8. Oct 97 5:40
Here in the midst of an lonely abyss, an single joy i find... you´re precense in my mind..

From: C. Locke <>
Date: 8. Oct 97 7:02
Cyber weddings are cool!!

From: Katydid <>
Date: 8. Oct 97 15:13
Here I am signing again. Just cause I miss and love you all. You'll never find the kinds of friends you meet here anywhere else. HCU is the best chat room, and people soak that up that is the last time I say it! *l* A nyway make new friend, keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. (Anyone know where they hid the jello? *giggle*)

From: Kevin <>
Date: 8. Oct 97 16:07
Great Chat Rooms. I'll be back.

From: Patti <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 6:45
I enjoyed this site and will visit again

From: Sonia Wallace <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 10:54
I like this site. It has many interesting choices and keeps you very entertained.

From: Ylva Z Alm <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 12:37
I´m just here

From: L. <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 12:41
This is great!

From: Jullianne <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 16:48
I have never been here before...looks interesting...

From: Rodeolover_16/fm <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 17:04
I LOVE SEAL!!!! You too Jason! Hey, Will you go to homecoming with me?

From: Adam <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 18:17
Hi ! My name Adam I am from Poland I have 19 years old Searching girl !!!

From: Miki <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 18:57
Just wanted to check out Hawaii Chat Universe.. Heard a lot of good things.

From: Jaydog <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 19:32
Well..This place is cool!

From: Mad Mac on dii Island <>
Date: 9. Oct 97 22:28
Got a postcard from I felt I had 2 come here an' check it out! Uh, yes...and another thing, My Butler Jeeves...He just loves this place! hat's about it 4 now...{8-) Have A Nice!

Date: 10. Oct 97 5:09

From: sexylexy <whacocomagh.ns>
Date: 10. Oct 97 6:06
i like sexy people

From: Consuelo <>
Date: 10. Oct 97 6:33
I enjoy this site and hope to return very soon

From: Angel <>
Date: 10. Oct 97 9:36
Your sight is fabulous! I will be back often to visit. Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of hopeless romantics like myself!

From: BB
Date: 10. Oct 97 9:47
I like it

From: Jaray Sanders
Date: 10. Oct 97 11:09
First time in this part of the www

From: Marcus <>
Date: 10. Oct 97 21:35

From: Melissa <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 0:08
I love this Place!!!i come here every chance i get!!! Keep up the good work!!! Love Ya's Melissa

From: Bart Simpson <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 0:08
i love u sweetie

From: Johanna <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 0:21
I WAS HERE 1997-10-10 A heart is not to play whith a heart is not a toy But if you want to break it give it to a boy. Kisses Johanna

From: Anonymous
Date: 11. Oct 97 1:28
Love is lovely From a girl in sweden

From: heela <hgfdds>
Date: 11. Oct 97 3:01
Hawaii Chat Universe

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 3:43

From: Anicee <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 3:52
i think love is the answer to everything, in different ways, so everyone should belive in love and love has a kind of magic that everyone should belive in, wee i belive in it, and one important thing to remember is that lo ve is connr=ected with god and that is a sure thing, miracles always happen when there is enough love.

From: takashi
Date: 11. Oct 97 4:47
See you.

From: Silver Dragon <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 5:27
This is the coolest chat line around!! PARTY ON!!

From: Kahless, Klingon Warrior <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 9:12

From: amanda pickett <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 11:38
Is there any way to find out who sent a love letter to you at all?

From: Archy <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 14:20

From: Deep Diver <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 15:21
surfing !!

From: Greta <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 17:000
Hmmmmmm, very nice!!!

What's "schmoozing"??????

I wouldn't mind having a go at hot wiring a rolls!!!!!

From: Tiffanie <>
Date: 11. Oct 97 18:28
I read some of the stories that ave here and the ones i read were wonderful my favorite was Heaven's Tears i really enjoyed that one. This is my first time to visit this web site and i really enjoyed it.!!!!!

Date: 11. Oct 97 22:52

From: kristie <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 0:42
hi have fun and live life to the max bye

From: john snowfeilds <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 7:10
my name is john and I'm looking for someone to talk to andyone who just want to talk to a very nice person.

From: Julie <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 7:24
Let's have some fun!

From: Diana <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 8:55
just passing through - trying to pick up a postcard

From: Colin "Da Music Man" Kinnaird <Dr>
Date: 12. Oct 97 9:58

From: mike kauther <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 13:45
this is different

From: barleycorn <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 14:54
hey, Kat, send me a note sometime...

From: lil kim <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 15:24
i love this chat room it's the only one i go in anymore there is friendly people and it's the best place to meet people. thanks alot

From: La Femme Nikkita <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 15:36
I finally got arind to signing your guestbook..*L* Sorry took so long...HCU is a great place meet alot of different people and thanks for making that possible..*S* Keep making adjustments with the connection and server an d it will be even better..*S* Thanks again...

From: michael <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 18:46
I LOVE the love room...

From: Tara <>
Date: 12. Oct 97 18:48
I love all the lovelife stuff!

From: lollipop lioness™ <>
Date: 13. Oct 97 3:46
Love this chat... so colourful.. *S*

From: Erin Forsyth <>
Date: 13. Oct 97 8:05
this is the first time I've visited this web site, but so far it looks great!! :)

From: gloria guess <gmg@hiwaay,net>
Date: 13. Oct 97 12:40
cool site i like it.... especially the music i click with music as i typ elaong LOL! THE JOKER IN ALABAMA

From: arty <a0larry>
Date: 13. Oct 97 14:13
trying to see if I got it right?

From: old runner <happy>
Date: 13. Oct 97 14:33
please get the music back

From: curtis <>
Date: 13. Oct 97 19:11
just looking around...seems like a great place...

Date: 14. Oct 97 0:37
it was a very nice site!!!!!

From: +++++Cyberwolff+++++ <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 2:04
Been coming here for two years and never signed the guestbook...what kind of chatter am I? *L* The improvements you guys (and girls, if applicable) have made over the last year or so are much appreciated. Keep up the good work....and NO, I'm not registering my handle, it's a Nonconformist thing....*snicker*

Date: 14. Oct 97 13:33

From: ALYSSA <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 13:58

From: Dancer <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 14:45
Hello, anybody out there?

From: Paul Ryan <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 2:20
Great website. I am still waiting to meet my true love in HCU. but I have found a lot of people I really enjoy chatting with. I hope I get the chance to chat with you soon!!!

From: Greg Armel <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 5:38
Omnipotent Omnilove is Omnipresent in your Heart!Enjoyed your kindness and vision-Thanks. Greg

From: dyanne schroeder <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 14:26
great site

From: Christian {PICU} <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 14:55
Hi to everyone. In special to Delilah. Thanks Delilah. Bye people.

From: Cinederella <>
Date: 14. Oct 97 15:42
Looking for her Glass Slipper

From: Facundo Hu <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 3:23
Me gustaria conocer chicas de entre 12 a 15 años si es posible, para formar amistades y por que no llegar a algo mas no??

From: ShugaCube <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 4:48
Ready to PARTY!!!!

From: Ali Cat <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 5:32
Hi everyone!

From: muffin <>
Date: 16. Oct 97 1:18
Love to go to Hawaii for a holiday thought I would see if the people are as friendly as they say.

From: Courtney <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 18:10
hi...i've never been here before but it should be fun.....i guess.

From: alexandra freer <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 18:10
first time here ,it is great! I am from Puerto Rico

Date: 15. Oct 97 23:38
I'm 6' 160, I have brown hair and blue-green eyes and i like to party and have fun if any cute girls want more info wrtie me and i'll give you more

From: Marv <>
Date: 15. Oct 97 23:57

From: Clayton Duncan <>
Date: 16. Oct 97 0:26
How do you find out who sent you a letter..

From: floor
Date: 16. Oct 97 6:32
I want to chat. Can you help me?

From: Christina Kogler <christina_kogler@hotmail-com>
Date: 16. Oct 97 9:03
If there is anybody who wants to send me a letter, I´ll be very happy. Of course I´ll answer the letter!!!

From: Krissy <>
Date: 16. Oct 97 10:20
I thought it was great!!

From: Kenny
Date: 16. Oct 97 13:42
I met someone online, and I just about lost my wife, my kids, everything, over some person that read more into what I said. I just wanted to be friends. Nothing more. If you are married, don't do it. It's not worth wh at you could lose.

From: Johnny Dahl Pedersen <>
Date: 16. Oct 97 13:52
Nice and for fun

From: romeo <>
Date: 16. Oct 97 13:56
IT'S hard to get chat for first time users like myself!! but other than that it's really cool!!! make it easer please for the love of perl!!

You can dance if you want to , and you can bring your friends along but if they can't dance, and if they can;t dance well their no friends of mine.

Good night everybody!!!!

From: duncan <@ BOROUGH ROAD>
Date: 17. Oct 97 5:49
it was great

From: horacio <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 9:04
Love to love and be loved.Isn' it what life is all about.....?.Need someone to help me answer this question: Is there any age limit to believe and fall in love? Love WOMEN !!!!

From: baby boo <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 12:22
looking to talk to gay or bi female please. MAle , sorry friendship is the limit. PLease feel free to ask me question.

From: Suzzy Q
Date: 17. Oct 97 12:58
I really was impressed on how this chat room is, it could be better

From: em <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 12:59
Hi everyone I know! :) And I also want to say that HCU is the best chat ever!!!

From: Angel <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 14:43
Thanks for the lovely site. I hope it becomes a vehicle through which true love can be found by many pilgrims.

From: Mark Paul <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 16:26
I WANT TO KNOW WHO SENT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: The Goat <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 19:07
I need a girlfriend if you are interested

From: Elilai Yano <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 20:000
*aloha* :)

From: susan helene <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 21:54
I think I might have enjoyed this if I wasn't so startled to see a 'dark' angel holding a captive woman. You might do better if you used a LIGHT Beautiful image. I am impressed with what you have to offer, though. Have lonely people like mebeen reduced to this type of outreach? I HAVE NO LIFE...

From: christine nelson <>
Date: 17. Oct 97 22:27
just checking out different sites

From: frostyyy
Date: 17. Oct 97 22:43
is this a chat room? or just a place to comment on the room?

From: guam
Date: 18. Oct 97 4:43
i like it when i try to play around by having chat-sex, but it really sucks when people take it too seriously. other than that, it was fun.


From: Sandy <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 6:40
Hi! Guys, I thought I write in to tell u that this website is the best. COuldn't ask for anything more!!

Date: 18. Oct 97 8:42

From: Dani <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 11:37
you should have some way for people to find out who sent them an annonomus card.

From: Fred Gunther & Alan <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 18:09
Beautiful web site!

Mahalo,.... alan.aoyama

From: Sue Ann Dixon <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 20:21
I think that this site is very good. I'm glad there are sites likes these for those who are in love and send letters, etc. over the net. Good job, keep it up.

From: PETITE Magazine <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 20:42
The only fashion end glamour magazine that features Petite Models highlighting on the fashion and glamour needs of the Petite Woman with articles and editorial about Petite Women.

From: Kelly <>
Date: 18. Oct 97 23:30
The need to know who sent me a card is driving me nuts! Isn't there some way we can find out?

From: alice <>
Date: 19. Oct 97 7:41

From: Carina
Date: 19. Oct 97 14:35
Greetings from Sweden with lots of love.

From: jjb <>
Date: 19. Oct 97 16:11
just visiting

From: Robban <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 2:55
Hi! Im wondering who sent a loveletter to me. It was sweet but I don´t know how to open the letter. Can somebody help me with it I would be greatful.

From: Jesky <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 5:22
Shannon Hoon rules. LIVE ON!

From: bob <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 12:03

From: DeRyCha < or>
Date: 20. Oct 97 15:37
Wassup everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Pat <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 15:57
Love the stuff you got here!

From: Michelle Hayes <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 17:29
I've been to different chat lines, but HCU is the BEST=)

From: Anita <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 20:30
Received an anonymous card - will be sure to check out the rest of this - thanks whoever sent it - wanna own up?

From: Jonny Blaze <>
Date: 20. Oct 97 21:07
good stuff...

From: jade
Date: 20. Oct 97 21:47

From: Anonymous
Date: 21. Oct 97 0:59

From: Fredje <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 1:51
I have a similar experience with a girl from Asia. This relation is growing and growing each day and yet I' m so afraid of loosing her because we are so far away from each other. And the time I'm frightened; how will this end, am I doing the right thing? So I appreciate any help to work out this relationship with a girl I never have seen but love like never before.

From: Madelene Hanikat <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 4:05
I love Robert, he is my boyfriend.

From: RENATA <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 6:37
Hi everybody. Didn´t you see MARCO?

From: Scott <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 9:39
You have a nice room with excellant chatters!

From: Jenny Reinders <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 10:13
Everyone needs a great love life:)

From: Ray Couda <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 12:01
just browsing

From: Jon Sharp <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 16:34
I wish I had someone to hold :o(

From: KR@ZIE H@-Y-@N <>
Date: 21. Oct 97 17:46

Date: 22. Oct 97 2:36

From: Zina <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 5:33
Thanks 4 creating this great zite

From: emelie <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 7:53
Hi! "love is love love is red love is somthing in the bed" /emelie

From: Jenny <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 8:52
Where I live it´s snow now (22 october97) I´m freezing and I wish that I could go to Hawaii now immediatelly!! But, the closest I can get is to watch Your site and enjoy the others stories!!

From: Pernilla <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 9:46
Hello there all!

I live in Sweden and I think this site is pretty good so I will recomend this site to my friends If you want to send me a mail

From: Susanne Eva Marie
Date: 22. Oct 97 12:33
Love is all we need....

From: gina balmores <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 13:14
i haven't been here before but i would like to know more.

From: Duchess <>
Date: 22. Oct 97 15:57
Love is a powerful thing!

From: Dan Holt <kaipi'>
Date: 23. Oct 97 0:14
pretty neat,I didn't think it could be this way.

From: zandra <>
Date: 23. Oct 97 2:44
hi! i like lovelife very much. bye bye

From: Island Girl
Date: 23. Oct 97 5:13 are you????nice page....bye...

From: FOBIA <>
Date: 23. Oct 97 6:50

Date: 23. Oct 97 6:50

From: Anna
Date: 23. Oct 97 8:06
Love is a wonderful thing!!! Don´t you ever forget that! Love is life!

Date: 23. Oct 97 20:20
Hello boys & girls all over the world Iam from EGYPT,ALEXANDRIA and saying to people all over the world in egypt it is very hard to find no lover

Date: 23. Oct 97 20:21
Hello boys & girls all over the world Iam from EGYPT,ALEXANDRIA and saying to people all over the world in EGYPT it is very hard to find no lover

From: Owen <>
Date: 24. Oct 97 0:29

From: sandra <sven_i_bushen>
Date: 24. Oct 97 1:03
i love my boyfriend Johan.. from your lovegirl!!

From: sandra o madde <sven_i_bushen>
Date: 24. Oct 97 1:09
hi, we are from sweden.. write to us!! love from the 2 girls!!!!

From: Elisabeth <>
Date: 24. Oct 97 5:52
I´m in love but i don´t know what to do... Please write to me soon....... Boys or girls dosen´t matter. But I love talking to boys. LOVE IS LIFE!!!!!!!

From: pernilla <>
Date: 24. Oct 97 8:44

From: Anna, Niclas, Jonna; Linda(Grrr), Johhny the-man-the myth-the Legend & Mad Mac <>
Date: 24. Oct 97 9:45
Hi,hope life's treatin' y'all well...anyway, we're havin' a greeeeaaaat pardy...Lot's of bimbos an stuff. By the way, we all come from Sweden...don't know how much you guys know about our country???!! I can only say this. Mad Mac & JohnnyBoy says: " Life in Sweden is gr8!!! " 2 all you deserts out there, HAVE A NICE..OKI!

From: Gustaf <>
Date: 24. Oct 97 13:19
any1 from Washington DC??... i like this page.!!!

Date: 24. Oct 97 16:41

From: Elizabeth <>
Date: 25. Oct 97 0:17
i had great time and if i can find my way back i will be here tomorrow

From: Babe <--------->
Date: 25. Oct 97 8:19
I love life

From: Soffi Porr <>
Date: 25. Oct 97 8:32
Sex is GR8 & this too!!!!!!!!

From: Linn
Date: 25. Oct 97 9:24
Hi, i just think that this is a great side. The Love storys are great. Thank you for giving as this storys. Bye!!! Much love Linn.

From: johanna
Date: 25. Oct 97 11:23
What a super webchat!!!

From: jenny allanson <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 3:45
hej alla glada... jag älskar alla i hela världen!!!

From: Johanna Derevall <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 4:47
Good luck!

From: liza stoney..... <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 5:51
pretty cool, met so sweet guys.....and a guy who kept hitting on me and asking what i lookd like n*k*d.....some weird stuff........aloha/sayonara.....

Date: 26. Oct 97 7:46

From: A-L
Date: 26. Oct 97 8:38
I LOVE YOU KIM !!!!....

Date: 26. Oct 97 10:59

From: David Mendenhall <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 15:57
linked here from Chat Central >>defuncked<<<

Date: 26. Oct 97 16:09

From: Whatever
Date: 26. Oct 97 18:34
IT was fun . I love talking to the guys alot.

From: Dreamboy <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 21:27
this is good for some friends!!!

From: Earl <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 21:33
my only wish is to find a real date one time i'm 41 years. and love to meet some one befor so and so..

From: Jag <>
Date: 26. Oct 97 23:49
IT kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Hans <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 0:37
Hallo! I am deaf.

From: tapan <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 2:08
hello show me yr chat room

From: marcus <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 5:20
hello it's an honor signing this guestbook very nice job

From: zandra <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 5:43
hi! I think lovelife is a very good. Iwas just steping by,so Ijust say hi! bye!

From: Emma <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 6:16
I love to get e-mails, so please mail me...

From: Petra <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 7:11
I would like to know more...

From: Annika Johansson <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 14:17
Love, love, love !!!!!!!!!

From: Bill <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 15:17
all new to me.sounds like it could be interesting.Do I wait for email or what?

From: Brian Cadenhead <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 16:32
In regards to Angela's love story. I to have the love of my life living far away. The only way I cope is thinking of her and how much she loves me and that keeps me going.

From: dee <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 19:35
Wonderful photos! I would love to visit Hawaii!

Date: 27. Oct 97 22:07
i hope to know more about you thank you essam

From: Cheech <>
Date: 27. Oct 97 22:17
I dont have a clue !! Could a nice young lady guide me through my first faltering steps? Please respond

From: DRYHEAT <,>
Date: 28. Oct 97 1:42

From: Filippa Belfrage <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 6:12
Andreas I love you, and i miss you. I´m yours forever.

From: maria
Date: 28. Oct 97 7:33
i love your sound in the backgrond

From: Pussy Cat <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 7:39
Anyone want a life long friend, mail me

From: ``ME´´
Date: 28. Oct 97 8:14
Love isen´t easy. Love iisen´t faire. I love Hasse But he dosen´t care !!!

From: Josette <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 11:39
I just love this, very nice, very romantic, Thanks.

From: shane <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 13:05

From: Ana Saravia <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 13:50
Love your messages!!!

From: marcel cotnoir <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 15:01
my firt visit

From: blondie
Date: 28. Oct 97 15:55
HEy!! IT was really FUN

From: M00nshine28 <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 17:01
Fun and interesting people. made some nice friends.

From: Reggie <>
Date: 28. Oct 97 17:41
cool sight. good thing my friend told me about it.

From: Jade96744 <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 0:13
I really like the chat rooms although sometimes have difficulty trying to get in!!!

From: reggie <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 0:13
hello and hi to everybody surfin and catchin the net wave!!

From: Peace and love
Date: 29. Oct 97 3:37
Love, love, love... 4-ever

From: Andreas Backstrom <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 3:40
I love you Filippa, you truly are the love of my life!

From: your girl
Date: 29. Oct 97 3:41
I love you Nick

Two days Two morrow 4-ever My love

From: Viveka Andersson
Date: 29. Oct 97 5:14
It was a very good page and i will recommened the page to my friends!!

From: gigi
Date: 29. Oct 97 5:27
love hawaii chat universe

From: gigi
Date: 29. Oct 97 6:47
to my SEXY GUY could'nt get thru to the forum today miss you

From: Love
Date: 29. Oct 97 12:19
Love is all i need. I love a man i can't have .

From: Lindsay Pitts <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 16:46
Phat website!

From: Hermes <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 20:000

From: David Brenneman <>
Date: 29. Oct 97 21:51
Better to have loved and lost rather than never loved at all.

From: alusiana <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 0:44
Check it is fun!!!!!

From: Angelica
Date: 30. Oct 97 3:03
Make love, not war!

From: FIA
Date: 30. Oct 97 5:47

From: Your Girl- always
Date: 30. Oct 97 6:14
Happy Halloween everyone! I love you Calle! See you tonight, and tomorrow and on saturday and... I miss you . Take care! Remember, use a condom U can never be to careful

Date: 30. Oct 97 7:56

From: Mikaela <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 8:01
I want a nice guy to write to.... I love this place....

From: lise-lotte <lise_lotte57@hotmail....>
Date: 30. Oct 97 8:49
hello! this is a good chat place...

From: Lynn <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 13:35
Sweet site!

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 14:16
I'd love to hear from any imaginative cyber studs out thier!

From: weng <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 14:55
I would like to know about this page.

From: Sjoerd Arlman <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 15:59
Great site! Shame your station isn't recievable in Holland! :)

From: Daryen <>
Date: 30. Oct 97 21:20
I love your website!! Keep it up...

From: robby g. <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 0:37

From: Filippa <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 3:41
Jag måste bara säga att du är super, du överraskade mig lite mad att även du min brutus skriver en liten hälsning. Jag älskar dig mer än di kan ana. Din för evigt. Puss.

From: Jeff B. <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 5:28
I am a 5'11 male with blue eyes and brown hair

From: Mikaela & Camilla <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 6:15
Hi!! A swedish poem:

Ögon kan glittra munnar kan le men gråten i hjärtat kan ingen se

From: Anna och Corinne
Date: 31. Oct 97 6:32
Hi! We LOVE this wonderful page and we are in love to. Now we are going to the chat. We hope it's as wonderful as the rest. BYE!

From: Baby Naz <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 8:58
Hi there....anyone who's interested to know me...mail me

From: Frida < >
Date: 31. Oct 97 10:45
Love is a wonderful gift!

From: Emma "Geri-lookalikeand Madonna-voicealike" Bergsten <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 15:07
I need som lovin'. Love is all around. Love, love, love, love is all we need. Mmmm I want you, but I don't know if I need you. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, Kill me. Doesn't this say it all Mail to me and mail something lovely....... Emma "Ginger Spice and Evita" Bergsten.

P.S. I love you all D.S.

From: tom <>
Date: 31. Oct 97 21:17
looking for an e mail pen pal from anywhere around the world

From: buttercup <buttercup@goplay>
Date: 1. Nov 97 1:17

Date: 1. Nov 97 7:38
Well I figured after being online for almost a year it was fine time I did this!! November 24th was my first night online and the very first site I found was HCU. Since that day I've come to have many wonderful friend bot h on the net and others who have become RT friends!! I've also found the man of my dreams there....AQUILLUS!! We met the very first night I was on and now are RT loves!! I've never been so happy and owe it all to you!! THANK YOU!! We have decided tha t we are going to be married in Hawaii when the time comes....and will be honoured for you to both join us!! THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my heart!!!

From: Lotta <>
Date: 1. Nov 97 8:39
Hello! I want to chatta whit somebody.Its fun to be here. How old are you?

From: Amy Foss <peachys spot>
Date: 1. Nov 97 10:13
this is cool this place rocks

From: Huckleberry <earlyboy@gte>
Date: 1. Nov 97 13:27
I love to chat with stacie and Rachael get back to me earlyboy@gte..

From: islandgirl <vanislandbc>
Date: 1. Nov 97 14:38
Good Chat room, lots of interesting people to meet. Looking forward to meeting other people from all over the world. Bye!

From: Gene Pieterson <>
Date: 1. Nov 97 19:34
I really like it.

From: Cosmic-Boy <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 1:50
Come and cruise into my SPACEPORT!

From: Mercenary <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 2:53
Best damn forum on the net. Thanx ChatMaster. Let me know when U go public - I will be the first to purchase sharez.

From: Earl <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 2:58
thanks for the little time we had together.. Rachael..

From: toni <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 4:52
Hi! I would like to know about cyber weddings...

From: Graciella <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 11:02
Hab heute eine Karte von meinem Freund Craig bekommen *wow*,ich hab mich riesig gefreut :-)) Eure Seite *yeah* einfach genial!!! I was so happy today,a new friend from me sent me card*wow* from here wanted to tell it ;-)

From: Lollie <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 15:27
I really had a wonderful time! Too bad so sad I had to go. Chow for now!

From: nuvia <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 15:27
I really like your Web-site

From: Jillian S. Aycock <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 15:32
I'm in a 6 year relationship, and we both constantly fight and argue, after reading your article on fighting fair it kinda straightened out some issues to where maybe we can settle down these unwanted arguements. Thankyou !

From: Megan Boone <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 15:45
Thank you for you quick response to my question on e-mail

From: Juliet <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 15:48
hi..this site is the bomb!!! maybe i'll chat with you sometime. :0)

From: Prestone <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 16:58
Love the Hawaii Chat$Universe, and just wanna say hi 8Queenie8!

From: Dawn -Marsar <>
Date: 2. Nov 97 19:11
this is a cool place... wish i could chat though ..

Date: 2. Nov 97 19:31

From: Maria <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 2:43
No comments

From: morepork <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 3:28
love to visit you

From: buttercup
Date: 3. Nov 97 3:46

From: okalhoma gal <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 6:49
love your chat forum..much wider variety of the world here then anywhere. love the improvements you have made too,.*S*

From: Pernilla Karlsson <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 7:35
I love you all....

From: lili <lilihome>
Date: 3. Nov 97 8:45
Love is beautiful . without love no bady can be happy.

From: mimi <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 12:20
I was confused, would like more info on cyber-weddings, but couldnt get it from your page, can you email, me some info about how, what is involved, etc i would appreciate it,

From: Megan <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 15:56
I have never been to Hawaii But I hope to go there soon.

From: Ofer <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 16:04
Really cool website, but it's bugging the hell out of me who sent me an anonymous love letter. Could it be my ex fiance who I broke up with two long painful years ago? Could it be a friend goofing around? Could it be an ol d flame who found my address on the internet? I wonder? Peace and love to all!!! One color, one love!!!

From: Norm Harris <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 19:40
Great chat room and great people on it.

From: Paula Clancy <SClancy904>
Date: 3. Nov 97 20:04
Aloha Angelina and Matthew, Just moved from Honolulu to Nashville. Sure miss the Aloha Spirit. I used to listen to your show nightly, now I'll have to catch (ya'll) on the web. By the way it is a great sight. Say hi to Hawaii Kai for us. MAHALO!

From: karen <kkaattlove>
Date: 3. Nov 97 20:31
love your sight!

From: Daniel Bender <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 21:39
Just wondering... are you aware of Cupid's Network at ??? If you wish to be listed and gain some traffic from us then please follow the directions at Dan

From: Anela <>
Date: 3. Nov 97 22:39
It's great.

From: Rolle <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 3:06
To the girls in Växjö....... Love Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........and Sweden rules!!

From: Kim's Jim <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 6:52
just out here looking at the "old mail", baby, and missing you so much......

From: Rosey <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 7:57
Sent a love letter to my love..I'm sure he will enjoy it..Wonder if he'll know it's me???

From: James <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 9:17
I'm sorry but I'm just thinking up the right words to say, I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you wait around awhile, I'll make you fall for me, I promise you, I promise you, I will, I will.

From: Leina <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 14:04
I think this place is awesome, but I want to know who sent me that letter,oh well- I am looking for a honest, and trustworty guy, into God, and just likes to have fun, if that sounds like u drop me a line and let me know w hat's up... and whoever wrote me that letter, just come forward and tell me who you are.... Oh yeah, from 18-28, I'm only 18 A Hui Hou, Malama Pono e Meke aloha pume hana.....

From: geoffrey njaaga <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 14:22
This site is the great and i would like cards from you. THANKS

From: Martha K. Chen <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 15:13
Love your website.

From: unwound <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 18:30
Great site! I love the anonymous card to send, and of course I sent one!

From: sharon brown <>
Date: 4. Nov 97 20:40
I love your web page and the postcards....

From: Lina <bally9t8">
Date: 5. Nov 97 5:19
I'm a first time user and i hope you everyone has a nice time in the chat room.

From: Anonymous
Date: 5. Nov 97 8:22
Hi! A big hug from Maria in Sweden.

From: Dan <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 11:07
I just love your web site. It has been a life long dream of mine to move to Hawaii to enjoy your wonderful climate and energy. Is there any room for another Master Therapist Healer in Hawaii?

From: Kajsa & Maria
Date: 5. Nov 97 11:12
Hi! We are two girls from Gothenburg, Sweden that think your page is wonderful and we say hello to all people that are in love. We are unhappy in love.

From: Rene <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 11:53
Really have enjoyed the chat area!! I go to the rainbow room usually!! Not much of a chatter, but when I do that's where I go! Met a couple of nice people!! Thanks!!

From: Meghan Otto <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 12:29
will somebody please write to me!!

From: TnAngel <TnAngel2U>
Date: 5. Nov 97 15:45
I love this website...don't know who sent the mail...but that's made my day.

From: Dusty Green <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 18:000
It rocks guys! Incredibly wonderful, cool and groovy site!

From: Philip Ryan Littlejohn <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 18:46
how do I get a picture that my girl sent me.

From: ryan <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 19:57
VEry nice, alot of good healthy ways to entering a relationship and enjoy the cyber friends... i am new at this good stuff thanks......go go go

From: Elton <>
Date: 5. Nov 97 22:47

From: Bob Henry <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 5:57
1st timer...

Date: 6. Nov 97 9:10

From: yassir <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 11:38
Send E.mail at the above adress to find a nice friend.

From: angela turner <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 12:11
Looks interesting.

From: Exotica <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 19:35
Hi, just checking out the rooms

From: tom <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 20:50
I am looking for an female e mail pen pal. hope this works for me . this seems to sound like a good site to start. hope to hear from you soon.

From: blunts <>
Date: 6. Nov 97 22:11
this is a cool place

From: Liza Lindberg <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 4:26
Hello, I saw this adress in a newspaper . I don`t know where I am?

From: avalon bruce <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 5:09
i love getting postcards from friends who use your service, AND sending them,too. BUT, i live in the desert and OUR skyscapes/sunsets/sunrises w/ cacti shillouted against the sky is every big as beautiful as the ocean -- w hynot give some western USA/desert scenes to choose from, too?

From: Anders <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 12:41
tall, blonde single and ready to mingle

From: Evelina Qvist
Date: 7. Nov 97 14:24
I love love it is the greatest !

From: Bill <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 18:38
Hope to meet interesting girls and have some fun.

From: Heyyou1 <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 21:54
I enjoyed to visit and will keep this sight in my favorite places so I can return from time to time.

From: Violeta <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 21:58
There's the first time I have heard of this place - and I like it already! I am in the process of sending someone a 'secret' love letter! Wish me luck guys!!! I don't actually have access to the net much so I can't alwa ys come here but when I have the chance I will say HELLO!!! What else to say..hmmmm... Cya. Luv, Vi

From: Petrina <>
Date: 7. Nov 97 23:20
Hi your page is SOOOOOOOOOo CCOOOOOLLLL!!!! i found it by chance while surfing and boy am i gld i found it!! *smooch* to those who thought of this

From: branden <>
Date: 8. Nov 97 1:21
i enjoyed my stay. it was different

From: frida
Date: 8. Nov 97 3:40

From: Cliff R. Towner <>
Date: 8. Nov 97 4:57
Hope someone in the Chat Room can give me some badly needed advice.

Date: 9. Nov 97 4:36

From: Jeff.. <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 7:000
first time here

From: Wu-Girl
Date: 9. Nov 97 8:01

From: Christina Gustafsson <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 8:01
Lovely is Word!Music and all!Here comes a spell;good for all!Omane Padme Hum,from TibetTrxovtttvtot; from Sweden.Love Peace and Understanding from Scilla :-D

From: Kenneth E. Farrow <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 9:26
what a wonderful discovery!! I still DO believe in the power of love--thank you for creating and servicing all of this!!

From: Jenny <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 13:33
Love lives here...

From: joy jackson <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 15:48
don't know wots going on yet...

From: angel <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 20:46
thanks so much ..because from HCU i get so many friends .. I love HCU ..*S*

From: ALYSSA <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 21:58

From: dwight...... <>
Date: 9. Nov 97 23:54

From: Marina
Date: 10. Nov 97 8:48
Love is a bird with golden wings, that flies into your heart and sings...

From: Pussy Cat99 <>
Date: 10. Nov 97 14:26
This is a wonderful chat room,everyone should come here. E-mail me if you would love to chat

From: happy chick <@aloha.>
Date: 10. Nov 97 14:26
this place is the "BOMB"

From: happy chick <@.aloha.>
Date: 10. Nov 97 14:37

From: JADE---JADE(M) <>
Date: 10. Nov 97 14:54
I love this place. I have met so many awesome people in here. I get on every chance that I have. Well, take care.

Date: 10. Nov 97 15:13

From: short stuff
Date: 10. Nov 97 16:55
hi iam knew

From: short stuff
Date: 10. Nov 97 16:56
hi I am glad my brother showed me this place

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 10. Nov 97 19:09
great and fun.

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 10. Nov 97 20:23

From: Anonymous <>
Date: 10. Nov 97 22:59
Has your treatment been successful for trigenimal neuralgia?

From: sunil kashikar <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 1:50
techsupport engineer

From: Lisa Faye <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 2:51
This is a wonderful site. Thanks!!

From: Lisa Faye <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 2:51
This is a wonderful site. Thanks!!

Date: 11. Nov 97 4:48

From: Feroza <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 5:17
Truly wonderful site

From: Debbie <prgoddess_64>
Date: 11. Nov 97 7:18
Whoever sent the lovely letter is a wonderful person. They brightened up my day.

From: Claire <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 7:46
I think that this is a GREAT idea. I was very suprised when I recieved a letter from your web site. It trully brightened my day. Thank you!!!!

From: L. Sterling <private>
Date: 11. Nov 97 8:19
looking for love on the big island!

From: Brian <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 8:53
thank you for the wonderful letter it brightened my day

From: Emma <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 9:16
great site.... For us lonely souls...

From: nospam <noyb@noyb>
Date: 11. Nov 97 10:03
dont ever spam me again!!!

From: Roxanne <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 11:27
I love your site! It brings a sense of love and happiness to the web...something that is much needed!

From: Matthew C. Williams <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 11:54
WOW!!!!!Great sight! I just found it this morning and in my oppinion we need more places like this. It was refreshing to see someone is interested in finding a healthy relationship pattern to grow in. I am deffinately going to bookmark your sight and come back.Next time maybe I'll have time to tell a little about how I found this healthy relationship I'm in and all the intracies we went through in creating healthy boundries.

From: Matt "huggiebear" Powers <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 13:52
nice site

From: Erick <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 16:14
This was great. My letter lifted my spirits. One problem though, being that I'm VERY do you found out who sent it???!!! =-)

From: Erick <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 16:14
This was great. My letter lifted my spirits. One problem though, being that I'm VERY do you find out who sent it???!!! =-)

From: noy <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 16:36
Nice site. Any new poems?

From: Joseph Ma <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 17:48
Lovelife is the perfect place to be on the net!

From: mickey <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 18:08
I enjoy spending time alone and with my close friends. I love singing ,poetry,swimming,and riding my wave runner.I love learning,life and men!

From: carol innes <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 20:34

From: Someone <>
Date: 11. Nov 97 21:15
Hello to all.. I must$be the luckiest girl in the world I am loved by a lot of guys..

From: Hosea <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 0:21
Just looking

From: Amby <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 3:30
After more than a year on your site, I still think it's great!!! Thanx!! And keep up the good work.

From: linda <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 3:44
i love you!!!

From: Lisa Löfving <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 4:22
Hallåå!! Såg bara adressen i vecko revyn och tänkte kolla in...

From: Yvonne <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 7:34
I was just wondering what this was all about...hopefully I would be able to meet some new friends...

From: Fish <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 9:07
Aloha! Come we go to Wendalls for one heck of a Lau Lau..a four inch pow wow...better than poi better than fish..better than any howlie dish!

From: Pam Slayton <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 9:42
What better place than Hawaii to share and even start romance ~!

From: Gabby <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 12:36
Just surfing the net thought id try you out

From: Gabby <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 12:36
Just surfing the net thought id try you out

From: me me me <you@kidding?>
Date: 12. Nov 97 13:27
great idea!

From: d-nice <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 16:50
Love the pool bottom

From: "St@irw@ys" <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 16:57
Until now i've only have gooood things to say about this CHAT !But now i'm not sure any more !! I wish that u stopped with all new programs and "step back in time" to the funny days when it worked !! How come all this problem never get solved ????? - Just wondering....??? How ever i've met alot of good friends in here and im very greatful about it ! Thanks to YOU !! Take care and bee careful out there !!!!

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 19:48

From: Letchimi <>
Date: 12. Nov 97 21:27
Beautiful & wonderful

From: Vance T <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 1:31
Hi there. New on my hp. Looking for a fun,chit chat gal 30+ about nothing and anything.

From: Marie <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 3:21
I don't know

From: NadineT
Date: 13. Nov 97 5:36
This place is great! "I Love You Hawjbond!"

From: Lady Princess Ariel <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 10:54
I must say, Hawaii Chat Universe is one of the greatest chat sites I have ever been to. I met a wonderful guy here awhile back (Trance) Keep up the great work HCU!!!

From: Juliet <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 13:19
I chatted. I liked it! I loved it!!

From: barbi rhiannon <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 14:03
HAWAII RULES! Roosevelt High 79 Email me

From: Debbie I. Sadorra <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 15:36
this is great. i was able to meet other people with all different types of characteristics. i'll let my friends know about it. It's great to see something from the islands, especially when i'm so far from home(hawaii)

From: Dream <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 18:15

No, comments as of yet.

From: Paryss M. Whitaker <>
Date: 13. Nov 97 18:56
I'm here because I want to, I NEED to know how I can improve on getting a good relationship. Hopefully this will be a help

From: Lorraine <>
Date: 14. Nov 97 6:11
I have a postcard from nanuk of the far do I get this???

From: Vesty and Wellie
Date: 14. Nov 97 7:04
We just want to say thank you helping us to find out the true meaning of love. The advice on cyber-flirting really works. We are proof of that! That you for the inspiration!

From: cinnamon and nutmeg
Date: 14. Nov 97 7:11
how did we ever cope without this site, it's what true love is all about and what dreams are made of, before we discovered this site our lives were dull and empty, now we have discovered the joys of love because of you, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, we love you!!!

From: Danielle Black <>
Date: 14. Nov 97 8:01
This is a very nice website. I think it is a very interesting area. Cool music! I live in Jacksonville Florida. Right now at 9:50 it's very hot here. I will continue to visit here. If I keep this computer.Bye-Bye

Date: 14. Nov 97 8:01

From: Onna <>
Date: 14. Nov 97 12:19
This site is so cool!

From: DaBushla <>
Date: 14. Nov 97 16:42
wassup everyone

Date: 14. Nov 97 17:55
I really injoy the storys

From: pat mack <>
Date: 14. Nov 97 20:53
first time user.

From: johnny <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 2:39

From: Richard <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 5:18
I love reading your storys.

Date: 15. Nov 97 8:13
Very nice!

From: louise <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 8:45
Love is giving someone what they need to leave you

From: alto <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 10:04
anxiously waiting first timer

From: Jeanette
Date: 15. Nov 97 10:10
Much LOVE from Sweden!

Date: 15. Nov 97 12:49

From: Sunny Kam <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 13:15
Thank you for created the love letter, my girl love it.

From: Steve <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 18:48
I'm another one that found you by accident. I sent an anon love note to my wife and she really liked it.

From: The Aviator <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 20:02
This is just the best place to chat.

From: Debbie <>
Date: 15. Nov 97 20:07
instead of a gem, or even a lovely flowercast the gift of a lovely thought into the heart of a friend.

From: Honey(f)
Date: 16. Nov 97 9:19
I love LITTLE J!

From: Peter <>
Date: 16. Nov 97 13:04
Hi to all my friends in Waikiki especial the Shore Bird crowd.Great Web Page

From: Kita <>
Date: 16. Nov 97 16:33
If anyone here likes Antonio Sabato Jr. Actor/Calvin Klein mode I have a web site for him with the latest infomation on him, pics, inteview and more at

From: cool spot
Date: 16. Nov 97 17:06
would you like to chat

From: Shavian <>
Date: 16. Nov 97 21:51
Always a different conversation each time. Enjoyed it as always. Keep it going.

From: Pauly <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 8:25
Superstud looking for HOT chat!( if you know what I mean )

From: Kathleen <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 9:23
A friend sent me a Postcard from Paradise and I was thrilled. What a treat! Yes what the world needs now is LOVE. Thanks for the fantastic Web site.

From: Linda Bexar <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 10:41
I love to love and this is sure a nice sight with a lot of LOVE!!! Greetings from Finland!!!!!

From: Daniel Petty <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 13:36
Really great things here, I will most assuredly return. Thank you for making it available. and.............please keep it coming,

From: Erin Wagoner <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 18:18
I love this chat place, I come here all the time.

From: Nancy <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 22:08
Nice place you have here

From: matt fanning <>
Date: 17. Nov 97 22:46
hace anice day

From: byneyes <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 0:29
I have no love life. Can you help. looking for honest and careing man. Military would be nice but would like to meet the man of my dreams.

From: Maria Stålfors <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 1:03
I love LOVE

From: E'ala <earlyboy@gte>
Date: 18. Nov 97 3:15
Boy meets Girl

From: pernilla <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 4:28
Hello there!

From: Irene <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 5:45
Thank you Russ, Your love is my guidence. Thank you for caring, for being there. I love you with all my heart.

From: Naveen Pathela <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 6:35

From: Syberwolf <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 6:48
love th chat see ya later

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 9:27
Thank-you for connecting me with the love of my life....You really are Cupids, elves !!

From: Spider!!
Date: 18. Nov 97 11:19
Joachim I'm sow crazzy about you!!

From: Marcelle Trinkaus <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 15:09
Thanks, for the information and the chance to try your website.

From: Star <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 15:27
I am new at this. Be patient with me.

From: Vicenta <Secret1663>
Date: 18. Nov 97 16:24
Loved the letter, would like to know who sent it. Whoever did, I wish you all the Love and Happiness this life has to offer. Thank you.

From: dreamboatannie <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 19:47
go on.. talk hysterically about yourselves...

okay, so i met my soulmate on the net. big deal.

Date: 18. Nov 97 20:15
it told me i had to write comments so here i am...i can't find where to get into the chat room..

From: jamie sivulich <>
Date: 18. Nov 97 23:03
how the heck do i pick up a love letter someone has sent me?

From: Quynh Hoa <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 1:37
wonderful place

From: sandra enditha <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 2:20
I want to tell you guys,

I love this site for playing around, sent a love letter, thank you.

Date: 19. Nov 97 12:34

From: Gator <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 17:20
What's happening in here ????

From: Star <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 17:27
Thank you.

From: Cinderalla (Oregon Coast) <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 17:36
Hope to here from some oldies and newbies I haven't had time to be able to come in and chat latley so maybe you could write me and tell me what is new and how you have been :)

Cinderalla (Lisa)

From: Star <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 18:58
Thank you I had a wonderful time.

From: Shipra <>
Date: 19. Nov 97 23:50
Great site of love!May you do more in future! Help us all!

From: Niraj Jaiswal <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 2:17
I liked it very much.

From: Pepper <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 2:43
True love is a beautiful thing! To be able to love someone with no expectations and no conditions.

From: anna <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 4:06
i enjoy this

From: Maria <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 5:15
Hello! Please, help me! I`ve got a card here, but I don`t know, how to look on it! HELP!!!

From: dave <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 7:26

From: Sara <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 8:09
Thanks for a lovely site!*kiss*

From: ron <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 8:39
it was great

From: Matthew <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 9:01
pretty cool

From: Rania <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 12:43
Great work.. I loved it!!

From: LAZY *D* <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 12:51
What a place to visit and meet people !!! THANKYOU...

From: Tulsa <>
Date: 20. Nov 97 16:32
easy to get along with and a very good listener for further info contact me! I do attend college.

From: fred potter <admilsl,dreamscape comm>
Date: 20. Nov 97 17:12
i hope to make some good friends

From: fred potter <admilsl,dreamscape comm>
Date: 20. Nov 97 17:13
i hope to make some good friends

From: Teddy bear
Date: 21. Nov 97 6:14
I like the forums because you can talk and make new friends with this.

From: redhead <>
Date: 21. Nov 97 8:47
This is a great place

From: Dan <Curry>
Date: 21. Nov 97 12:000
Milton Massachusetts

From: Lorraine <>
Date: 21. Nov 97 14:21
It was really great getting such a beautiful card from someone I didn't even know...Keep up the great work...I love it...

From: Ian K. Montgomery <>
Date: 21. Nov 97 15:06
New experience, first time on a computer chat line!

From: rick newman <>
Date: 22. Nov 97 3:06
Great service. How can I send a message back to my secret letter sender?

From: Paladin <>
Date: 23. Nov 97 5:21
Aloha all, this is one of the better chat rooms I have visited, happy to talk to anybody that is willing to talk. looking forward to seeing you all the next time I on.

From: mhcobra <>
Date: 23. Nov 97 10:17
Just to say Hello.

From: Amanda Nolan <Nature Queen>
Date: 23. Nov 97 14:48
Hi i am a very prity 19 year old girl and i am avalable.

From: Brandy Ramirez
Date: 23. Nov 97 15:14
I love this

From: Melinda Jennings <>
Date: 23. Nov 97 15:57
I would really like a bunch of free web sites sent to me like your's it always brightens someone's day.. when you can't afford to send them something and that people like you provide things for free.

From: lin
Date: 23. Nov 97 17:22
just looking to chat

From: Taya <>
Date: 23. Nov 97 21:20
I really need a serious love affair with any woman between 18yrs and 25yrs old. Feel free to contact me through my e-mail.

From: Jennie Karlsson <>
Date: 24. Nov 97 6:58
Don´t have a clue?!?!

From: Ulrika NIlsson <um.nilsson@swipnet>
Date: 24. Nov 97 8:12
please send e-mail to me!!!

Date: 24. Nov 97 20:35

From: Brandy Ramirez
Date: 24. Nov 97 20:44
I hate this

From: Mike Matteri <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 1:06
Help, I would like to know who sent me a card from your website. This is a good website, but someone is sending me a card. It is a very beautiful card, but I am wondering who sent it, can you help me out????

From: Johanna Wirén
Date: 25. Nov 97 7:09
I love the world

From: ice 3:16 <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 12:31
i love these chatline but i seem not to be able to get in recently could u tell me why??i would want to get back in...and also keep up the good work ok??

From: Jamie <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 13:03
Pretty cul stuff. Think I'll come back!!!!

From: Palakika <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 13:41
I think this is sooo great. I found HCU by accident. It's awesome! I'm a native Hawaiian and now live outside of Washington DC in Alex VA. I miss home terribly...

Thanks for a wonderful chat room. I will definitely make this a frequent stop on the internet.

Love to hear from you guys!



From: barry <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 16:56

From: billiel <>
Date: 25. Nov 97 20:51

From: Petra Nilsson <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 0:53
Hello! This was nice. More love in the world. "Make love not war"

From: james <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 3:30
I'm New here.what shall I do?

From: Tina <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 9:11
I loved your web page...I really enjoyed reading about others peoples cyber love...I know how easy it is to fall in love with someone and never have even met them.. Thanks for the wonderful page

From: Christine <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 10:01
cool, very useful!

From: PCB Guy <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 11:42
Thanks for having such a great chat site. I've met so many nice people here. Keep up the great work. I highly recommend this site to anybody who loves to talk and meet people.


Hooked chatter!

From: steve <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 15:13
looks good

From: Erica Myers <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 16:39
I'm 17 and if you would like a friend e-mail me.

From: Lexy <>
Date: 26. Nov 97 17:36
Cold and snowwy up north! Looking for warm friendly people to chat with.

From: Jessica Hansson <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 0:35
I love this page!!!!

From: hxx <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 10:07

From: Chuck Spurgeon <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 15:51
I loved reading your stories of love. I met my soulmate through the internet, on AOL to be exact.

She has made my life whole again, she completes me ! Chris I love you !

From: Chris <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 15:54
I enjoyed reading the love stories at your site. I have a love story of my own which maybe I will share sometime soon.

From: Karen <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 17:56

From: ~sTeP n' Up~
Date: 27. Nov 97 18:26
Im in love with ICECUBE!!!!!!!!!! Thank you HCU..

From: Laurel <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 20:23
please e-mail me, i never get any mail and I want to meet someone special, the love of my life

From: Oreo <>
Date: 27. Nov 97 21:16
Just wanted to say wutz up! Me and my best friend Gracie are just chillin' in Lubbock, Tx. This website is tight. I want to shout out to my homegirl Jecca and wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. Gracie wants to say a lil' sumpin' sumpin': Keep it real and shout out to my main man for always and ever Bo Hernandez. Thanks Gracie. Oh and send all of our love to our best friend Jeremy P. Rangel. And wutz up to my man Matthew. This is a tight website. And if anyone wants a friend give me a email!!!!

From: chris <>
Date: 28. Nov 97 0:20
I like this site!

From: buz
Date: 28. Nov 97 1:30
how do i talk to some one

From: syahril kapau <>
Date: 28. Nov 97 1:59
i think this is one of the best site

From: Klejs <>
Date: 28. Nov 97 5:28
Great chat page. Love
From: Sarah <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 16:11
Any guys who ant to email me, go for it!

From: patricia <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 16:39
hi, from fairbanks,alaska

From: blondie <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 17:07
can't wait to chat

From: Kelly <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 19:32
This place is totally rad! I love it.

From: Melanie <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 20:01
Your 'Love Story" was great! I had that wonderful "Man" experience and I was afraid to go with it. Three Cheers for you, Matthew and your Angel.

I want to talk to my angels (I know there is a herd of them for me) and I listen. I know everything happens for a reason, just like me reading this love story! Thanks for the uplifting moments while I read it, it lets me know that some day, some where I'll have a story like yours!!

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 22:02

From: ti <>
Date: 30. Nov 97 22:23

From: Linda <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 8:47
i think this is the best site on the internet, your postcards are magnificant

From: Scott Hathaway <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 12:52
E-mail me

From: Jan <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 16:53
What a fun page!! Have enjoyed it so much. :-)

From: Mike Blevins <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 20:44
I've enjoyed visiting your chat rooms and hope to visit more often. THANK YOU...

From: t-bear <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 21:49
I received a love letter from was beautiful....just wanted to let you know i enjoyed it very much....Thank you

From: green tang <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 23:23

From: JENEI <>
Date: 1. Dec 97 23:45
I have just been introduced to your chat forum, and I have just met you *S* I love it...Definitly have to be a regular chatter now *G*!!

From: Rich <>
Date: 2. Dec 97 6:14
Great site! Keep up the work of love.

From: Filippa <>
Date: 2. Dec 97 7:22
Andreas! Jag älskar dig och har kauhee pirr i magen bara 28 dagar kvar.

From: Amanda <>
Date: 2. Dec 97 14:07
i think you guys are doing a great job on this web site its just amazing anyway i better not hold up everything i just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a great job keep up the good work and keep =0)ling! sign ed Amanda a/k/k peppermint

From: Holly Lynge <>
Date: 2. Dec 97 14:24
I found the most sexyest guy in the mirc and now I cant find him again, what do i then do?

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 2. Dec 97 14:25
I Love you man!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Fred Knappman <fred>
Date: 2. Dec 97 15:19
This looks like a very nice site, I'm curious if you'd like to try to play Cupid, I'M 39, STRAIGHT caucasion, MALE, I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE!!!!! SO WHAT DO YOU SAY???? I'm currently at 3211 Irving Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75247
And she don't have to be from the richest of families.

From: RAJESH K. <>
Date: 3. Dec 97 0:40
hi there, i love all those who love me and let's create a world of love sans hatred.i wann'a be yours.

From: Gribby <>
Date: 3. Dec 97 0:45
This is a really cool page. I found out about it because someone sent me a postcard and an anonymous letter

From: lady02 <>
Date: 3. Dec 97 4:20
great site, its very interesting and i will be back.

From: Malin
Date: 3. Dec 97 7:03
Hi! I just have to say that I LOVE this page!

From: bird <>
Date: 3. Dec 97 8:18
What's life without chatting?????

From: umar <umar@slough.tvu>
Date: 3. Dec 97 9:41

From: Angie A.
Date: 3. Dec 97 15:03
I love the HCU! It has the nicest people in here.

From: Mike Abusariea <>
Date: 3. Dec 97 18:000
i really love talking and going out a lot lets have fun!!

From: Hawaiian Built <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 0:19

Date: 4. Dec 97 1:54

From: Sasha Azevedo <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 10:25
Don't Forget To SMILE!! :-)

From: dusty <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 10:34
i'm having a hard time finding my way around. of course i'm new at this

From: Stehanie <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 13:50
I Love man!!!!!!!!!!

From: KATZ <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 14:000
lost for words

From: Armali <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 17:30
Thank you for having such a site available for people like myself.. I enjoyed checking out all the options that were offered. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.. :o)


From: anam chara <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 18:20
Hi LLR, it´s a wonderful webpage. I like the postcard-servive very much.

best wishes,from cold Germany

From: gidget <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 20:24
i'm looking for spam man?

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 4. Dec 97 22:27

From: Mad Mac© & Jeeves® <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 2:03
Greetings Lovelife!

Me and my humble butler Jeeves® are just checking in to tell you guys that this site is GREEEAAAT!!

Have A Nice One...

///Mad Mac© & Jeeves® on the little I-Land of free love & phonebills

From: Angie <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 9:24
I checked out your columns - they are great - I'm in a very unhappy, depleting relationship as I speak. Hopefully, reading will encourage me to withdraw.

From: Annorna <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 11:45
We're the best girls in LOVE

From: Charles <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 12:17
I am glad I found this website and hope to be on the chat line soon.

From: Abbie <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 16:57
Awesome site...I'm new smile when ya see me. :-) Cool postcards.

From: anonymous
Date: 5. Dec 97 18:15
I love this site. It's the bomb! Love you all. Oh and Matthew & Angelina, I like the story of how you two meet. Wish you the best ever!

From: Richard Horland <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 19:37
Dear :Hawaii Chat Universe:

There's nothing more fascinating, more stimulating, more irresistable than a nice, intimate, heated,romantic discussion. The Love Magnet is loaded with attention getters that are real rating boosters. Check it out for yourself:

Together, we'll turn your listeners on and they can tell their friends and relatives to turn you on. So, if you don't mind getting turned on (and all lit-up) just send me an e-mail and LET'S DO IT!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Positively yours,

Richard Horland The Love Magnet

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 5. Dec 97 20:15

From: danner
Date: 5. Dec 97 20:44
i'm new at this

From: Kristina Grindeland <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 8:20
Jag är kär i Linus!!!!!

From: kananionapua (cqueen51) <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 9:56
enjoyed being a guest. too many symbols in conversations. made it a bit difficult to follow the trends. but I will keep trying.. mahalo kealoha, kanani

From: Ted <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 11:46
Well this is a really nice place. i don't have a clue who sent me the invite, but Thank you!!!

From: rappy <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 16:21
best chatline webside ever.

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 21:23

From: Quincy <>
Date: 6. Dec 97 22:45
This is my first time here. I'll check it out

From: Jay's Lady Love <>
Date: 7. Dec 97 1:37
Aloha! It was alright. Odd how it'e called "Hawaii" Chat, when everytime I've been on here, I've only chatted with two or three people from Hawaii. I was kind of disappointed, but like I said, it was alright.

From: sharlie <>
Date: 7. Dec 97 2:08
just checking this site out

From: Violeta <>
Date: 7. Dec 97 20:20
Long time... Remember the guy I sent the secret letter to? Well, he's still a guy - I am back with my boyfriend now and I am HAPPY! Love is good, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Its ALL worth it!!!

Violeta Loves William......

From: Trish <>
Date: 7. Dec 97 21:13
this is a nice web page and it is has been very useful to me

From: pramote <>
Date: 7. Dec 97 22:13
love is life

From: Robyn <>
Date: 8. Dec 97 5:36
looking for 36 year old true native hawaiian male for fun and adventure

From: Jessica Larsson <>
Date: 8. Dec 97 10:37
I LOVE TO LOVE YOU!!! And my sister is sick in her head!!!

From: Jenn <>
Date: 8. Dec 97 10:56
Cool sites wish that you had a free advice column that could maybe be on-line every now and then.

From: Kimberlee <>
Date: 8. Dec 97 13:25
cool site! I will tell my friends about it

From: jason tucker <none>
Date: 8. Dec 97 13:29
I am looking for love, race and age unimportant, but a kind heart is.

From: quince <>
Date: 8. Dec 97 13:32
Every woman is a treasure to be cuddled and handled with love and care.

From: Cleopatra <>
Date: 9. Dec 97 1:54
Did anybody see Anthonius ?

From: Vanessa Scharl
Date: 9. Dec 97 4:57

From: Angela S. Perez <>
Date: 9. Dec 97 6:13
Aloha tropic-chatters! This site is great to chat along with other locals like myself from another island in the pacific-GUAM!

From: steph murphy <>
Date: 9. Dec 97 14:35
i love your pics on your web page!! thanx for putting up a cool web page there are only a few of them out there!

From: Debbie I. Sadorra <>
Date: 9. Dec 97 14:46
I really enjoy using the chat rooms to mee interesting characteristics. Especially when I chat with those from Hawaii. Makes me wish I was back home.

From: duff
Date: 9. Dec 97 17:10
who wants to talk

Date: 9. Dec 97 21:51

From: K smooth <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 5:02
need more rooms or more openings.

From: Violeta <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 5:22
Hello, again!!! Just saying HELLO! like I promised. I am here sitting next to the most wonderful man in my life and he is just sooooo SWEET :) I am so lucky to have him and I hope that he knows that, well, he does now hehehehe :) I will one day found out - hold on...being kissed... - how you two (Angelina & Matthew) met. But til then...I am off to check my mail for I am expecting a mail from my 'MAHAL'... Cya later guys!!!

Violeta loves William... I hope we get married soon :)

From: Peter Forsberg
Date: 10. Dec 97 7:18
Han är bäst i NHL.

From: Eleanor Jerome
Date: 10. Dec 97 10:47
I from the Northwest Territories up in the COLD Arctic. Hopefully one day I'd make it to Hawaii.

From: Tiffany DeVore <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 12:44
This is the best and neatest chatroom. I visit it the most.

From: Frank Schlangen <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 14:37
What a wonderful place to visit...

From: Carla Martins de Oliveira <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 14:52
I always kneew that Enchanted Prince exist.Although I have had some desilutions,after 18 years old ,I found MY ENCHANTED PRINCE-JASON MARTINS VALLADARES JUNIOR(BRAZIL,RIO).I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH,JASINHO

From: Warm Desire <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 18:05
The best way to interact with new people and new loves!!!

From: Natalie <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 18:14
I think these chat rooms are great. I'm always coming here to check them out. Maybe I'll see you in here sometime! *Rumor*

From: Darrece <>
Date: 10. Dec 97 22:12
I really love your site. I am a hopeless romantic and you have helped me to give my romance to someone else..

From: Sorrel <TIGGRR333>
Date: 11. Dec 97 5:54
I was just surfing in space when I chanced upon Ali Baba's a child I was caught up in the sorry I have to return to my life of laundry and cooking! :-)

From: Lionel <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 7:43
I'm not used to... What's the purpose ?

From: malin konradsson <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 8:32
Hello, nice website..

From: Angela <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 8:43
Right now love sux! Reason being because I'm still single & looking for love isn't easy.

From: Eva <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 9:52
I am a romantic at heart. I really liked reading the stories you had and your web page is really great. I love to read true love stories they do make me feel warm. Thank you for creating such a wonderful site :)

From: rave
Date: 11. Dec 97 10:44
love bites

From: Onettha Campbell <ocampbe@kes>
Date: 11. Dec 97 11:53
I really enjoy chatting on your line. It's really fum to chat with new people every day, but I still haven't found me a love yet, but I will.

From: Therese
Date: 11. Dec 97 13:13
Jag vill bara säga att jag älskar mina underbara kompisar Cia,Hanna och Sandra mest i hela världen.............

Date: 11. Dec 97 13:32
I think it's coooool!!!!.

From: dr:Hendrika Van Gelderop <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 14:23
Aloha,I lived in Honolulu for ten years.Now i am in Florida. I miss Hawaii with a passion. As a psycologist it was neccesary to leave my beautiful Island.Send message please! 50+PEOPLE.

From: Jewell <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 14:52
Who ever sent this love letter to me, Thank You! It made my day

From: Miguel A. Perez
Date: 11. Dec 97 17:26
Well simplemente parese ser muy interesante. Congratulations it is cool

From: Bob Arney Sr <>
Date: 11. Dec 97 20:47
Somthiny new for me to play with as im retired and need conversation

From: Ramir <simpl01@aol>
Date: 11. Dec 97 22:06
The " Simple 1 " Props out to all of you out there. Its a pretty kewl web site. Inform of anything else new.Just wanna represent for my race crew called " Retro Point Racing "!!!!!!!!!Just went to Maui and Honolulu its pr etty cool. Keep in touch to all use ladies out there. From nor cali.

From: Blurb <>
Date: 12. Dec 97 4:35
HCU is the BEST Chat-room all over the world!! Keep it going!

From: Sherri <>
Date: 12. Dec 97 8:41
I really like tis site, its rather entertaining. I just have one word of advice for those that are out there that are in love with someone and that person loves you aswell, No matter what don't give up!!

From: Bob <oneeson>
Date: 12. Dec 97 11:30
There should be love out their, that make the world go around!

From: Annabelle
Date: 12. Dec 97 12:24
Thanks for the stories

From: Katie <>
Date: 12. Dec 97 13:27
Hi, My name is Katie. I like this guy named Kenton, buy he hrdly knows I exist!!! What should I do???

From: Cyber Angel <>
Date: 12. Dec 97 15:45
You HP is very good and i search a person which will me merry! I hope that find me!


From: Amy L. Rusk <catamywil@mailexcite>
Date: 12. Dec 97 16:03
Hello,i have never been in here before. It was sent to me by one of my friends. does this place really hook people up???

From: Desha Pahio <>
Date: 12. Dec 97 16:04
cool cards!

From: Priscilla <>
Date: 13. Dec 97 1:38
I'm 18 years old.Like to know more friends.

From: Nancy <>
Date: 13. Dec 97 4:44
I really enjoyed receiving the secret letter. I am looking forward to checking out the other features on this webpage. Thanks

From: Jennifer Ng <art70755@leonis nus sg>
Date: 13. Dec 97 8:17
Thks for creating this page. It enables me to send my love to my darling to express my love for him. It's a great page. Once again, thks.

From: Georgette Guerrero <>
Date: 13. Dec 97 16:53
I love Hawaii Chat Universe!! I made a lot of friends!!! Thanks for creating such a great place to meet new friends!!!! Mahalo!!!!

From: Rune <>
Date: 13. Dec 97 18:04
Nuke Time!

From: 3azah <>
Date: 14. Dec 97 21:000
It is the greatest page that i have seen.. best wishes

From: debbie <>
Date: 15. Dec 97 15:56

From: Dave Murray <>
Date: 15. Dec 97 19:33
Hi..this is one of the best chat sites I've found. Thanks, and all the very best!

From: Randi <>
Date: 15. Dec 97 20:14
I am in here for the first time and I am looking for love.

From: laurie <>
Date: 15. Dec 97 22:20
i like this chat universe

From: Elaine <>
Date: 15. Dec 97 22:23
very impressive! extrememly delightful!

From: Lehua Lee <>
Date: 16. Dec 97 2:08
aloha from the island of Molokai in the center of the island Kaunakakai .

From: denise <>
Date: 16. Dec 97 7:19
who sent me that?

From: Mandy Prescott
Date: 16. Dec 97 12:21

From: kent d. clifton <>
Date: 16. Dec 97 14:53
I'm a goodlooking guy but maybe a liitle shy but can be very romantic.

From: Nani <Nani1>
Date: 16. Dec 97 17:09
I don't understand the idea of this lovelife thing. I can't get even get in. What;s up with that?

From: Dan Forman <>
Date: 16. Dec 97 19:46
Hi! If Ken Rutkowski is involved in this project, it must be good. Looking forward to listening!

From: jonny
Date: 16. Dec 97 20:11
I think this site is great and love is wonderful

From: Tammy Newcomer <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 0:05
This was very nice from whoever sent me these words of inspiration Thank you, you have brightened my day. Sunshine

From: Nivek <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 0:42
well this is Nivek,and everybody should know that i am the girls dem sugar and they just love my flo .From Jamaica

From: Joliee <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 5:46
This is a very cool site; I have it book- marked so I can come back often...Great job...

From: Diana <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 9:28
Write to me!!!

From: johan from sweden <->
Date: 17. Dec 97 10:18
hello everybody lest´s twist again

From: Mrs Smith
Date: 17. Dec 97 12:18
Ilove my boyfriend, Michael Söderlund more than anything.

From: ann6_95 <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 13:000
i would like to chat with someone

From: Valerie Golden <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 15:07
I was completely thrilled to receive this secret admirer message. I think I'm "in love" with the sender, Mikael!!!

From: Jaclyn Lim <>
Date: 17. Dec 97 23:13
ohhhhhlallaaaa......*L*it's definately the coolest after some major changes.Keep up the good work

From: helene <>
Date: 18. Dec 97 0:55
This sight is one of my favorite.Lovely!!

From: Thomas Lund <>
Date: 18. Dec 97 8:28
Eeeeeh I think this was an interesting visit. :o)

From: Michele Daniels <>
Date: 18. Dec 97 10:08
Great website.

From: Michele Daniels <>
Date: 18. Dec 97 10:16
I'm 23 with red hair and green eyes. I'm a pharmacy student and would love to get to know a sweet, honest, intelligent man who is full of confidance and energy between the ages 21-35.

From: curb <>
Date: 18. Dec 97 15:25
i've been trying to visit here but have a time of itwell i signed be nothing has happened so what did i do

From: Filippa <>
Date: 19. Dec 97 5:09
Andreas, det är bara 11 dagar kvar tills vi äntligen får vara tillsammans. Jag älskar dig!

From: K. Akiona <>
Date: 20. Dec 97 0:42
Hey, Cool graphics....Outstanding site.....But uncertain if the chat site functions slow as it is..or perhaps my puter is...? Anyway, doesn't really matter...I'm proud to have people like ya all who lives in Hawaii....Beat some of the people on AOL chat sites....Hawaii has "Aloha!"

From: Angela Lasiter <>
Date: 20. Dec 97 16:33
It was awesome visiting here. I even sent an anonamous love letter to an longlost love who recently reentered my life. Maybe it'll get his heart pumping for me again.

From: Mackenzie <>
Date: 20. Dec 97 19:58
Can't wait to hear from a cute young under 20 year old guy love and peace

From: Wim Knabe <>
Date: 21. Dec 97 6:25
thanks for visit your site and have nice days

From: anonym
Date: 21. Dec 97 14:39
hello i love fredda .h. from sara

From: Tom <>
Date: 22. Dec 97 5:47
All new to me but seems very nice to this point.

From: joe mauer <>
Date: 22. Dec 97 13:02
just stopped in for a friend found the site interesting and i plan to visit for myself soon

Date: 22. Dec 97 18:48

From: Heather ~*goddess*~ &Butterfly eyes <>
Date: 23. Dec 97 8:45
Hey you guys! We love the chat room, we love the radio show! Thanks for broadcasting it on the net so the rest of us can hear it! It is great! Keep it up!

From: Justin <>
Date: 23. Dec 97 18:07

From: JQ26 <>
Date: 24. Dec 97 2:38
nice place to be

From: madmick <>
Date: 24. Dec 97 7:05
I think HCU have made great friends here and will make more over the years

From: fatima <>
Date: 24. Dec 97 15:49
I'm from Brazi, and this page is just great! congratulations.

From: yourfriend <>
Date: 24. Dec 97 23:21
be thanksfull not to see this person again... because real love doesn't harm... sorry we dont think the same, but this is somone... who also been hurt and knows the taste of a great lost...really u'r friend

From: Pills78 <>
Date: 25. Dec 97 0:22
Il love this place.

From: Micke <>
Date: 25. Dec 97 13:02
Who sent me a anonymous letter to me from here???? please contact me again!!!!

Date: 26. Dec 97 0:57

From: Mia
Date: 26. Dec 97 10:46
I love you forever!!!

From: tuff guy
Date: 26. Dec 97 17:10
is there any girls who want to talk

From: Dan <>
Date: 26. Dec 97 22:31
Thanks for all interesting stories & romantic tips.Such as how to have a successful internet relationship. I think I've done most of the work by myself, but love always needs a little help.

From: Jack <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 5:38
Checking this out.

From: Jack <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 5:40
I want to see what this is all about.

From: Peggy king <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 6:27
I love all this love stuff(cool) check out my love poems at

From: Peggy king <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 6:35
I love all this love stuff(cool) check out my love poems at

From: Erin <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 6:36

From: Dave <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 6:38

From: stealth <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 10:48
lets chat

From: ~*Cierra*~ <>
Date: 27. Dec 97 17:28
I love your guys page! I just came here to send a I am surfing all over your place. Love it!... ps- WOW! You toured Led Zeppelin!?

From: Cara Myers <>
Date: 28. Dec 97 18:03
This wonderful site was given to me by a secret admirer.. I thank them deeply!! To hold the love and spirtuality of what Hawaii has to offer is a blessing. I intend to share this site with everyone!! :-)

From: Charisma <maryweb>
Date: 28. Dec 97 20:57
Hello to all. This is my first time listen in on this love life topic. I find it interesting and GREAT!

From: Robert Le Papyllon <>
Date: 28. Dec 97 21:49
It is the ultimate faith that my love to Roxie materializes some day, if only that she ever knows that I behold her love in silence for I whisper her name in the howling wind.

From: Georgia John <>
Date: 28. Dec 97 22:29
first encounter

From: E.W. Smith <>
Date: 29. Dec 97 0:22
Aloha, Angelina and Matthew. A wonderful lady sent me a card with your address - loved it. Great audio - love the graphics! Will be back. Let's face it, if you can't be in the Islands then then this is the next best thing. Mahalo! From the Old Man of Northern Canada

From: slim
Date: 29. Dec 97 4:34
i want to chat with some of you

From: Kalle Granath (Sweden) <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 0:30
Hi everyboddy. There is so mutch LOVE in this site...

From: BOOBS <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 0:44
thanx. happy new year.

From: xaiver <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 1:29
2 Sweeeet

Date: 30. Dec 97 4:39

From: Raymond Kirk <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 5:13
Love Life show it good Rate 10/10 Happing new year From Raymond Kirk Call From Westen Australia

From: Robert <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 5:59
Hours of fun!

From: JULIE <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 14:20
Has anyone seen shadow around. There are so many everytime I think I have found him I'm wrong. Oh well, Just wanted to say I love this web site and I have met lots of great people here.

From: Mishra <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 15:48
The chat room is cool

From: Amy Kettlewell <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 17:27
This site is beatiful. I can't get Love Tips to play though.

From: annonymous <>
Date: 30. Dec 97 17:57
I feel that finding somebody on the net is great for "SINGLE" people but it is so unfair for them smut loving people to try and swoo away and make life sound so great to a married persons spouse!!! I had that happen to me and did not appreciate it at all...Iknow my hubby was to blame for that too but its also these people that start it!!! Please dont get me wrong, I am happy for those that have met their soulmates on the net, but mine is mine!!!

From: LIL SIS <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 13:40
I think HCU is the best chat rooms i have found. I ahve met some real interesting people in here. Thanks for the chance to meet some great people.

From: Shannon <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 14:09
hi my names shannon and on "love bound by oceans" i can really understand what she is goin through. i have a bf that live in Australia and i live in Illinois. we both love each other very much:) im only 16 and i have to wait 2 or 3 years b4 i can meet him:( and that girl is already 18!!! girl if i were you id leave and go to him now!!!!! thats my advice:) thank you:) bye

From: Beverly kai <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 16:07
I fear that you are too grand for the likes of me .

From: Beverly Kai <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 16:25
The other day I was visible through my front windows as I sat playing with this toy. My front door was slightly open for the breeze.

A young man stopped, knocked, and asked how much these units cost to rent. I told him, and started to describe, . . . .and he interuupted me with " You're Pretty!!!" (come to think of it, he didn't have to sound so astonished. As for his being a "young man", anyone under 50 qualifies for me now.)

I put my hand on my doorknob; "That's not pertinent right now," as i cocked my head at him in warning.

'Management Specialists" are the rental agents, " I continued.

He justs stared at me. " But it's true," he blurted.

I shut the door in his face. I keep a baby gate loosely across the open front door to keep out loose stray cats. They will wander in and out at will if I didn't have it there, and I am alergic.

But it seems that the gate is useful as a psychological barrier to keep out bipedal wildlife, too. They, and salesmen, can't get their foot in the door.

If you don't use my name, you can use this example of how it is possible for a 61-year old woman to have to beat them off with a stick when they appear at her front door. Is there no escape for her?

From: misen <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 16:33
My love of life, Fredrik......

From: Michael <>
Date: 31. Dec 97 19:47
I like animals, Honest nonjudgemental people, and quiet evenings at home, I like some hot nights out. I live on a small ranch in Texas and raise cattle. I also have a real job. I am taking dancing lessions in CW, latin, a nd ballroom, and enjoy meeting new people.

From: Kevin the man <>
Date: 1. Jan 98 7:22
more passion and romance required.Also a lot of steamy sex required. A man is wanted.

From: Kenny Flier <>
Date: 1. Jan 98 23:59
Hope you'll put my story in it's catagory

From: MaggieCS <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 2:16
Awesome chat line best I've seen yet!!

From: Marie Karlsson <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 10:40
I just love love homepage.... This is a message from Stockholm. Sweden

From: ~~PXMSTR~~ <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 11:27
just dropped in dear.....very stunning woman......haven't been in chat but will when time far it's ok listening to your radio program....interesting ....bye for now...will be back

From: Pappa Mitch <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 12:21
Great web page and great show.

From: Magnus Edlund <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 13:25
You know, I think I like this place.

From: Randy Casey <>
Date: 2. Jan 98 17:07
loving at last

From: Amberly <>
Date: 3. Jan 98 22:46
Hi I just got one of those secret admirer letters,and I was wondering how you find out who there from. Is there any way too?

From: Heidi McLeod <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 0:35
I tried to listen to you show but I guess I need to download something and I don't know how

From: Jodi <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 6:41
Do not marry someone you can live with ...only Marry someone you can't live without.

From: Christer Berg <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 7:27

From: Michelle <xcntrymomx>
Date: 4. Jan 98 10:47
Thank you for sending the letter from a friend, But how do you find out who sent the mail to you?

You have a wonderful site and I enjoyed it very much.

From: Victoria <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 14:56
Great Site for Lovers Thanks

From: culebro <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 15:41
man I am dying to find out who sent me the love letter....but I guess the fun is trying to figure out who it is!! If I only knew.........This is a great idea though!

From: ~ Stu-E ~ <>
Date: 4. Jan 98 19:08
Just to express my undying love for *Angie* - my angel forever.... *S*

From: Marsha <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 7:50
New to this webpage, checking it out before I make a comment

From: Teddy Wailanduw <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 8:55
Hello...... !!! I LOVE YOU ......!!!! GOD BLESS YOU.........!!!! THE WORLD TO BE YOUR.....!!! KISS....KISS...KISS....hehehe.....Keep smile ....

From: mike s <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 9:45
this is my first visit here to your site... i really enjoyed it..but i have a qustion..some one sent me a card from your there anyway that i can find out who sent it?

From: Angie <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 13:32
Love the site.. best place on the net.. *S* And I just want to say thank you to Stuey... I love you too..

From: Angie <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 14:49
I love the site.. it's brought me lots of joy. Mostly, though, it's brought me Stuart, whom I love dearly. You, dear, are everything to me.. I love you forever.. *S*

thanks again HCU!

From: ~ Stu-E ~ <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 15:17
the formula of life as i know it.... Stuart + Angelique = Together Forever I love you hon... *S*

From: HARMONY <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 18:39

From: Sarah <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 20:29
how do you find out who sent you a note? please, someone, clue me in!! please???

From: Felix G. Perez <>
Date: 5. Jan 98 22:39
scarlett5555 the answer is "YES"

From: Angie <>
Date: 6. Jan 98 15:49
Angie loves Stuart.. plain and simple!

From: Bianca (AussyGal) <>
Date: 6. Jan 98 21:06
Hi there, i just visited your homepage matthew!! I love your accent!! *s* This is a real cool chat!! If you wanna know about me, take a look at

From: mehul parikh <>
Date: 6. Jan 98 23:57
this site is very good time pass for every alone youth like me it best way to get lifetime good friends

From: Doug {Herky} <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 0:18
fun place to chat

From: Maria <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 0:58
I really like this homepage!

From: Johanna
Date: 7. Jan 98 8:16
the drugs don´t work, they just make you worse, but I know I´ll see your face again...

From: steve <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 8:42

From: jenny larsson <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 10:26
Hawaii chat universe is the best chat place, couse i meet Michael here!!!!

From: HAPPY <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 15:39

well i owe matthew and love angel (and andrew) so much thanks for being responsible for such an incredible amount of happiness! Anyone who knows me knows what i am talking about thanks alot Matthew! oh i noticed my buttmunch coz signed so i figured i have been here longer than him so i better sign!!*L*

From: NIKEMAN <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 16:36
Cool Page Its is better than mine atleast

From: Isaiah <>
Date: 7. Jan 98 18:43
HI, How are you ?

I was surfing the net and found your place or this site, and I think is cool. I am single. 30M, I specially liked the Girl winking, I thik looks Owesome..

great work !!

From: Michelle <XCNTRYMOMX>
Date: 7. Jan 98 20:24
You really have a wonderful website here.......I have recommended it to many of my online friends and to many friends that do not have the nerves to confront that certain someone online and you have now given them the chan ce to send their someone special a letter to let that person know that there is someone out there that holds them very near and dear to their heart...And I thank you for that and my friends thank you for giving them the chance.................They never h ad before...........

Sincerely, Michelle

From: James Cleevely <>
Date: 8. Jan 98 2:58

From: Rimgaudas <>
Date: 8. Jan 98 12:26
I want to know, who send me that letter? I like it very much !

From: Anna <>
Date: 8. Jan 98 13:52
Jag älskar OASIS, PET SHOP BOYS och kärlek!!! Om nån tänker som jag(och kan svenska) SKRIV!!!!

From: premis <>
Date: 8. Jan 98 22:07

From: Cindy <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 1:54
I love the Hawaii chat universe.Imet my beautiful partner on line and i am spending the rest of my life with this person.they have moved from Nebraska to Ohio to be with me forever.Its so beautiful.I love it and maybe we wi ll be in Hawaii very soon.who knows..

From: Kevin <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 4:32
Hello all, Anyone who wants to chat, E-Mail me at the above address. Especially the ladies!

From: Crystal Anderson <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 8:41
I recieved a love letter from someone the other day. It is very sweet, but I would like to know who sent it to me. So, if the person who sent the SWEET letter to me reads this, I would appreciate a e-mail letting me know it was you.

Thank you, and have a GREAT day!!

Love, Crystal

From: ace
Date: 9. Jan 98 10:51
were am I???? ahhhh

From: Keshia Jones <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 11:05
I enjoy this online talk this is my kind of talking right here..

From: Pepper Winn <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 11:35
First time here . Someone sent me a card and would love to know who ??? I plan on coming back and visiting chat room . Thank you , Pepper

From: cindi <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 18:08
WOW! Im glad I was introduced to this place..Its FUN!

From: Eric <>
Date: 9. Jan 98 19:24
What a great sight this is, I found it perfect for sending just a little some- thing to the women I love to let her know I was thinking of her.

From: GIRL
Date: 10. Jan 98 12:32
I LOVE SOMEBODY.... His name is Kire....

From: johnny norra <CAVEMNAN@BELLSOUTH.NET>
Date: 10. Jan 98 15:49

From: Mica Salt <>
Date: 10. Jan 98 17:05
Five 0 swings Book Em Dano!

From: Hawke <>
Date: 10. Jan 98 20:12
It was very nice chatting with a the nice people here. See ya

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 11. Jan 98 0:02
hey...i like your sight and i hope it gets even better!!!!

From: Sharon O'Brien <>
Date: 11. Jan 98 10:04
My first visit...looks good at the onset... will let you know more when I've spent a little time with your material

From: Harv Lewis <>
Date: 11. Jan 98 12:27
I'll have to come back to listen soon, looks like a fun site.

From: Veronica <>
Date: 11. Jan 98 15:38
this page is like kewl

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 11. Jan 98 18:24

From: qwerty
Date: 11. Jan 98 21:54
love all you people

From: Ragtopman <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 7:51
I really should get paid for doing this *S*
Seriously..HCU is home to some of the friendliest people on the net and comes highly recommended!
And I will recomend it anytime!

From: Trina <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 13:20
Hey birds! Just saying hello!

From: Jeffrey <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 15:33
I like the storys alot. You have a great site,,

From: Robert Neeson <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 15:33
I like to know some one 660-263-3252

From: Wis <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 15:55
We love you too.

From: carrie mckay <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 16:28
I'm hot, sticky and sweet from my head down to my feet! and don't you forget it baby! *wink*

From: Planet <>
Date: 12. Jan 98 23:41
female 33

From: Dave Dickson <>
Date: 13. Jan 98 0:51
I just wanted to say that this is my first time to this site and i enjoyed it alot!Thanx

From: Gresham <>
Date: 13. Jan 98 0:54
THis is a very nice site. I really love it and i will visit it often. Love you Jaclin

From: Victoria Bylander <>
Date: 13. Jan 98 2:30
I have not been here so much. But I think it`s fun and a good place to chat on. I come from Sweden and I am 13 years old.

Please can you mail to me??????

From: Elin <sn88ljo@klippan.see>
Date: 13. Jan 98 3:04
I think this site is very good.

i love it.

From: Andreas Willumsen <>
Date: 13. Jan 98 15:17
hellow am Andreas Willumsen and am from greenland if you write to me so am write to you. my e-mail is

From: Lenny B S <>
Date: 14. Jan 98 0:03
Lovelife`s great!

From: Satsi <>
Date: 14. Jan 98 1:26
Hawaii Chat Universe is special and niceplace to chat! here can meet people all around the world! I love that! *S*

From: Anna-Karin
Date: 14. Jan 98 2:28
Hi!!!! I want to say hi to my four best friends who i love very much... Anna, Sara, Emma and Karin and of course gulli nulli Kalle...

Date: 14. Jan 98 11:14

From: Camilla Karlsson
Date: 14. Jan 98 12:42
Michael Jackson are the best a girl can get... I LOVE YOU MICHAEL

From: Walter Mracsna <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 1:24
since today I start listening to your programs, I confess, its very interesting. I hope to come one day to this nice islands, and be sure that I will visit you. all the best to all of your crew walter from austria

From: Sara och Madde <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 2:27
Hejsan! Vi tyckte det var väldigt bra för ibland behöver man lite hjälp på traven med kärleken...

From: anna joe <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 3:05
You have unclipped my wings and let me fly up to the sky.

From: Marina <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 5:13
Hi!! My name is Marina and I just want to say hi to my boyfriend and his friends.

They are all on Hawaii now studying. Saknar dig älskling!!!!

If there are people who want to mail me, please do so!!!!!!!! Aloha!!!!!!!!

From: Nenneh <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 7:000

From: Tropical Girl
Date: 15. Jan 98 11:49
Hello, everybody don't party to hard and keep safe, ALOHA

From: Wiki <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 14:08
don't have any yet, need to check it all out

From: Donna Walker-Patterson <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 15:55
Like your site! I got a letter from a Secret Admirer and decided to have a look about.

From: greg smith <>
Date: 15. Jan 98 23:49
hello all

From: Amy <>
Date: 16. Jan 98 10:13
What a lovely idea! Except I would prefer to know who sent me the letter, since it did make me cry. I just don't like to guess who?

From: Carla <>
Date: 16. Jan 98 10:21
I would like to be able to thank the person who sent me the beautiful card

Date: 16. Jan 98 11:57
i like the chat room, and the people are cool!

From: Lelaina <no>
Date: 16. Jan 98 15:04
I would like to chat with someone!

From: Jessica St. George <>
Date: 16. Jan 98 18:57
How do you get registered?? I've been floundering around here for 45 minutes!!

From: owkey <>
Date: 17. Jan 98 2:000
Here have somebody ? I'm owkey .

From: Erin Mc laughlin <>
Date: 17. Jan 98 5:26
enjoy this forum very much! Receptive chatters here..this one loves to spice things up! Giggle

From: M.ASLAM <>
Date: 17. Jan 98 7:06
this is very good veb site

From: doni owings
Date: 17. Jan 98 11:52
it didn't work so we didn't see it .

From: Niels <>
Date: 17. Jan 98 12:18
HCU is the best place to chat!!!

.....Niels from the Netherlands.....

From: gayle k. <>
Date: 17. Jan 98 13:12
thinking of that warm sun and salty beach air on my face. have visions of laying on your beaches with my main man and doin that love thing. sounds great. instead i'm sitting here, where it's 30 degrees outside in front of my computer typing my comments to you. something is wrong with this picture. take care, enjoy life!

Date: 18. Jan 98 0:54
this is a very good web site I ENJOY IT VERY MUCH

Date: 18. Jan 98 1:17

From: Sexy <>
Date: 18. Jan 98 9:40
Wanted to check out your site ... someone near and dear to me loves it!!!

From: anthony alvarez <>
Date: 18. Jan 98 13:30

R Don Steele's books are wonderful and informative.


From: RICK <>
Date: 18. Jan 98 14:23
As a broadcaster of 18 years, You guy's really have your act together! Nice stuff!

From: Wendy <>
Date: 18. Jan 98 21:19
Hi everyone!

From: debi <>
Date: 19. Jan 98 1:50
looking for ways to spend more time feeling "hawaii is my second home", less like a "foreigner"

From: Brian <>
Date: 19. Jan 98 15:47
Girlfriend sent me a card.

From: ted <>
Date: 19. Jan 98 20:02
I would like to meet a large friendly gay polynesian man.

From: Andrew <>
Date: 20. Jan 98 3:000
I love all informations in this website. I also hope to meet some new friends . Please e-mail me to :

From: Vanessa Scharl <>
Date: 20. Jan 98 5:36
I what to find the chat room, but I don´t fond it and this is shit. Pleas tell me how to get in your chat room´s . And the rest, I liked it. Bye Vanessa

From: Mia Johansson
Date: 20. Jan 98 15:23
i CAN BELIVE YOU........

From: Viviane M-Keener <>
Date: 20. Jan 98 17:04

From: francesco <>
Date: 20. Jan 98 18:26


From: Michelle Leggs <>
Date: 20. Jan 98 20:38
I just got the web today and I love it.

From: Suzie <>
Date: 22. Jan 98 21:41
I loved your Cyber Love Stories. I recently met the man of my dreams online and reading how other people have done the same I feel so much happier and sure of our relationship even though he is in Texas and i am in Australia. Thanks :-) P.S. I will add our story soon...

From: iNu iNu E <>
Date: 23. Jan 98 4:08
Sup, Sleepless...bye.....

From: Robert J. Murray <>
Date: 23. Jan 98 11:51
I was told about this web page by a very beautiful and gorgous young lady. I hope that she (litleC) will read this next time that she on. Yes, by the way this has got to be thee best chat web site on the internet.

From: Heléne <>
Date: 23. Jan 98 14:39
I just wanna say that this site i great! I love it!

From: Kelly Stutzman <>
Date: 23. Jan 98 16:51
this sight is great!!!!!

From: eileen scott <>
Date: 24. Jan 98 11:51
I look forward to hearing you progrms & chatting here

From: Shai(m) <>
Date: 24. Jan 98 12:27
I love this place!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

From: ththandle <>
Date: 24. Jan 98 16:40
Great Hide-a-way

From: Anne
Date: 24. Jan 98 21:03
Looking for the man of my DREAMS!!!

From: owkey <>
Date: 24. Jan 98 23:52
Hello: I'm oweky. Can you remember me? Did you know the song name " If I never see you again "

I wait here! Give me E-mail . Thankkkkkkkkk you !


From: Gerges <>
Date: 25. Jan 98 7:52
I'am new

From: badboy
Date: 25. Jan 98 7:55
hello from Sydney

From: Therese <>
Date: 25. Jan 98 13:12
This page was good . Nu vet jag inte vad jag ska skriva mer...... Ha det bra

Date: 25. Jan 98 19:01

From: Maria <>
Date: 26. Jan 98 6:31
Ville bara hälsa till alla!!!

From: owkey <owkey>
Date: 26. Jan 98 9:39
who is badboy? Hello from sydney ? ... ^ ^ _

From: owkey <>
Date: 26. Jan 98 9:41
I want talk with you badboy. From Sydney.

From: patsy <>
Date: 26. Jan 98 12:23
Nice place 2 be.... Greetings >;)

From: Darcy Lamoree
Date: 26. Jan 98 13:14
I love this chat space. I come here every time I am on the internet.

From: Heaven
Date: 26. Jan 98 13:22
I love this sight. I just got some major advice from these rooms. It is so great to have some place to come. As of now I am not going to commit suicide.

From: sonny gunderson <>
Date: 26. Jan 98 16:18
i am just trying to find some one looking for a ralationship

From: mrme4 <>
Date: 26. Jan 98 20:03
Hello, Very nice,,We need more of this...

Date: 26. Jan 98 21:29
this place is the best

From: Judy A. Laslie <>
Date: 27. Jan 98 8:04
The interview you did with me seemed to go very well. Do you agree? I would love to be included with the on-line interview archives. I would like to be a guest on your expanded audience show also. Best wishes! Hope to hear from you soon and I appreciate any feedback you may have about our time together. Anyway, I loved it! Sure enjoyed the two of you. :-)

From: Tinkerbell <>
Date: 27. Jan 98 14:10
I just want to say, HEY!!!!!!! Thanks~~~~~~~

From: Beth* <>
Date: 27. Jan 98 15:31
This is a great wedsite. I'd like to know who sent me my love letter. Thanks!!!

From: Kimberly <>
Date: 27. Jan 98 15:56
I'm looking for the right MAN!

From: Heaven
Date: 27. Jan 98 17:14
I am looking for a woman that I use to talk to! It was about a year ago and she was in Sweden. Her name was and I think still is "Wilma". If anyone sees her please let her know, if you see this wilma please leave a messag e here for me.

From: HenryµËÊÀÇ¿ <>
Date: 28. Jan 98 4:33
What's your net??? And happy new year !!!

From Chinese shenzhen


From: rania
Date: 28. Jan 98 5:21
i am 24 years old I'm hieghly educated i've never been in love before .

From: tove <>
Date: 28. Jan 98 5:25
Love is all we need...

From: Ville Taskunen <N/A>
Date: 28. Jan 98 6:06
Okei mitäs te siellä duunaatte hawain tyypit.

From: Angie <>
Date: 28. Jan 98 19:04
I think this is the best chat place, because I met my boyfriend here and meet lots of great people.

From: DEE_MY <>
Date: 29. Jan 98 12:36
Love ya all.... Hope I`ll see ya one time... Huggs from DEE_MY....:)

From: Alan
Date: 30. Jan 98 2:50

Stumbled accross this site and found it very nice. Good for people like me who a bit shy to "ask".

Provides a good learning example, expecially your talk shows.

From: phillip kraus <>
Date: 30. Jan 98 4:46
this was a great site I'm going to tell all my friends.

From: Sherri <>
Date: 30. Jan 98 19:21

From: meow <>
Date: 31. Jan 98 1:25
I love HCU!!!!!! It's the best and I've met soooo many people and made sooooo many friends. HCU also let's me keep in touch with my friends in Hawaii!

From: Wai Wai <>
Date: 31. Jan 98 19:58
Wow, it's wonderful , i surf on this homepage.
I'd like to share with u all my story as well , pls come here:

Our Home

From: paal kjellesvig <>
Date: 31. Jan 98 23:22
no commens

From: ROMA <>
Date: 1. Feb 98 7:18
something not to be missed ......

From: Doug Travis <>
Date: 1. Feb 98 10:53
best place on the Web!!

From: Molly Kleiker (aka MAR!AH) <>
Date: 1. Feb 98 11:19
It's the best chat line!!!

From: Anna
Date: 1. Feb 98 12:40
I just wanted to tell you that I love Oskar.

From: Alyssa <>
Date: 1. Feb 98 21:19

From: Abby Melroy <Elfin34063>
Date: 2. Feb 98 17:55
Thankyou for finding and sending me this beautiful letter

From: Chris Saksida <>
Date: 2. Feb 98 18:16
It is pretty cool. All the things that you would want a chat session to have.

I will be back for sure, as there are quite a few interesting people to meet.

Have a cruise down this lane, and check it out.


From: miguel eduardo ibarra perez <>
Date: 2. Feb 98 20:41
faltan paguinas en español para la gente latina que quiere aprovechar el servicio y que no se entiende con el ingles.

From: hillbilly <>
Date: 2. Feb 98 23:18
I used to chat in hcu all the time but lately I can not get in for some reason. I'll keep trying....Great place.

From: ~j@mmin~ <>
Date: 3. Feb 98 4:11
Your sites jammin! I wanna jam it with you!

From: Anders Hobbers
Date: 3. Feb 98 7:01
I figure it good enough.

From: gordonm <www.79 bartemus trl..>
Date: 3. Feb 98 10:19
I really like the Love life Guestbook

From: Anna <AnnaGustavsson@HOTMAIL.COM>
Date: 3. Feb 98 12:21
Hello! How are you? I´m fine! Dont really know what to write! Yes I know I seem very bored and yes I´m really am! Good bye!!!!

From: AnnA <>
Date: 3. Feb 98 12:26
Where is my loverboy? Are you there? I miss you so much! I cant forget you Daniel B...

From: Rodney <>
Date: 4. Feb 98 12:56
I really enjoy the HCU site. Thank you.

From: Regina <>
Date: 4. Feb 98 17:29
Would love to get a tape of your show. Please let me know how. Unable to access audio on the net.

Date: 5. Feb 98 3:20

From: snorror <>
Date: 5. Feb 98 4:31

From: Wadim <>
Date: 5. Feb 98 10:51
Hot ukrainian boy

From: FoXFiRe <>
Date: 6. Feb 98 3:15
Anyone out there.....visit my webpage @ And I just want to add that I like HCU, even if there's a hell of alot of weirdos in here. But I met some really cool people while cha tting here, so that's great....I just wish we could use more HTML in here....*sigh*

From: Xist <>
Date: 6. Feb 98 6:04
Hi there all of you!!!

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 6. Feb 98 12:05

From: Feistygirl <>
Date: 6. Feb 98 12:40
Hey Lucky *waving*..Since I don't have my own HP..yet, this is just to say and big THANKYOU for bringing us HCU *HUGS*..Its sooo lovely, the scenery and the people *S* Lastly, *HUGE HUGS* to all my new friends..Numero - My Swedish hunk *SMOOCH*..Sharky, your the best *LOL*, Cinn girl..Wow, you're one Crazy chickie..don't ever change *Hugs* and everyone else who I've chatted to..well you all know who you are *giggles*..thanks for the warm chat, can share my vodka anytime girl!!! *L* Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!! Luv Feisty

From: Patty K.
Date: 6. Feb 98 13:52
I coulddn't find my way to chat with anyone from Hawaii.

From: Michelle Paugh
Date: 6. Feb 98 16:14
Hello Good Bye

From: Sami j
Date: 6. Feb 98 21:000
Sounds like fun!

From: Elizabeth Eacrett <>
Date: 6. Feb 98 22:19
I received a letter from a secret admirer this evening. I picked up from your site. It was beautiful, thank you for providing a service that brought a moment of happiness for me!

From: Sarah <>
Date: 7. Feb 98 3:23
This is an awesome chat room! Everyone is so nice here!! I love it!

From: leann <>
Date: 7. Feb 98 7:25
i would love to hear from whom ever wrote the story on 2 married people!!!im going through the same thing and would love to hear from her!!!!thank you very much!!leann

From: Jake Blues <>
Date: 7. Feb 98 14:09!!!!!!! This is really where the dreams come true. I´ve tried other chat-sites, but this is the best!!

From: muffin <>
Date: 8. Feb 98 2:58
This was fun! What a great first chatting experience!

Nice talking to you GONZO and KONAGUY

From: Lovely <>
Date: 8. Feb 98 13:40
Hi. I'm new at this and if any one can assist me, I'll be very thankful:)

From: Marcelli <>
Date: 8. Feb 98 20:44
Awesome website

From: Stephanie <shrs>
Date: 9. Feb 98 14:47

From: sitsuka <>
Date: 9. Feb 98 22:26
I think we could......

From: Drew <Ms>
Date: 10. Feb 98 1:56
Thank-you for prviding a way to let that special someone know how you feel and still remain annonimous

From: Gez.T <>
Date: 10. Feb 98 2:36
What a brilliant site. Better than a lot of crap on the net

From: Eagle Eye <>
Date: 10. Feb 98 12:39
I really like talking in this place. Thank You!

From: yuricko <>
Date: 10. Feb 98 14:15
hola a todos: les mando un saludo desde Mexico por sin hay alguna persona que hable español aqui lo o la espero .o.k

From: Carina Medrano <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 9:36
It is cool but it would be better if you had several anonymous letters to choose from to send out.

From: OleCountry <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 9:53
It's a lot different.Seems to work a little faster.I would have to say i like better.Good job.

From: Linda Norén <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 14:29
A small regard from Sweden I´ll visti Hawaii this sommer 98

From: babyboo <ginna hori>
Date: 11. Feb 98 15:05
well think your bacground is very outgoingim the knid of person who likes music alot everything about sound not bad

From: TRISTON <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 15:25

From: kenny
Date: 11. Feb 98 17:24
were are we going to stary

From: Meg <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 18:34
This is my favorite chat place. I love the new set up Great job!

From: long legged honey (kelii) <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 18:56
Hi, Im having problems with the "new hawaii chat universe" I go to "enter hawaii chat universe" then I come to a page where it said "login" so I typed my user name and password and clicked on "login" then it took me to a page where it explained stuff about the new hawaii chat universe(thats the page that I found your name) and on the bottom of that page it said "enter forums"(I think thats what it said, something like that) Then when I click on that, it takes me back to the login page. please help me get in to the"new hawaii chat universe" I really want to CHAT!!!!! thank you very much,

From, a person in need of hawaii chat universe!

From: Chérie Allen <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 19:49
I love what you have done with HCU!! It takes a shorter amout of time to get to the rooms!!!! Things are easier to read!! Wonderful ...ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!

From: DING <>
Date: 11. Feb 98 20:30
Great chat place,well managed and well populated.

Date: 12. Feb 98 10:07

From: Eddie <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 11:47
Hi! Cool site! Do ya know my country? It's Hungary. I'd love to go to Hawaii! If ya like the Mötley, sign for me!

From: michelle <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 11:53
How about that 1-800-Rent-A-Valentine?

From: Stephanie <shrs>
Date: 12. Feb 98 12:51

From: Tony <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 17:30
This the first time using a chat room . I used some bad etiqutte, some people wre upset, I appologize. I have been away from Hawaii to long. The chat room was very intresting. ALOHA!

From: leilani <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 19:19
wassup all you couples. howz every- thing going?

From: josephine <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 20:37
What a totally different format. Quicker, more streamlined. Like it!!

From: Bunny <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 21:20
What a beautiful web site...I shall visit often...I love the anonymous love letter idea...

From: Leeanne Simpson <>
Date: 12. Feb 98 22:33
This is much better and quicker ever since it has been updated and I met some really nice guys.

Thanks Heaps I Will Be Back

See Ya

From: Michael Greer <>
Date: 13. Feb 98 11:18
HCU is great!!

From: Stephanie <shrs>
Date: 13. Feb 98 13:04

From: juban <>
Date: 14. Feb 98 4:19
I never new this was here... We got our e-zine up. We focus on the HipHop and Urban underground music of Hawaii. Mad interview's with b-boy, graff, rap, dj, dancer's. Got the low down on all the mug's who come out here like ISP!!! AirForce. All kind's of crazy shzit'z. Yo from the 808 to the world.

Take a look!!

From: gigi <>
Date: 14. Feb 98 8:01
the new format takes some getting use to but i do have a couple comments.1/ miss sending a message to someone when the rooms are full 2. when going to WHOS EVERYWHERE the old messages come up not new ones. Thanks HCU for bring people together

From: Paul E. Thébeau <>
Date: 14. Feb 98 21:47
Hi this is a great page; keep up the good work I'm from Canada, and I also have a home page and you are invited to come in and sign my gues book to that would make me very happy it's been a while since I have a guess book on my page but noone yet have sign it and I don't know if they don't see it or just don't care but if you would come in and sign my guess book I would be very thankful to you. Paul from Canada have a great! day.

From: Paul E. Thébeau <>
Date: 14. Feb 98 21:48
Oh ya I forgot to tell you my url so here it is in case you want to come in and sign my guess book to: see ya soon ;-) paul

From: pandora
Date: 15. Feb 98 5:12
love the site

From: Debra L. Sage <>
Date: 15. Feb 98 11:27
I've enjoyed this place for a year now. It just keeps getting better. Please keep up the great work. It is a great place to be. I tell all my friends about it and tell them to check it out. I really like visiting this sight.

From: Julianne <>
Date: 15. Feb 98 11:57
I think that iz really kool, for people to tell others bout what good and bad things happened to thom on the net. I even told my on story. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Julianne <>
Date: 15. Feb 98 12:04
I think that iz really kool, for people to tell others bout what good and bad things happened to thom on the net. I even told my on story. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Ty <>
Date: 15. Feb 98 21:50
Could not figure out how to monitor messages...hit "get new messages", but it seemed to be stuck on just the first new ones....does one have to comment/send before updates show?

From: Anna <>
Date: 16. Feb 98 7:32
Hey, funny this about secret admirer but it drives me mad not to now who sent me a wonderful Valentines Day card.

From: Neil Jeffrey <>
Date: 16. Feb 98 10:45
had fun chatting to other people!!

Date: 16. Feb 98 16:52
The new software is great.. As far as I can tell. Much better login now then earlier.. However I miss the mail from outside feature. I might have missed it but just in case.. Now for a Q. Anything going on around the 6th of June??? This Swede is comming to town.. Hoped to get a chance to dropp in and have a peek at the operation and to secure my handle for a few years...

Well I´ll see you in the chat...


From: Ole Olsen <>
Date: 17. Feb 98 9:09
It`s a very exciting web-sides, mail me a letter then!!

From: Loo Widener <>
Date: 17. Feb 98 22:09
What a wonderful place you have here. I never tire of reading about online love stories. I too met my love through the medium of the Internet. We lived on opposite sides of the world but I am happy to say that we kept our love alive and strong and now we are together and to be married in 8 weeks time. To anybody else in a LDR please keep your love flowing, and remember, no ocean, mountain or land mass is too great to keep true love apart.

From: Irish Gypsy <>
Date: 18. Feb 98 6:03
interesting...first experience...

From: maile
Date: 18. Feb 98 13:24
it was good///

From: hypergirl <>
Date: 18. Feb 98 19:27
Cool format...the only thing missing is being able to pm someone from the outside when the room is full...

From: dea <>
Date: 19. Feb 98 8:48
i read the how to talk to your lover section and the information was great. that little lightbulb over my head came on. the part about being right or happy really hit home. i can't tell you how glad i am i stumbled upon this sight, i've been looking for a little advice here and there. i'm sure that this will make all the difference in the world.

From: Helena <>
Date: 19. Feb 98 9:40
I Love Lars Now and forever.....

From: Lovelee
Date: 19. Feb 98 10:15
this is one of the best chat rooms iv'e ever visited. props to you guys and gals at love life for putting something so fun on the net to keep me busy!!

From: Hanna <>
Date: 19. Feb 98 14:09
I love somebody, but he dose not love me!

From: Chris Durand <>
Date: 19. Feb 98 17:02
Hi everybody

From: Tara Diem <>
Date: 20. Feb 98 10:19
I like all of your stuff. I enjoy looking at your page. My friends all ways chat. Well bye.

Date: 20. Feb 98 14:02
HI!!!!! everybody!! I love Hanson , i love everything!!

Have a nice day!!

Your friend Nayeli

From: The Reverend <>
Date: 21. Feb 98 3:51
Great site...and if any of your visitors would like to be joined in holy Weblock drop in keep up the great work

From: Mitchell Fritz <>
Date: 21. Feb 98 10:21
This is an excelent site...I've really enjoyed visiting here, and have left a question for Matthew and Angelica about the cyber weddings..I'm looking foreward to their reply !!!

From: Erma <>
Date: 21. Feb 98 11:30
This is a pretty cool site

From: Michelle Malby <>
Date: 21. Feb 98 20:53
It sucks that there is no way you can find out who send your anonymous notes but other than that your page is cool!

From: hamada <>
Date: 22. Feb 98 15:33
miss you all

From: Camie Reyes <>
Date: 22. Feb 98 23:10
no coochie snacks here!

From: dave <???>
Date: 22. Feb 98 23:48
i was really interrested to read all u had to say about love and relationships...and agree with u on most things...this is a very nice site and i have marked as a fav of mine...i really enjoyed it!!!..

From: Nick Condit <>
Date: 23. Feb 98 11:16
i received a message from a secret admirer. the only problem is that i don't know who it was from. how do i find out? was someone just messing with my mind?

From: Michelle <>
Date: 23. Feb 98 11:59
Matthew & Angelina, Hello, I really enjoy your program on KWAI. The guest that appeared on your show thus far has been very helpful with the information that s/he gives. Keep up the good work, and I'll be looking forward to your next show. By the way, just to let the both of you know that I am friend of Francis and Shannon. Good luck in your future years to come.

Date: 24. Feb 98 10:05

From: Pierre <>
Date: 24. Feb 98 12:10
Hi there from France !

From: Jennifer <>
Date: 24. Feb 98 13:17
This place is great -- all around! Thanks!

From: Lea <>
Date: 24. Feb 98 15:11
I have been chatting now for 3 weeks and love it. I have met so many nice people from all over the world. Troll>if you're reading these thank-you cards, hope to here from you soon and hope your family is well there in R ussia. Congrats to the creators of this web-site. Great job and I know you have alot of loyal visitors because sometimes I can't get into a room. Thanks and love ya for the joy/fun even if there are a few jerks sometimes.

From: Lissa <>
Date: 24. Feb 98 23:09
Hi!I am 19 .Iwould like to make a new friend .

From: White Knight <>
Date: 25. Feb 98 0:06
Just an old friend stopping by to send warm greetings to Luckiest Guy in Hawaii *smile* and Love Angel...*The knight bows to the lady* I've missed your friendship. I hope all is good in your world...*smile*

From: brahim <>
Date: 25. Feb 98 4:01
NO IDEA!Ihope to go through the experiece soon as the others.CAN HAVE A PLACE AMONG YOU.Greetings from Morocco.

From: juliet
Date: 25. Feb 98 6:07
this is pretty cool

From: Angel N Ureyes <woknangel@AOL.COM>
Date: 25. Feb 98 7:15

From: mark <>
Date: 25. Feb 98 13:13
This site seems interesting. I look foward to exploring the site when I have more time. Write me back and inform me of what's going on. Thanks, Mark

From: Lilli Burgess
Date: 25. Feb 98 15:09
I think its cool to have this sorry i can not give E-mail but i will come back look for me as swidishfish

From: Monica Kelly Moles <Lewisporte Library>
Date: 26. Feb 98 12:31
I would like you to E-mail me. Well get to know each other.

From: Monica Kelly Moles <Lewisporte Library>
Date: 26. Feb 98 12:31
I would like you to E-mail me. Well get to know each other.

From: Monica Kelly Moles <Lewisporte Library>
Date: 26. Feb 98 12:31
I would like you to E-mail me. Well get to know each other.

From: Monica Kelly Moles <Lewisporte Library>
Date: 26. Feb 98 12:31
I would like you to E-mail me. Well get to know each other.

Date: 26. Feb 98 22:02
hi there.... i like to know people from all over the world.....I am good poet, writer, artist...i am also good at palmistry, face reading, body language I am intrested in meeting female aged between 18-28 write me...will reply soon....

From: maria <>
Date: 27. Feb 98 9:000
hi there !!!I miss the sun.

From: Hobben <>
Date: 27. Feb 98 11:44
Mmmm... HCU... The Place... :-)

From: Liza <>
Date: 27. Feb 98 14:39
i´ll tell my bf about that wedding shit... we live 2 far away from each other 2 do it in real life ...l8er...wu-tang clan rulez!!!

From: DuckMazter <>
Date: 28. Feb 98 15:50

From: sandra oshiro <>
Date: 28. Feb 98 18:46
this chat site is fun

From: Diana Beltran <>
Date: 28. Feb 98 19:57
your show is cool. it is radical

From: Philip L. Giavasis <>
Date: 1. Mar 98 10:53
Aloha, I love ur program... ~ also ~ I love beautiful women!

From: Donell Mosher aka Midnight <>
Date: 1. Mar 98 15:54
Hello!! I got this addy from someone I met in a chat. She thought I would find interesting, for I think I have found the person I have searching for all my life, in the same chat room. We have been talking and writing f or 2 1/2 months now and we keep getting closer and closer. I thought I was the only one, and have found out I am not!! It is good to hear that I am not "weird". I think I could love this guy, and hope some day I will. Thanks for your stories.

From: goldilocks <>
Date: 1. Mar 98 19:39
My first time on a chat line.

From: randi <>
Date: 2. Mar 98 0:29
aloha..... to everyone its nice to have hawaii chat...

From: Leo <>
Date: 2. Mar 98 20:000
Hi enjoy this web, and enjoy tourself too and chat me anytime. have a nice time babe, see ya

From: patricia sanchez <>
Date: 3. Mar 98 19:49
i had a great time...u guys are c-o-o-l !!!

From: mr canada <none>
Date: 3. Mar 98 19:50

From: Kristi <>
Date: 3. Mar 98 21:08
this is a great chat universe and i really enjoy it. so don't change a thing. it can only get better....****

From: teenygurl <>
Date: 4. Mar 98 16:16
hey, i just read the story and i am really happy about that. see my boyfriend and i just got together and we were at each other throwts because i was going out wit somebody that he didn't like he was going out wit somebody that i didn't want him to go w it. we weren't talking to each other for awhile and then we started talking. now we tell we love each other every day and more than ever and i love that. we love each other wit all our hearts and that's great. you keep it up.

From: Tennesssee Dave <>
Date: 4. Mar 98 17:02
Wonderful chat room. I finally met the perfect woman here and am in love forever. Thanx.

From: lady love <dont have one>
Date: 4. Mar 98 17:18
I heard about this from a good friend of mine now id like to try

From: lady love <dont have none>
Date: 4. Mar 98 20:57
thank you for such a wonderful website

From: Buzzy <>
Date: 4. Mar 98 22:12
I am very courious about WHO sent me that nice Card??????

From: H@-Y-@N GIRLZ <>
Date: 5. Mar 98 1:36
This pl@ce is verry cool Me @n my sistah LOVE it

From: Laurie Wilson <>
Date: 5. Mar 98 7:15
Cooool Site

From: dancekick <>
Date: 5. Mar 98 10:43
very nice sight,enjoyed visiting

From: Howard Hestad <>
Date: 5. Mar 98 10:54

From: lady love <havenone>
Date: 5. Mar 98 15:24

Date: 5. Mar 98 17:45

From: Don <>
Date: 5. Mar 98 23:06
Your service is the best.

From: juvy
Date: 6. Mar 98 1:42
well i'm looking for radio programs...well i found this and i give it a try...and i'm kinda brokenhearted...and i read some stories in this site and guess i found something that can ease my brokenheart...

Date: 6. Mar 98 3:20

From: Stephanie <shrs>
Date: 6. Mar 98 10:58

From: subra. <NONE>
Date: 6. Mar 98 13:42
you do not tell us how to make love ?????

From: jan <>
Date: 6. Mar 98 15:35
Better than yahoo

From: kristen anderson <nyc, ny>
Date: 6. Mar 98 17:12
Hi! This is a great page! I really enjoyed the stories and I'm currently writing my own to add to your collection.

From: Lynnette <>
Date: 7. Mar 98 1:21
I got to know your website thru my boyfriend. He sent me a card and I liked the card he sent me. I checked out your website and all I can say...its pretty good! Very nice....

From: Doora <>
Date: 7. Mar 98 15:49
Love it!!!! Thankx....

From: ophilia <>
Date: 7. Mar 98 22:44
hello, where is the chatroom?

From: Wayne Claridge <>
Date: 8. Mar 98 2:33
A brilliant web site........

From: Martin B. <>
Date: 8. Mar 98 13:22
Have a nice day on the Internet-Highway...

From: Michelle
Date: 8. Mar 98 16:31
hey hows it going?

From: Elliot <>
Date: 8. Mar 98 18:06
Enjoyed the stories very much but would like to say that the re background makes it very difficult to read.

From: sabrina <>
Date: 8. Mar 98 22:27
wow this is really a romantic spot... loved the postcard that was sent to me by Dean...Gave me butterlies..Thanks

From: Yolanda Loveless <>
Date: 9. Mar 98 17:48
love the chat rooms you don't seem to get a lot of pervs. Nice place to get to know people my age. Rainbow Room is great.

From: Idar <>
Date: 9. Mar 98 19:13
Great place to be,nice people. Take care everybody. Thanks to those who started this. hug,hug

From: Anna <>
Date: 10. Mar 98 12:03
Hallo, is there anyone out there?? I just want to say: FIGHT FOR THE LOVE IT'S THE GREATEST AND MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!!!

From: ashima <>
Date: 10. Mar 98 23:45
falling in love is just great

From: jedi825 <>
Date: 11. Mar 98 0:05

From: Dianne Hendry <>
Date: 11. Mar 98 5:47
I would have thought it to be a stupid impossible thought but now I am beginning to feel it. Yes I am falling in love online, and it is a wonderful feeling Glad I found your site to help me confirm it.

From: jing <>
Date: 11. Mar 98 14:06

From: B_U_T_T_H_E_A_D <>
Date: 11. Mar 98 17:53
E mail me

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 12. Mar 98 11:44

From: Seabreeze <>
Date: 13. Mar 98 10:30
Ya I don't know what to write because I have not even really checked out this site yet so ya bye for now

From: leticia lizarraga lara <>
Date: 13. Mar 98 16:23
esta muy padre su pagina en internet

From: Wendy <>
Date: 13. Mar 98 18:38
Nice is very interesting to me as I have found love online and turned it into a real life love. :) please come and read our story...:)

From: 2hotchicks <>
Date: 13. Mar 98 19:21
i really like this web site

From: john <>
Date: 14. Mar 98 6:17
this is great. i lurrrrrrrve it.

From: Dave
Date: 14. Mar 98 18:30
Your excessive cookies today (3/14) were very irritating....other than that, a usually great chat room!!

From: Dr_Heart <>
Date: 15. Mar 98 1:07
love don't have a language to present . only person can feel his feeling .

From: aloha from minnesota <>
Date: 15. Mar 98 4:01 the updates...haven't been in for quite a while...much better speed...only got blown out twice (and that would be a "little" problem on my LAN)...enjoyed chatting with babycakes (eventhough she was using an a lias)...wish you had been here...haven't chatted for a long time...

Date: 15. Mar 98 21:55

From: MoSuave <>
Date: 16. Mar 98 19:19
This is a real great site. Much props going out to you guys...i met alot of honies and it was fun.well gotta bounce so this is MoSuave from Guam signing off.... peace.....

From: Tony Eriksson <>
Date: 17. Mar 98 2:10
Peace+Fred och allt annat gott

From: Colleen <>
Date: 17. Mar 98 8:08

From: noussa <>
Date: 17. Mar 98 9:31
love and peace

From: Sara Ficklin <octocat@Hotmail>
Date: 17. Mar 98 16:37
Ill tell you in the ?s :)

From: bobby <>
Date: 18. Mar 98 2:17

From: rummy <>
Date: 18. Mar 98 10:14
Is anyone listening I'm stuck in the computer and I can't get out!

From: Jennifer Miller <>
Date: 18. Mar 98 12:51
This is a very pretty site, love all the Pictures, I want to ditch this rotten weather and move to Hawaii soooo bad.

From: Lisa <>
Date: 18. Mar 98 17:18
Hey guys!I'm from Ga and love jeeps. I love just hanging out and having a good time.

From: Grant du Plessis <>
Date: 19. Mar 98 4:17
Great chat line

From: SANDY <>
Date: 19. Mar 98 4:49
cool chat line!

Date: 19. Mar 98 5:10

From: Sylvia <Solna. library>
Date: 19. Mar 98 8:02
Hello, it is a girl from Sweden.... I want to travel to Hawaii in the summer... maybe... But I want to chat with some people .. It is very nice to contact with somebody from Hawaii..... Bye...

From: Jeff Frank <>
Date: 19. Mar 98 11:38
Nice. I really like your pages.

From: ro <>
Date: 20. Mar 98 17:30
hello peoples!

From: Aires <>
Date: 20. Mar 98 18:03

From: Aires <>
Date: 20. Mar 98 18:12
How about pictures?

From: Mary
Date: 21. Mar 98 8:11
I Love You

From: Josh <>
Date: 21. Mar 98 19:13
great page. Really nice to know that they're is other couples out there going through the same. :)

From: ~*Ångel*~ <>
Date: 21. Mar 98 19:15
HEY!! I accidently found this place! This is a kewl website. I LURVE IT! Luv the stories.:)TA TA !

From: Jasmine Love <>
Date: 22. Mar 98 21:05
I would love to know more about CyberWeddings.

Date: 23. Mar 98 11:38

From: Joy <>
Date: 23. Mar 98 11:54
hi my name is Joy!! well i just like to say that you have a very nice homepage! it's awsome for sending stuff to a guy or girl!! anyways that all i have to say! Joy

From: Don <>
Date: 24. Mar 98 2:39
It is a wonderful site, but I do wish Katherine were here with me to enjoy it.

From: heat <>
Date: 24. Mar 98 12:12
i havent seen anything yet

From: Vally <>
Date: 24. Mar 98 20:20
Hey this is the first time that I will be in a chat room and would like to meet new people e-mail me

From: Charlynn <>
Date: 25. Mar 98 12:57
Make Love Often, it'll put you in a GOOD Mood!

From: Jamie Hogan <>
Date: 26. Mar 98 9:51
Hey lovelife viewers, this is me Jamie the one who loves you all.

From: Esther Covey <>
Date: 26. Mar 98 10:53
I love you chat rooms. The best thing about it is you get to talk to people from other country's and I like that alot. It gives me an opportunity to learn about other cultures.

From: janie <>
Date: 27. Mar 98 8:25
would like to talk to single guys around the world.

From: Neil W. Schofield < >
Date: 28. Mar 98 16:30
This, should be quite the adventure!!!!

From: Angela
Date: 28. Mar 98 16:51
I tried to listen to your show with Lynn Andrews. I have Real Audio Player 5.0. The sound cut off before the interview began.

Please fix this. I will stop back later.

Thank you.

From: Kat123 <dalesanta@hotmail>
Date: 29. Mar 98 1:21
to slow felt alone even when i was chatting check out exite web thank you

From: Sheree <>
Date: 29. Mar 98 12:23
Your site is really cool. I mean everything, from chat rooms to cyberlove stories. I've met very special friends here. Thank You Very much!!!!

From: *Innocent*S* <>
Date: 29. Mar 98 17:33
A very touching story. I have had a love expierence on the net with one of your regulars. Very bad because I am married and have 3 children but my heart goes out to the person on the net. He made me loose 5Kilo's in on e month with the loving attention he gave me. He knows I'm married I would not lie to anyone on the net. There is no point. But it is so difficult to know if he's playing a game with others as well as me. to me he sounds so real.

From: Rebecca Cox <>
Date: 29. Mar 98 19:51
Your page is great, good luck

From: Ami Olstein <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 1:32
Greetings from and to Paradise!

Date: 31. Mar 98 4:15

From: Andrew S. Konopka <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 4:20
Still looking

From: Alexandra <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 4:35
I just wanted to tell the world that I love Magnus N i Sundsvall Sweden so much.....and I'm not his girlfriend...

From: Erin Porter <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 8:22
I want to talk to Andrew Beers, because I think that that is a really cool name.

From: Jennie <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 9:22
Love your pictures, cards and story

From: Rori Chapman <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 10:06
I'm not from Hawii but I am looking for love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RC

From: Rori Chapman <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 10:15
Great site. Girl looking for love is at!!! Write me! -RC

From: Mehana <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 12:14
i can totally relate to cyber dating. i think it was good that people out there are finally starting to realize that cyberdating is just as good as regular dating.

From: Ed <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 14:29
From Kahala Hawaii

From: Russ Lee <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 15:12
This place is great and I even feel the warmth of Hawaii......

From: Thomas Hühn <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 21:42
Hallo,from Germany

From: Liz <>
Date: 31. Mar 98 21:53 it!!!

From: Rob Winn <>
Date: 1. Apr 98 4:41
Im from Middlesbrough England, any way give us a mail, whoooooohooooo

From: Frida <>
Date: 1. Apr 98 5:22
I´m soon 13 years old. I want e-mail friends, who are sweet and friendly.

From: *TildE* <>
Date: 1. Apr 98 6:44
Why cant people just make LOVE and not WAR??? The life is to short, to waste away...or???

From: Eduardo Moreno <>
Date: 1. Apr 98 17:30
Great way of meeting prople

From: Cassandra <>
Date: 1. Apr 98 20:09
Aron Ilove you.(Belgium)cant wait to see ya again.Someone in Texas love's you.

From: Kupa'a
Date: 1. Apr 98 23:19
single and looking

From: Em <>
Date: 2. Apr 98 3:37
I´m a cool girl,who´s almost 13 years old. I like:BOYS,friends,parties,to chat,mail, +everything that´s fun!I´m waiting for you to mail me,you won´t regret it!!! SE YA!

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 2. Apr 98 14:26

From: Vin <>
Date: 2. Apr 98 15:06
Any local Oahu girls out there!? Punk/Ska guy checking out this internet scene.

From: vasiliki vizaniaris <vallygirl>
Date: 2. Apr 98 15:19
i really like this because i can meet people.

From: Skye Chang <>
Date: 2. Apr 98 15:43

From: Marella Dozovado <>
Date: 2. Apr 98 18:53
I really love this sight and my dreams in the future is to go vacationing in hawaii after my graduation in may of 99

From: as <>
Date: 3. Apr 98 2:41
i don't know how to say it..

From: Fita <>
Date: 3. Apr 98 13:44
Hello My name is Fita Love this place it's pretty cool, first time here and well read alot your comments and enjoyed alot...

From: Bernard A. Bayer <>
Date: 3. Apr 98 21:56
none yet...well actually, i'm looking for a single attractive female between the ages of 20-30 in hopes of starting a relationship,i'm a 25yr old male,blue eyes blond hair and a strong build. see ya! alex

From: Buffy <>
Date: 4. Apr 98 19:27
loved it I'll be back

From: Lestat <bah!>
Date: 5. Apr 98 0:58
Marius, its been some time since I've written you like this.... I wonder, what you are doing, what you are up to now.... You wanted to know what my feelings for Akasha were..... if I loved her.... I loved her... I loved her too much..... And now she is gone. Sweet merciful death couldn't take me, I am alone and wandering... all is lost.... I want to see you but you shield your mind from me..... why.... I want to know.....

From: Laurent D. <>
Date: 5. Apr 98 1:06
Good evening, all. My name is Laurent and I'm 17. I've been looking for a girl to talk to for some time.... I have wasted my time on some, loved others, and now I want a companion that will stay with me. I am about 5'10" and have short, blonde hair/blue eyes (I'm about 145 lbs... yeah, I'm wirey).... Looking for someone to share thoughts on all spectrums of thought. I want to know you, I want to lust after you, I want to learn your heart, I want a friend. Contact me an d we can share dreams and make memories.

From: chuck newcomb <>
Date: 5. Apr 98 4:03
lonely firefighter

From: Hege Reinholdtsen <>
Date: 5. Apr 98 5:16
Hello1 I'm a 18 yaers old girl from Norway who just dropped in to say HI!!

Have a nice day!!

Love, Hege

From: michael rand <>
Date: 5. Apr 98 17:34
Well, I have never done this before, so tell me how this works. This sounds like a lot of fun but I have to do this when my employeer is not looking.

From: Helena <>
Date: 6. Apr 98 4:39
Sänder mina käraste hälsningar till John.....hoppas du blir på lite bättre humör då.... Kyssar o kramar från helena.......

From: Honey
Date: 6. Apr 98 7:11
I love love This page is great!!! bye lovers

From: Troy <>
Date: 6. Apr 98 9:36
Hi. I am from the Caribbean. I love romantic chats with interesting girls.

From: Eileen <>
Date: 6. Apr 98 11:26
nice place to share the net relationship stories.

From: Atyam Satish Kumar <>
Date: 6. Apr 98 11:32
nice quotes

From: Danni !!!!! <>
Date: 7. Apr 98 3:08
Tjena !!!!! alla gosiga killar jag är en girl som vill ha massor av e-mails av just DIG !!!! så tag chansen och skriv till mig min adress är: HEJ DÅ ALLA SEXIGA KILLAR !!! från en gullig tjej !!!!!!!!!!

From: Sarah & Gresham <>
Date: 7. Apr 98 19:43
March 20,1998. I (Gresham) found my bride to be (Sarah). She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met and I just want this to be here so that it will be eternally known how much I love her!!!!! XOXOX

From: vin <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 5:57
After reading the stories of cyber love, I found that I wasn't the only one on Earth whos' experiencing such a feeling. Many a time when I thought I was an odd creature with some kind of cyber prob... glad that I'm not the only 1 exhilarating thru the joys and pain of net love...

From: Celeste <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 11:40
I was pleasantly surprised today by an anonymous love letter and I thought it was a sweet gesture, but I'd also really appreciate knowing who sent it to me(:

From: Renee <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 16:51
Looking forward to tuning in to your website offen.

From: carlene <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 17:36
alex camacho, hi and hello!it's me carlene... just writing to say that i love you very much and take care of your self.bye!

nothing but love for you....

love always, adios baby! carlene

From: Ranny <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 20:15
How to read the letter from a secret friend? my claim # is :62452 thank you

From: Walt <>
Date: 8. Apr 98 22:51
I still wanna know who sent me the mail;-)

From: juli Dotson <>
Date: 9. Apr 98 9:52
Nice page. I have tried a few cyber romances but they never worked. In my opion, there stupid. That's just me though. I do belive it can work for others.

From: Per <>
Date: 10. Apr 98 14:50
This is a very nice site.

From: sweets <>
Date: 11. Apr 98 17:52
this place is great....i like the people they are serious and not a bunch of jerks....\

From: JOE <>
Date: 12. Apr 98 0:36

From: Desiree <>
Date: 12. Apr 98 12:08
I really had fun!!!

From: Jacqueline <>
Date: 12. Apr 98 16:39

Date: 12. Apr 98 17:06

From: Nick <Langtoppiræva>
Date: 13. Apr 98 5:09
I want a nice girl to talk to! Age: Twenties. I am a student and work as a model to earn money. I also sing in a band. Love from Nick....

From: sid <>
Date: 13. Apr 98 5:25
brilliant thank you.............

From: Ray <>
Date: 14. Apr 98 5:15
I will keep this site as a favorite place. Thanks to someone, who sent it to me. Ray

From: Stephanie <>
Date: 14. Apr 98 6:55

From: steina <>
Date: 14. Apr 98 11:24
Great Page ... Lots of love ....Steina

From: Barbara Smith <>
Date: 15. Apr 98 7:53
If there are any Men out there looking for a single woman to talk to write Me.

From: Abdullah <>
Date: 15. Apr 98 14:31
please contact me

From: Tazz <>
Date: 15. Apr 98 14:59
This site is the bomb!!!! This BUD is for you all!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Bootang <>
Date: 15. Apr 98 17:46
Wassup everybody and Aloha. I'm from Maui and I'm Hawaiian, Filipino. Right now I'm in Maui for Job Training. If you wanna know more about me drop an e-mail and we'll chat.!!! Aloha and Ahui Hou..E malama pono!!

Date: 16. Apr 98 10:56

From: Julian a.k.a. Diego
Date: 17. Apr 98 1:26
You have such a beautiful site! Keep it up! God bless you guys!

From: terry Mcveigh <>
Date: 17. Apr 98 4:34
I was just looking around and saw your siet and like it keep up the good work. terry

From: Muhammad tahir riaz <>
Date: 17. Apr 98 6:30
Love is Life

From: superstar <fern_15>
Date: 17. Apr 98 11:59
i hope it would be fun

From: fern <fern_15>
Date: 17. Apr 98 14:25
it's great to be back

From: TO MUCH 4 U(M) <>
Date: 17. Apr 98 18:32
Need more private rooms, !!

From: Erlend <>
Date: 18. Apr 98 11:13
eat tha -e-..............for heavens XTC.

From: ANNA
Date: 19. Apr 98 4:56
Just want to tell you all that this is a verry lovely page, hope I´ll be back soon

From: Renate Hauffen <>
Date: 19. Apr 98 9:24
This is very good!!

From: Brent <>
Date: 19. Apr 98 20:59
Wonderful site.

From: stephanie <venus>
Date: 20. Apr 98 6:57

From: Elaine <>
Date: 20. Apr 98 12:32
this is great, but how do i book a wedding date? looking forward to the big day!

From: Torben Poulsen <>
Date: 20. Apr 98 12:58
Nice show you got here!!!!

From: Jock <LJaco46877>
Date: 20. Apr 98 13:05
I have been coming here for a couple months now and have made alot of friends. It's a great place to be!!!!

From: Khan <>
Date: 21. Apr 98 8:46
no comments

From: kent <>
Date: 21. Apr 98 10:14
HI ! ! !

From: Elaine <>
Date: 22. Apr 98 7:52
I love your website!

From: You don't want to know <>
Date: 22. Apr 98 10:57

From: ANNA
Date: 22. Apr 98 11:46
It´s me again. I just want to say that I think that I`m in love whit 2 boys. Don`t know what to do!!HELP ME!!!

From: buck m <>
Date: 22. Apr 98 14:23
This web seems pretty interesting. Just thought I would take a boo and see whats up.

From: debbie
Date: 22. Apr 98 20:15
just wanted to chat with someone.

From: Mari Peters <>
Date: 22. Apr 98 21:12
I think that this is a neat website. when i lived in Honolulu I used to listen to Angelina and her readings on the air.I miss Hawaii and all it has to offer.Mahalo.

From: buck22 <>
Date: 23. Apr 98 10:02
Met some wonderful and loving people love ya. eh? buck22

From: Joanne Quickel <>
Date: 23. Apr 98 14:01
What a GREAT web page! Fun to send greetings! Mahalo!

From: Jason <>
Date: 23. Apr 98 20:04
If anyone would like to become pen-pals just go to my page:

From: brad <345-876-9867>
Date: 24. Apr 98 7:10
I Need A Teacher

From: LocalGirl29 <>
Date: 24. Apr 98 20:13
Mahalo for this bad creation....I thinks it's the next best thing to sex! Mahalo again.

From: Barrie <>
Date: 25. Apr 98 22:23
I need help in repairing my relationship

From: Oliva walsh <>
Date: 25. Apr 98 23:02

From: John Harvey <>
Date: 26. Apr 98 8:53
Your page is exciting and intriguing.

From: Shari <>
Date: 26. Apr 98 19:49
I wished I could hear you more,I read it as often as I can, send me some things about your program and the things I can do to enhance my love life as well! Thanks from me!!!

From: Shari <>
Date: 26. Apr 98 19:49
I wished I could hear you more,I read it as often as I can, send me some things about your program and the things I can do to enhance my love life as well! Thanks from me!!!

From: Tessan
Date: 27. Apr 98 5:50
Really nice being here!!!!

From: stephanie <>
Date: 27. Apr 98 6:48

From: SHY <>
Date: 27. Apr 98 7:57

Keep up the good work!!

From: Miss Mette
Date: 27. Apr 98 11:48
Keep on rocking!

From: Keki <>
Date: 27. Apr 98 16:03
Hi, I really enjoy HCU, except this guy dave is making trouble. Seems stupid to come into a chat room to make people mad.

From: *@ngel* <>
Date: 28. Apr 98 8:000
Any guys that want to write to me, here's my address!

From: ME!! <>
Date: 28. Apr 98 10:22
It is very interesting to read the love stories. I myself met a guy last year. We are only friends right now but we do care about each other alot. We've placed it all in God's hands!! Good luck everyone...

From: Sweetness aka Miss Malambing* <>
Date: 28. Apr 98 15:04
I just wanted to say.. that the "renovations" of HCU look great! The rooms work great.. no more MASS 'blackouts" anymore, & the addition of adding pix/images is pretty funky too... *s*

Also.. thank you for posting my bday yesterday.. although i wasn't able to see it until today, when my big sis.. told me about it...*s* That was very sweet.

k.. well the new HCU is awesome! *s*

From: Sherry Renee' <>
Date: 28. Apr 98 19:52
What did I,find here? Seems like it feels good...let's say, my heart is happy to be here... How are you? "Gathering of the sweet honey milk"

From: Kaui Ah Yo <>
Date: 28. Apr 98 20:41
I love this chat room. This is the best room that I have been too. Keep up the good work. Much Mahalos to the creators.

From: Tony <>
Date: 29. Apr 98 3:26
Great place to meet new and interesting people!!!!

From: aaron <>
Date: 29. Apr 98 18:23
hey this chat room seems very interesting but i have no idea how to sign up.. please email me back with info.. thanks

From: Yorhena Panama <>
Date: 30. Apr 98 10:06
This is a very unique way to send my boyfriend a love letter. I really enjoy this site and thank you to whom ever thought of this. I also want to say this brings me back memories of home too...American Samoa. To the love of my life..Savelio Ilalio..O la'u alofa ia oe e le uma. I love you and may God help us keep this relationship strong... To those in love, may the Lord Bless you all. I love the feeling of being loved. Mahalo and Tofa Soifua.

From: Ebrahim Bin Took <>
Date: 30. Apr 98 15:04
Hi I'm Ebrahim. I'm from United Arab Emirait

From: Cheryl <>
Date: 30. Apr 98 21:47
Am looking forward to my visit. Cool website!!!!

From: Anonymous
Date: 1. May 98 0:04
I love life i want to go to hawaii ---- visit my site at

From: Lisz <>
Date: 1. May 98 7:40
cute page... i enjoyed it!!!

From: beck jensen <>
Date: 1. May 98 8:28
somebody sent me, and i wish i knew who.

From: Ibrahim <>
Date: 1. May 98 12:29
Wallah Khateer

From: daz <daz.g@cab;>
Date: 2. May 98 12:29
looks good

From: Lady Zea <>
Date: 2. May 98 18:45
I am so happy to read your story. I too am in love with someone on the net as well. I live in NY and he lives in AZ. The miles make it very hard on us both, testing our love over and over.We have not yet met, but plan on it soon. Feel free to visit my page at It is deticated to him and is about myself and our love for one another. I hope everything works out for you. I was feeling particularly down this past few days, but your page gives me hope, thanks!

From: Rick Hunt <>
Date: 2. May 98 18:57
Very nice... I'm trying to get my fiance to come with me and visit Hawaii

From: rAm <>
Date: 3. May 98 8:13
neat !! i like this place. obviously someone send me annoymous letter and i decided to check this wonderful www !!! keep up the good work ! as they say aloha or bye !

From: Ida Hruza <>
Date: 3. May 98 20:11
Thanks for inviting me to your chat room

From: Leane Gallant <>
Date: 4. May 98 13:15
cool stuff! I love it!!

From: Peter <>
Date: 4. May 98 18:48
new guest

From: Sara Lee <>
Date: 4. May 98 20:09
A very pleasant person that loves to read.

From: Dalia Ghosh <>
Date: 4. May 98 22:51
Your site is very interesting. Looking for a net-husband

From: Cheeky Baby
Date: 5. May 98 2:32
Cheeky,only 4 my Marissa!!

From: CAT <>
Date: 5. May 98 21:35
I love your web page, who knows, I may be back to book my day with ya.

From: Feistygirl*VBS* <>
Date: 6. May 98 8:28
**Waving** Hey Matthew & Angelina *S*..Just wanted to say thankyou both for creating such a wonderful place *VBS*..HCU really has transformed my life..I'm planning to move down beside my cyber & REAL LIFE love & one day we are going to get married!!! *Woohoooo!!!!*..Also, just to all the amazing & true friends I've made through HCU..especially CINNAMON GIRL & ANEURYSM..and of course, my soulmate SHARKY..I love you all & I'm so happy to have you as part of my life *BS*...tha nkyou for being there..*HUGE HUGS & KISSES*