Who is the
Luckiest Guy

The Creator of Hawaii Chat Universe
( "Luckiest Guy in Hawaii" )

Quirky and Soothing Host of the "Love Life Radio" show in Hawaii.
Restaurant Reviewer for The Honolulu Advertiser
World-Class Gourmet Chef
Media Coach
Internet & Web Guru / Instructor at the Matsuda High Technology Institute
Licensed Minister
Metaphysician to the Masses

Survived three years on the road touring with Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.
Averted minor nuclear accident in Europe through successful negotiation.

Shmoozing, Cunning Linguistics, Playful Curiosity, Doting on the Love Angel

See `Strengths'

First Activity After Waking Up:
Power Napping

Perfect Evening
Romantic Candlelight Seduction Dinners
Tossing Water Balloons from the Balcony
Hot Wiring Rolls Royce's

Perfect Morning:
Hopefully it's a continuation of The Perfect Evening

Favorite Way to Recharge:
A strong, hot cup of coffee and Cyber-Trekking on the Internet

The Perfect Woman:
She's Bionic, Guilt-Free, and Dishy.

Rarely remembers them.

Favorite Quote:
"Love is Free" (Don't accept expensive imitations)

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